Second Chance Romance for the Retired Billionaire

Second Chance Romance for the Retired Billionaire

By:  Krista Lakes  Completed
Language: English
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They say life begins after 40, but Cassie ain't feelin' it. Divorced and feeling trapped by her job, she wants to let loose for her friend's tropical beach wedding. She decides to let her hair down and get a little unpredictable. That's when she meets a handsome bartender, Wyatt. Despite a few grey hairs, Wyatt's the liveliest man that Cassie has ever met. She knows that there's got to be more to his life story than just being a bartender, but this is just supposed to be a vacation fling. And after sunny days spent breaking all the rules on the beach together, Cassie realizes that nobody has ever listened to her the way that Wyatt does. His carefree life is enviable, his kisses are intoxicating, and she can almost imagine a life with him. But all vacations come to an end. And when Cassie invites him to visit her hometown, Wyatt reveals that he can never go back. Not to her town. Not to America. Not to civilization. Cassie leaves, confused and heartbroken, wondering just who she got herself involved with. Suddenly, her predictable life gets turned upside down when she sees her picture splashed across the Internet. And when the tabloids come looking for the mature woman who found the lost billionaire, she has no idea what to do... ...until he comes back.

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40 Chapters
Chapter One
CassieCassie couldn't believe it.The guy at the bar just looked at her.Not just looked, but did a double take and then a full body check out.And then he smiled like he liked what he saw.It wasn't something Cassie was used to. It certainly wasn't anything she expected, and to be honest, something she hadn't had in a long time.She was sure it had to be an accident. She checked her clothes and didn't see any embarrassing stains or funny marks. Her hands immediately went to her hair and face to make sure nothing was wrong. Her long dark hair seemed to be still neatly up in its ponytail, and nothing was sticking out. She didn't feel anything strange on her face. Why else would he be looking at her and smiling like that?“Psst, Brianna,” Cassie whispered to her best friend. They stood next to one another in the line to check into their hotel. “Do I have something on my face? Anything in my hair?”Brianna set down her suitcase and carefully evaluated her friend. “Nope. Not even a gray
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Chapter Two
CassieThe sound of lively conversations filled the restaurant. Friends and family sat around six large tables in a small party room set off from the main seating area. The big ocean facing windows stood open, letting in the last sunshine of the day as well as a cooling sea breeze.Cassie felt naked in her thin dress. Her shoulders were bare and her legs exposed. Despite the tropical heat, she wished she had a sweater. Or her long sleeved pink work shirt. She missed the safety of her work clothes.“Oh my gosh, Cassie. You look amazing,” Janessa announced, hurrying across the room to greet Cassie and Brianna.“You like it?” Cassie asked, looking down and inspecting the cute little cherries on her dress.“Like it? I love it,” Janessa told her. “Brianna has great taste.”Cassie tried not to feel hurt that Janessa knew Brianna had picked it out. Was it really that out of character for her to wear a cute dress?“I definitely have great taste, but Cassie's got the legs for it,” Brianna agre
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Chapter Three
CassieCassie entered the bathroom and found it blissfully empty. Leaning against a stone tile wall, she let the hot tears escape. There weren't many. She didn't usually cry. She was typically strong and steadfast. She didn't let people get to her.Cassie blamed it on being tired. She blamed the tears on traveling all day. She blamed it on the stress of her job. She blamed it on Lorna knowing the exact buttons to push to make her doubt herself.She wiped her face off, checked the mirror to make sure she didn't look like she'd been crying, and went to order more wine. She found their waiter in the hallway putting orders into a computer.“Fernando?”He looked up with a start and then relaxed when he saw it was just Cassie.“I just wanted to let you know that if Lorna does speak to your manager, I'd be happy to speak to them as well. You've been great. She's the customer from hell, and I want to apologize to you for her. I don't want you getting in trouble with your boss because she's aw
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Chapter Four
WyattWyatt noticed her immediately.How could he not? She was gorgeous in an innocent-yet-sexy kind of way. She kept fiddling with the thin straps on her dress, and he couldn't help but want to be the one to slide them off her shoulders. He kept imagining his fingers sliding through her dark hair as he laid her onto his bed.He could just imagine the way her beautiful red lips would look gasping his name. Her body was made for loving. Those long legs peeking out of the sheets... The way her hips would rise to his...He needed to get a hold of himself. He was supposed to be making drinks, not imagining guests naked. Even if it was a really lovely image in his head. He should at least learn her name first.He quickly finished pouring the last few mai-tais for the tourists in front of him. While he set the drinks out, he carefully checked out her left hand. No ring. That was a good sign. Thoughts of her in his bed once again filled his thoughts. He pushed them away, trying his best not
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Chapter Five
