Bratva Wolves Collection

Bratva Wolves Collection

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
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Four Brothers. Four Stories. One Pack. Kai, Konstantin, Dimitri and Nikolai - The Volkov Brothers rule New York, not only as a Russian Mafia family but also as The BloodCrest Pack. Book one follows Alpha Kai, known as the Beast Of New York, Russian Mafia leader and Alpha of the Blood Crest pack - and he's come to claim timid and abused Caterina as his mate. Terrible rumours surround Kai and his pack of bloodthirsty wolves, but as Caterina gets to know her mate better and realises that he is not the monster he is made out to be. So what exactly turned Kai into the beast he's known as? In Book 2 we meet Konstantin, known as The Heartless Beta. He never cared for love or finding his mate as the Beta to the Alpha God. Who needs a mate when you have a pack to protect? However, when scentless, halfbreed Lily stepped into his life, everything seemed to fall into place. What will Konstantin do once he discovers the scentless, half breed wolf is pregnant with his prophesied firstborn and has been his mate all along...And she's being held prisoner by a creature even older than the Werewolf God Xamnir? Book 3 Parts 1 and 2 sees Nikolai and Dimitri both thinking that keeping away from their fated mates during the war is what’s best for them. But is their willpower stronger than Fate? Staring at temptation for so long will only make you crave it more, this is something both Nikolai and Dimitri will find out soon enough.

