My Bully's Love

My Bully's Love

By:  Stacy Rush  Updated just now
Language: English
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We have been neighbors our whole lives and were best friends when we were kids. Now he is my bully who claims that I am his to torment. There is only one little problem, I have been in love with him since I was sixteen. For two years, Jace Palmer has tortured me with his cruelty in the halls of our high school, but how do I make him stop when it's those same actions that excite me more than they should. Especially when he slams me against my locker and whispers, "You've been a bad girl, Ella."

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177 Chapters
Ch. 1: Friends No More
“Ella, hurry up or you’re going to be late for school!” This is the second time my mother has yelled upstairs for me, but I just sit here, on the edge of my bed, staring at the wall. I tell myself that it’s going to be a good day, but who am I kidding? I haven’t had a good day at school in two years. Only six more months left of my senior year, and then it will be all over. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, and that’s the most messed up part. I’m eighteen years old, about to graduate high school, and I have a full scholarship to pretty much any college I want to go. My name is Ella Baxter and I’m a nerd who has no friends, I never break any rules, and I have a deep need to please everyone, but myself. I haven’t always been this way, but circumstances bring on change, and for me, it was not for the better. I used to have a lot of friends; two of them being my best friends, Amy and Bree. We were inseparable throughout middle school and junior high. It wasn’t until the beginning of
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Ch. 2: Obey Me
I spend my school days trying to avoid Jace. Luckily, I only have one class with him, and that is last period Study Hall. Most of the time I skip it because I’m so far ahead in my schoolwork that the teachers don’t bother me about leaving. Today was like any other day, I quickly make my way through the halls, avoiding the areas that I know Jace tends to be in. Sometimes I get lucky and make it, and sometimes I don’t. Watching where I’m going, while zigzagging through the halls, and staying aware of my surroundings, I suddenly feel a tight grip around my arm. I’m yanked into the now empty Art room, and tossed against the wall. The lock clicks, and then I’m staring into a pair of green eyes as the person turns my way. Jace has a smirk on his face as he looks me up and down. He normally slams me against lockers, trips me, and even steals my things, tossing them around with his friends, playing keep-away, like they were kids. This is a new low for him, though. “What do you want, Jace?”
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Ch. 3: Our Little Secret
Over the last couple of weeks, things have been back to normal, well my normal anyway. Jace is back to shoving me against lockers as he walks by, or trying to trip me when he passes me in the halls. His two friends shoulder bump me, but that’s the extent to what they do to me; the rest is all Jace. I’m standing at my locker with the door open, reading a text from my mom, when suddenly the door slams shut. It startles me, and I jump back. Kaylee is leaning against the locker next to mine with her arms crossed and a huge smirk on her face. I roll my eyes and go to reopen my locker, but she stops me by slamming her hand against my door. I sigh heavily, “What do you want, Kaylee?” “A little respect, for one!” she glares at me. “I haven’t done anything to you. Believe me, I try to avoid you like the plague.” I say smugly. “See! That right there…it’s disrespectful!” She points her long, pointed finger nail at me. “You have to earn respect, Kaylee. You lost my respect when you decided
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Ch. 4: The Contract
Grumbling, I throw the covers over my head to keep the sunlight coming through the window from shining onto my face. I know it’s too early to get up and face the day; my alarm hasn’t even gone off yet. Just when I’m on the cusp of falling back to sleep, though, the annoying sound of my alarm clock starts blaring throughout my room. I groan as I flip the covers off my head and smash my hand down on the annoying beast of a clock. Glancing at the bright red numbers serves as a reminder of the countdown to when I have to meet him. He commanded that I meet him last period today, and I’m a little scared as to what he will do to me. I know I have a punishment coming for yelling and lying to him yesterday, but maybe he forgot. Ugh, yeah right! I would call in sick, but that would only be delaying the inevitable, and he will take it as me hiding from him, which is a big no no. He would only take it out on my sister. Chills rush down my back remembering his threat that will follow for disobedi
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Ch. 5: Punishing Ella
“Go to Mrs. Kemper’s desk and grab the rule that is laying by her computer.” Jace orders me, and as agreed, I obey him. Walking slowly over to her desk, I find the wooden ruler that he was talking about and bring it to him. He shows no emotion as he takes it from me, but he does swing it through the air, and then slapping it down on his palm, “That will work perfectly.” He nods toward the nearby desk, “Pull you pants down and then bend over that desk.” My eyes go to the desk, and then the ruler in his hand, and lastly, his face. His brow is raised as he waits for me to do as he says. I knew there was a possibility that I would be getting spanked today, but I thought it would be by his hand again. This is so going to hurt. Unbuttoning my jeans, I move towards the indicated desk and pull my jeans down, just over my butt. Bending over, I wait for him to begin, and when he doesn’t start right away, I start to freak out a little. I think that’s his plan, though. The longer he makes me wai