CassieCassie woke up with a headache the size of New York.Luckily, it was just New York City-sized and not the entire state, but still a pretty horrific headache. The only reason it wasn't worse was the two glasses of water Wyatt had her drink at the bar as well as the one before bed.She didn't remember much about coming back to her room, but she did remember that she needed to drink a glass of water. It was one of the very few things that she remembered.“Did I really do that?” she asked the empty room.She groaned as she remembered sliding the sexy bartender her room number. Her head ached, and her mouth felt like it was stuffed with cotton. It took more effort than she expected to roll over and check the little alarm clock to see what time it was.A little after ten in the morning.Not only had she gotten drunk, propositioned a bartender and failed, but she had also slept in.Brianna would be so proud of her.There was a soft knock on the door.“I don't need any housekeeping!” C
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Chapter Six
Cassie walked quicker the closer she got. What if he didn't show up? What if he wasn't so attractive without two glasses of wine in her? What if he realized just how boring and old she was?What if she had said something super dumb while drunk?Cassie tried not to think about it. She told herself not to worry. There was no real consequence here. Unlike at home where she had her job, her reputation, and her hotel's reputation all on the line. This was her chance to try something new. She didn't have to be perfect here. She could be human.Castaway Cantina came into view. It was a small building with large open windows to let in the sea air. It was a buffet style eating area with seats both inside and outside. The atmosphere was relaxed and soft music played overhead.Cassie checked her watch. It was ten seconds past noon.She didn't see him in the restaurant. She didn't see him walking up the path or sitting at a chair near the entrance. He wasn't here.She tried to tell her self that
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Chapter Seven
WyattWyatt couldn't believe he'd turned her down. Again. She'd offered him another chance in her bed, and he'd said no. That he wanted to wait.He was an idiot.His body wanted her. He'd been glad that the table hid his obvious attraction to her. She was made for loving with her soft curves and warm smile. Today's dress was worse for his self-control than yesterday's dress. The dress was practically see-through, and he kept staring, hoping that he'd catch a glance of something.It was a beautiful kind of torture.And then she'd offered herself to him — screaming orgasms in her room.Usually, after a suggestion like that, he would be the one dragging the girl up the stairs to her room. But those dates always ended with him leaving before she fell asleep. He didn't remember their names. They blurred together. While fun, they went quickly. They didn't mean anything to him.He didn't want Cassie to blur. He wanted her to remain crisp and perfect in his memory. He wanted to take his time.
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Chapter Eight
WyattHer lips pressed together, and her eyes were full of nervousness as she waited for him to respond. He could tell she wasn't used to being the one to initiate. If anything, the fact that she would do something so far out of her comfort level made it clear how much she liked him.She swallowed hard, still waiting for his reaction.“I think we have more time than that,” he said, reaching a hand out and cupping his fingers around the back of her neck. Slowly, he pulled her to him, giving her a real kiss this time.Her lips tasted of the drink and her own blend of sweetness. He teased her closed lips with his tongue, and slowly she opened to him. Her soft moan sent shivers of desire down his spine that had him wishing they had a bed and not just a sandy beach with a towel.He pulled back to see her sitting in the sand with her eyes closed. Her cheeks flushed such a pretty shade of pink, and her chest heaved up and down.Slowly, her eyes fluttered open, and she looked at him with thos
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Chapter Nine
WyattThe jet-ski guy was not pleased with Wyatt for being so late. Luckily, it was nothing that couldn't be fixed with a little bit of money and a promise to never do it again. It was a false promise, and they both knew it. Wyatt always did it again.Wyatt headed back down the path through the pool area toward the employee locker room. There, he would change into his dark polo shirt and khaki slacks work outfit and head to the bar for his upcoming shift.His phone chirped in his pocket, and he pulled it out to see a message from his boss.Scheduling change. See the front desk.Wyatt groaned. Scheduling changes were never good. It usually meant he had to change to the pool bar. He liked working at the tiki bar or the lobby. He didn't like working the pool bar nearly as much because all his tips came back wet. He didn't need the tips, but carrying wet money around was never pleasant.He veered from his course, changing direction to head to the front desk rather than the employee area.
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Chapter Ten
Cassie“Not bad,” Brianna said, looking around the bar. “Not bad at all.”Cassie had to agree. The Oceanside bar was nice. They had a private table off to the side of the room with the bar to themselves. There was a window with seating looking out over the ocean and a small dance floor off to the side. It wasn't much, but it would be a fun place to dance later. There was a karaoke machine as well, but Cassie was hoping they didn't bring it out tonight.“I wish we could have gotten the private table at the Platinum Club, but they were all booked,” Janessa said, looking around with just a hint of disappointment. “This will work though. This will be fun.”“Damn straight,” Brianna replied. “We're going to have a blast.”Cassie nodded in agreement, raising her glass of water to clink with Janessa's fruity cocktail. It was then that Brianna crowned Janessa with a crown made of penises.“Is it 'penises' or 'pensisi'? Or maybe 'penii'?” Janessa wondered, sipping on her second drink. She had a
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