His Maid's Son (Bk1)

His Maid's Son (Bk1)

By:  Sarcasticloner099  Completed
Language: English
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Alexander Anderson had everything. Loving parents, a husband he adored, and a job of dreams. All that changed when he walked into his husband and father in bed together. That fateful day, not only did Alexander lose the love of his life, but he lost his parents as well. His mother couldn't fathom the fact that her life partner was a closeted gay who had no qualms sleeping with their son's husband. She had a heart attack and died instantly. Naturally, Alexander severed his ties with his old man and changed his last name from Jones to Anderson. Just when he thought that he would never learn to trust again, a sexy twink in the form of his maid's son, Christian Lawrence, turns his life upside down, but Alexander wouldn't have it any other way. They met by chance, but loving each other was inevitable. Completed on September 2019

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27 Chapters
1: Haunted By Ghosts From The Past
As the rain droplets cascaded through the windows, Alexander gulped the remaining contents of his glass and exhaled deeply as the cold liquid burned down the esophagus into his stomach. He stared at the portrait sitting on his bedside table and grimaced at the smile he wore on his face when the picture was captured. It's something he hadn't seen on his reflection in over five years.The beautiful man in his arms was laughing carelessly, exposing his well-arranged teeth while squeezing his eyes shut. His long wild curls had covered his forehead and Alexander was fighting to push them back at the instant the picture was snapped.Shakily, Alexander traced his fingers over the picture, and for the first time in a long time, he allowed his tears to flow freely as his heart constricted in his chest.“Dammit!” He cursed angrily, banging the framed picture on the nightstand and the mirror shattered. He got up slowly, running his fingers through his tresses, and poured himself another shot of
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2: Good Samaritan
Alexander had hardly got any work done when he got a call from the hospital stating that his old man had a seizure and had been admitted. He would have rudely asked how it concerns him, but as his only close relative, it was only logical that they called. He contemplated not going, but a huge part of him wanted to taunt his father. In his own twisted way, it gives him pleasure to see his old man in pain. Before he could overthink it, Alexander had Yusuf drive them to St. Louis hospital, which was about twenty minutes from his office. Upon arrival, he was met with chaos, as expected in such a busy hospital. His eyes scanned the outpatients before he made his way to the reception. He had just uttered a 'hello,' when a worried woman pushed him out of the way and started shouting at the nurse “Please miss, my son is dying." While the nurses seemed unbothered by the outburst, the poor woman was on a verge of tears. Alexander eyed the woman secretly as she clenched her fist tightly, gla
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3: Prodigal Son
ALEXANDER I was restless for the remainder of the day as I sat through endless meetings. My mind kept drifting back to that poor woman and her pale-looking kid. By four pm I was exhausted and found it hard to concentrate, so I wrapped up my work, and decided to head home early. In the car, I reminded Yusuf to schedule interviews, since my housekeeper was due for retirement. She is old and opted to spend the rest of her days with her equally elderly husband. Maria used to work for my parents, and after my mother died, she came to work for me.After getting home, I had a light dinner and got in bed early. For some unknown reason, I ended up oversleeping the following morning, despite the fact that I had slept on time. I decided to cancel my morning appointments altogether and pass through the hospital instead.Luckily, the same nurse was at the reception and after getting my father's room number, I Inquired about the woman from the previous day and her son. She eagerly filled me in a
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4: Job Offer
ALEXANDER A week flew by like a blur, mainly because I had a hectic schedule and also because I was excited for Christian starting work. They are supposed to be moving in my staff quarter today, so I am hoping to schedule a meeting with him the day after tomorrow so that we can discuss which position suits him best. Since my P. A has been pushing for a promotion, I could enable that and get Christian to fill in if he accepts, or I could have him choose among the few assistant vacancies we have in the departments. I am weirdly excited to meet him because a proper introduction is overdue. I haven't been back to the hospital for obvious reasons and also because I was busy, mostly. I have sent Yusuf over to them a couple of times, mainly to take food and also ensure no treatment is spared in the name of expense. Elizabeth is supposed to start training with Maria, she will take over as my housekeeper, and she will have less than two months to learn how to run my house smoothly. I am ver
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5: Panic Attack
CHRISTIANI can’t remember a time when I slept so peacefully. The beddings were soft and comfy, pure heaven, which explains why I am still buried deep in the duvet, rolled like a burrito. For as long as I can remember, I have always had to work harder, and never had I received handouts. It's hard to believe a perfect stranger just happened to pass our way. As strange as it sounds, I am wary of our situation, but it's so much better than living with my bigoted father who would have probably killed me for he couldn't accept who I am. Fortunately, Ma said that the Alexander guy didn't seem to care who I love and for that, I am willing to give him the benefit of doubt and can't wait to thank him for his kindness. I am eager to attach a face to the deeds. When I woke up in the hospital, Ma filled me in, and I couldn't contain my excitement because of a possible hire. I can finally save enough cash to finish my degree. I have never had an office job before, and I am quite excited abou
