His Luna

His Luna

By:  Ebony Woods   Completed
Language: English
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Willow is a pack Princess loved and well protected by her family and friends. When Willow was born, a Celtic prophecy was read by witches that puts her at the heart of the power struggle between the shifter and craft community. A power hungry Alpha and Warlock look to control her. Will her fated mate be able to keep her safe? Perhaps Willow is the one born to protect others. Can she tell the difference between friend or foe..love and hatred…destiny and choice.

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    Chapter 1
    Brett POV“Why, why must you lads test my patience! You know the McCoy pack grounds are off limits and you testing their boundary control does not help with our ongoing relations issues.” Alpha Nicholas pleads with us.“We were just testing our scouting skills.” Jeremy explains giving me a side wink. “Plus, Ash was a prick at school today, we wanted to teach him a lesson.”“Oh yes, breaking on to pack territory and what…throwing eggs like it’s bloody Halloween would have been a fucking good idea?” Nicholas says raising his voice to us. “At least they would have had breakfast sorted.” Jeremy whispered to me. Both of us muffling our laughter. A loud bang jumps us back to Nicholas’ line of vision. He had smacked his hand on the hard wooden desk and half stood up to unleash his alpha aura. “Enough! No more. Boys you are meant to be young men setting a good example to the pack youth. Brett, your Father will also hear about this and no doubt feel the same exasperation as me. I want you
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    Chapter 2
    Brett POV Jeremy and I are sitting on the sofa watching the first half of the live football match. “Pass me another beer bro, cheers” I throw a beer bottle gently in his direction. We hear hushed laughter coming from the hall way. Jeremy jumps up and walks towards the front door. “And where are you ladies off to?” He asks. “Shit” Samantha mutters under her breath. I smirk as I walk towards the front door to give my bro some support.“We are just heading out to a friend’s house party” Lizzie mentions as she crouches down to adjust her shoe ankle strap. I don’t miss the long gaze Jeremy gives Lizzie’s legs. Willow starts to walk down the stairs wearing a black mini dress, red high heels, red dangly earrings and a denim jacket. Her long light brown hair curled and free flowing. She was always a natural beauty and it pained me to see her dressed in such a sexy way. I had known Willow since I met Jeremy at secondary school. She was always a bit of a book worm but she was starting to co
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    Chapter 3
    Willow’s POV We walked towards Jeremy’s car which was a black Mercedes. “How were you going to get there anyway” Jeremy asked bewildered that they could walk in such high heels. “We were going to sneak out of the pack grounds and call a taxi” Lizzie spills. “For fuck sake Lizzie, why not just tell them we were going to stay over too” Samantha says shocked at her friends honesty. “Sorry, I can’t seem to lie to Jeremy” Lizzie oddly admits. I smile as I grab the driver side back door. I’ve had a feeling for a while that Jeremy and Lizzie had a connection. Perhaps time will tell. “That’s not a bad thing” Jeremy grabs Lizzie’s hand and gives it a gentle kiss. Lizzie blushes under Jeremy’s intense stare. Samantha and Lizzie both climb in the car ahead of me. “There are wet clothes on the middle seat”Samantha states. “Shit, I forgot I put them there after training at Brett’s pack” Jeremy says collecting the clothes and putting them in the boot. “The seat is damp, we will ruin our o
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    Chapter 4
    Jeremy POV“Hurry up Louis, I need a shower” I bang on the bathroom door. Louis and I share the top floor of the Alpha mansion with a separate room each but shared bathroom. “Just use Willow’s, she’s not back from training yet” Louis huffs in response. I walk down to the middle floor where there are four bedrooms. Willow’s, our parent’s room and 2 spare rooms for visitors. One of which is constantly used by Brett, we are his second home. Willow has a bathroom next to her room where as the 3 other bedrooms on this floor have an ensuite each. I walk into the bathroom and start to run the shower. I open the bathroom window to stop the hot water steaming up the windows and mirror. I can see Willow walking back to the house with one of the young warriors and our beta Thomas. Thomas is in his mid 20’s and took on the role last year after his father passed. He never got over losing Thomas’ mother, they were fated mates and his father was never the same afterwards. A great loss to Dad I kn
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    Chapter 5
    Willow POV“Right! Kids…we are going now. We will take Louis. Willow are you coming with us?” Mum shouts upstairs from the hallway. “No Mum, Lizzie and I are going with Jeremy and Brett.” I shout from my bedroom where Lizzie and I are listening to music and doing each others hair and makeup. “Ok darling, please be careful tonight.”Mum shouts. “Same to you Lizzie” Dad offers. “Yes Alpha Nicholas” Lizzie giggles back. “Jeremy!” Dad calls out.“What?!” Jeremy shouts from the top of the stairs on the upper floor. “We are going. Make sure your sister and Lizzie get there safe.” “Of course Dad. You looking lovely Mum”Jeremy responds. “Thank you darling. See you in an hour. Don’t be late”. She shouts just as they close the front door. 15 minutes later the doorbell goes. “Brett, I’m just coming down, can you get that”I hear Jeremy shout. “Right come on Willow, you must be ready now…you look gorgeous” Lizzie tells me. “I don’t know about that. I have a feeling you will be the one
