Single Dad's Surrogate

Single Dad's Surrogate

By:  Krista Lakes  Completed
Language: English
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Lily: I'm a nanny for the sexiest man alive. For years I've kept my crush a secret, even through our surrogate pregnancy, but now it’s reached a fever. I've seen how Wyatt looks at me. Undeniable tension. Spent restless nights in bed, dreaming about that hard body of his. Wondering if he ever wonders what I’d do to him. For him. Every day I see a strong, loving father to a young girl who needs a mother. I see a gorgeous, damaged man who needs me. And I'm so ready. Ready to be his wife. Ready to be a stepmom. Most of all, ready for a baby of my own. ***** Wyatt: All I ever wanted was to be a father. But raising a baby alone wasn't part of the plan. So when the woman who carried my little girl into this world comes back into my life, of course I take the help. But the longer I'm around her, the more I notice how much she has changed. She's all woman now. A body begging for my touch. Those curves are driving me wild, and I find that I need her as much as my daughter does. Falling in love with my nanny means risking losing everything all over again, but I'm willing to do it if she can give me what I've always desired. A family.

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43 Chapters
*Chapter One*
Lily Lily knew that she should want it as badly as she did. His muscular body and those piercing blue eyes were too much for her to resist, though. She wasn't about to turn down an opportunity like this one. I can't believe I'm doing this, she thought. I'll probably regret this later, but screw it. I'll just deal with the consequences. His hands were warm and strong as he pressed against her shoulders. She moaned softly as he pinned her against the hallway wall and brought his lips to hers. He tasted sweet. They kissed, their bodies pressed together. His hips pressed against hers as he released her shoulders and let his hands drift up and down her body. She wore only a t-shirt and panties, her usual sleeping attire. Sleep, however, was the last thing on her mind now that he had decided to make a surprise visit in the middle of the night. The only thing that she was thinking about now was how amazing it was going to feel to get her brains screwed out by him. Their tongues darted
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Chapter Two
Lily Lily’s eyes shot open. She glanced around the room, very confused by her surroundings. She was laying in bed, but it wasn’t dark and there was no moonlight shining through the window. Morning sunshine flooded the small room. She looked to her right and then to her left to find out that she was alone. “It was just a dream?” she whispered, slowly sitting up. “Holy crap, that was intense.” Beep, beep, beep. The sound that had come from the man's mouth was still echoing throughout her room. It took her a moment to place it. It was her alarm, telling her it was time to get ready for work “Goddammit,” she whispered, reaching over to turn off the alarm on her nightstand. “Why do I always have to get woken up during the best dreams?” I was just about to get to cuddle up with him, she thought. That would have felt so nice. She lay back on the bed for a moment, letting her brain catch up to reality. It wasn't the first time she'd had a dream like that. In fact, there had been severa
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Chapter Three
Wyatt “Daddy, wake up!” Wyatt stirred in his sleep and slowly rolled over. He knew it was early. Too early. He could tell because the bedroom window was open and the air that seeped in was cool. Also, the birds weren't even chirping yet. They were still sound asleep, just like he should have been. “Wake up!” His eyelids felt like they were still way too heavy to open. He was in that half-asleep state now, floating somewhere between dreamland and reality. His daughter had stopped shouting at him for just a second while she climbed onto the bed. He could feel her little feet patter across the mattress. When she got close, she started jumping up and down on the bed. Each time she landed, she dropped her hands onto his side. “Daddy!” she shouted. Between her yelling and jumping, Wyatt finally woke up completely. He squinted as soon as he opened his eyes. Every light in the bedroom had been turned on and it felt like he was being blinded by it. “Maggie, what is it?” he asked, rollin
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Chapter Four
Wyatt “Okay, are you ready to try my french toast?” Wyatt asked, as he topped off the meal with a generous supply of maple syrup. “I've added extra strawberry jelly and syrup to the top, just like you like it.” Maggie was waiting eagerly. She was seated on one of the stools that surrounded the center island in the kitchen. With orange juice in one hand and a fork in the other, she looked as ready as she'd ever be to try Wyatt's first attempt at homemade french toast. “I can't promise that it will be as good as Mildred's,” he said. “But just know that I did my best.” “It looks good,” Maggie said, in the cutest little voice he'd ever heard. “It smells good, too.” He set the plate down in front of her and stood by eagerly as she took her first bite. He watched her face go from a smile, into more of a frown. It was like gravity had taken an extra toll on her lips right then, pulling them down into a look of disappointment. “Well?” he asked. “It's tastes like burned,” she said, wash
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Chapter Five