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Ch. 6: New Discovery
JACE POV I almost messed up this afternoon when meeting Ella. It was only supposed to be an intense spanking, but then I notice the wet she got when I was delivering them and all I wanted to do is thrust my cock inside of her. I had thought that maybe using the ruler would settle both Ella and I down, it only made it worse. By the time I was done, I was harder than a rock and I knew I wasn’t leaving that room without getting a release. Using Ella for that release was all I could think about. Yeah, I could have sent her on her way and then jerked myself off, but how fun is that when I had a nice wet cunt to help with the job. I’ll have Ella one day soon, but not until she is begging me for it. I just about had her coming when I did, but luckily, I was faster with mine. Now I have another reason to see her, and it will be perfect timing. My party should be in full swing by the time I sneak over, and climb the tree to her window. Her parents shouldn’t hear a thing, aside from the music
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Ch. 7: Forgive Me
Something happened the night that Jace came to my room. I’m not quite sure what it was, or what caused it, but he hasn’t bothered me in over a month. Our eyes will meet in the halls at school, but it’s as if he is looking right through me, and not seeing me at all. No more being shoved against lockers, or tripped in the halls. There are no more punishments in the Art room during last period; those are what I miss. I try thinking back to that night, when his hands touched, and caressed me; where they filled me with a desire that I have never felt before. I had sworn to put on a show for him that night, because it’s what he had wanted, but in the end, there was no acting on my end. He had succeeded in taking what he was wanting from me; he knew I would deliver like the good girl that I am, and he was so right. I watch him when nobody else is looking, and he is the same guy around everyone else; it’s just me. I’m not sure what is worse, him bullying me, or him ignoring me completely. At
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Ch. 8: Attacked
Warning: Abuse ~~~~~~~~~~ I don’t know if it’s because of my new friendship with Mason, or the fact that I’m no longer being bullied, but I’m in a really good mood as I walk through the halls at school today. Aside from being ignored by everyone else, it’s nice to know that there is one person that is waiting to see me, even if it’s only to do school work. Mason showed no interest in going any further than friendship while we were out for ice cream, and that meant a lot, since it was the total opposite the last time we were together. On my way to the library last period, my steps falter as I pass the Art room door, I’m flooded with memories from the last few times I was in that room with Jace. Is it wrong that I miss his punishments? I still dream of him pleasuring me, o his spankings, and everything else that had turned me on about him. I don’t want to, but I just can’t help it. “Hey, Ella!” Mason draws me out of my little trance as he jogs down the hall towards me. I smile at h
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Ch. 9: You Are Mine
JACE POV I’ve stayed away from Ella for over a month now, not knowing how to be around her any longer. That night in her bedroom, when I pleasured her, I realized the truth. I was lied to two years ago, and out of jealousy, I gave up the only good thing in my life. I took everyone but her family away from her, and tormented her almost every day. Mason Baker is the reason I acted out and turned into this monster. I guess he never really came out and told me that he and Ella had sex, but he did insinuate it. When all is said and done, I’m the only one at fault for ruining Ella’s life, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pay the fucker back. A few days later I cornered Mason and inquired about what really happened between him and Ella that night. I still remember the conversation as if it was yesterday. “Mason!” I holler across the parking lot after football practice as he’s getting ready to leave. “Yo, Jace, what’s up?” he holds his fist out for me to fist bump, but my fist flies past his
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Ch. 10: Where Did My Bully Go?
JACE POV Letting Ella walk out the door after what she revealed to me was hard. I wanted to go after her, so I could wrap her in my arms and tell her that it will be alright, that I will take care of her, and avenge her, but at the same time, I wanted to go after her and punish her for leaving me the way she did. In the end, I stayed planted to where I was, because I knew she needed time. I’m willing to give her that, but not for too long. After what seems like hours, but it was really only a few minutes, I walk out of not only the Art room, but the school all together. I know where Toby is right now, and I know he has practice right after, but I’m not willing to get expelled from school because there would be no way of keeping an eye on my girl. So, I decide to bide my time, and pay him a little visit later on, when I know he will be home alone. Walking out to the parking lot, I notice that Ella’s car is still parked in her usual spot, and I can’t help but grit my teeth, knowing t
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