The Hunter's Accidental Bride

The Hunter's Accidental Bride

By:  Amanda Blight  Completed
Language: English
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Oberon Hunter's life is changing from wealth, fast cars and one-night stands to monogamy, marriage and a child. To find his family, will he be able to make this trade-off???

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94 Chapters
Cedric Killian Hunter was dying. And even though whatever the doctors told him he knew that his time had come and there was no point in stopping the inevitable. He did not even want to do that in the first place.Cedric Hunter had been a man of his own name and caliber and he had certainly made his own place in the world and in the society with his skills and charms. The country which had consigned him as an outcaste and a bastard had been forced to give him the place and the title that he actually deserved. He had done a lot in his life too claim what was his and it had definitely not been very convenient either. But what was handed down easily to the future generations, they never came to understand it’s true value ever.He had no regrets in his life, except maybe one. Cedric Hunter was a name which was known and revered in every field that he had touched and stepped foot in. Except family.There he had been an utter and complete failure. He could never been a pr
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Chapter 1
Oberon picked up his mug of the coffee and carried it out to the terrace of his penthouse apartment, shivering slightly when the crisp cool air hit his face. He thought, I should be happier than I am. Strange thing to peruse in the morning but he could not help being dissatisfied at the fact that he was not happy like all the other people who were around him. The dawn was colder than the day and the sun was already peeping over the horizon with its beautiful reddish orange hue casting and mesmerizing glow all around the sky. Winter in Sydney was considerable better and warmer than winter in London and he knew that since he had lived there for almost five years before coming back to his own soil.Oberon surveyed the panoramic view of the city skyline coming alight all around him and it filled him with a strange sensation. He told himself that a man would be fool to not be happy when he had finally achieved every single thing that he had desired to achieve. He had vowed to achie
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Chapter 2
A package from Bolivia…delivered by a courier person fulfilling the instructions to have Oberon Hunter sign for it himself so that the delivery to himself was personally assured and there was no chance at all of the package being mislaid and not reaching him. The package from Bolivia…the one his father, the biological one has sent. Oberon could not believe that the man who had never thought of accepting his son in his life time would now go and do that at his sixties. But now he did not need a father any longer.He did not want to open the packet and envelope lying on his desk in front of him. And neither did he want to take a look at it. The hand that had directed this package to him, the hand of his father tied by blood who had not earned the right to touch his life in any way and definitely no right whatsoever to force an entry in his current life. That door had been closed sixteen years ago.No, much earlier than that.A lot earlier.The memory of himself
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Chapter 3
Oberon Hunter might be his father’s son alright, but he had made it sure that he was nothing like his father in any segment of his life. Never ever would he do all the mistakes that had been committed towards him and leave everything to the wind? What kind of man was it who would leave his own child to fend for himself all his life and not even bother to say a few good words? When he was back in Australia, he had returned home and he had claimed the name Hunter. It was his by birthright and he had changed his surname by a deed-poll. That was the only thing he had taken from his father, just like he had promised. But whatever that package might contain from Bolivia, he was already dreading the effect that it might have on his life. He could not deal with this now under any circumstances.He was in his office and he had brought these things along with him. As if they held a magnetic power on him, he could not deny the fact that he was both pulled towards and repulsed
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Chapter 4
A part of him wanted to drop the packages and the envelope in the bin and be done with it, yet another part of him wanted to desperately know what his father had wanted him to say in his last letter. So with a sense of very dark cynicism clouding his mind he slit open the envelope which contained two letters. One from the lawyer who was handling the estate of his late father, no surprises there and also the other letter which was written by hand by Cedric Hunter himself, and addressed to him personally. Now that was something which would be interesting. He had not expected him to give a personal touch as well.And then he slit open the package which was sitting there on his desk untouched.It was carefully wrapped under layers of bubble wrap and when he opened it Oberon plopped down on the chair at the sheer shock of the beauty he was holding in his hands. It was a small egg, made of pure gold and had beautiful designs carved and etched in it which made him realize for t