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    Chapter 6
    Willow POV The venue looked fantastic. I had already caught up with Samantha and some of the other girls from school. My parents mingled with family and local pack leaders that had been invited. Brett’s parents were here and my Dad was enjoying his conversation with Brett’s Father Alpha Robert at the bar. He and Robert grew up together and had a similar friendship to Brett and Jeremy. They remained the closest of friends and confidants. We knew if we ever needed help Robert would be there and vice versa. I walk up to my Father and give him a kiss on the cheek. “Ah there’s my Princess” he says giving me a side cuddle. “Hello Alpha Robert.” I greet. He is slightly shorter than Brett but holds more bulk. The sign of an alpha. He has brown hair that is starting to grey and green eyes like his son. He is dressed in a 3 piece suit and holding a cigar in one hand. “My goodness Willow, is that you? You have turned into a beautiful young lady. Who is he?” He asks.“Who is who?” I ask confu
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    Chapter 7
    Jeremy POV I was fucking fuming. Who the fuck did he think he was. Touching my sister, touching the pack Princess. Our pack wasn’t the biggest in the country but with 1000 members it certainly held respect in the southeast. Brett’s pack was of a similar size but he and his father had family links to the North which gave them a stronger presence in the country and warriors to call upon in a time of need. Brett played it down to me but from what I could gather he was the heir to the packs up north that had no other bloodline. My father treated his pack members as if they were equal, which I understand but it gives twats like Jason the idea that they can rise above their station and take advantage. Well not on my watch. “Willow’s fine Jeremy, just calm down and have a drink.” Beta Thomas comes over with a beer in his hand giving it to me. “He is a fucking prick!” I yell, my wolf still fuming. “Some of our boys have intercepted him already and he is currently in the cells sleeping it
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    Chapter 8
    Brett POV I crouch down and pick Willow up bridal style. “Where to miss?” I ask her, a joke we’ve always shared from one of her favourite films. “Maybe for some fresh air please Brett.”I nod and carry her out of the marquee. I sit her down on an outdoor rattan sofa chair and gently pull her head down to inspect her wound. “Fuck, it’s bleeding pretty bad” I say panicking, she should be healing by now. “It’s ok, I came prepared.” She pulls out some antiseptic cleaning wipes and cotton pads to clean her wound. I pick up the wipes and cotton pads to clean her wound. “Now how would you know to bring these. It’s almost as if you knew this was going to happen.”She shrugs her shoulders. I bend down looking her in the eyes. “Willow, can I ask you something?”“Always” she replies which tugs at my heart. “Do you see things before they happen? It’s almost like you knew Jeremy was going to find his mate at midnight and you knew it was Lizzie didn’t you?”She tilts her head looking at m
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    Chapter 9
    Beta Thomas POVI over heard Brett and Jeremy discussing that Willow shouldn’t drive home. I was already bored, I wanted to get back to the pack grounds and teach Jason, the fucker, a lesson. Nobody touches our princess, nobody harms our Alpha family.Once Jeremy mind linked me, I grabbed the keys from him and caught up with Willow and Lizzie. I unlock the car and jump in the driver’s seat before Willow could challenge me.After they say goodbye I sped off down the surrounding narrow country lanes back to our grounds.I check the rear view mirror to see both girl’s eyes are glazed over which means they are mind linking one another.Judging by Jeremy’s reaction as he turned 18 at the stroke of midnight, he had found his mate and my new Luna was sitting behind me. For some reason Jeremy and Willow hadn’t told Lizzie and I wouldn’t go against them, they must have their reasons.I slow the car down to turn a sharp corner when I notice tyre skid tracks on the road ahead and a car upside do
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    Chapter 10
    Jeremy POVI can’t sleep. My wolf is restless having found his mate, now wanting his mate.I decide to sack football off and security picks me and Brett up. I tried to get hold of Willow by her phone but had no response which meant she was still asleep. I felt awful about last night and Brett has barely looked at me. I’m not an idiot. I’ve suspected for a while that he was too invested in Willow and I won’t let her get hurt when he finds his mate. I’m hoping his she-wolf is up at one of his Northern packs and he will find her in August when he turns 18.We pull up back home and are greeted by my Dad and Louis at the front door. “Happy Birthday son” My dad embraces me tightly. Louis pats my back wishing me a happy birthday also.I follow them into the hall way where Mum is walking towards me with her arms out ready to embrace me. “Happy Birthday my darling boy. Morning Brett” she beams. “You are both back too early, I thought you were playing football this morning.“Erm I need a wo
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