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212 chapters
1. Wedded
Caterina Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your life, shouldn't it? As I look at myself in the floor-length mirror, the picture of a blushing bride, beautiful in every way possible. My long raven curls were hanging freely down my back, and my make-up accentuated my green eyes and full lips. I should be happy, excited and even ecstatic, right? Today I will be marrying the man I loved, the man I fell in love with when I first saw him, the man who I thought was my fated mate. Only for me to find out that he didn’t particularly feel the same way about me and saw me more as a nuisance. How do you think I felt when I heard him say these words? The man who I thought was my mate turned out to be nothing of the sort. It was more infatuation on my side than an actual mate bond. Of course, he doesn’t know that I heard him say this; I happened to overhear him while he was in a meeting with my father. So here I was in a wedding dress, feeling completely miserable and sorry for mys
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2. Betrayed
Caterina I turned to look at Sergio, but he had an impassive look on his face. “What is this? What’s going on?” I whisper to him and feel the hot tears slipping down my cheeks. This was not what I expected, not at all! I knew my sister hated me, but this was… this was disgusting! “Someone turn this off immediately!” He roars, and the screen goes dead, then he looks at me with a stony expression and sighs. “This is not how I intended for you to find out,” he says, but before he could continue, a scream pierces the air, and we turn our heads to the entryway where the sound had come from. My eyes widened at the sight before me; my sister was in tattered clothes with her makeup running and what looked like a rope around her wrists. “Sergio! That’s not me; it’s my devious sister!” she hollers and stomps towards us. The crowd in the church had now gone deathly quiet. I take a step toward her. “Carlotta, what-” “She tied me up because she was jealous! She wanted you to marry her inste
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3. Degraded
Caterina The door opens behind me, and I see my parents filing into the room, then closing the door. I turn around to face them, my eyes red from crying, but I see no regret in their faces. My mother walks towards me and grabs my wrist hard. “Don’t ruin this for your sister, Caterina,” She had the same bloodthirsty look in her eyes as my father did - beasts of the same blood. I wonder whose traits I inherited; it definitely was not theirs. My father stepped closer. “Or we will force you to turn rogue and give you to a wolf-fighting colony as bait. Keep quiet, keep your distance and do not disgrace this pack any more than you have.” He spits out his venom, equally as scalding as Segios. “You will have to tie me down to keep me quiet, father. This will be the last time this family abuses me, that I can promise you.” I say through gritted teeth while levelling my gaze at them. My father’s eyes widen at this, and he moves to hit me, but I
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4. Mated
Caterina This is a wolf of The Blood Crest pack. The tyrannical and merciless Russian wolf pack who ruled the other half of New York. They were also mafia, Russian Bratva and Sergio’s mortal enemies. I see my father walk towards the man and speak to him. This terrified me; he had already promised me to the Lycans of Vegas. Would he offer me to this man as well? I know my father only wanted power, and the Bratva would be the perfect place to have a foot in the door. The man looked at my father, and his eyes flashed the deepest crimson I had ever seen. “Move,” he growls and steps past my father, whose eyes fell on me, but they held no intimidation against the man who had brushed him off. I step backwards, fear gripping my heart at the sight of this man stalking the room. His eyes were deep red, which signified he was an Alpha, and I have heard a lot about the Alpha of the Blood Crest Pack. Beast, he was every inch of the
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5. Marked
Caterina I wanted a new start, and now it seems like I would get it. We exit my father’s mansion and come to a stop in front of a black and green motorcycle. There was a leather jacket lying on top of the seat. “Ever been on a bike, Caterina?” He asks as he gently puts me down next to him. I look up into his eyes, not sure how I’ll get used to the intensity behind his stare, and shake my head. “N-no, not at all,” I say and see the grin spread on his face again. This man terrified and intrigued me simultaneously, and it was making my head spin. “You’re in for a treat, then,” he says, about to place a helmet on my head, but then I remembered something. “Wait, I need to get my things, my clothing and belongings,” I tell him, about to turn around and walk back inside my home, when he pulls me back by my wrist. “I have just marked your entire family as my enemy. Do you really think they will allow you to waltz back in there
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6. Mine
Kai I lay her down on the bed we would share from now on, our bed, and gaze down at her. My mate was stunning and had the essence of an Alpha deep inside her; she just didn’t know her worth yet. “We will show her…” my beast rumbles, calming down for the first time since I set my eyes on her. Yes, we will show her - we will make her a Queen.  As soon as I lay my eyes on her back in that hall, I knew she was mine. Her scent reminded me of home, fresh Spring rain as it hit the forest surrounding our villa in Russia. The familiarity is what pulled me towards her, but it wasn’t until we made eye contact that I could confirm it. Even as Andretti droned on, all I wanted was her, and I had to kill a Beta pup to do it. The innocence she displayed didn’t match her smart mouth, and I couldn’t wait to see what else she had to show me. When I walk back downstairs, I hear my elevator open and listen to my pack as they stroll i
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7. Ruin
Caterina “I will ruin you, Caterina,” His words promised violence and so much more. This man was irresistible, his beast so much more so. I wanted him, wanted this Alpha to claim me, but I could see him fighting the desire to do precisely that. So I bring my hands up and cup his face, his crimson eyes closing as I do so while he leans into my palm. When they open again, the clear blue is back, and he smiles down at me. “Thank you, as much as I would love nothing more than to be buried deep inside you; I know you are nowhere near ready for me.” He says, then steps away from me and takes my hand in his, “Let me give you a tour of my home; our home,” I smile at his words, my lust replaced with excitement as he takes me around the massive penthouse. The place was beautiful, every piece of furniture and art painstakingly chosen to complement one another. This penthouse didn’t have the flashy wealth on display like at my parent’s mansion, even though I know that Kai is five times as we
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8. Nikolai
Caterina I lay curled up on the bed, Kai’s warmth and touch slowly leaving my body. I never thought that meeting your mate would make you feel this intense animalistic hunger; like you just couldn’t get enough of the other. Is it because he’s an Alpha? Would it be different with any other wolf? The pull in my chest says different. Lifting up from the bed, I walk over to the walk-in closet that houses Kai’s clothing. His scent was the strongest here; musky and powerful. I close my eyes and drink him in, feeling my inner wolf yearn for him once more. It wanted to submit to Kai, I felt its need deep inside my core and I am afraid that I will not be able to hold it back for much longer. It’s only been day one - we still had a week to go. Taking a deep breath -regretting it afterwards- then I step out of the walk-in. I had nothing here, no cell phone, no clothing, so I decided to go downstairs. The clock on the wall shows 7 pm now;
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9. Fang
Kai As soon as I left the penthouse, my wolf’s ears went flat, and he released a disapproving growl. “We’ll be back later; there’s work to do,” I tried to appease him, but I could tell he was anxious to get back to her. Her actions while she was on top of me nearly snapped my self-restraint. Her grinding, her hands all over me, her scent and naked pussy against my throbbing cock - it made me want to claim her right then and there. What little self-control I had pulled my beast back in and let her go. We were so close, so damn close… But now, I have to focus on work and step into my role as Pakhan. I got into my Bugatti Veyron and hauled ass out of the penthouse parking lot before I changed my mind. I owned a few clubs on Billionaire’s Row; by a few, I mean all of them. Men with money have different tastes; most of them border on illegal, but I do not care to cater to those types of needs. Money, dominance and women ruled these men, an
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10. Ballerina
Caterina I open my eyes to sunlight streaming into my room, and for a second, I am momentarily dazed as to what I was looking at; a heavily tattooed chest. Then the memory of what happened yesterday comes flooding back in waves. I curl deeper into Kai’s arms, not wanting this to go away or, even worse, waking up in my bed back home to find out this has all been a dream. His arms pull me into a deeper embrace, and I feel something hard digging into my thigh. A blush blooms on my cheeks when I realise what it could be, so I just sink deeper into his arms. “Hmm, Caterina,” he thrums in a deep voice laced thick with sleep. When I look up, his eyes are still closed, but he has a smile teasing his lips. “Good morning,” I say in a small voice but hear the rumble in his chest at the sound of it. “Good, indeed,” he says, opening his eyes. “Did you sleep well?” As soon as he opened his eyes, that possessive string pulls taught, but I swallowed
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