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Avelyn Right, a super model who always fails in her love relationship. After her divorce from her husband, Avelyn was very frustrated and decided to move to LA to start a new page. She then meets a kind-hearted man who saves her from a car accident. Elvis Taylor falls in love with a young woman who is more suited to be his daughter. But after his wife died, he became lonely and he just wanted to have a wife who could take good care of him. He later married Avelyn Right after saving her from a car accident. After marrying Elvis Taylor, Avelyn meets McLean Kaofax, her new boss at a modeling agency who looks like her first love. Avelyn initially hates McLean for always interrupting her life with too much work, but something unexpected makes Avelyn turn to love McLean, and she is in a dilemma with her feelings for Elvis and their fractured marriage relationship. Who will really be Mr. Right for her?

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62 Chapters
"I'm really sorry."Nobody know how many sorry words Andrew sent to Avelyn this morning. Since seeing her standing in the living room with her suitcase beside her body, Andrew has continued to apologize to Avelyn while showing a face full of regret and wounds. Maybe the man didn't completely dislike Avelyn. He honestly loves Avelyn, it's just that he is too complacent about the appearance of his past that accidentally helped him meet all his needs when he had to live apart from Avelyn because their lives were too busy all this time. And this morning when taking Avelyn to the airport, Andrew again said sorry to Avelyn while hugging Avelyn tightly. It was hard to let Avelyn go forever. But he also couldn't hold Avelyn by his side when he had cut such a deep wound in the woman's heart."May God always protect you wherever you are," whispered Andrew hoarsely in front of Avelyn who only had a hardened face in front of him.“Our house in Chicago—" Andrew sighed heavily. It was obvious that
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"Ave!"Avelyn immediately dropped her tired body on top of Rebecca's cream sofa without paying attention to the screams of Rebecca in the kitchen. Befriending this woman over the years let Avelyn know the code for Rebecca's apartment which has become her second home here.Her head hit the edge of the sofa as she tried to lift her head to see Rebecca, who was waving at the end of the kitchen door."I was cooking a meal when you texted you back from Columbia," shouted Rebecca again from the kitchen.Avelyn chose to ignore Rebecca's screams for a moment and closed her tired eyes after the four-hour flight from Columbia. This time she felt her body really crumble because she just realized that since Michael died, she hasn't rested her body properly. No wonder her body is currently struggling to ask for her rights to be fulfilled. She needs to rest at least two hours to make her body better."Drink your hot tea first, Ave. You look so thin, pale and tired."Hearing the voice of Rebecca who
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Autumn is so beautiful for Avelyn who loves the amazing sight of falling yellow leaves on her school grounds. With a big smile Avelyn stretched out her hand and let the yellow leaves fall one by one on her palms. It's lucky for her to be able to attend this elite school. If it weren't for her brilliant bright brain, her mother certainly couldn't have sent her to this expensive school. Even so, she should always take heart whenever the students in this school looked at her with scorn. To them she is just a nerd student who is so annoying because this poor girl with various economic limitations can beat them in school rankings. There is no doubt that Avelyn is a smart student in her class, even at her school, so that the committee board has never stopped giving her scholarships. Even until she graduated, everything was guaranteed by the school board."What are you doing, nerd?"That call, Avelyn was used to hearing it. And she didn't have to bother putting her strength into it. She just
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The legs are stiff. She felt paralyzed suddenly while standing in her former house which still looked the same as before she left it two weeks ago."Ave."Rebecca touched her shoulder lightly. The woman reminded her silently through her gaze if she had to enter her former house now. But Avelyn had a hard time doing it. She was afraid to see Michael's reflection on the porch, living room, or bedroom. The man had obviously left a lot of memories there, and Avelyn couldn't shake them off."Mrs. Avelyn?"Someone who knew Avelyn frowned in surprise and immediately opened the gate wide. The short, gray-haired man was a gardener who had worked at Avelyn's former home since Avelyn lived in the house with Andrew."John,” said Avelyn like a whisper. She was too clumsy to face John now, and it seemed he knew nothing about her troubles at Columbia.“Finally, you came home, we have all been waiting for your return, ma’am. Please come inside, ma’am. I think Nicholas has prepared a delicious meal in
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"What are you telling me to come here?" Avelyn folded his hands lazily across her chest. Meanwhile, the handsome man with light brown hair just grimaced from behind his desk which was filled with papers. With a happy face, he walked over to Avelyn, then hugged Avelyn tightly.“I won a tender for digital product advertising. And you will be the model."Avelyn only gave a faint smile without returning the man's hug. Her reputation as Michael's sister-in-law brought her a huge advantage as Michael gave her the job more often than any other model. No wonder her presence there is often the talk of people. Those who were jealous of her often threw gossip that she had sold her body to Michael in order to get the jobs."I wonder at you, why am I always the priority to become a model in those tenders?""Because that's their request," replied the man as it is. “You are a valuable asset to this company, so you deserve preferential treatment. Those who often talk about you and make vile accusatio
