The Taming

The Taming

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We were immortals. The Forever Knights. I was a shapeshifter. Collared with a special pendant to be summoned by our alpha. She tried to steal it. But the last thing she expected was for me to turn the tables as soon as we were out of view of my party guests. But she was a thief, a liar, and an imposter. The only thing I wanted to steal from her was what remained of her dignity. And perhaps teach her that I'm not a simple man to steal from. With me there's always a consequence. And she'll pay this one with me between her pretty thighs. We'll see who's the thief then, Little Valkyrie...

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I love this author's books. Ardae series are my favorite.
2023-06-05 23:50:16
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A book to read. It has a nice change of pace for fictional characters
2023-04-13 00:54:49
198 Chapters
Reaching down, Elsabet yanked the pendant loose from his hands.Sebastian's torn shoulders and arms offered little resistance.It was as the sun was cresting the ridge that she released her grip on him. Watching him fall.For just a moment, she wished she could take it back. He was courageous. Admirable in his fearlessness.A shame.Even in his shredded shirt with gold hair tousled, he'd been wildly handsome.She watched his strange expression as he looked up at her, dropping limply in a deadfall toward the trees far below.Totally calm...He was...peaceful.Bafflement marked her face. Making him fight the smile pulling at his lips.He gave her a chiding look. Angry at her choice.Or perhaps disappointed. Elsabet started to turn in flight, reluctant to see his human body crushed in the trees.Turning back from the body of water, she headed back toward LandingTown.As she turned something scintillating caught her eye. She glanced down and watched flashes of vibrant gold erupting from whe
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Look After Him
*****Note from the Author:This is a very slow burn book. Spanning many decades as it interweaves with other books such as King of the Seditious and The Barbarian's Pleasure (you don't have to read those to understand this one ).This is the story of Sebastian and his valkyrie.*****1580 - A Cottage in Inner Forestway, Mane Country"Sebastian" The woman breathed as she opened her cottage door and bid him enter. That husky seductive note already tingeing her voice.As she has countless times before."Moira." He greeted stomping off his boots before entering the sparse cottage."I've missed you." She cooed. Stroking the Ample tops of her small, pert breasts."I know.""My lover has returned from his estate. He's really quite possessive." She threw shining brown hair over her shoulder, proudly."I care not a whit for possessive lovers." He shrugged."Do you care for me?" She pounced on the opportunity to ask the question.Despite that she already knows.He leaned back his head, gold eye
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No Healing From That
WaterRose, Meadow Mountain, Grier CountrySebastian woke slowly. Awash with pain.He saw a dark head lowered over him and met the gray eyes of his friend."Chavias." He greeted through a throat that felt stuffed with cotton.How'd I get here?"Your bloody luck is astounding! How you're alive escapes me." Chavias' gray eyes were wide."Me as well." Bast tried to sit but felt the cutting pain stabbing through his back and into his chest. "How am I alive?""I'm not sure this time. You healed. Did you manage that?""I don't recall attempting to heal myself.""Well, you should have. I would've."Bast laughed humorlessly."You must quit with all this recklessness. We all knew it was a matter of time before some woman's angry husband stuck you.""I'm glad you did.""You had to have guessed?" Chavias said sternly. His look incredulous."How'd you find me?""I didn't. The Captain was passing through Mane and caught a whiff of your blood.""Where was I?""Thrown into the underbrush.""Is Moira w
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Not so Easy to Steal From
Bast had lifted his arm to spin his dance partner.Pleasantly oblivious at that moment.Elsabet caught the glint of a gold chain falling over his collar and dangling just beneath those laces. Stark against his tanned skin. The candlelight caught the shimmer of a gold ornament on the chain. Nestled against his defined chest. A serpent twining a thick cross.Her target.The one thing she needed for her to return home. To Sanctuary Island.Even now she was calculating his next step.Her plan was simple: She'd intercept him as he turned in step with the dance, she'd hook the pendant on her claw and let his movements tear it off him. Freeing it into her waiting hand.Already hanging open, his shirt would offer little resistance.Amulet in hand she'd exit the dance floor. Likely while he stood in surprise.Her detail in LandingTown settled. And free to return home.Elsabet watched him, nearly shaking with intensity. Anticipation heightening as he danced closer. She was already reaching, wai
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A Terrifying Creature
She hissed. Her irises bled to ruby. Slamming her hands against the sides of the coach she screeched.Cracking her neck, she looked at him. Last warning.The coach rocked. Long brown wings snapped out from her body, one shattering the narrow coach window.The driver lunged off his seat. Hitting the ground and desperately crawling through the dirt to get as far from it as possible. Vanishing down the drive yelling in horror.Sebastian was unmoved by the woman's violent fury."Out!" The valkyrie shrieked in his mind.To any mortal, the sight of the Valkyrie with red eyes and brown wings spanning the coach, would've been an intimidating sight.Shredding her slippers, her feet became taloned claws embedding in the coach seat. She emanated predatory hunger.Cocking his head, he studied her new visage, fearless.That really should've been her first hint. He mused. Toying with the book in his hands.Her skin was as pale as when she'd been beautiful. However, hair pins clattered to the floor
