Alpha's Maid

Alpha's Maid

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Anna crosses paths with the arrogant alpha Bruce and becomes his personal maid. Little does she know that he has eyes for her, later on when the truth comes out about her being a Queen of another kingdom, both of them merge together to find the culprit.

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4 Chapters
1. Life Without Trouble.
Staring at the now gray and ripped paper, she tilts her head. It once held a beautiful picture of Luna Queen Morana. The photo was once bright begging to be seen as it asked for attention. Information about her death is written underneath her photo and at the bottom, there is a section of promising rewards. The posters have been hanging for quite some time. They are always taped over with a new one if they aren’t torn off. She lifts the damp dirty piece of paper to complete her face. She is so beautiful it makes her envious. “Hey!” a voice shouts. She looks behind her shoulder at a werewolf standing tall. A gun is in his hand as he growls towards her, “Curfew is in ten minutes. Move it!” He says and aims his gun towards her. The boarding school she lives in is quite strict, all of the students have to follow all the rules and regulations. Walking away from him, she believes that if she was older or maybe a male she wouldn’t have gotten a warning. She would have gotten beat. But sinc
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2. Born To Be An Alpha.
In the royale palace where up to fifty people can easily live, on the second story of the mansion, there is a man who is sleeping on his large bed. The huge spacious bedroom has literally everything present here, from a large balcony to a huge tv screen. The chandelier that is hanging on the ceiling right above the bed is not lightened up in the daytime, but at night it looks breathtakingly beautiful. There is a wardrobe full of expensive clothes, dark-colored suits, formal shirts, matching ties, and shoes. His watches are especially inherited from the King before him. Everything seems perfect, a pure luxury. The man lays down straight, his eyes closed but eyebrows knitted for some reason. There is sweat that starts to form on his forehead, this disturbs his sleep. Quickly jolting from the bed, he pushes his face to his hand. Every night it has been the same dream and every morning he wakes up with the same fright since she died. Every night it is the same guilt and every day it is t
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3. Duties Of The Queen.
“Lady Adina. There are new workers wanting to join the palace in the position of maids. Do you want me to bring them for the interview?” a woman dressed professionally in a maid uniform stands carefully beside the sofa chair, her eyes buried down to the marble floor. While Adina sits patiently on the sofa chair, her hands wander around the fruit bowl, she clasps the grape in her hand, twirling it into her mouth. Raising a question, she speaks with, “what does it have to do with me, Maria? I don’t handle this business -” Walking past by the corridor is Ferguson, he stops to listen to the conversation. When his sister politely refuses to collaborate on the working stuff, he sighs deeply. He starts walking once again, shouting in a loud voice, he commands the attention of his sister who gets attentive. “Adina! I need to see you -” Quickly Adina finishes the grape in her mouth, swallowing it completely and she gets on her feet, adjusts her skirt, she makes her way to her brother’s room.
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4. The First Glimpse
It’s a long queue of male and female workers. Some are werewolves but most commonly there are humans willing to get a job in the palace. Their place is low and they are meant to be slaves to the wolves. Anna is silently standing, waiting for her turn, and the sunlight is giving a stinging pain to her head. She keeps on finding the shadow but can’t. When she manages to tolerate such bright sunlight, she then looks around only to find a spot that has no sunlight coming through it. Walking away from the queue, she strolls herself to one side, this apparently is the back door to the palace. The area leads directly to the palace and Anna is not willing to step inside, she is just finding a perfect spot to stand in the shade. Right now her legs are like jelly, jiggling as she has been standing for so long. She looks around, wanting to sit but finding nothing, she prefers to sit on the ground. Just as then she is having a rest in the shadow, her eyes are stuck to the long queue, she does not
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