Need to Feel You

Need to Feel You

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Sara Owen marries Adrian due to her father's last wish but is unable to live up to the ugly and scary consequences of that devoid marriage when Adrian loses her in a gamble. She hides in the dark night to save her self-esteem and body, but Yohan Dixon comes into her life as a ray of hope. She begs him to let her stay under his protection and he agrees on the condition that she has to live as his wife. The fake marriage turned into a physical relationship and he began to calm his desires. Joining the pieces of her broken heart, she falls in love with him, but it's too late when Yohan Dixon's ex-girlfriend comes back into his life and he tells Sara Owen to leave in the end. She leaves with his child in her womb and he realizes that she was his real first love. When he rushes to call her back, he finds her as someone else's legal wife.

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    40 chapters
    Chapter - 1
    The night was dark and horribly silent. A thin and weak woman was running on the wet road weakly to escape from the crowd which was following her to snatch every part of her body and bit her skin.The beautiful but sweaty face was pale and her thin lips were dehydrated. Her hair was messy and her clothes were torn. Her slim and weak body was impaired and dirty and her breaths were high. Still, she was running to save her life just like a deer runs to save itself from a hungry tiger. It was hard to walk, but she was running. It was hard to breathe but she was panting. It was hard to speak but she was crying. She did not know when this battle would end and when she would escape from them.Before half an hour, she was working in the club without having a pinch of an idea that she will have to run on the deserted road covering her chest and screaming for help. She will have to hold her every breath in his fist so that those people couldn’t find her after hearing her rushing breaths.After
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    Chapter - 2
    It was nine o’clock in the morning. Sara Owen woke up from the past and lazily curled her body on the soft bed. It seemed that her hangover and tiredness were faded away and she was no longer struggling to escape. She opened her immense and beautiful eyes which were teary and swollen last night. Her vision was no longer blurred and catchy. She looked around the room and widened her eyes in surprise. It seemed that it was a five-star hotel suite. She jumped out of the bed but her injured leg and slight body ache reminded her of the last horrible night. She was escaping from that crowd and was saved by a tall young man. But… Where was she right now and where that young man was? She unhurriedly got out of the guest room and suddenly covered her mouth in a daze. Was it a five-star hotel? Everything was decorated in white and golden. It was calm and peaceful. But why wasn’t there anyone? “Madam.” Sara Owen stepped back in shock and looked at the beautiful young woman who was smiling reas
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    Chapter - 3
    When their gaze collided, Sara Owen lowered her eyes as she could not bear his heavy and seductive gaze. Also, he had unbuttoned his shirt and his six-pack abs were glaring at her boldly. He blinked his heavy eyes then stepped ahead with his shaky walk.Sara Owen held her palms tightly and bit her lips not to get scared. He stopped in front of her and his lips parted slowly and smoke released on her face. She did not feel disgusted because she had already sunk in his body aroma mixed with the strong smell of alcohol.Heartbeats were out of control because of his dashing aura. She slowly raised her eyes and looked at him. He looked at her trembling lips but did not speak. Sara Owen thought that he must have forgotten about her because everything that happened last night had happened when he was drunk. “I… You… Ang city. We…” She wanted to explain but the sentences had broken and the words were scattered in her mind. She could not explain well. She was still confused and panicked when
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    Chapter - 4
    Bruno Dixon and Natalie Dixon were glaring at Nisha with surprise. She had brought a piece of shocking information from October Villa, finally. “Moreover, there were also marks of nails and bruises on her body.” “What are you saying?” Natalie Dixon was out of belief. “Madam, I am telling the truth. When I went to clean the villa, I got a call from Assistant Nolan and he told me that a woman is sleeping in the guest room who is scared and injured. She has to be hospitalized well and the doctor will come to see her. Dresses were also sent for her.” “Dresses?” Bruno couldn’t help but ask. “Her clothes were torn.” Nisha replied. “My goodness.” Natalie covered her mouth with shock. “Did Ricky do anything wrong with her?” Natalie was impatient. “She got scared after seeing Young Master’s portrait.” Natalie looked at Bruno unhappily and Bruno was cold. “Why didn’t you come and inform us yesterday?” He asked coldly. Nisha was sent by Bruno and Natalie to keep an eye on Yohan Dixon.
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    Chapter - 5
    Yohan Dixon returned to the study room after having a delicious dinner. He had drank water but the taste and smell of the food were still fresh in his senses. He sat on his revolving chair leisurely and lit a cigarette for him. There was a lot to handle but the lunch had blown his mind completely as if the stress of the work had disappeared. He had never tasted such delicious food and the woman was serving it with her precious smile. The unhappy decision of having lunch cooked by her did not let him down. He would like to taste it in the future.One by one, he smoked the cigarettes and soon the whole packet was emptied. He sighed and opened the drawer of the table in which a photograph was placed alone. The woman in the photograph was smiling purely and this smile shook his heart. Her precious and bright smile took him into his past and his eyes darkened. But then, his mobile rang which carried him back to the present.“Hm.”“Congratulations, President Dixon.” It was Rudra Reddy.Yoha
