Worth Fighting For

Worth Fighting For

By:  Alexis Porter  Completed
Language: English
195 ratings
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**Completed Novel. This is the first book in the Baxter Brothers series.** Levi Baxter has a bad temper. He always believed he wouldn't have a mate until he catches the scent of a beautiful female his brother saved at a gas station. When his eyes land on Doriane, everything changes. Doriane Scott has a past she is trying to leave behind. While escaping her abusers one frightening night, she is brought into the hands of the most dangerous-looking man she had ever laid eyes on. Can Doriane overcome her past to find safety in the arms of Levi, who promises her protection and so much more? If Levi can't find out how to reign in his temper and his beast, he will lose her for good.

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Fun, finished, and flavorful. Good characterization, consistent writing, and not too long. Classic arc, but the wolf part is not ‘the’ story. Characters are also not infallible so that’s refreshing. Also no ‘training’ montage, or other filler content. Good work! Thanks for the adventure.
2022-05-01 11:06:18
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Amazing story!! I wish there was a little more at the end to see how Doriane adapted and things progressed for them as a couple and all... But other than that, well written & overall absolutely loved this story! Great job author! 😊 can’t wait to read the next one!
2021-06-25 21:33:44
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Brianna Lopez
I loved this book. it was a good one.
2021-06-14 09:22:52
user avatar
Dawn Wolfaardt
loved it....beautiful
2021-05-01 16:31:19
user avatar
Rosie M
very good book
2021-04-29 11:32:14
default avatar
Jenn Nix
Love love loved it
2021-04-21 07:57:16
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La'Shonta Savoy
Good read can’t wait to read the next book
2021-03-22 05:00:04
user avatar
Sonam Yangdon
Interesting story. I like it
2021-03-12 09:27:41
default avatar
what is ihe next one
2021-03-06 13:37:21
user avatar
Maria Ellen De Castro-Almazon
very nice story
2021-02-15 14:07:45
user avatar
Bobbi Casella
so far really good
2021-02-13 21:20:44
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Victoria Opimo Mejica
its worth to wait... so inlove
2021-02-12 23:40:19
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Jah Narag
amazing story
2021-02-12 03:07:24
user avatar
Tina Anno
great story line. great read
2021-01-02 12:41:24
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Kelita Saint Lot
Amazing book to read
2020-12-28 22:06:36
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35 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Doriane
 Doriane stumbled along the frosted pavement, her flip-flop temporarily slipping out from her foot.She held back a whimper as she stopped to slip her shoe back on her numb toes. Rapidly turning, she darted back onto the street.She had to get out of here. Oliver was going to kill her.The steps behind her were coming closer, a result of her slight setback. Doriane's mind was fogged with fear as she swung her arms harder, willing her body to propel faster. Her injured foot cried in protest at her quick pace and lack of support, but she couldn’t afford to take a break.A gas station appeared before her and she bolted for the slight glimmer of hope. Her legs pumped under her, carrying her through the chilly winter night.She felt her flimsy shoe slip off her foot again, but this time she refused to
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Chapter 2 - Levi
 I'm never helping them again. Levi swore to himself, finally leaving the cozy home behind him.The next time Levi's Beta and his pregnant wife needed help moving furniture, they can hire someone else.Levi listened to the crunch of the frozen snow under his heavy boots and continued down the path, not needing to open his eyes to know where home was.He rolled his tense shoulders, remembering his Beta's commands. Every time they had placed down a piece of furniture, Ronan's wife would demand they move it to another corner of the house.Levi had spent an unnecessary six hours there rearranging just three rooms in the house before she was finally satisfied with the arrangement.Regardless of the complaining Levi put out tonight, he felt himself succumbing to the familiar ache of longing in
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Chapter 3 - Levi
 Seeing his mate securely on the bed, all her wounds tended to, helped the tight feeling in Levi's chest.Worry still gripped his mind, but seeing her taken care of was enough for the moment to be able to leave her momentarily and see his brother.He needed to know what was going on.Levi pressed a gentle kiss to his mate's forehead, his hand combing between the thick, mesmerizing strands of her hair.He reluctantly turned and exited the room before he lost his motivation to speak to his brother, promising himself he would only be away for a few minutes and nobody else had access to her.Laurence was resting in the lobby, his body slumped in a small chair, his large form filling up the wooden frame. His head was leaned back, resting against the wall above the chair and his hands were poised in h
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Chapter 4 - Doriane
