My Husband Is A Chaebol? (My Husband Is A Rich Man?)

My Husband Is A Chaebol? (My Husband Is A Rich Man?)

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Prince if he is considered in his palace-like house because apart from being handsome, he is the only heir of their family. But then due to an unexpected accident he was stranded in a distant place where he met the materialistic girl, Lory. They had a one-night stand, and they got married that they didn’t mean to. Many objected to their marriage, but Lory took advantage of his weakness to use him and to prevent her from marrying her ex-boyfriend, Gil. Since he did not remember his true identity, the girl's family judged him and even tried to separate the two of them. Until one day they discovered that he was a rich man. Not just rich, but SUPER RICH.

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36 Chapters
Will you marry me?
“Hey, Lory!” My best friend Maris called me. I waved at her, and she immediately went to where I was.I'm here at the bar now, drinking alone and by chance Maris called me, so she found out that I'm here now.“Wait, have you been drinking here before? Your whole face is already red. You'd better stop that and let's just go somewhere else.” She said as she was just sitting next to me, but she invited me to leave immediately.“I'm not drunk yet.” I said to her and pushed her hand away at the same time. She took a deep breath and shook her head. She also ordered her drinks from the bartender, but she chose non-alcoholic.“Okay, tell me now why you're here and why you're getting drunk like that? What's wrong, Lory? Just tell me. Maybe I can help you.” She said, as I just stared at my glass and swirled the whiskey.“Can you pretend to be me?” I responded in a low voice, but I knew she heard that because one of her eyebrows suddenly rose.“What do you mean?” Astonished she asked.“I'm getti
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The one night stand
lOut of nowhere, I took him to a beer house and invited him to drink. At first, he refused, but I forced him until we were both drunk. We were both dizzy and singing on the street as we held hands. We don’t care if other people look at us and judge our every move. All I can say of those times is that I forgot all the problems I faced in life. I was happy, even though we were only together for a short time. I feel like the two of us have known each other for a long time, and we already know each other’s stories.In that drunkenness, we ended up in the municipal office. There our eyes took us and in an unexpected turn of events we signed a contract. The last thing I remember was the two of us hugging with a happy smile on our lips as the people around us applauded. Then the two of us went to the nearest hotel. There we temporarily spent a night in the same bed.“Why is it so hot in here? Aren't you hot too?” I whispered to him. He did not respond immediately because his eyes were drowsy
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Haneul's Pov (The Lost Prince)
“Young master, your breakfast is ready. It's time to get up and change your clothes.” I heard my butler, Mr. Kim, but I ignored him and buried my face in the pillow. “Young master? If you don't stand there in my count of three I'll be forced to call Ms. Young to wake you up, I bet you would rather not see her in the morning, do you?” When he mentioned the name of that witch stalker girl, I immediately got up and went to the bathroom, even though my eyes were still closed.If there is one person I hate and don't want to see in this world, it is none other than Ha Young, or better known as Ms. Young. We were only four years old when we met. Our parents were friends, so we became close, and I always saw her irritated face.Whenever I heard her name, I was terrified and my stomach felt like it was hurting as if I just wanted to vomit. It's not because we've known each other for a long time, but because I'm getting tired of her childish behaviors. She's too spoiled brat and immature. She's
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The memorist i lost
When I woke up, I realized I was in the hospital. I immediately removed the dextrose from my hand and looked all around me while the nurses and doctors were busy. I suddenly felt a pain from my head, and I couldn’t understand why I didn’t remember anything about my personality.Where am I? What am I doing here? And why do I feel like I’m not from here? Where do I live again?As my mind wandered, I was suddenly approached by a nurse with a trace of astonishment on her face.“Nǐ méishì ba xiānsheng wèishénme nǐ yāo tuō pútaotáng nǐ shēntǐ bú gòu hǎo.” She said, but I cringed because I could not understand the language she was speaking to me.“Can you speak english?” The word suddenly came out of my mouth, so I was shocked, and I held in my mouth. The nurse smiled at me and nodded her head.“Yes, I can. May I know your name, sir, and where do you leave, so we can contact your family.” She said, but I was so confused, and I just scratch the back of my head and my eyes were rolling in asto
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Our first night
When I woke up, I realized I was on the street. I immediately got up and looked all around me. My whole body was soaking wet, as well as the clothes I was wearing. Suddenly, I remembered what happened to me under the water as well as to the woman who saved my life.“Lory.” I said. I remember that Lory had the name engraved on her necklace, and I noticed that her necklace was still in my hand. “Then I'm not dreaming at all? But she really saved my life?” I whispered to myself as I stared at her pendant. I tried to find her by my side, but she was no longer there. So, I stood up to find my Wonder woman. I need to return this necklace to her and so that I can thank her as well.With the number of people I see around, I had a hard time finding her. The faces I see are almost the same, and I am dizzy to find her. But I did not give up and keeps looked for her everywhere. I don't know where I've been, and it looks like I've come so far that almost don't want to walk on my feet because I'm s
