Love Finds A Way (MxM)

Love Finds A Way (MxM)

By:  Marcy Lee  Ongoing
Language: English
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After his dream career as a footballer comes to a tragic end before it even got started, Twenty-three-year old Samuel Cartwright is forced to pursue a lackluster job as a high school substitute Literature teacher when his father gets into a bad accident. With no real interest in teaching, he is less than enthused to face the spoiled rich kids than run the elite school where he’s been hired on a whim. It is no mystery to him that he doesn’t belong there and that the Principal intends to fire his father at the first opportunity that she gets. With his Dad’s job on the rocks, Samuel does the unthinkable – he gets into an affair with a man two years younger than him. Of course, Ryan isn’t just any student. He’s the Principal's out-of-control son. It seems that both teacher and son have an ax to grind with the Principal. What better way than by having an illicit affair right under her nose?

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23 Chapters
"I summoned you here, Mr. Cartwright because of the strings of complaints I received from the parents of the twelve graders about the mass failure recorded in the last Literature test. I trust your father must have told you all about our school's commendable reputation and how we treasure our grades more than anything else. Bless his heart, I'd like to know though if you're encountering any difficulties since the beginning of your temporary appointment here so I can...see where I can help out." Principal Churchill droned, lifting a perfectly manicured finger to stop her glasses from falling over the bridge of her stubby nose. I wrenched my attention from the office's monochromatic features and trophy case filled with awards the school had won to the fierce unsmiling lady watching me with a neutral gaze, her eyes narrowed. Shit. I hadn't been paying attention at all. "If you don't mind Ma'am, I was thinking – " "Mr. Cartwright." She interrupted me, drumming her fingers on the desk an
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Fuck my life. Fuck today to Sunday and back. Fuck Principal Churchill’s boyfriend for being such a blind dunce. Choking my steering wheel and gasping in horror, I gripped the steering wheel tight, weighing the gravity of what I’d just done. Shit. Shit. SHIT! The hunk of a man sprawled in front of my jalopy, eyes closed and unmoving didn’t leave any room for doubt. I’d single-handedly sabotaged and ruined my last shot at a career prospect. Worse still, I’d become a murderer. Oh god. Ignoring my fight-or-flight adrenalin probing at me to hit the gas, assume an alias, flee to Mexico and change my name to Rico, I reluctantly got out of the car and trudged to the body still lying stiff on the floor. I knelt beside it, dipping my head to listen to his faint heartbeat. How was I ever going to pay for the funeral? Was there a chance he would live if I rushed him down to the hospital? Principal Churchill was going to kill me. Everyone couldn’t help but be up to date with Principal Church
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“Where do you think you're going?” He growled, reaching out to grab me by the elbow and spinning me flush against his hot body, my boner hitting his. “We're not done here.”My eyes slipped down to his pink lips that looked unbelievably tempting right now, butterflies somersaulting and throwing a wild party in my stomach. The intense need rippling through me was crippling.Oh, God.I was hot and bothered by my top enemy number one's son. Only that Ryan wasn't only just Principal Churchill's spoilt bun. He was also a twisted angel sent to cut my short days in this school even shorter.There was gossip in the hallways of Royal Elite, a horrible incident confirmed by my father even, when I asked him. Ryan Churchill, while still a student in Royal Elite slept with a female teacher and got her pregnant. Mummy Dearest, blessed with a heart of stone threw her weight about and falsely accused the teacher of seducing Ryan and had her locked up for weeks, despite the latter's claim on his mistake
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Here's all you needed to know about this sickening city known as Todos Santos: It's a glossy dot on a world map, but with an influence as big as the size of an elephant, hence it's home to most of the egoistical, wealthy, and entitled teenagers in the world with bank accounts larger than the whole of America. Backed by Principal Churchill's threat to have me fired, the students knew I couldn't fail them. Aside from losing this job, their parents had more than enough billions to strip me of my citizenship and banish me to Neptune where I'd freeze to death. These kids took advantage of the tight spot I was in, doing whatever crap they wanted in class, not much to my surprise though. I expected it.But two days after the incident with Principal Churchill and her darling son, things turned around for the better.I taught all six classes, and the first five of the day had the students so comported and attentive, I began to wonder if they'd been brainwashed or hypnotized to be that calm. Kno
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Still tongue-tied and at a loss with the turn of events, Principal Churchill brooked no room for protests as she continued, her demeanor morphing from the soft-spoken lady of two seconds to her usually authoritative, demeaning persona. “This little tiff is not to leave the walls of this room under any circumstances. Do you understand, Mr Cartwright?” She thrusted the cheque at me, face taut with annoyance. “If you have any objections to all I've said, you can tell me. Or rather, tell us. You're too silent for Christssake. You're a man, not a dumb.” What in fuck's sake does the witch expect me to say? What does she want from me? Here she was, practically begging me to save her son's reputation and yet, she was still gutsy enough to force me to it by paying me off like I'm some goon who'd gotten his hands dirty for her. It was most ridiculous! Her hate for me was so stifling, it made me mad! Was it my fault, that, I wasn't born into a wealthy, well-to-do family? Was it my fault that we