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6: Meeting Amy
CHRISTIANTalking to Amy was super easy because she had this sweet face to go with her good nature. She showed me around the premises, and we got talking, and I already like her. She is a bit nosy as well, but who isn’t? I mean, there is this moment when she asked me if I have a girlfriend and I told her no, and she went ahead to ask if I have a boyfriend and I choked on nothing. I had enough coming out drama, and I am warier of people now. After more drilling, she explained she was no homophobe and since our boss is openly out, no employee would dare discriminate. That was a very fascinating piece of information, I hadn't known. It doesn’t mean I will go jumping into his bones, but at least it’s a relief to know I wouldn’t get picked on because of my sexuality. I used her big mouth to my advantage and fished for more about our boss, wisely, of course. I found out he was twenty-eight, which makes Ma's assumption correct. He was also once married at a younger age, though he is divorc
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7: Liam
ALEXANDER Interesting would be an understatement description of how today has been so far. After the incident in the elevator, I was worried Christian might not be ready to work in such a big establishment, but I was wrong. After our talk, he calmed down and managed to get through the day. The other thing going through my mind is, he should see a therapist. Though I made it a requirement for him, I still have to consult Elizabeth since she knows better considering their history. After we arrived at home, Christian retreated to his quarters and I went right ahead to the house. From the door, I could hear Maria and Elizabeth chatting animatedly. The aroma drifting from the kitchen had me drooling. After civilities, I excused myself and headed for a shower before having dinner. As expected, the food was delicious. I requested Elizabeth to take a walk with me in the garden. “I hope everything is okay with Christian, Mr. Alexander,” she said hesitantly after a pensive silence.“Everythi
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8: Kiss
CHRISTIAN It has been almost a month since I started working for Alex. He would probably flip if I called him that out loud, but I do in my mind when I am thinking about him, which has been a lot recently. It has been a bit challenging dealing with him in and out of job, but it seemed to come naturally to him. The business mogul knows just how and when he wants the job done. In the boardrooms Alexander is scary even, he barks orders around with expectations which must be met. I once tasted his wrath for missing an important follow-up email. Outside the office he is fun to be around, I enjoy our rides to and from work. I have started therapy, and surprisingly, it's satisfying to unburden to someone, who you are paying. They have an obligation to listen, and they do, by making everything about you. I see her three times a week and Alex ensures I am off early while Yusuf drops and picks me up. Last week, Amy invited me to tag along for drinks with some of her friends from work. It wa
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9: The Talk
CHRISTIAN After that kiss two nights ago, I somehow managed to limp my way out of his room in haste, and thankfully he didn’t come after me. I have been avoiding him since the incident by catching a cab and so far, I have managed successfully, but today I am not so lucky. I expected to find Yusuf and Ma in the kitchen when I came in for breakfast, so finding Alexander sitting on the kitchen counter stunned me momentarily.“Good morning Christian?” He greeted me with a self-satisfied smirk, as if he were daring me to escape. “ Morning Sir,” I answered smoothly, diverting my attention to Ma, who quickly kissed my cheek and handed over a cup of tea with a serving of bacon and omelette. I smiled at Yusuf and sat beside him with my sole attention on the food. I felt Alexander's stare on me, but didn't raise my head as their conversation passed over my head. Yusuf excused himself and that was my cue as I used him as a shield to dissipate attention from me and slipped out quickly, leavi
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10: Steamy Encounter
ALEXANDER What started as an innocent kiss escalated quickly as I shifted him on my lap, kissing every exposed skin. He moaned and panted softly as he ground on me earnestly, making our c*cks hard rapidly. I wanted very much to strip him naked, bend him over my desk and f*ck him senselessly, but I knew I needed to take it slow. I pulled back slightly and looked at his flushed face. He was staring up at me innocently, not knowing how much he was pushing my limits. I held him by the waist and tried to lift him off my lap, but he grabbed me by the shirt, and once again connected our lips.When he started fumbling with my zipper, all the take-it-slow bullshit evaporated, and I turned us around and had him lying on his back in the coach. In seconds, I had him stripped and trapped below me, looking all delicious and ready for the taking. “ I want you now," I murmured, tasting his kiss-swollen lips once more, shutting off whatever response he was about to offer. My boy groaned, reaching t
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