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The Marriage contract
“Do you know me?” I ask each person around me one by one. I wonder if someone knows me there and can tell who I really am. But as I expected, it didn’t come easy. Just because they see me, they avoid me and run away from me. But I did not stop until I heard a loud scream, so we all turned our attention to her.“Hey, you!” She shouted. I was shocked to realize that it was Lory who was calling me, so I immediately ran away. “Stop! Get back here.” I heard her shout from behind me as she chased me.“How did she know where I was? Was she following me? Or was she looking for me with the police?” I was curious about myself. Fearing that she might imprison me, I ran even faster. I didn’t look back at her, but I could still hear her loud voice, and she was obviously very angry with me.I just stopped when she threw a shoe at the back of my head, so I felt dizzy, and I fell down. Furthermore, I touched the back of my head and realized it was bleeding. I also discovered that she did not throw or
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Marry her or die?
We were just quiet inside the car while I was looking out of the windshield and nervous as I was next to her. Many questions were running through my mind, but I chose to just keep my mouth shut because she didn’t seem to be in the mood. Until we stopped in front of a large mansion that looked like a beautiful palace. I got out of the car as I looked up and watched it. “What are you doing there? Let's go inside.” She said so, I immediately followed her. When we went inside, we were immediately greeted by every person we met there. Chinese is the language they use while she walks straight. “Where are we and what are they saying?” I whispered to her, and then she looked at me sharply, so I just closed my mouth again. I just followed behind her wherever she went. Furthermore, I don’t know whether this is a palace or a museum? There are many antics around us and there are roman paintings on the ceiling. “Lory.” We both stopped when someone called her name. A woman in her forties approach
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Taste like red wine
“No!” Lory shouted. The last thing I remember before my vision went dark. When I regained consciousness, I found myself in an old room. I slowly got up, but suddenly, I felt a pain from my right arm. I noticed it was bandaged with my blood on it. Suddenly, everything that happened before I lost consciousness came back to me. I remember Lory's father threatening me, pointing a gun at me, and then he unceremoniously shot me. If Lory hadn't come, he might have killed me completely. If she had not stopped her father, the bullet might not have hit my arm but my head, and if that had happened I would not be in this room but in the cemetery.The events are still fresh for me. I still feel the nervousness and fear from my chest. I feel like I'm a dead person who just came back to life. But I won't let that happen to me again. I cannot allow myself to die at their hands without knowing who I really am. That's why I immediately looked around my entire surroundings. I studied everything I could
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You are mine
“Where do you live and what family do you come from?” Lory's father asked me as they sat on the sofa and I knelt in front of them with both arms raised. I slowly looked up at Lory because I didn't know what to answer to her father because I didn't remember anything about my real identity, so she turned to her father.“Actually, dad, we both met in another country. In which country did we first meet? It was almost a long time ago because I can hardly remember.” She said with a forced smile on her lips even though the truth is that we are both nervous and afraid of her parents, especially to her father who is looking at me intently.“I think you're covering him up because he doesn't come from an elegant family, maybe he's just the son of a street vendor or cheap food around here or perhaps your father is a farmer? Don't you have your own land, mansion or big businesses?” her mother asked me, so I turned my gaze to her and I turn to Lory again with a trace of fear on my face because I di
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Lory's Pov : My man
“I am indeed your legal husband, and you are my wife.” He said that I was completely shocked because then my hand went up on purpose, and then I slapped him which surprised him, and I was also shock by what I did to him.Why did I do that to him? Why did I suddenly slap him when there was nothing wrong with what he said? It's true that we are a couple and I'm his wife, and he has the right to be jealous.Because of that, I suddenly felt very ashamed. I immediately stood up and turned around while my mind was in chaos. I left without a word and ran into my room. When I got inside, I immediately lay down on my bed and then buried my face in the pillow. I touched both my ears and felt it was warm. I didn't even look at myself in front of the mirror, but I knew my whole face and ears were red.Is he crazy? Why did he tell me that? Why does he want to say that I'm only to him and no other man can marry me? But if you think about it, he's a romantic guy, and he's very sweet, even if it's no
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