Zesa: Love on papers

Zesa: Love on papers

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"Call me greedy, call me selfish, but I don't want anyone else to hold your hand."--Zesa Russo. Zesa Russo doesn't need a prince charming to come to her rescue. Her prince charming needs her. Twenty eight years old Zesa Russo is the CEO of Techya and she fights the world to get the man she’d always wanted for as long as she could remember. She doesn't take no for an answer and he sees that. Just like her, he knows where to hit to get her to submit as well. Their relationship starts on a rocky ground filled with sudden finger fucks and caresses until prince charming is ready to submit his heart to her. “Do you want me to stop?" There was a glint of wickedness in his eyes as he grinned up at me over his lashes. He was testing my boundaries. Daring, I replied. “No.” He smirked, holding my eyes as he slowly lifted my dress. I shivered when he kissed the inside of my thighs. He moved his hand underneath my dress and massaged my clit over my panties. It was a reminder of what had happened before. “Levi…” I moaned out when he sunk his teeth into the flesh of my thigh. “You’re going to be the one to beg me to stop.”

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82 Chapters
ZESA RUSSO The sound of hands coming together resonated in my ears as the stage lift rose. I interlocked my fingers, excited and nervous about what was about to happen in the next five minutes. I, Zesa Jimena Russo, would sign a contract with Levi Del Campa of H.K Group and, in return, he would give me what I have always wanted from him. His heart and body. Flashes from cameras that would normally bother me were of no concern to me today, as it was a special day for me and my husband to be. The stage lift stopped, and I smiled widely for the cameras as ceremonious music filled my ears. I looked to my right. Standing beside me was my husband to be in a navy blue suit. His straight, black hair was pulled back to reveal a charming face. One reason I fell for him. Piercing gray eyes stared at a woman in the crowd, his mother—Marie Del Campa. I was thankful for her. She made my dream come true. Of course, their company’s lack of funds contributed to it, but Marie played a key role. He
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Chapter 1
ZESA RUSSO It would appear Levi was serious about what he told me at the contract signing event. One month after our wedding and his behavior toward me had yet to change. Before the press, he was the sweetest, most caring husband a woman could ask for, but behind closed doors; I was nothing to him. His heart was somewhere else. With Nina Meyer. I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Levi and I knew each other since we were eight, making it over twenty years since we met. With Nina, it was different. They’d met each other last year. On my birthday. Nina was to serve drinks and instead of doing her job, she bumped into Levi, spilling the drinks all over him. Did she think she was in a movie? When I realized they were getting too close, I did a background check on her. It turned out she was the daughter of a restaurant owner. It made me wonder if she blackmailed Levi into loving her. Then again, Levi wasn’t the type of man to be blackmailed. He was righteous. Too righteous. I f
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Chapter 2
After my encounter with little miss smarty mouth, I headed home. I needed to clear my head from the fact that I could be getting divorced soon. That he’d gotten a ring meant he was probably working on divorce papers. I took off my suit in front of the pool so I was standing in a matching set of white underwear. I jumped into the water and swam for minutes until I was exhausted.Right from when I was twelve, swimming was a means of comfort for me. Whenever I wanted to avoid my parents or just get away from things, I would come to the swimming pool. It felt as though I was washing my concerns away. It felt superb.I moved my hair away from my face when I heard footsteps. “Finn, I told you to go to the...” I paused. It was Levi. Judging from his hostile glare and how his face contorted into one of rage, it was obvious what had happened. “She called you, didn’t she?”“What the hell is wrong with you?” he stretched out his tie. “Do you have any idea what that restaurant means t
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Chapter 3
LEVI DEL CAMPA Never in my wildest dream did I believe Nina would let go of me for money. I always knew she was a materialistic woman, but I refused to think that she would do such a thing to me. I had that much faith in her, so imagine how broken and foolish I felt as I watched her shake hands with Zesa. It was a lot worse when Zesa tried comforting me. She was rubbing it in my face that the woman I loved would rather have millions in her account than be with me.“You can’t stay here like this.” Zesa said, hands on my shoulders. We were still in the restaurant and Nina had returned to her work. “People are looking at us. It’s as if I said something hurtful to you.”If there was one thing I disliked about Zesa, it was her selfishness. It was always about her. She was always worried about the image of her that people saw.I threw her hand off my shoulder. “I want to be alone.”“And wallow in misery? No, darling.” She sat down beside me. “Look at me.”Instead of doing as she
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Chapter 4
