My Bloody Teacher

My Bloody Teacher

By:  Marjolein  Ongoing
Language: English
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Vampire | student x teacher | fated mate Forbidden love. Beatrice, a headstrong girl, is just starting her second year of university when a new school coordinator is assigned to the school. She has no interest in risking her future, but her teacher comes in her life in unexpected situations. He seduces her her to no end and ignoring the strange pull she feels towards him is harder and harder to ignore. Little does she know, that from the first time he laid his eyes on her, her world was already changed. Damon is one of the very lucky ones to find his mate. And he has no intention of letting her go. Whatever it takes. He is adamant to make her his and to protect her from the cruel world he introduced her to. Pasts come surfacing and he finds out she is even more important that he initially thought. Can she say no to her teacher's obsession? Can he protect her from all evil? Note: some of the chapters are longer than you're used to.

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65 Chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
“F*ck it, I'm not going,” I whispered to my reflection in the mirror as I took in my frizzy hair, new zit on my forehead and the two new stains that mysteriously appeared on the shirt I was going to wear today. Lie to me by Tate McRae was playing in the background and my head was bopping to the music. Maybe I should just call in sick and try again tomorrow. I scratched the scar on the back of my neck and I frowned as I thought I have no choice but to go today, it's the first day of the second year of university. By not showing up on the first day you won't have a good track record for the rest of the year.I knew my hair was a risk, with wavy hear you never know if the next day will be a good hair day. Of course the hair gods didn't bless me today with shiny, curly and smooth hair even though it sat badass right before going to bed yesterday. While I grabbed the brush to just brush the half-curls out and put it in a bun or pony tail, my phone blared the alarm, signalling the end of my
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Chapter 2: First lessons
As we all gathered together, the school bell rang. That's it. End of summer holiday. As an united front, we walked into the school to our classes. Me, Kenna and Logan, being in the same class, said goodbye to Rose and James and went to our lessons. Jane was supposed to be with us although I was not surprised she wasn't here, she loved to sleep in and didn't mind skipping school for a few extra hours in her bed. First up, social class. In this class we were being prepared for emotions of people, anger management, delivering bad news and how to calm people down. The class I hated. Emotions are not for me, especially when strangers start shouting at me. I rather just walk away than engage with them. Luckily the teacher kept it short with an introduction class. Watching videos, explaining what to expect for rest of the year and getting to know each other. Logan was nodding off against my shoulder, using me as a pillow. Kenna sat on the other side of me and was texting James. “Why don't
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Chapter 3: Meeting him
“Guys, did you hear we have a new school coordinator? I hear he's super hot.” Kylee said to us, who stood just behind us. We turned around and greeted her and her friends. Kylee and her friends were considered the mean girls of the school. But since there was no beef or drama between us, we were alright with them. “I heard that he's going to introduce himself in our class today,” Hailee said, who stood next to Kylee. “He's only 28, how he got the job as school coordinator is beyond me, but if he's as hot as they say he is, I won't mind faking an illness to spend some time with him.” Kylee said laughingly. Her fiends laughed at that and I rolled my eyes at Jane and Kenna. “What's his name?” I asked. ''Damon, which is like the sexiest name ever.” Hailee answered. The door of the classroom opened and our teacher, Ms. Melissa called us in. We called her by her first name to get more comfortable in the classes, but put Miss before her name, because we were adapting to the British and Iri
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Chapter 4: Tension
When Mr. Hayes walked past my desk, he slowed down a bit but kept walking. I chose that moment to look outside as if there was something really interesting out there. The scent of cinnamon, the beach and old books washed over me. I frowned at myself, am I that delusional I can actually smell this guy? I didn't turn around to see where he was but Ms Melissa started the class again so I guess he found his spot. “Alright leftovers,' she said with a wink, 'let's move on. The continents that are left are Africa, Asia, South America and Europe, the other continents have 4 people in them and are grouped. There are 2 spots free left in Europe and Africa, Asia and South America are empty.” She said gleefully, like this was the best idea ever to make groups. “We are picking flowers next, write down your favourite from the board!'' She said and wrote down: 1. Tulip (Europe) 2. Protea (Africa) 3. Lotus (Asia) 4. Rose (South America) I was all over the place. I felt eyes burn
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Chapter 5: A gift
