Billionaire Surrogate Wife

Billionaire Surrogate Wife

By:  Neche ibe  Completed
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They say promise is a debt and are meant not to be broken. Two broken promises Two broken hearts The love Anabelle and Dimitri shared had somehow turned into hatred for each other as one could see it through the glare they gave. But things changed when Dimitri demanded custody for his son, and Anabelle wasn't ready to give in... Would this bring them closer, or would this be the end of their once love story? *Sneek peek* " Do you know how much your son had asked me about his dad?, do you how many times I lied to his face that you're dead?" She questioned him, with tears in her eyes. "I just want to be part of his life," he said without breaking his gaze on her. "Wow, you just show up and now you want to be part of him and you think it's that easy, I hate you okay, I hate you for leaving me, for making me fall for you, for making me go through hell, I hate you.," She fell to the floor wailing in her pains....

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62 Chapters
Episode 1
Episode 1DimitriHey, don't look at me that way Anabelle, I said and cupped her face in my hand, staring at her vividly. She tried so hard to hide the tears threatening to fall from her eyes making my heart stop for a moment."I just can't take it, Dimitri, I know this is college and we are both going to path ways, but no matter how hard I'm trying to convince myself and not say it out loud that it hurt, I'm seriously in pain, I just can't let you go yet," she poured out and sat on the bed sniffing in."I know my love, please don't break down in front of me, it makes my heart bleed in pain too," I told her sitting next to her as I wrapped my hands slowly around her waist.This girl, was the love of my life, as much as I had to admit that I didn't plan to fall for her,but I just couldn't help it. I know I promise myself not to fall for any girl here till I'm done with college. Now watching her break in front of me makes me feel so bad.I didn't regret falling for her, I just regret pu
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Episode 2
Episode 2DimitriWhat! I finally voiced out, standing on my feet, as I stare at him with fury blazing through my eyes. What was this and why does he always have to show his face and just mess my life as always."So, all of a sudden father you want to stop fighting your greatest enemy, or is this some strategic to destroy them," I asked him hoping this wasn't in any way what I thought it was. "No son, the two families both agreed to this. And this is the best way to end all of this. We can't keep fighting with them. Do you realize the number of men we've lost over time because of this consistent conflict going on between us," he said sounding displeased?"Do you know since my dad was in charge till my time and now to you, the fight hadn't stopped yet, both families are powerful but the thirst for more power and glory has made us become enemies even when we could live in peace and mind each other business," he stated leaving me speechless?I couldn't believe that this was the same man
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Episode 3
Episode 3Anabelle"Mom, come the show is about to start" Liam screamed my name from the living room. I quickly rinsed my hands in the sink and turned off the tap before drying my hands and rushing to meet him in the living room.I knew he wanted to watch his favorite cartoons, I could never comprehend how much he loves to watch superheroes since he was four. I smiled as he looked so focused smiling fully as he watched the images displayed on the tv.Liam, I smiled coming to sit close to him as he adjust his position, creating space for me, as we both face to look on the TV.*"Hey mom, do you think maybe dad is a hero somewhere," he asked looking at me. I looked at him and nod my head, as I blinked my eyes rapidly trying to stop the tears from dropping. "I think your dad was a hero son, a very good and strong hero just like you," I said and started to tickle him which made him laugh out loud."Mom, stop, oh God," he said in deep breaths between laughter, making me chuckle as I stop
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Episode 4
Episode 4AnabelleMa'am are you okay, I heard from afar which was followed with a few taps on my shoulders making me return back to consciousness. "Ermm. Yes, I'm fine Ann," I said and forced a tight smile on my lips, while she looked unconvinced but didn't say anything further."What service are we rendering, and you know it's going to be costly trying to fly the team to Russia for that one event," I told her as a matter of fact.Yes, I know that, from what it says here, our accommodations and flights expenses would be covered, and all we have to do is be present for the gathering."Okay, but isn't it weird that they want people from this distance to be in charge of an event like that. Aren't their caterers In Russian itself," I said to her not sounding thrilled about our expenses being covered."Yes, there is, but from the beginning of this mail, it said we were given recommendations to trust your services," she read out loud causing me to sigh... I collected the tablet and I rea
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Episode 5