ZESA RUSSO They say sleeping next to someone you love makes you fall asleep faster, reduces depression and helps you live longer. That was true. But what was even better was waking up to be greeted by the almost naked form of the person you love. It was a sight that rid my heart of every sadness and worry. It made me feel reborn. I did not know a man’s body held that much power until now.I let my eyes slide over his body, from his tanned chiseled abs to the V-line just above his towel. My pulses added and subtracted like an equation when his muscles stretched as he dried his hair with a towel. The way he moved made me wish to see him in action, lifting a weight or, even better, lifting me. Levi was perfect with the strong body of an athlete and the brain of an intellectual.I snapped out of my trance when he cleared his throat. He’d caught me shamelessly ogling at him. How dare he distract me after hiding such a wonderful sight from me? It was enough to make me cum without
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Chapter 5
ZESA RUSSO After explaining myself to the protesters, I went home. Today was extremely stressful for me. As I watched the news, I couldn’t stop thinking about what the protesters had said and their anger toward me for closing down Techya Bio without giving them a heads-up. It was not my first time shutting down a subsidiary, but this one went south. Perhaps I did not do a good enough job with this one. I needed to fix this mess because the workers were right. They had families looking up to them for survival, and it was wrong of me to dismiss them like that.My phone rang, forcing me back into reality. I swiped my thumb across my screen to pick up after reducing the volume of the television.“You asked me to call you when I’m ready to sign the contract.”Ah… Nina Meyers.“Are you ready to sign it? Can you really give up Levi?”“Money is more important than love. You should know that. You’re a businesswoman. Did you make Techya a global company by choosing love every time?”
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Chapter 6
LEVI DEL CAMPA When I woke in the morning after getting drunk the night before, my head hurt as though someone swung at me with a bat. It became worse when I saw Zesa sleeping beside me. I stared at her sleeping form, wondering why she was there. Then the memory hit me. How I came home drunk, said some dumb things and ended up kissing her. I could vividly remember the feel of her body against mine, her breasts rubbing against my chest, my hands around her small waist, and how I almost did it with her. I recalled how she told me she loved me and kissed me again before everything went black. My guess was I passed out, and she laid me down on the couch.That was not the issue. The issue was the kiss. I hurriedly got dressed for work as I was trying to avoid her. How could I face her after what I did last night? Unfortunately, the universe chose to be a bitch and woke her up. When I saw her, my heart skipped a beat. Not out of love but out of worry, she would get the wrong ide
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Chapter 7
ZESA RUSSO It was time for me to leave for the event I was invited to. Clad in my beautiful, black dress from earlier with silver earrings dangling from my ears and the same colored necklace resting on my collarbone and wrist, a black purse and silver heels, I was ready to live with my hair in soft curls. I’d visited a salon to get my hair and makeup done, as I was in no mood to do it. I was afraid I would mess it up out of anger.After ensuring I had my phone, card, and lipstick, I was ready. Thankfully, Levi was not home, which meant he changed his mind about coming as my plus one. I guess I would end up attending the event alone. Edwardo had my limousine parked out front when I came out the front door. He silently opened the back door for me and I got in.Just when he was about to close the door, I heard approaching footsteps before I saw the face. Levi. What was he doing all dressed up in a black tuxedo? He motioned for me to scoot over. I didn’t.“What are you doing?”
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Chapter 8
LEVI DEL CAMPA She obviously thought I wanted to kiss her. I had a reason for doing what I did, though. There was nothing on her face, but someone was looking at her with emotions in his eyes. A man who had feelings for her and had just confronted me about it, even though I was her husband. Alejandro Ortega had feelings for Zesa and he made it clear to me. It seemed their meetings together turned into feelings for her. Even if he did like her, why would he confront me? Unless he knew I wasn’t with her out of love. If that was the case, he was asking me to leave her alone. He wanted me to move to the side so he could be by her. Although I didn’t have feelings for Zesa, it made me angry to think he had the audacity to talk to me about such a thing. Whether I married her because of a darn contract or because I loved her should be none of his business, because in the end, I was her husband. Me. How dare he tell me to my face that he had feelings for her? I looked at Zesa. S
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Chapter 9
ZESA RUSSO I hardly ever spoke about my parents. It often brought tears to my eyes, but today, I remembered them. My mother was a beautiful and kindhearted soul who went by the name Ozora. My father, Luca, was a strong willed and hardheaded man who had a soft spot for the one he loved. According to my mother, she and my father met at the movies. He’d gone on a blind date with the daughter of a noble family when he caught a glimpse of her throwing popcorn into her mouth as she mumbled to herself. According to my mother, my father fell in love with her at first sight and followed her about, ignoring the woman he’d gone to the movies with in the first place.My father had a different point of view, though. He said he didn’t follow her about. She just happened to be wherever he wanted to go. When she reminded him of how he followed her to her home, he laughed it off, saying he did it out of love. Looking at them back then, I wanted what they had. I wanted to live with someone
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