Lily After working the early-morning shift, Lily finally clocked out at one in the afternoon. She was a bit tired, but there were advantages to working in a coffee shop that helped with those sort of things. One of them was that she was able to make herself as many caffeinated drinks as she wanted for free. She'd already had two mocha lattes and was working on an iced coffee as she left the building and went to her car. What a long shift, she thought, letting out a slow exhale and relaxing into the driver's seat. She closed her eyes for a bit, just enjoying the silence. Her coffee shop was one of the busiest in town, which meant that while she was working, she never had a full minute to sit down and rest. It was nonstop from the moment she clocked in until the moment she left. It was worth it, though, at least for now. The pay was decent and she got full health benefits. Still, it wasn't exactly where she thought she'd be at twenty-six years old. In fact, she thought for sure she'
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Chapter Six
Lily Wyatt’s black suit caught Lily’s eye and she glanced over toward him. He smiled at her and she waved quickly. My God, why does he have to be so damn good looking? She thought to herself, then immediately shook the thought from her mind. I can't let myself think things like that. It's not right. “Hey, Lily,” Wyatt said, as he approached her. “I'm so glad you were able to make it.” She smiled and turned toward him. “Oh, it's no problem at all. You know I love coming to see Maggie whenever I have the chance. The timing worked out pretty well, too. I had just gotten off work when you sent me that text.” “Daddy, look how high I'm swinging!” Maggie called out. Wyatt chuckled. “You're flying, Mags! You're like a super hero with pigtails.” Maggie laughed loudly and began kicking her feet in an attempt to gain even more height. “Be careful, okay?” Wyatt said. “Don't go too high. I don't want you to fly away.” “I won't, Dad,” Maggie said. Wyatt turned back to Lily. “So I wanted t
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Chapter Seven
Lily In the backseat of Lily's car sat two suitcases. One was packed with the essentials, like a toothbrush, makeup and perfume. It also had about ten days worth of clothes in it, which was really more like twenty days worth, since she had the tendency to over pack for everything. In the second suitcase were some things for Maggie to play with. She had brought board games, kid's movies and had even stopped by the store to grab a few new toys for her. Just because her dad was a billionaire didn't mean that Maggie wouldn't enjoy something new. Lily wanted this week to be extra special for Maggie and wasn't about to spare any expense to make that happen. In addition to a brand new Lego set, she'd also bought Maggie a stuffed dog and a cute little doll with blonde hair. The doll reminded Lily of Maggie and it even had red bows in the pigtails. Okay, she thought, parking her car in her usual spot in front of Wyatt's garage. I'm here. I hope I don't screw this up somehow. I'm not at all
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Chapter Eight
Lily Maggie and Lily spent the better part of the afternoon in the playroom. After several tea parties with stuffed animals and playing hide and seek to the point where they'd run out of places to hide, they headed back upstairs. The rest of the day they were outside on the playground. Lily pushed Maggie on the swings and went down the slides with her. They laughed and had fun the entire time. So much fun, that Lily didn't realize how fast the time had flown by. When she checked her watched, she realized it was already almost time for dinner. “Hey, Maggie, we should go in and figure out something to eat,” Lily said. Maggie agreed and they made their way back into the house. The timing was perfect, too. Wyatt was just about to leave for his gala when they stepped into the kitchen. “Hey, guys,” he said, as he clasped his gold watch around his wrist. “Have you been having fun?” “Yes!” Maggie said. “We've been on the swings and earlier Aunt Wiwee played tea party with me.” “Lucky y
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Chapter Nine
Wyatt Wyatt pulled his Lamborghini up the winding road through his neighborhood. He was on his way home from his gala. After getting sick of schmoozing, he had decided to leave early and head back. He had a few things planned for the following day, not the least of which was going grocery shopping with Lily and Maggie. He wanted to be well rested and present while he was with them. What a night, he thought, as he loosened his tie a bit. Three hours of mingling and not even one contact that could eventually turn into some sales. What a waste of time. He realized, though, that it was all part of the game. He'd been playing it for most of his adult life. He attended events all the time, knowing very well that meeting people in the industry could eventually lead to growing his wealth even larger than it already was. It's who you know, not what you know, he thought. It was his father's words echoing in his mind. Even though his dad hadn't been able to accumulate one percent of the weal
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Chapter Ten
Lily Stupid, stupid, stupid, Lily thought, shaking her head in disappointment at herself. What in the hell was I thinking, walking around in Wyatt's house in just my panties and a t-shirt? I should have known he'd get home early. It's Murphy's Law. Whatever can happen, will happen. Stupid, stupid, stupid. She had been blushing since the moment he had walked in and laid eyes on her a few minutes before. Her cheeks still tingled from the embarrassment, but it wasn't long before the blood drained back into the rest of her body. She felt so ashamed by the incident that it made her want to crawl out of her own skin. “I seriously can't believe that just happened,” she whispered to herself. Even though she was now in the privacy of her room, she'd torn her suitcase apart until she'd found a pair of pajama pants. Well, that's an awkward start to my week-long job, she thought, crawling onto her bed. She laid on her back and stared at the white ceiling. The overhead fan spun slowly above
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