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What happens when a Vampire falls in love with a human!!!. Anastasia had always dreamt of dancing with her superstar in a prom. However, a tragedy happens that claimed her life on Christmas day!. It's a thousand years now in vamparina and the sleepy princess suddenly wakes up in a human body. She needed to return to her world or else turns to ashes. Bodie who was a superstar, suddenly lost his fame. He needed a wealthy girl who he could dupe to get back his fame. She needed something!!! He needed something!!!. Join the mystic and romantic ride of the prince and the frog!!.

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    A young lady could be seen cycling her bike. She was sweaty and panting like though being chased. Her directions was towards the woods which was prohibited. She climbed off her bike immediately she found herself close to a tomb. The girl sniffed, walked close to it and began to cry. "Only if my wish was granted" she muttered tensed. Just then, she began to hear echoes and footsteps. Was she found? She quickly turned around but saw no one. She breathe loudly and tried to erase every form of fear from her memory. She faced the tomb and wondered why she felt the tomb was calling out to her. In her thoughts, she realized that a drop of something liquid was on her hair from the tree close to the tomb. She touched her head with her fingers. It was blood. She Swifty cleaned her hand on her trouser and raised her head gracefully."Arghhhhh!!!".The police station that stood at a T-junction, was busy since November on missing persons. It came to the hearing that a young girl went missing all
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    She's so weird" beauty commented. She was the best dancer and indeed a beauty queen that's why she had the name"beauty" she crossed her legs and made sure to stand on her toes just as instructed."I hope this would be a fair judgement" Lilian added. She was behind beauty and part of her team. Anastasia kept falling when trying to stand on her feet. It has been a month now since after the announcement of who the lucky ballet dancer would be, to perform live with a superstar. No one wanted to miss this chance it would be a christmas ball to remember and everyone needed to put in their best to be selected.The tutor dismissed the students from practice and instructed them to take a few minutes break. The tutor walked up to Anastasia who was already taking a nap. Mrs Margret smirked and tapped her to get up. Anastasia groans. She rubbed her eyes and snapped her hand at the guard indicating that he should get her water from the car."You are snoring loudly" Mrs Margret queried and Anastasi
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    Anastasia held her luggage on her hand. She was going to Broadway! Her dreams were coming true all thanks to her father. She rubbed Spark's soft fur. The dog showed excitement too as it blotted out it's tongue. Anastasia for the first time would be traveling alone!. She raised her ticket to the sky and waved happily. Her joy faded as beauty pushed her aside."You are not fit it fat ass" she mocked while Lilian, Julie and Martha smirked. "Don't call me that!!" She retort."Or else what? Will your dad show up and lock us up!!!" Alex yelled as he came closer to her. Tears had formed on her ear lids. She made sure she didn't blink her eyes to avoid tears dropping. It was a team of 10 teenagers. Everyone was annoyed with her because she was picked instead of Lydia. This was what happens when you are from the affluent home. "I hope she doesn't make us lose" Lilian added as the girl walked up to the tour bus which horned at them. Her father was right, she should have carried vera along wit
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    I can't believe you nulled my contract too!!" He roared. The director picked up his glasses and wore it. He wasn't in for this arrogant boy's madness."You aren't answering old fool!!!" He pressed on as he sat on the seat opposite the director and placed his legs on the table. His shoes were facing the director."You deserve what has just happened! No one would accept you again!!" The old man blasted, annoyed of the act disrespect this boy showed."Fuck!!! do you think you all would get away with this!!!after working damn hard for you dirty fools!!!""We have better youths out there who are ready to be committed" the director said as the boy stood up and pushed the table at the old man who wasn't moved."I would get back at you all mark! My words!!!" He warned and stormed out."Asher!" The director called as he wiped the sudden sweat that trickled down his face with an hankie. The man walked in and bow in respect to him."You know what to do!" The director beckoned.Outside the compan
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    Anastasia came to a halt when she realized that a shadow looped over her. She was shivering with fear.should she turn back? Spark was still running deeper and she tried to move an inche, someone pulled her back the arm. She turned and found a woman wearing a red lace with hat. She was looking gorgeous. What was she doing here?."Excuse me dear" the woman called as smiled wickedly."Yes miss?" She replied as the woman leaned over towards Anastasia.Vennesa stood at the entrance of the woods. She had tried to spy on anastasia but she didn't see her in her room. She had noticed footsteps of paws and slippers leading towards the woods and guessed it was spark and Anastasia. As she stood there, she could hear spark backing towards her. She smiled at her. Immediately, Anastasia dashed out. She was pulling strane of grasses from her hair and body. She looked back at the forest and winced."What were you doing there?" Venessa asked as she held Anastasia by the palm."Nothing just following sp