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Beware Who You Toy With
Drawing from his training over the years, Sebastian forced himself passive. Eying the creature carrying him into the night.She shook her black mane like a bird settling ruffled feathers. Glowering down at him, her eyes completely red. Absent any white.She tossed him once more to get a better grip. And to emphasize to the male that she was the one in control.You're merely prey. For me to kill any moment...An inhuman growl rumbled from his throat. A cautioning that he was coming to the end of his vast tolerance.The woman-bird glanced down at him, surprised he was capable of such a noise. Tightening her grip, she pierced those claws deeper into his arms and shoulders. One hooking painfully under a shoulder blade.He allowed her the flight. Though his anger had set in."You shouldn't have tried to steal from me." He lifted the pendant still gripped in his fist. His lip curled, he continued working to control his irritation.They'd long since passed over the villages bordering LandingT
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Something Like Me
The odd-shaped bird-woman dove through trees of Warwood, rattling the tops in a spray of green leaves and tree needles. Staying low to escape her pursuer. Weaving through the shadows of thick tree trunks and splashes of blinding gold light which shimmered between.It was cool and dark this low. Smelling of wet dirt. Concealing her movements better than the cresting dawn above which threatened to reveal her altogether. Manipulating through trunks by twisting and arcing, she was careful of her dark, bony wings. Likely to snap if she crashed into a tree.Already breathing heavily, she struggled to keep moving. Clearly unaccustomed to fleeing.She won't escape today. Not from me.Sebastian's eyes focused on the strange look of her. Like nothing I've witnessed before.A distance above, and behind her, tree trunks snapped like kindling. An immense black shadow spread its silhouette over the tree canopy. Darkening the trunks below. And casting over her.She sped up. Wings pumping in a determ
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Meagerly covered. Sebastian thought as he watched the soaked woman breathing heavily as she gasped for air.Knocking the hood of his cloak back gave him a better view. And revealed the shine of his gold hair in the morning light. Long tresses which swayed as he moved.His gaze traced her from head to toe. She was hiding a lot under those LandingTown clothes.Hovering over the water, she reached delicate toes to step onto the bank. Her sparking eyes flitting over the clearing. Flashing from dark blue to blood red and back again as she laid eyes on him. Face a mask of fury. Her head fell back as though her damp hair weighed more than she could hold up. Her legs shook and gave as she collapsed.The reins of Sebastian's mount slipped from his shoulder to land amongst heavy green leaves littering the ground as he moved from Sivikon.Reaching her side, he caught her just before she'd have hit. Sweeping her into his arms. Come on Little Bird. He grunted. Let's get you inside and have a look a
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A Game of Wills
His eyes roved her assessingly as he decided how he'd put his newest decision into play. Keeping her.But fighting her magic will be a matched battle.I'll borrow hers. Turning his outward palm in, he clenched it and pulled it toward his midsection. Abdomen reflexively tightening around the thrill of magic.The dark brown of her flesh was stolen from her. Leaving her skin porcelain perfection. Her head fell back, and the red drained from her eyes like a retreating pool. When her head jerked forward, those eyes were so perfect blue they were nearly purple. Her hair changed from the roots. Spinning back into a moonlit silver glow. Twisted tresses straightened as they dropped around her shoulders. The glistening cover of brown fur running along her sides disintegrated in dark flakes. She dropped naked to her knees, a whoosh of air erupting from her lips. Lurching forward she landed on her palms, back heaving. Struggling for air, since she'd not been able to breathe during the process.Hea
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A Captive in Truth
She nodded sure that she'd been followed."Why was it after you?""I-I can't remember. My head," She put a hand to it. "It feels heavy."Your head? What happened to your head? He realized then that his wing must've struck her in the back of it."Did you hit it?" He frowned.Tilting her to examine the back but observing no injury.She's okay. He blew a relieved breath."I don't know." She murmured. Eying him. "Who are you?"The man you tried to steal from."Who do you think I am?""What are you?" She asked through narrowed eyes.Predator, though she was, she knew an instinctive wariness of him.What are you? And where have you been hiding?"I'm wondering." He puzzled aloud. "Does what I make you feel now reflect how you've terrified others in the past?"You're obviously accustomed to having other creatures fear you. He'd noted that back at the ball."Not in the least." Her face jerked in distaste. "I don't fear you. Whereas I've never met a creature that didn't fear me."Doesn't hold tr
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