A Hybrid, Battered And Broken, Yet Invincible

A Hybrid, Battered And Broken, Yet Invincible

By:  Mayemura Special  Ongoing
Language: English
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Aria Crescent De Andrade is a teenage girl, whose life is next to perfect, until the woman whom she inferred to be her maternal aunt, revealed the shocking news of how they became family. Aria was shaken to the core and swore to exact revenge on her perpetrators. Henna De Andrade, Arias's guardian, had no idea who Aria was or where she was from. She took her in, only because she felt a connection to her the day she found her barely breathing, floating on a log in the river. The only distinctive feature about Aria was the crescent moon birthmark on her shoulder blade. Hence, Henna decided to put Crescent as Arias's middle name. Neither Henna nor Aria knew that Aria was a werewolf until they moved thousands of miles away to the West. For Aria, bit was the best opportunity to protect Henna from her revenge plan. What they both did not expect is to be mated to werewolves and get sucked into the world of supernatural beings. As aria had finally regained her memory, she knew who she was, but had no idea why her father would hurt her so badly and leave her to break to ever heal. As she discovers her powers, Arias's wolf is bloodthirsty and does not stop until all those who hurt her are brought to book. But meeting her mate and his family plays a great role in helping ease and heal her battered soul.

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60 Chapters
Disconcerting Hurtful Memories
Aria Two years ago, I still had no recollection of my past. However, that changed the day Henna decided to tell me about how we met. It came as a shocker because I never considered the possibility of us not even being related by blood. I was a blissful child, even though I did not fancy any friends and I had an impeccable love for martial arts. The reason was the fact that we live alone with my aunt. Because that is what I knew Henna to be. I needed to be able to fight or at least defend us if ever trouble came our way. But after our talk, it was no longer just for defense. I had to become stronger and go back and get justice. There was no turning back and there was not going to be any mercy.I remember vividly, the day she came back from work and told me we needed to talk. She looked weary and defeated. I made her a cuppa and we sat down in the kitchen. It always worked for her. Whenever she had a tiring day, I knew that a cup of coffee would instantly restore her vibrant nature.H
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Off To A New Life
Off To A New Life Aria"No worries mom, I packed everything. You will not hear me saying I left behind anything. I am ready to waltz into our new home and new life."It surprises me to hear how calm my voice sounds. Just as well, because I hear my dear Henna giggling as she walks down the stairs. I am just glad that her mind is at ease. It hurts me to see her worry over me. She is my angel in the form of a human. Had it not been for her, I might have never lived to this age. She may be right after all about her theory of fate bringing us together. Putting my thoughts aside, I hastily pack up everything and take a minute to double-check.Something made me look under the bed and I am glad I did. There is a box with my old toys and Hope, my brown teddy is on top. When I pick it up, I notice a chain dangling on its fluffy neck. It has a locket and I just know that it is the same one that Henna told me about.I open the locket and three young but cheerful faces stare at me. The little gir
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My First Friend Is Invisible
AriaSeeing him up close, I feel I did not do him justice. Sid might have a haphazard dress sense, and an equally eccentric way of speaking, but he is quite a hunk. He is also not as old as I initially thought.After taking us for a tour around the house, he offered to go buy us takeout, since we have just settled in. We don't decline the offer. I am quite famished and tired. When he returns with the food, I jump up gleefully when I see my all-time favorite mushroom soup in the mix. "Crimson cabbages girl, please no hugs. I am spoken for and my lady is the jealous type. She can smell another woman on me from miles away. I would not want to invoke her wrath!"By the time he finishes, I am clutching my sides from the pain caused by laughing so hard. This guy is hilarious and I am surprised that I am warming up to him fast. Henna is equally as amused as I am. I just know that I am surely going to enjoy my stay here. A part of me wishes that this will become our permanent home. For a wh
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Continuous State Of Euphoria
Manny After leaving my dad's office, I decide to go for a run, around the perimeters. I am done now but it has done nothing to ease my anxiety and restlessness. I decide to go skin dip in the lake. I run in wolf form but when I reach there, I shift to my human form. Not wanting to waste any more time, I dive into the cold water. For a while, it soothes my nerves. I have been swimming around for a while and I guess it is now time I return to the pack house. As I sit here debating on whether I should run back in wolf form, or just take an easy stroll in my human form, I am suddenly hit with a terrible headache.This is odd, as werewolves hardly get sick. I slump to the ground clutching my head. Then as I shut my eyes tightly, a realization hits me. This is not a normal headache. It is because someone is trying to reach me through mindlink. Most probably they are not a part of my pack.Not only that, this person must be very powerful. For them to force a mindlink with an alpha wolf, m
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Fitting In