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    The rule of the game was to search for Five buried gold coins and shoot against any opponent that comes your way as long as it isn't your colour. The student positioned at various lane of the forest."Are we ready!!!" Bodie blasted and winked at a girl who blushed."Yes we are!!" They chorused. He then blew a whistle and everyone disembarked. Anastasia was good in this game. She often play treasure hunt back in her large garden with moving toys as her opponent. She gave her team critical guide on how to win which they adhere to. Venessa and her team entered deep the forest and made sure they protected themselves from being plasted. Troy dugged the ground below them if he could see any trace of a gold coin but rather he found a bone which he showed to venessa."Hahaha!!! That's akward!" Clitton laughed. Venessa collected the bone. She liked it because it was still fresh and glowing. At least she had always wished to be an explorer."Don't you think we should start going? This part of t
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    It was late in the night and the students were already sitted in a large hall waiting to watch Bodie perform on stage. Anastasia couldn't participate since she was hospitalized. Her ward was surrounded with flowers sent from home. Her parents had requested for her return the next day but she refused, Afterall, the camp would end in two days time. Thanks to her team who realized she wasn't coming out of the house and they couldn't hear voice even when the door was wide and opened and they quickly reported to their instructor. When they arrived, the door was already locked and the key couldn't be found. Bodie had to break down the door with his arm along side Paul, Zac and Julius. The door which looked small suddenly began mighty and strong. Anastasia couldn't explain what she saw but only wrote it down in her diary since even venessa didn't believe her, Venessa sat by her side. It was the first time anyone rescued her except her father. She loved such moments when friends visited her a
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    "child you risked it all when you accepted her offer" the socerer blasted as he poured two different colours of potions in a huge pot which puffed up a thick smoke. Her parents looked at anastasia who had narrated her experience with the old witch to them."Ain't there no way to resolve this issue.""They are after her and the great witch seeks revenge... the night she stepped into that forest was the night the witch soughted a prey which was any first human that crossed her path" he explained as they stared at him confused. He wasn't providing solutions but rather beating around the bush. "Old man could you just profane a defined solution?" Mr Williams asked worried. The old man looked at the three before him and laughed.Anastasia was alone now on the bed. She had to return the marble to the witch alone meaning that she was going back the camp!. She held a gentle knock on her door. When she opened it, it was miss vera who gave her a letter."Oh my Kelvin! Finally replied my message
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    Miss Vera yelled out Anastasia's name but couldn't see a trace of her, and besides she was less concern now about the earth trembling since she had waited for the earth to break open and nothing of such happened. Two creatures were behind miss Vera whispering to themselves, although she couldn't hear them but could feel something like air around her neck which tickled her. The first wailed,“Didn't we frightened her enough?”. The second blinked and brought out its eyes sockets, it was a skeleton.“No! We can't let a human get to that tomb again” the second panicked.“Then try harder to scare her off, trembling the earth isn't just enough, fool!” The first retorts and miss Vera turned Swiftly, but she didn't see anyone. She studied the place with her eyes as she realized that the earth wasn't trembling again. It was just back to normal.“Oh goodness, it's good she can't see us…”“I wish she could… I think I'm in love Simon and my heart is shaking” the first posed blushing.“But you don'
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    A WAY OUT.
    By the time miss Vera was done with the kitchen assistance, it was already late and Anastasia must have fallen asleep. If only Rachel didn't stop by her way. Perhaps tomorrow would be a better day to talk to her first thing in the morning.It was already dawn and the sound of Christmas rang everywhere as people around the city celebrated an auspicious day. Anastasia must be the happiest because today, she was performing live with her crush Kelvin at last. She jumped up from the bed and smiled at herself in the mirror. Anastasia glanced at her skin, it was back to normal, all thanks to the sorcerer who gave her an ailment to apply on her skin. She just hopes nothing goes wrong this time. Anastasia had already posted on her status that she would be the star of the biggest event in the city of Visalia, California. In a hast, she walked to her window and opened it. It was snowing outside and the cool breeze brushed through her face. She giggled and closed back the window.“Spark, this is
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