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Ryan suddenly became rigid, his stare potent enough to nip my neck in half as he crooned in a somewhat robotic voice. “Because,” he said slowly, his soft pink parting as he drank me in. “It's my wish to fuck a male teacher before I go play for NHL, and you Mr Samuel... you're the chosen one.” Stunned, surprised, confused, all but morphed into one dangerous feeling that clawed at my guts, pooled in between my quivering thighs and sparked in my glassy eyes. I was beyond mad. Scooting my chair backwards blindly, I loomed over him with a sneer that contrasted with the sheer delight in his eyes on how his revelation had riled me up so bad. It took all I had in me not to punch him on the face right there. “My deepest apologies, Sir Ryan.” I managed in the calmest tone I could muster yet I could tell he could hear the rage rippling underneath. “I haven't enough brain cells to understand exactly what you're driving at, but to the best of my knowledge it seemed you're looking for every opport
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I didn't go back home immediately just as Ryan instructed. I knew I was digging my own grave. I knew what he very well had in mind to do to me behind completely closed doors. I knew the wrecking implications it'd have on my future and career as a teacher — that's if I was lucky to get another teaching job after this — and also, I knew it was a stab to all my principles and self-dignity as a mature adult. I knew it all. But I was stuck. Stuck in between the devil — Ryan Churchill and his dirty-hot mouth — and the deep blue sea — his irritably, hypocritical mother and my forbidden passions. I decided to spend the afternoon window shopping. Normally, whenever I had a lot on my mind to think about, the sight of nice things I could buy as decorations or gifts helped me relax. And what was more pretty was that I still had a lot of cash to burn from Principal Churchill's bribe paycheck. I'd paid father's medicalbills for an entire year, and a six-month rent advance. The rremainder; a whopp
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“What the hell!” Ryan hissed as he tumbled onto the smelly, red-carpeted floor of my room. I dove out from the sheets in fear, eyes narrowing in the realization of what I'd just done. Oh shit. “Oh shit, that's right,” Ryan growled, standing up. I shrank underneath his stare, but then again who really was the eldest in the room? “What the hell did you do that for? You could've broken my waist.” “I'm was just... your fingers, three at once... it's too much, you were basically splitting me in half!” “Well, newsflash: my dick is more effective than my three fingers combined so you bloody better get used to it 'cause I'm not leaving this room without fucking you. I would've done it slow and sweet but you kept me waiting. The consequences? Rough and mean. Get on that bed right now with your head turned down and spread that booty like a whore. My whore.” he ordered, his signature smirk not at all matching the hardness of his eyes. “Now. Mr. Sam.” “No,” I replied flatly, a sud
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The next week at school was unbelievably too good to be true. The students were so well behaved and attentive that I realized I'd underestimated the influence of my new fuck-buddy. He'd obviously spread the word around not to mess with Mr Cartwright, and to think he wasn't even a student here. No one was smart enough to ask why, not even Mummy Dearest who was avoiding me like the plague. Everyone naturally assumed Ryan wanted to make me happy because he ran me over at the parking lot. No one ever suspected that we were running each other over in our free time. It became like a routine each day; school, home, fuck. School, home, fuck. I taught all my classes then ensured I left the office last. Apart from office work, Ryan kept me distracted with his haunty form poised at the door, his smile bewitching as he teased me to blow him or for us to do a missionary position. Each time, I reminded him of the implications of getting caught on school grounds but his persistence erroded my insis
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The days that followed were filled with loads of chain orgasms, kiss bites, and ass squeezing in old storerooms and deserted classrooms. A whirlwind of bliss and grave consequences, addictive lust. How I survived my prickling conscience was not to dwell too much on the moment but to bask in how pleasurable and wrong it felt. I didn't allow myself to think about how my actions would paint a gory future, not just for me but for the air-headed kid who still had a lifetime of dreams and college football to get to. Getting more and more tied up with family dinners and football practice, Ryan found other creative ways to stick around after school each day and spend time with me. I never knew how he did it, since Principal Churchill was obviously getting suspicious of his movements and passed me the stink eye each time I walked out of the school block three hours after dismissal. I swear, she was up to something. Or she knew something. Either way, I couldn't bring myself to care right now. W
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