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Chapter 5
Virginia Credence was a woman who wanted that the world should revolve round her and according to her it still did. She had not been able to snag the handsome Bolivian international polo player as husband. Neither had she wanted to in her life. She was perfectly happy and contented to just win the pageant of Miss Universe Title which had been held in Rio de Janerio that year causing them both to meet. Of course, she had not meant to get pregnant by him under any circumstances. That was just an unfortunate accident, especially when she was engaged to marry the Cattle Baron of the country, the Lachlans’ oldest son.But it was easy enough for a woman of her persuasive charms and power to make him understand that the child she was carrying was her husband’s and not anyone else’s. It had certainly nailed the wedding to the targeted home-grown billionaire bridegroom.Marriage had meant that she had to give up her year as Miss Universe but she had won the title and that was the
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Chapter 6
With nothing else left to cling on to in the presence of his son Virginia left without any sound. She was rather eager to leave the place since she could very well understand that there was nothing in there for her. Moreover Oberon knew that she must be more than interested in finding out the worth of the necklace that she had received this morning from the father of her son. Be it in his death, she always would want to know how much she was worth to him. It might sound cheap and crappy but that did not mean that Virginia Credence did not know how to sum up the profit that she made from each connection she made. It was the rule of business world, if you take something from someone you must always remember the price.Now that Oberon was left to himself again, he started thinking about what was written in the letter and how it would be the best to get to the end line of what he wanted without giving up too much in return. The more he thought about it, the angrier he g
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Chapter 7
Rhonda looks at him sleeping softly and silently in his crib and then softly slips her little finger in his slightly open fist which he grabs hold of almost immediately. It was like he instinctively knew that his mother was close and he had nothing to fear at all. And so he smiled in his sleep. Rhonda had read somewhere that babies smiled in their sleep because angels came down to play with them. The innocent creature who filled her with such awe that she could not even believe that she was the one who had given birth to him sometimes. He was so beautiful and yet so dangerously vulnerable that her heart clenched with fear at the mere thought of losing him.“There is absolutely nothing of you in him at all Rhonds,” her father growled in a low voice as he studied her sleeping one-month old son. There was a disgruntled look on his face and Rhonda could not help but feel sorry for him that he still could not get out of the damage that his first wife had done in the cour
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Chapter 8
Her father sounded absolutely affronted as though any man should be absolutely honoured to be her husband. After all, she was the only Grint child. The only heiress to the huge family fortune that they had earned from mining. And she was also naturally beautiful when she decided to pay slight attention to her natural assets.“Why doesn’t he know that you are having his child?” asked Rupert. He sounded positively fumed when he spoke.“I already told you Dad.” Said Rhonda shaking her head not wanting to reveal the identity of the other parent of her child.” It was a one-time thing for the both of us and things were only going to get messy and I did not want that happening.”“Is he already married?” asked Rupert in a low voice. That might also be an option when his daughter was being so secretive about the identity of this mystery man.“No Dad!” said Rhonda as her own vividly blue eyes lasered his with the same ferocity.” It was just a one-time thing. A big mist
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Chapter 9
“Like it was with Cedric Hunter Dad?” asked Rhonda, not entirely sure how he was going to react at this piece of information since he had so carefully concealed from his daughter till now. It had not happened with him but it had happened in the family and that too with his own older brother. When a scandal erupted about a marriage or about cuckolding that too of the heir of the family it was a very very bad thing. And it left no stone unturned and no reputation untarnished.Rupert Grint grimaced at the reminder and then glanced at her sharply.“How on earth did you come to know that? Who told you?” he asked.“Mom said that to me, a few months back,” replied Rhonda as she remembered the time when she had heard the gory details of the situation.Rupert snorted at that piece of information.” No doubt that your mother regarded that as a high piece of drama. Even though I never had any love for your mother to be honest Rhonds, I am going to be forever grateful for
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