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Dorris was never in such a hurry in the forty years of his life he working for Elvis Taylor. As a personal driver who is so obedient to the rules and also on time, Dorris always manages his life so that it is always effective and does not disappoint his master.But tonight he was a little negligent in carrying out his duties because a few moments ago he had been tempted by one of the maids in the mansion next door who for more than a month had been trying to aggressively approach him. Even Dorris was surprised at that woman, what did she really want from him? He is more than half a century old man who is not handsome. Even so, he does have a sexy well-built body and a friendly face that has always been his charm since he was born. So maybe that's what made Anna, the forty-year-old maid, chase his love ever since she saw him in front of the house when he was washing his master's car.Because of the woman's temptation, Dorris was now panicking because he should have arrived at the hospi
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During the one hour at McDonalds, Avelyn finally felt full and she was ready to go on the next trip. With her suitcase dragging in her right hand, Avelyn walked along the long sidewalk on Century Boulevard which was so busy this afternoon. With her hair slightly disheveled, Avelyn looked like a beautiful homeless woman who stood out in her fashionable clothes. Several naughty car drivers opened their windows several times to tease Avelyn, who continued to put on an indifferent face. This was the risk if she chose to walk, Avelyn thought. She will definitely become a target for casual road users. But the first day she was in LA she wanted to spend it on foot. Even for this, she has prepared her best sneakers so that her feet won't hurt during this strange aimless journey."Hi sweetie, you want a ride?""No, thank you." Avelyn said sarcastically at a sexy black man who looked like a young executive. But she swear by whatever, Avelyn didn't fall for him at all. She is a young widow who h
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Those beautiful eyes blinked slowly, feeling the soft sensation of the cotton blanket that was currently covering her body warmly. She felt the very comfortable blankets and sheets underneath. At one glance, Avelyn was very sure that she was not in the hospital right now as she had imagined two minutes ago. Before she decided to open her eyes, she had two cursed thoughts in his head. At first she thought that she was drunk and someone took her home to warm the bed while she was passed out. Then her second thought, someone had taken her to the hospital because before she fell due to the influence of alcohol and a tremendous sensation of sleepiness, she fell on the asphalt. With an incident like that, it was clear that someone who found her would think that she had a certain disease and accidentally passed out in the middle of a lonely city-to-city road with a large suitcase in her hand. So that person would have taken her straight to the hospital, hoping to be free from accusations of
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Elvis could not close his eyes at all. Not with a woman sleeping in the guest room of the mansion. Anxiously, Elvis rubbed his face and reached for the cup filled with coffee on his table roughly. Yet according to the doctor in charge, he should take as much time as possible to rest. Apart from being no longer young, Fifty-three years old, he had also just gotten a leg fracture due to carelessness. So he should take as much rest time as possible and not burden his own mind with the image of her beautiful face. But no matter how much he tried, he could not in the slightest enter into the realm of his pleasant dreams. In fact, he continues to wake up every time he tries to close his eyes to rest. Finally he chose to wake up while enjoying coffee in his den. After all this week he had not touched his job. A small accident that broke his old bone because he was already brittle with age. For a long time he did not get the touch of women. His wife died about twenty years ago giving birth t
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"Good morning Miss." Avelyn made the same moves as a few hours earlier. She blinked a few times and immediately opened her eyes wide to observe things that might have changed in the strange room she had occupied since last night. A half-century-old servant smiled sweetly at her bed. The woman has wrinkles around her eyes and lips which shows that she is a friendly woman who likes to smile so that the lines on her face are easier to form due to frequent attraction. Then on her head, the woman gave a small bun with a little gray hair tucked between her blonde hair. Overall the waitress was lovely. She also had a friendly smile that managed to keep Avelyn from feeling scared at all. "I hope you sleep well, miss." "Thank you. I did sleep well. Especially after eating some snacks." Avelyn blatantly glanced at the sandwich plate that still had one sandwich on top. But unfortunately the sandwich now looked even more unfit when hit by the dazzling light from the large window that the waite
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