Billionaire Wife's Revenge

Billionaire Wife's Revenge

By:  Book_Pen  Ongoing
Language: English
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Just before a day of her wedding, Lily Meyers’ dream gets shattered to find her fiance sleeping with her sister. The little girl whom she spolit all the time and the man who promised to love her the rest of the life betrayed her. Enraged, Lily exposes their cheating to the whole world, only to get slapped by her father, as if she was the one to be blamed. “You disgraced the family!” The wedding went on, but with her sister as the bride.Heart broken and abandoned, Lily gets drunk and wakes up naked in the arms of Niklaus Cooper, the richest man in the state. Will the billionaire save her from all her miseries? Or will she just got another setback for her miseary life after her father finds out...

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104 Chapters
Chapter 1
“This dress would be perfect for my little sister,” Lily smiled, looking at the glittering baby pink dress in her hand. “Ember should be the most beautiful girl in my wedding.” Lily pursed her lips and slowly opened her sister’s room to surprise her. But instead, her jaw hit the ground to see her sister laying on the bed and breathing heavily with zero clothes on. ‘What is she doing?’ Lily closed her eyes. Her heart raced and brain went through several reasons a girl would be naked in the middle of the day. After a couple of seconds, she braced herself and slightly opened her eyes. “Want to have another round?” A man’s voice made Lily shiver. It was Drake’s voice. Drake Denholm is her fiance and would be her husband the next day. Lily’s eyes widened to hear him. Though she was sure that it was Drake’s voice, she wished and hoped that he wouldn’t do such a thing. “Sure! What about you?” Ember said in the most romantic and husky voice that Lily had never heard or expected from her
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Chapter 2
Clinching her arm with her father, Lily walked on the red carpet, wearing a pretty white dress. The decoration and whole setup were just like she wanted – pure, simple but grand. In front of her was her prince charm, standing tall in a white suit and well-set hair. Having a perfect married life was her goal and it is going to be fulfilled in the next few minutes. As she walked, she saw various businessmen, whom she only saw in the Forbes magazine. Of course, why wouldn’t they come to Mr. Denholm's wedding? Every media channel was present at the venue to shoot the marriage between the two famous and rich families. Drake Denholm is the CEO of the famous Pharmaceuticals Company with a million-dollar turnover. His family owns the largest iron and mining industry. While Lily’s father, Andrew Meyers, is the owner of large automobile industry. This marriage is more like a business alliance as the two businesses go hand in hand. Lily was aware of all the business stuff going behind her, but
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Chapter 3
The person beside Niklaus started panicking and looking around. “Sir, someone might see!” “Give me your coat,” Nik instructed and covered Lily with it. “Take her to the car. I will follow you in a few minutes.” After ten minutes, Nik got into the car and sat beside the drunk sleeping lady. “Teddy, you came back. I missed you.” Lily put one of her legs on Niklaus’ lap and hugged him. Nik’s assistant looked at his boss through the front mirror and tried hard to control his laugh. “Miss Lily, in which angle do I look like a soft toy?” “Ah!!!” She moved further closer to him. “You are an advanced teddy, which can talk and walk. See you can also blink your eyes and have long eyelashes.” Lily muttered and moved her index finger on his eyelashes. Nik sighed to understand how drunk she was. “Kia, Go to Mr. Meyers’s house!” “No! No! No!” Lily started beating Nik and began yelling aloud. “I don’t want to go home.” She sobbed. “God!” Nik dropped his shoulders. “Miss Lily, your house is t
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Chapter 4
Lily's drunk brain couldn’t forget the intimate moments between Drake and Ember. Those surprisingly made her arouse and having the warm live teddy beside made her desire hit the peek. “What do you want from me?” Nik asked a question, whose answer he was aware of from Lily’s body language. His heart began trembling and running, to hear the answer from Lily’s lips. But he was also doubtful if she was doing all this because her fiancé slept with someone else. Lily, without wasting a second, put her lips on his. Nik’s lips unknowingly opened with shock to see her taking lead. It was his first time seeing a girl take the lead. Lily took that as a chance and pushed her tongue and started exploring Nik’s mouth. She played with his nonresponsive tongue. Nik was like a statue with eyes wide open. The sweet burst in his mouth made his hair stand and activated each and every cell of his body. He at once threw her on the bed and kissed her like never before. His tongue tasted every inch in
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Chapter 5
“Sorry!” “I had a wonderful time!” “Thanks!” “Please forgot about what happened yesterday.” “Thank You” Nik read each of the crumbled tissues from the dustbin. “Stupid!” He grinned and looked around to see if Lily had ended up with anything at last. On the table, beside the bed, was a tissue with a ring over it. “ Sorry that I saw your wallet. You seem to be a con man. Hope this ring helps you in some way. Sorry, I must go!” “Is this ring for the services I provided to her last night. What does she think of me? Does she think I’m a call boy? He hurriedly looked around for his shirt and pants, but couldn’t find one. There was only Lily’s wedding dress, a coat, and his underwear on the floor. Nik’s blood rushed to see the fate that the little girl has given him. “Ahh!!” He shouted in frustration and called to his only rescue person, Kai. “Get me a pair of clothes. Fast!” In no less than four minutes, Kai knocked on the door. “Sir!” “Come in!” Kai opened and turned into a statu
