Angel: The Enslaved Alpha

Angel: The Enslaved Alpha

By:  'Désirée Nephus' and 'Sabrina Oyinloye'  Completed
Language: English
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In this spin-off character sequel to the book 'My Unsuspecting Mate' under the series name 'The Wulfblood Clan', Angel, kin to Xavier and Isabelle, was an enslaved alpha, captured by a mafia boss and forced to murder Rufus' enemies, endure torture, humiliation, experimented on, and treated lowlier than a house guard dog. The only ally he had in the household was Rufus' niece, Nadia – his unsuspecting mate, but she was not always good. When Xavier A. W. John and Cole Miller came to break him and others out of bondage, he took Nadia with him with the aim to reverse their role. But the mate bond was intense and his passion for her was like wildfire. Coming to terms with the new world, he discovered freedom was not entirely what he had imagined. Their lives were rife with danger and death lies in every corner. Having Nadia with him was a solace he was not ready to admit to but succumbed to. But when an all-out war with a group of humans who hated his kind loomed, he tried to make Nadia leave, making her believe her sins were not something he could forgive. Would she fall for his trick? Or would she discover there was something else at play and stay to fight alongside him as his Luna?

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92 Chapters
Chapter one
“Shit!” Angel suddenly exclaimed and they all looked at him. “Wolfe is gone!” he added. “We need to move now!” Cole said and the Weres galvanized into action, running back to where they left Ash’s men. As they got to the woods, a loud howl rented the air followed by terror-filled screams and sounds of automatic guns, firing. Cole cranked his neck. “Okay, guys, we have ten minutes to find Antonio Rufus and his sons and bring them out here—"Cole said. “That is not the plan. I plan to let them burn with this shit hole,” Angel said. “No, Angel. I have a special dose of death serum for that bastard. I want him and his sons to be very dead. I am not taking chances with him, when I am done with him, then you can burn this shit hole down with their bodies in it. I must admit that’s the only way to wipe out the evidence that you guys were ever here,” Cole countered. Angel took his time to think about that piece of information. ‘Death serum, huh?’ Angel thought perhaps that would be a nice
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Chapter Two
Nadia winced when the door was pulled open and Daniel walked in. The sight of her cousin should have brought her comfort but it didn’t – it never did. And it was even worse now because she had betrayed her family. And now everyone is getting killed. And with the look on Daniel's face, it was evident he knew what she had done. “Dan!” she exclaimed as he rushed for her, landing a hard slap across her face. She saw stars and cried out in pain. He held her by the neck and slammed her against the side wall, knocking the breath out of her. He was a brawny brute, six feet tall, and she was a mere five feet six inches, weighing 60kg – a great disadvantage. He lifted her from the floor making her legs dangle. His face was red with rage and his blue eyes were burning with murder. “You cunt! You slept with Angel! You let that animal touch you!” he raged. “You actually let that animal put his cock inside you!” “Whuu...” Nadia managed to croak. He was attacking her for sleeping with Angel?! Ho
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Chapter Three
A few weeks before ... Nadia did her best to be as quiet as she could manage to get to the secret tunnel. Bringing out the iron key from her purse, she forced her eyes open so she could slot in the key. Her hand shook and getting the key inside the keyhole appeared a herculean task. She cursed, silently regretting her night of indulgence and hating herself for not stopping at a few shots when she knew she was a lightweight anyway. She giggled. But damn that was wild! For once she got to go out incognito and be herself – having fun without the bad energy of her uncle and his sons ruining everything for her. When she succeeded in fitting in the key, she let out a quiet triumphant cheer and then quickly covered her mouth to silence the sound. She giggled uncontrollably. Opening the heavy iron door, she walked inside and locked it behind her Finding her way back inside the mansion in the dark tunnel, she took each step as if the next would cause her to sink into the concrete floori
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Chapter Four
Her smooth hands stroked and caressed every inch of him and then he felt her tongue slowly stroke the tip of his cock, she moaned his name, and then gingerly put him into her mouth Angel moaned in his head. With the drug in his system, even his ability to speak was taken. He was frustrated, embarrassed, ashamed and in ecstasy all at once. The feel of her mouth on him was divine and now to his shame, he didn’t want her to stop. He actually wanted more. He wanted so desperately for her to put him in her vagina and let him feel her wrapped around him. Oh, if his hands were free what he would do to her. He thought as she drove him mad with ecstasy and then she straddled him, panting hard she positioned him against her wet pussy and made him thrust into her. She moaned with no inhibitions and started to ride him. Fast and hard. Angel wanted to howl. It’s been so long for him and this beautiful devil was his to claim but she was the one claiming him, albeit without consent, but he didn’
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Chapter Five