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    Chapter - 6
    It was eleven o’clock at night and Yohan Dixon had already taken a refreshing bath. He got out of the bathroom in his black bathrobe in which he looked sensual. He lit a cigarette and went to the balcony because after vomiting, he had become sober. His eyes were red and dark though his face was admirable.Sara Owen was walking in the garden while hugging her chest. The man's eyes darkened when he saw her. Her face was pale and her eyes were sparkling in the moonlight because they were teary and lost. Her thin figure was moving on the lawn as if she had lost her path and did not know where she should head. She just wanted to walk. Yohan Dixon leaned on the railing of the balcony and kept smoking while looking at the woman with his dark eyes.-“Help! Help! Please!”- The noise reflected in his mind and he threw a big smoke from his lips which turned into lots of rings.This was the same woman he had seen in that club before a month. He was returning from the company when he suddenly
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    Chapter - 7
    It was six o'clock in the evening and the black car was parked in front of the villa which left her nervous. Did he come back early today?She carried the things to the kitchen and he saw her while getting out of the study room. He did not go to help her but stared at her as if he enjoyed her hard work and struggle with the items and their weight.Sara Owen wiped her sweaty forehead from the back of her palm and turned back just then her gaze fell on the man who was standing near the door of the study room."You came early today. I went to the supermarket. Please wait for a while, I will coo..." Till then, he had reached closer to her and looked at her deeply. She lowered her head while biting her lips. His presence was dangerous for her heart. He lit a cigarette for him and then smoked on her white face. This poor woman didn't know that he has known everything!!"Where are your dresses and sleepers?" His question was straight and she swallowed saliva."I didn't buy.""Why?""I...""Y
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    Chapter - 8
    When Yohan Dixon arrived at Dixon Group, the secretary was waiting for him to tell her how the things she had purchased for him yesterday were, but expectedly, he did not tell anything and went to his cabin. She sat on the chair after greeting him but Assistant Nolan stopped over there and looked at her with his gentle gaze.“Good morning, Assistant Nolan.” She greeted him with her lovely smile.“Good morning. You did a good job yesterday and the president is quite happy.”“Really? Oh… So nice…” She jumped out of the chair happily. Then she could not suppress her curiosity and looked at Assistant Nolan.“For whom he had purchased so many things? Does he have a girlfriend?”“Aunty, who gifts tampons to his girlfriend?”“Don’t tell me. Did he marry secretly?”“Shut your mouth. He just gifted it to a needy woman. That’s it. Now get back to work.”The secretary looked at his back in a daze and could not sort the thoughts well.…Bruno and Natalie were deeply frustrated because they haven’
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    Chapter - 9
    “Yes, I am afraid of you.” Sara Owen admitted with courage.“How much...?” Yohan Dixon leaned and his warm breaths fell on her neck making her senses slow.“As much... As much as I didn't even feel that night.” She raised her eyes slowly and looked at him in terror, "When you made that person half dead, then the fear woke me up.”That night, she had seen a different aura of Yohan Dixon, which removed the fear of that incident from Sara Owen's mind but instilled an unknown apprehension for this powerful man.“Then why did you come here with me if you were scared?”“That night… I grabbed your arm to save myself...and could not leave it till now. I don't know why it feels like... I'm safe with you.” Her low voice was trembling.“Will you be able to live in fear with me for the rest of your life?” His voice was cold.She blinked her beautiful eyes, "Yes."“I will not leave until you tell me to leave.” She added courageously even if it was hard to breathe. “What else can you do for me?” H
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    Chapter - 10
    “Hi, Lyla.” Sara Owen smiled hesitantly.Before she could handle her awkwardness, Lyla slapped her and the noise echoed through the giant walls in the lobby. Sara Owen bit her lips and covered her red cheek with her trembling palm while lowering her teary eyes.“Who the hell are you?” Gracie stepped ahead to fight but Sara Owen held her arm and pitifully shook her head. Gracie suppressed her anger for a while.“What was the need to get married if you could not maintain it? Do you even know how long my brother is looking for you? Where are you? Do you live in hell? Sara, go home now and apologize to my brother.” Lyla shouted angrily.It was enough for Gracie to recognize Lyla."Hey! You must be the spoiled sister of that drunkard and gambler. And why is he looking for her? Huh? Doesn't he know why she ran away that night?" Gracie pointed her index finger at Lyla’s ugly nose."You shut up.""I...""Gracie. Let's go." Sara Owen held Gracie’s arm to leave because they had gathered by the
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