 Doriane felt an extreme pain spear through her head when she cracked her eyes open. The light was blinding and unwelcoming in her new environment.She curled onto her side, splitting her eyes open to look at where she was exactly.Memories of stuffing her face with cotton balls came rushing back.She was starving; they looked like marshmallows.Doriane didn't even taste them as she shoved them down her throat. When she finally realized they weren't food, she was already hunched over the toilet, expelling them from her body.Then that man walked in on her. At first, all she could do was stare at his body.He was by far the biggest man she'd ever met, even taller than her last master. His height was matched by large, defined muscles gripping his arms. He had light
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Chapter 5 - Levi
 Levi mentally smacked himself as he walked into the kitchen, replying her reaction to him in his mind.His mate was utterly scared of him.Completely and wholly terrified of him.Her reaction tore a hole in his heart. He hadn't known her for more than a day and he had already made her afraid of him.Levi shook his head, focusing on what he was doing.Water, right. Doriane was thirsty.Levi grabbed a cup from the cupboard and walked over to the fridge to get some water when he froze.What if she wanted something else? All he offered her was water, but what if she wanted tea or cocoa? It was really cold outside.But he didn't wanna bring her something she didn't like. That would seem rude and
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Chapter 6 - Doriane
 Doriane looked up at him for the first time and opened her mouth to speak before she paled and stared at his hand.Levi glanced down and noticed his wound. He had a shred of glass lodged in his palm.Doriane watched with a queasy stomach as Levi raised his hand to get a better look and noticed the deep gash. A drop of blood fell from his hand and landed on the plush carpet under his feet.Haunting images flashed through Doriane's mind and she felt herself become light-headed. The events prior to her flee were vivid in her mind.Images of her spilling his blood splashing on the carpet haunted her mind. Her stomach rolled with queasiness at the memory.It was hard to focus as the rolling in her stomach intensified and the images continued to assault her mind.
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Chapter 7 - Doriane
 It was strange to watch Levi clean up.He rinsed off the dished before sticking them in the dishwasher, arranging them carefully.Doriane only watched. She tried to jump up and do the work before Levi could even finish his meal—the way Oliver wanted her to do it—when he strictly rebuked her offer and told her he was going to do them.Doriane couldn't help but feel this was a test. This had to be some joke, right? Men aren't supposed to clean up the kitchen.Her curious eyes continued to watch him until he was finished and turned around. She quickly revoked her eyes and looked at her lap, staring at her red fingers resting in her lap.“Are you comfortable?” Her new master asked, still leaning against the sink.“Umm, yes. I am.”Nobo
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Chapter 8 - Levi
 The first thing Levi noticed when he woke up was the strong smell of lemon, pine, and Lysol.He sat up in his bed, confused at the smells that never invaded his space until the weekend.He checked his clock and found that it was just minutes past seven.Levi hardly slept, knowing his mate was alone and scared in the room right next to him. His wolf got to the point that be begged him to sneak in there and collect her in his arms and hold her all night.Climbing out of bed, he first walked to Doriane's room.Levi was close to giving in, but the memory of the fear in her eyes from his touches yesterday had him restraining himself.He found the room empty.The bed was nicely made and everything seemed to be perfectly in its place.
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Chapter 9 - Doriane
 Doriane was so confused she felt her head was spinning.She had never heard another man speak with so much emotion and gentleness before.Even her father was willing and happy to be rid of her and sell her as soon as she turned eighteen. She stared at Levi for a long time, trying to decide if he was real.Doriane made a mental note of the second rule he had given her since being here.First, don't try to escape.Second, don't cause yourself any harm.She stared shamelessly at Levi, who was gripping the steering wheel leisurely and calmly commanding the sleek silver truck. She had to jump in the truck to be able to get in but was grateful she could still do it on her own.She didn’t want him to touch her, no matter
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Chapter 10 - Levi
 “Alpha Levi, let me talk to you a moment,” the doctor requested.I nodded and followed him from the room, leaving Doriane to get dressed.Doriane seemed surprised to see an x-ray machine and it made him wonder what they had used before to treat her previous injuries.Listening to what his mate had to endure lit a fire in Levi.What made him angrier was that she obviously had more injuries than three, due to the vast scars on her smooth skin, but had only seen a doctor three times.The thought both surprised and terrified him.“She's been through a lot and the majority of her wounds have been left untreated,” Dr. Ackelman started.Marcus lit up her clipboard and removed his other papers, allowing me to see the x-rays that he had gotten of m
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