AriaThis is definitely the most unusual school I have ever seen. It's about twenty minutes away from the town where I live and surrounded by a dense forest. Honestly, who builds a school in the midst of a forest?As we walk towards the principle's office, I take sneak peeks at the other students in the hallway and I am stupefied. Most of the male students look as if they spent most of their lives in the gym. So are the female students. They all look as if they are all beauty queens. Let me explain this observation the best way I can. Most of these guys are tall and sturdy. Well built and athletic. There is no problem with that at first glance, but I certainly find it quite unnerving. I am also a teenager and have been to school before. There is no way all teenagers can be in such good shape. Never. In a normal set up, you find at least a percentage of chubby foodies, but not in this school. Which leaves me wondering if this is real or a figment of my imagination. My other unsettlin
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Who Are These People?
AriaThere is a group of students at the table adjucent to where I am sitted. They are five in total. Three boys and two girls. It is easy to see that the two pairs are couples and they way they are close is almost adorable. The guy without a partner keeps staring at me. Then I choke on the next thing he says. "But she is human guys!"The moment he says that, I choke on my soda and he clamps his mouth. Without a second thought, he comes to me and offers me a bottle of water. I take it and mumble a small thank you. Just like that, the whole group shifts to where I am sitting. The pretty girl with auburn hair is first to break the silence. "Hello dear, my name is Stacey, and this is my boyfriend James. That there, is my best friend Millie and her boyfriend Gabe. And this gentle giant who just gave you water is our good friend Ben. Do you mind if we sit with you?"I think I like this girl, she has quite a radiant smile. So I nod and welcome them. "Nice meeting you guys. I am Aria Cr
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All Hell Break Loose
Aria. Even I have no idea, how I could cover this distance in such a short period of time. Why did I feel this sudden need to protect Ben? I swear that I am fast, but not as fast as I have just experienced. It is almost surreal. I turn to Mr Levi Reynolds and nod. Even I am shocked. However, my shock does not last long. It quickly switches to defense. A furious redhead lunges at me snarling like a rabid dog. I block all her attacks before holding her in a chokehold. "I swear Reddy, if you don't stop I will thrash you. Why are you attacking me again? Is it my problem that your equally stupid brother decided to sneak an attack on an unsuspecting person? I will knock you out again if you do not leave me be."I am furious now and my whole being is itching for a fight. I am surprised at how steady my voice sounds. Mr Reynolds grabs a hold of Reddy and I let loose. "Miss Sawyer, what is this about? Can you not wait your turn? And what did I say about shifting? I have called your father
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A Feeling Of Foreboding
Manny"Manny! Michael comes quickly something is wrong with Manny!"I can hear Summer screaming but at this moment, I feel lightheaded and strangely, quite angry. It all takes about a minute and the anger subsides. Then I feel as if I am having a panic attack, then helplessness. Drenched in sweat, I recover and sit upright. Mike and Summer are both looking at me with so much concern. "What happened buddy? For a moment you scared us there."Michael queries and I know that even though he is trying to make light of the situation, he is a bit ruffled. "I do not know, but I don't think that was my pain."I respond pondering about it then a fear so profound grips me. "Summer, please call Mia! Check on her, please and I will call father and mother as well. Darn it! Why did I not think of them first?"I am frantic at this moment and scared as well. Mia is almost due and that is definitely not labor pain. It felt as if I was being attacked with the intention of killing. I can only think of
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The Need To Protect
Dr Boyce When Alpha Luke called me to the school, I was about to leave the pack hospital. I had a meeting scheduled with all branch managers for the different Luminous casinos.Most of the stuff was new. Two months ago, I was forced to reshuffle the higher ups. Sneaky humans. They had started stealing from us and I was left with no choice but to fire most of them. However, considering the gravity of the situation at the school, I had to go. After being told that the badly injured student was human and would need a transfusion, I contacted a human doctor friend of mine, to organize about four pints for me. I collected the blood and headed for the school. How could warrior Levi have allowed the new human student to fight with the werewolves? Now she is badly injured and that is the worst that could happen Honestly, I am quite frustrated. He of all people, should have known better. That is the very reason we have minimized the intake of human students. Their plan to hike the school
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No More Searching
MannySeeing how frantic my mother is, I am having a hard time composing myself. I have no choice but to keep calm for my nephew's sake. I do not need to scare the precious boy.So, I painstakingly wait for my mom to finish narrating whatever she knows of the commotion at the school. What she says next gives me mixed feelings. I do not know whether I should laugh or cry at the same time. "Gamma Sawyer received a call from your father about his son having been hurt during training. He left in a hurry and another call came in from your dad. This time, Scarlet had gotten into a fight with the human girl, who hurt her brother. I guess gamma Sawyer had taken off in wolf form, hence your dad could not reach him on his phone."As my mom speaks, I cannot help but feel awed by the human girl. How can a mere human defeat a full grown wolf like the Sawyer's boy? She is definitely quite interesting. "Then I guess your dad forgot he was still on the phone with me. I heard him screaming to Scarl
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