Nadia managed to skitter her way up a few more floors to the east wing and onto the corridor that led to her room. As soon as she got inside, she shut the door and rested her back on it. She shut her eyes with chest heaving then busted into tears, mentally kicking herself for what she had let happen. As beautiful as the experience had been, she couldn't believe the reality of it. She had molested a chained and helpless man. All because she had been irresponsible enough to get herself intoxicated to the point where she couldn't even make out the difference between reality and illusion. And she felt even more guilty because she had wanted him right from the first moment she set her eyes on him. She felt terrible at the import of her actions. After going through the episodes of her being the literal ‘mean girl’ in high school and then the first two years of college, she figured she had nipped that evil streak in the bud after realizing the hate she carried in her soul for the way her
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Chapter Six
She recalled her father had mentioned that her uncle was testing the captives’ blood to make some kind of cure for her youngest cousin – the one she had never met. And with how compliant Angel seemed around her uncle, she figured he and the others must have agreed to it, perhaps she was wrong. She was not naive. She knew part of what her uncle did for ‘work’ – everybody did. And no normal businessman would need the kind of security they have in her uncle’s house. Her father was a criminal all right, but her uncle was on another level. She hadn’t been in his house for long nor had she concerned herself with the happenings in the household but she hadn’t been blind to how cruel her cousins were to the house slaves, nor deaf because sometimes Daniel boasts about it at dinner time. She hated having to listen to the creep but she had no choice but to play the Ostrich with her head in the sand. Because there are times she suspected he was doing it to shock her and gauge her reaction. W
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Chapter Seven
She took the elevator instead of the stairs and got to the ground floor in record time. She managed to stride out of the front door, still holding her book and walked purposefully in the direction she had seen the guards. When she got there, Angel was still sitting on the stretcher, He held his head in his hands even with cuffs around his wrists. As if he could sense her coming, he snapped up his face, watching her walk closer. Although it was dark the outdoor light shone dully over his feature, making it easy for her to see his eyes. He seemed disoriented for about a second and then his eyes shone with malice. Nadia felt her entire frame shake. She made herself hold his gaze, letting him see how contrite she was. That seemed to make his eyebrows draw together in a frown. Nadia used that time to jerk cold gazes at the guards and then she hissed. “Really? What sort of incompetence am I witnessing now?” she said in the most bitchy voice she had ever used, folding her arms against her
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Chapter Eight
"I probably deserve everything you choose to do to me right now, but I need you to hear me out," she said in a rush and Angel watched her with a cold leveled gaze. "Hear you out? Did you give me such a chance before you use my body?" he said and watched her lips tremble. "I'm sorry, Angel. I am so sorry. I would never have done that if I wasn't under the influence. I promise you, it was a mistake. Angel… I." "Why?” Angel asked. “Why? I was not myself. I was intoxicated…” Nadia quickly replied, looking puzzled by the question and wondering why he was making her repeat herself. “Why wouldn't you have chosen to sleep with me? Is it because I am half human? A wolf-boy or beast-boy like your uncle guards like to call me?" "That's not what I meant…" "What then did you mean, Miss Nadia Rufus?" he enunciated in a cold, chilly way. His eyes were literally throwing daggers at her. "Your uncle and cousins do it all the time; use anyone they like just because they have guns and killing ga
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Chapter Nine
"You smell good…" Angel said, and the statement made a moisture pool in between her legs. Angel growled deep in his throat as the scent assailed him. He reached for the silky shorts underneath and pulled them down her ankle. He then reached forward to cup her bum, and lift her up, making her widen her legs. Nadia breathed through parted lips then trembled when the tip of his tongue slowly stroked the hem of her vulva. "Angel!" she cried out as an intense pleasure shot through her. "You taste good too…" he rasped in response, then darted his tongue into her. Nadia moaned, gasping for air. The pleasure was profound. The position he had her in should make her quite modified, but what he was doing to her had turned her brains into cotton caddy. He was cupping her butt cheeks, with her legs open wide and his broad shoulders keeping them apart while his face was buried against her core. His rippling muscles bulged in the shadowy light, showing off his strength as he held her up, lapping
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Chapter Ten
Nadia licked and suckled on him; she was whimpering at the sheer pleasure of getting to do this to him when lucid and with his consent. She wanted to pleasure him and have him enjoy the action as much as she was. She noted how unusually big he was. If she had gone on a date with a man of his length and size, she would have run straight out of the door if she saw him with his pants down. He wasn't freakishly big though but was enough to give pause. Knowing she had been able to accommodate him and had ridden and fucked him twice, she knew she could take him. The thought made her even wetter. Angel moaned and ran his finger through her hair. "Nadie," he rasped. She raised her eyes to look up into his. Even though she couldn't see his shadowed face, she could feel the heat of his eyes on her. "You want me inside you?" Angel asked even though he knew that was what she wanted. He could smell, and feel every one of her emotions. "Yes …" she whispered. Angel reached down to place his
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