The Beast's Greatest Downfall

The Beast's Greatest Downfall

By:  Yhanny  Ongoing
Language: English
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Donald Lee is a cold and heartless man , He doesn't feel emotions either. He doesn't believe what called LOVE is . But one day Donald Lee went to a famous and expensive bar and he didn't think he would fall in love to the man singing on stage. Donald Lee thought it was just an admiration and nothing more, but when he kissed the man Donald Lee knew it wasn't just an admiration.

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    6 chapters
    CHAPTER-1‘DONALD POV’“ Sir Donald here’s the list of those person who killed your Mother "I looked at Jimbe when I heard him speak.I couldn't stop gripping the mini glass full of whiskey that I’m holding because of my excessive restraint of anger while looking at the lists of people who killed my Mother, How do they live happily and peace despite the crime they did? What if I do that to the people they love in life? will they live happily and peacefully like today?“Report to me all the details of where they go and what they do. "I said seriously, Jimbe immediately nodded at me before he stood up and put both hands in his pocket.“Noted that Sir” Jimbe said and bowed before he turned his back to me and leave my office.I stood up and walked to the window and looked at the tall buildings as well as the car lights, I used to dream of a prosperous and peaceful life, now that I have fulfilled my dream but not the peaceful one. I was in that position for a few more minutes before I wear
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    CHAPTER-2‘FELIX POV’I can't believe I was accepted as a singer in an expensive and famous bar, I didn't really expect it I think my mom will be happy when she finds out I have a job. After 1 month of being in bed I couldn’t quite imagine that I would be able to find a job right away.“Felix are you going home?” I looked at Ma'am Miles, the owner of this bar.“Ah yes Ma'am why ? Do I have go sing again? “ I asked her but she shook her head and I can't help but to be confused, she looks anxious and nervous?“Uhmmm well.... You have nothing to do Felix, but one of our important costumers wants to meet you. Can you come with me Felix? "Ma'am Miles said but the way she said those things, like she is pleading me. “Ma’am Miles are you ok? You look anxious and nervous did something happened to you?” I asked her, she was surprised by what I said and immediately shook her head.“N-no! Don’t mind me ok? Just come with me Felix. I promise I’m going to give you a big tip for today and I will r
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    CHAPTER-3‘FELIX POV’In the morning I immediately took a shower and cooked breakfast, when I finished I walked into my Mother’s room and I immediately knocked there. About a few minutes later I saw Mother freshly bathed, I immediately kissed her cheek and hugged her.“Good morning Mother “ I greeted her, she smiled at me and kissed my forehead.“Good morning too my son, what’s for today’s breakfast?” My mother asked , and we walked together together to the table where our breakfast meal was.“Wow it’s my favourite” mother said while smiling, I nodded at her and smiled.“Of course Mother today is the only day we are together so the breakfast you eat should be delicious. "I said and smiled at her.“I’m really sorry Felix If I will leave you here we just really need money, I don't want you to work alone Felix. "My mother said and reached my hands. I looked at our clasped hands and looked at to my mother.“It’s ok Mother I understand, I just can't help feeling sad because you're leaving
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    CHAPTER-4“FELIX POV”As the men in black got closer and closer, I prepared myself to fight. I was shocked when one of the men in black held my hand I immediately kicked it in his manhood and it almost screamed while holding it there! deserve!“Don't come near me if you don't want to be like the man with you "I threatened them but they didn't seem to be moved by what I said! They still continue approaching me until I punched a man in the face when he held me on my shoulder!“What took all of you so long? Just get him ok? just don't hurt him because we broke up with the boss "The man said, I think he's the incharge one ! “Boss, what you're saying is difficult. He is fighting back so we have no choice but to hurt him "The man said but their boss just smiled.“Do you still love your life? "Their boss asked and the man immediately nodded.“Then do what I say, just get him but don’t hurt him. All of you knows what our boss capable do” their boss said seriously! so they still have a Boss w
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    CHAPTER-5“FELIX POV”The maid lifted the spoon then she feeds it to me, she doesn't speak and she continues to feed me“Have you been working here for a long time? "I asked her to open a conversation. She looked at me first before she answered.“Yes” She answer was short. But at least she answered me compared not right?“Then can you tell me your name?” I asked her, she sighed and shook her head.“I can’t just tell my name to you. I don't trust you "She said seriously so I was immediately ashamed of her.“Well I’m sorry if I asked you that, But my name is Felix” I said and smile, she didn’t smile and her expression remained poker face.She just feeds me until after I eat, That situation has been repeated for almost a week. Donald didn’t show up for me and I’m thankful for that. I don't want to see his face, that bastard kidnapped me for a lame reason. The chain tied to me has also been removed, and I'm free to move around in my room. And I know the maid's name, she told me. We're bot
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    CHAPTER -6“FELIX POV”I didn't speak and I just let Donald do what he was doing to me, I don't know to myself instead of pushing him I let him. I just want to hear whatever Donald has to say. After a few minutes, Donald stopped caressing my cheek and I was surprised when he suddenly spoke.“I know you ate awake so, stop pretending that you are sleeping " Donald said so I open my eyes and look at him badly, he smiled at me then he winked.“ You know I'm awake then why are you still doing some naughty things to me?" I asked him, Donald smirked before he answered.“I should be the one to ask you that right? why did you let me do naughty things to you? unless you like it right?” Donald asked me, I couldn't say a word to what he said and I only gave a bad look.“Oh my honeypie don’t give me that look it makes me horny you know? I want to touch you, I want to make love with you, I want to insert my thing and thrust harder. I've been dreaming about that Honeypie" Donald said bluntly! what t
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