The Positive Love Affair

The Positive Love Affair

By:  Adrienne Llama  Ongoing
Language: English
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Nicole is a sweet girl that is currently in a relationship with Louie. Louie is her best friend in high school and boyfriend during her first year in college but they broke up. After several years of separation Nicole is now working in an office in New York. She did reconciled with Louie. Along with their 2nd chance, Nicole is puzzled of the behavior of Louie as he's been secretive from her. Until one day as she joins her colleagues' night out, and met Marco. Marco is interested to her immediately that he keeps on pursuing her even he knows that Nicole is currently in a relationship. He is so persistence in winning the heart of Nicole. He asked help through her friend Terrence. Marco is courageous and patient person. He waits for the perfect timing to pursue Nicole. Until one day, all truth about Louie come out, Nicole is broken knowing the truth that Louie did cheat on her. She avoids Louie and Marco in the same time as she wanted to be sure about her feelings. Until she choose to close the chapter of her relationship with Louie. Marco never stops to pursue her until he asked her to marry him. They got married and after several months of marriage, Nicole gets diagnosed of ectopic pregnancy. After that she has multiple complications from the surgery, that her doctor was forced to look thoroughly and found out that the cause of all complication is she is already dying with AIDS. As advised by her doctor Marco should also undergo HIV testing. Right after they found out that he has also HIV positive. Nicole is depressed, questioned where they got the illness. She even doubted Marco. Marco never gets tired of understanding her and hope that everything gets better.

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6 Chapters
The Encounter
It is a gloomy day for Nicole. She had a 1-year relationship with Louie. He is her high school best friend and they are college lovers yet they separated ways on their 2nd year as Nicole suddenly fall in love with another man and got separated right after. After Nicole & Louie's college graduation they reconcile and continue their relationship. However, this time, it is no longer as Nicole expected. Louie is now too reserved, too secretive and Nicole happen not to understand him that way. She Tried asking about it but her questions were not answered properly by Louie. That day Nicole decided to join her colleagues for a after dinner party so she called immediately to let him know her plans for tonight. "Hey I will be joining my officemate dinner party tonight; would that be alright with you?" Nicole said. Louie then responded by saying "Yeah just make sure you will not stay up late and go home early." Nicole got frustrated as she is expecting that he will not allow her to join and in
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The Textmate
It is holiday, Marco wakes up with thought of Nicole. He smiles and remember that Terrence has able to give Nicole’s mobile number last night. Immediately he grabbed his phone and texted Nicole. “Hi good morning!”. Nicole received the message and replied “Who is this please?” Marco responded immediately, “It is Marco remember?”As she read the confirmation who it is, she then immediately set her phone to airplane mode as she is with Louie. “Who was that,” said Louie. Nicole afraid of telling Louie just nodded and whispered “It is just a client”.Marco didn’t receive any response from her, so he thought maybe Nicole is not really comfortable with him. He looks for Terrence in the Facebook and message him. “Hey Nicole didn’t reply to me.” Marco chatted. Terrence did not reply to Marco either but he chatted Nicole. "What's up with you? did Marco texted you?". "Yeah, I received his text but I am with Louie a while ago." Nicole replied. Few minutes after their conversation. Nicole feels g
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Our Visitor
It is past 8 in the morning yet Nicole is still in the subway rushing herself to their office. She texted Terrence “I’ll be late a bit sis!”. “Okay will just cover you up to boss, just hurry.” Terrence replied. While Terrence is having coffee on his office desk, Marco chatted him “where are your office located?”. Terrence carefully opens his messenger and replied “It is in N.Y tower dear, why?”. “Can I visit you and Nicole after office hours?” Marco asked. Terrence surprisingly thinks that Marco is really into Nicole so he feels excited and replied, “Will check with Nicole’s plan later will update you!”. Nicole arrived in their office and was noticed by her boss, “Hey Nic you almost forgotten your scheduled shift.” Peter said. “Sorry sir just caught up in the rush hour at the subway will not happen again.” Nicole answered with a sweet smile and then she proceeds into her table. Terrence is laughing terribly towards her and immediately asked her, “Do you have any plans later after wo
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Struggles of the Heart
Being curious is not a thing to Nicole. As she arrives home, she didn’t bother to rest for a while and was still thinking why Louie suddenly hides things from her. Given that she has all the access to Louie’s social media accounts, she immediately checks all possible things on it. She scrolled and check everything until she notices one conversation with so much deleted chat history. She checks immediately the profile of the person and was surprised that it was the one that was once mentioned to her by Louie whom he worked with one of the branch office Louie assigned. As she pauses and think of the possible things on her head, she remembers a text she receives from a friend that she Louie that day, and beginning to doubt as the office of her friend is near on the branch office Louie was told her about. Immediately she called Louie and wanted to clarify it. "I am at work, will call you later." Louie answered the call. "No this will be quick; I can no longer wait. are you really at the
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It's been weeks since Nicole closes her doors to Louie. Marco on the other hand was left hanging because she avoids interacting with him, she wanted to be sure that she is ready to commit to another relationship and doesn't want to be unfair with Marco. Marco still looking after for Nicole by seeing her afar, asking Terrence about her. He knew that Nicole is still healing and wanted space to heal on her own. One night, Marco, still misses her, he wanted to pursue her. tried texting her but Nicole didn't respond. Until he came up to an idea to show up on her home. As she arrives home, her mom says she has a visitor to her surprise it is Marco. "What are you doing here?" Nicole asked. "I just want to formally court you and ask permission to your parents." Marco answered. Nicole stared at her mom. "He actually said already that he will marry you as soon as you permit it to." Mom laughingly said. Nicole's heart beat increase immediately as she asked Louie before she wanted to settle down
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First Trimester
Pregnancy is a gift a from God, the most awaited chapter for a woman's life. yet there are so many questions that Nicole thinks during her first trimester. Since she is living with HIV, she is afraid she might pass the virus to her baby, is she been able to give normal life to her. how this will affect to her health and how can she be a good mother after all she have been through. With an agony in her heart, she asks Marco, "How I am supposed to be happy if there are possibility that I cannot provide a normal life for our child?" tearfully said by Nicole towards Marco. He then stares to Nicole for a while and immediately hold her hand while saying "If we can still live a normal life, we can also give it to our child, we need to as parents. you need to be positive in this and see things in a better way." They already having their breakfast and Nicole still feels down. "Maybe this is part of my Hormones that I feel this, I overthink a lot and I know it is not good for my pregnancy, M
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