Episode 5AnabelleWe arrived a little late, due to the fact that our flight was delayed a bit. We walked to the hotel, which looked quite expensive and luxurious I must say. I stare at the design of the place and how colorful it was and I smiled. I guess I'll have a little bit of fun in Russia, I thought to myself.I walked with my team of three, including me, making us four, as we arrived at our suite which had two rooms in it. Thankfully I and Ann would be in one bedroom and the two make chefs would be in the other.We walked in and gasped as we stare at the enormous bedroom in front of us. These people had to be very rich, I mean extremely rich. I stare at everywhere and took a few pictures which I sent to mom and Liam.They had called me a few minutes ago to check if I had arrived safely, I'm glad that Liam didn't sound down at all, he sounded happy and didn't forget to remind me that he wanted to see me back home soon.Okay, I think we should all freshen up before we dive into o
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Episode 6
Episode 6AnabelleI couldn't explain why I feel nervous and restless standing in front of him again. We were the only ones in the room since Yuri had received a call and wanted to deal with it quickly, so I decided to say something until I heard the shattering of glassDimitri"Anabelle," I called in shock when Yuri banged the door and rushed to Annabelle to check if she was okay. His hands wrapped around her waist in a protective manner making me pissed out. It took him a while to realize that she wasn't the one in pain but I was the one, making me roll my eyes."Boss, are you okay," he questioned pushing the broken glass away from me with his legs when his phone suddenly rang."Fire, what?, how?," those were the words that came out of his mouth the instant he picked up the call. I looked at him wondering what it was and why he had made mention of fire."Boss, one of the warehouses was burnt down and we have no traces of how the fire began, I need to go see things for myself," he w
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Episode 7
Episode 7WriterDimitri paced around the place in anger, one of his many brothels has been destroyed, not just any brothels but the one which was most popular. After Anabelle had left, he received a call from Yuri informing him about the situation at hand, to say he was pissed would be the wrong choice of word to use. He was mad at the news, that he started to destroy things around him, in a fit to contain his anger. "Where is he?" His father screamed angrily as he barged into his son's office to find out everything was a mess. He looked at him in anger as he rushed and grabbed his shirt holding it tightly as his hands turned into a fist ready to throw a punch at someone."You are making a mess here, when you are supposed to be fixing this, huh?" He screamed at him, as he threw him against the wall."And this mess just surprisingly had to happen immediately you brought in my Italian bride Mr. Vladamir," Dimitri said angrily as he arranged his shirt staring at his father in fury."Sh
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Episode 8
Episode 8AnabelleI opened my eyes, to find myself in a strange room. I looked around and I was laying on a king sized bed, in a big room. I couldn't tell how long it was I slept or probably passed out. But I knew it was long enough for the others to have gotten to their family.Right now, the only thing important to me was to meet my son. How is Liam?, Would He be fine? Would I see him ever again?, Those were the thought that ran through my head right now. I couldn't think straight, I couldn't either comprehend why all this are happening. I tried to get off the bed, only to realize my hands were tied against the headboard. I struggled to free myself but it felt impossible as none of it was working. I looked around, trying to see if I could get anything that might help free me, but all to no avail. "Help," I called out, In a hoarse voice, as a result of my screaming and shouting. I need to get out of here, and most importantly I need to find a way to escape. I just have to, for
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Episode 9
Episode 9Writer"What is it mother, you know I have some business to deal with," Dimitri said looking at his watch, for started he know how his mother can be, and meanwhile he had this nagging feeling that she was about to ask them to do something, he didn't want to do."Well, I know you both, haven't had the opportunity to get to know yourself well, so I was wondering if you both can go out on a date and just spend time together alone," she dropped the bomb, and Mia sighed in relief, while Dimitri looked displeased with the idea."Dimitri, I know that look, and don't try to stand her up, make sure you're there to spend them with Mia, do I make myself clear," she hushed while he gave her a tight smile."Crystal clear mother, I will see you later," he said and kissed her cheeks before leaving their presence like he was in some kind of hurry.Mia left, with her bodyguard following her closely. She didn't know why she gets pissed anytime she finds his presence close to her."What troubl
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Episode 10
Episode 10WriterWhy can't you just tell me who is he? He questioned her as he stare at her, with his eyes all red. He was trying so hard not to break in front of her. He couldn't let her know he was affected by any of this. He just wished he could rip the information out of her and get to the bottom of whom the anonymous Liam was, without going through the process of asking her or confirming who he was."Just go Dimitri, you and I know I won't say anything to you," she screamed out and pushed him away from her side. "Leave and let me dine with my pains alone, just let me be okay," she added, while he gave her one last glance before walking out of the doors and locking them with the key he had.DimitriThe next morningI woke up earlier than usual and I knew the fact was due to the nightmare I had from last night. I kept imagining stuff like Anabelle being married to this Liam and having babies together. The thought of that had almost made me puke, as I shook my head refusing to be
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