Once inside, I went to my locker to get books for the next class. I opened my locker and confusion rose inside me. My lips parted in surprise as I looked at the new item in my locker. A single beautiful flower lay on top of my books, the smell filling my nostrils. I carefully picked it up, admiring the beautiful coloured petals. The leaves were orange with a red stripe in the middle, the edges white. “Tris, come, we will be late!” Kenna called me. She looked at me and her eyes zeroed in on the flower. “Wow. Where did you find this?” She asked. “In my locker, but it doesn't have a note or anything attached,” I answered to her, looking around. “That is weirdly super romantic, I wonder who it is from though. Anybody that knows your combination?” Kenna asked and I shook my head no. The hallway was emptying by now, the lessons almost starting. I put the flower back in my locker and grabbed my books, not wanting to be late and determined to figure it out later. The next class was our ment
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Chapter 6: Bar shift
I put the song Dog years by Maggie Rogers on and started walking into the woods, letting Moose off his lead. I thought about the flower which I stupidly left in my locker. I started researching on my phone which flower it was and found out it was the Treasure Flower. Looking at the path in front of me, I wondered who had given me this flower and who broke into my locker to put it there. Maybe Javier? He was the only one I could think of. I sent him a text, sending him the details for the party on Friday, ending my text with a flower emoticon. I looked around me, feeling happy with all this greenery around me and taking breaths of fresh air. I was lucky to be living so close to the forest, where you could just escape the hectic life for a bit. I came here almost every day, always with Moose. We often visited the lake in the middle of the forest and the waterfalls surrounding it. We tried to make some bird friends but once they saw Moose they all flew again, watching us from a safe dis
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Chapter 7: Fire
Jane made the beers and I walked over, setting them down. Mr. Jackson happily took all of them, giving them out around the table. “Do you want anything to eat?” I asked them. I heard Jane putting Because of You by Neyo on and I looked at her in frustration. She laughed at me and put two thumbs up, acting like she didn't just beg me to swap places. I quickly sent a message to the bar via my KDS saying I didn't like her very much and she laughed even harder at that. I also had a laugh on my face and when I turned around I had all six teachers staring at me. Oops. “I'll have the hamburger, dear. Give me the works!” Mr. Jackson said loudly with his hands in the air. Knowing him, he would be asking for shots in a minute and then he would be too drunk to eat his food and his wife had to pick him up again. Ms. Melissa, who sat next to Mr. Hayes, ordered a pasta and then immediately turned around to chat with him. She was wearing a -very- low cut top and even I could almost see her nipples.
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Chapter 8: Remembering the night before
Black. Burning. Pain. Calm. Comfort. Sleep.I woke up disoriented. Slowly I opened my eyes, finding Jane next to me in bed and Kenna and Rose on the floor on a blow up bed. I tried to remember what happened last night, and flashes of the fire came running back to me. ''Oh my god!'' I said out loud, waking the others. ''My Mom!'' I hopped out of bed, greeted by my three friends who pushed me down on my bed. ''Your mom is in the hospital, Tris. She's doing okay. P is with her,'' Kenna said with concern written on her face. I couldn't remember that. ''What happened?'' I asked my friends. ''Oh my god Tris, you can't just run into a burning building like that! You could've died, you psycho!'' Jane shouted, completely ignoring my question. ''My mom was in there, if I wasn't there with Mr. Hayes, she would have not made it out on time.'' I said, not being sorry for my action. Jane got a fearful look at that and hugged me. Kenna and Rose followed and we had a tight hug, happy that everybody
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Chapter 9: Party time
''Champagne breakfast!!!!'' Jane screamed as she woke us up. I woke up groggy, wanting more sleep. ''The boys are coming over today, to get ready together.'' Kenna said, smiling at her phone. ''I have a sort of date tonight.'' I said. They all turned to me. ''With who?'' Kenna asked me. ''Who do you think? Like I have a line of guys waiting. With Javier! We are getting a drink before the party.'' I responded. Rose squealed, ''you need a good outfit then! Let's go shopping!'' she said with her hands in the air.''I have to get the house ready after school. Let's get some breakfast with a mimosa and then go to school. Let's meet up at mine at 7 to get ready together.'' Jane said while gathering her things. We all got ready and I dressed in my favourite long skirt with a split all the way up, summer sandals and a crop top, showing just a cm of skin. ''I'm going to see mom before school, you guys get breakfast. I'll see you in class!'' I shouted before leaving my house, taking the bus to
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Chapter 10: In the club
''Miss Madden, Mr Cooper, so nice to see you here.'' A deep voice said. He never said my last name. I looked up and saw Mr. Hayes and Ms. Melissa walking towards us. Ms. Melissa waved to us and tried to pull Mr. Hayes to her side. I looked Mr. Hayes up and down and he looked yummy, as always. He was wearing dark coloured jeans with a crisp white shirt. ''Hi Mr. Hayes! I've never seen teachers here. What a coincidence.'' Javier said in a chirpy tone. ''Hi Javier, how are you? Still a bit flimsy after the school incident?'' Mr. Hayes said with a dangerous glint in his eyes. ''Nah, that can't beat me down. And what's a better cure than to be on a date with a beautiful lady.'' Javier said, smiling in my direction.I smiled back but was definitely aware of the tension in the air, which somehow Javier didn't even notice. Ms. Melissa got a bit agitated that Mr. Hayes didn't walk with her and tried to get his attention by standing half in front of him, after pulling her shirt down. He finally
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