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Chapter 6
Lily walked to a deserted location and stood beside the canal. She didn’t want to be rescued by anyone. She closed her eyes, took a deep breath and put a leg forward, but before she put the other, a man pulled her. She looked at the unknown man through her watery eyes. “Miss, I can’t let you die!” “Why?” Lily cried. She was a little happy that someone didn’t want her to die, but why? “We were ordered to protect you.” “Did my dad send you?” Lily enthusiastically asked. “I know that my father cared about me.” The man nibbled his lip and looked at the ground. “No!” Lily’s lips instantly turned down. “Then?” “Mr. Niklaus Cooper” Lily blinked her eyes and wondered where she heard that name. It was a familiar and popular surname and name, but she couldn’t recall who he was and why he sent people to protect her. “Sorry, but who is he? I don’t know anyone by that name.” “It’s me!” A deep voice came from her right side. Lily turned to face a tall person in a neat suit in f
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Chapter 7
“Lily!” A familiar voice jerked her. She looked behind to see her best friend, “Rosy!” Lily smiled, jumped on her and hugged her tightly. “What are you doing here?” “That’s my question!” Rosy pushed Lily away from her. “Where did you go the whole night? I thought you were kidnapped.” Rosy was happy that her friend was safe, but Lily’s clothes raised numerous questions. Lily’s eyes widened to hear the word- ‘kidnap.’ For the whole time, Lily thought that Niklaus helped her because she was drunk. “Are you sure that it was a Kidnap?” Rosy’s brows snapped together to hear that. “Of course, the camera recording of your disappearance was cleared out. Who would have done that, apart from the people who kidnapped you? She paused and looked at Lily, who appeared lost in thought. “What going on? What happened? Why are you dressed like this?” There was no response from Lily. “Fine, if you don’t want to tell. I should get going, it’s already late.” As she was about to leave, her eyes fell
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Chapter 8
“What are these?” Lily opened the file to see, ‘Party B agrees to the following conditions put forward by Party A,’ and below it was about 20-25 points. “Conditions to help you.” “Marry Party A?” Lily read the first point aloud. “You must be kidding me. Why will I marry you?” “Because of many reasons,” Nik said in confidence. “To revenge Drake Denholm, for clothes, for a house, for food, and for many more needs.” He said patting on the table with his long fingers. “Sorry, I can’t do that. What are the other conditions?” She ran her index fingers under the second condition, ‘Must follow Party A’s plan for revenge.’ After reading that, Lily remembered the question that she thought hard about the whole way, “Why do you want to help me?” Lily noticed the change in Niklaus’ expression. A corner of his mouth quirked up and the slight smirk on his lips made her hair stand. “I am not helping you. I am making an agreement with you.” “Agreement?” She looked at the file in her hand. “Fine,
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Chapter 9
Lily wasn’t stopping. Her warm tears shrank into his shirt and wet his shoulder. “Why are you crying?” Niklaus finally asked. He could feel her shaking her head but there was no response from her. “If you don’t say, how will I know?” After a loud sniff, she murmured, “I am not such a girl.” “What? Which girl?” “A girl, who sleeps with random people.” “I know,” Nik said and caressed her long hair. “It happened because you were drunk and angry with Mr. Denholm. It was my mistake; I shouldn’t have done that. do I say,” He took a deep breath, “Because of the memory of your sister sleeping with Drake, you were fixated on sleeping with anyone.” After hearing that, Lily tightened the hug and cried out loud. 'Arg! I shouldn’t have said that' Nik cursed himself. “Why don’t you think positively? Since you found me, you are safe, alive, and will continue to be alive. Moreover, I will be helping you with making Drake regret.” He didn’t know whether those words would influence Lil
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Chapter 10
While he was looking at her cute face and smiling like crazy, Kai opened the door. He came near to Niklaus, “Sir, until when are you planning to stay here,” he whispered. “Sh... She might wake up!” Kai sighed and rolled his eyes. It was too much to see his boss turn to the exact opposite of his actual nature. Until a day ago, time was everything to him. Nik planned every minute of the day carefully to make the best use of it. But now he was just standing and giggling at a girl, whom he had known for less than twenty-four hours. “Sir...” he said a little louder which woke up Lily. Lily’s eyes went wide open to see two men before her. She hurriedly stood up and looked around for a clock. “6 o’clock!” she exclaimed, “Sorry Sir, I fell asleep. You should have woken me up.” Her heart was racing like hell and she was cursing herself for lack of self-restraint. “I was about to. But you know my secretary, Mr. Kai Stewart won’t allow me.” Nik shrugged his shoulders and looked at Kai with
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