Falling for my dad's surrogate

Falling for my dad's surrogate

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"I love you," he gazed at her eyes which are dropped on the floor while he cups her cheeks with his palm. She doesn't look at his eyes. She seems scared. But with what he doesn't understand. "Do you not like me? Even a little bit?" his voice enunciates but she doesn't response to it. He waits for her answer but she doesn't reply him. He tries to back away from her. But as he is leaving, she holds his hands suddenly. "I don't know. I don't know whether I like you or not. I just don't want you to go away. I just don't want you to leave me," she says with the tears sparkling on her eyes. "Esther!" He presses his forehead against her as his breaths fasten. He can feel that along with his, her breaths are quickened as well. He realizes that the fire is burning on both side and she is equally anxious as she is. A smile creeps on his lips as he feels that. "I love you, Esther. You're made for me and I am made for you. We are made for each other," he smiles and presses his lips against her. "You're day dreaming one more time? What the fuck are you dreaming about Esther? Is it about my old man? Are you dreaming about him?" He pushes her against the wall and punches hard on the wall making his knuckles be red and bleed. "Nooo...Nooo... Caden! You're wrong," she cries.

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40 chapters
****PROLOGUE****“Young Master, Please don’t do this. Please, don’t hurt her. She is pregnant and if your dad finds out about this, he is going to take serious action against you one more time," the head maid who is in her late forties begs. Caden's eyes are filled with fury, watching her sit outside composed. He thinks she is pretending all of it and pretending to be an innocent irks him more. How well can she act as if nothing happened?The woman's eyes say it, she wishes he would stop causing trouble for his father and be a rather supportive son, but Caden has already sworn to be his father's nightmare. He has promised himself to make sure that his mother's memories never leave the house and he is ready to deal with anyone who would try to interfere with his memories of his mother and him without his consent."Please don't do this young master, The boss wouldn't take it lightly and that naive girl is carrying a child inside of her, don't cause more problems," she tries to soothe
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Chapter 1: The Freckles Lodge
CADEN: It is December 10. Christmas is almost fifteen days away. I have developed the habit of not having excitement during any events of my life lately neither on my birthdays nor any anniversaries or the heavy and sophisticated business parties of my dad. None of them push my heart even a little bit. Whenever those days come in my life, I would like to deter them as far as possible. I don’t prefer staying at home and having a great time. And this event is more than just a catastrophe to me. “Caden! Where are you headed to?” My dad’s aggressive and wild voice echoes, all over his huge mansion. “I think you know it. I would love to skip the so-called joyous occasion of your life if you don't mind cause your delighted occasion is the most dreadful day of my life. I wouldn't care even if you mind at all," I say as I roll my eyes upwards.Bitterness and dissatisfaction are so much vivid on my face to convey to him that I am not elated with his decision, not even a little bit. It is o
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Chapter 2: That strange girl
CADEN:I fall down on the fluffy bed of ice with my head facing upwards to the dark sky. The icy downy flakes are coming down to reach out to me giving me the cold sensation on my skin. My eyes get closed as I fall down but they are conscious enough to be opened one more time. My eyes open slowly as I see the light passing through the falling snow making them extremely beautiful with luster and shine in them. I have never seen such a beautiful scene. For the first time in last one year, I feel so much calm and peaceful as I look up in the sky. “Who… the hell… are you?” the sharp, loud yet stammered voice penetrates my ear. The voice is absolutely of female and she might not be more than twenty or so. I would like to look at her face. She just hit a twenty two year old guy and made him fall on the ground. I am so much curious about her now. But the light she is holding is showing everything except herself. “Me? I…,” I try to stand up from the ground but before I could do that she h
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Chapter 3: Wish you would be mine forever!
***CADEN***She presses her lips making me feel numb all of a sudden. It’s not because I have never kissed a girl. I have an experience of kissing a lot of women in till today but only few had initiated to kiss me first. But no one was able to give me the current chills and a feeling, she is giving me right now.My whole body stiffens as her skin touches mine. Something electric starts to rush down my body giving me weird yet beautiful sensation. My body becomes uncommunicative and reactionless as her warm lips touch mine for some next seconds. She pulls her lips away from mine after few seconds.I abhor that she pulled away from me right now. I want her lips to be on mine.Always!I want her lips madly roaming around mine and I crave mine to do same to hers.“I…I’m sorry,” she says faintly. Her eyes staring down on the floor like she has committed such a huge crime. I disliked the way she said she was sorry for doing something that I wanted to do since the moment I met her. Why wou
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Chapter 4: I wanna pray for her
***CADEN*** “Hey, young boy! We’re having dinner at mine. Would you love to come over? I don’t know if a city guy like you, would love to be invited to a country’s gatherings but you know tomorrow it’s Christmas and it’s an eve tonight. We are inviting everyone around and don’t want to leave you out on such a festive occasion,” the fifty-year-old Thomas invites me. It’s been almost fourteen days, that I have been over here. It’s pretty difficult to stay over here. Well! I don’t want to lie to myself, it’s so much more difficult to survive over here. Here, there is everything but there is nothing for me. That’s because of the way of life people over here live and the way I used to live. They can’t even imagine how luxurious and sound life I have been living and right now, I can only imagine. I threatened my dad at that time and leave the place but after coming over here I feel almost empty all the time. Yeah, the reason is that my way of living has been completely different from w
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Chapter 5: The Unexpected reality
***CADEN***“Caden! Caden is here!” I hear Caisey’s voice from the balcony of the house. She has such a sharp voice that I can hear it almost miles away from the house.Caisey isn’t our mom but sometimes I think she is the female version of our mom. Mom never spoke about her teenage and her youth ever in her life with us. From the day, I can remember, I remember she only smiled at us when she was alone with us. She would teach, sing rhymes and sometimes even dance in front of us but in front of dad, she never did that. Her expression would automatically change when dad was around.But from Thomas, I get to know how my mother was. She was lively. She was the most cheerful person and a young beautiful girl. My mother used to laugh, she used to joke and she would love to mess around with the farmers when she was young. When Thomas told me all of these, I thought for minutes if he was talking about my other or was he just talking about some other imaginary lady. But he ensured me it was h
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Chapter 6: My dad's wife
***CADEN***That beautiful face! How can I ever forget that face? That face means so much to me.The girl whom I have been searching for so hard all this time is sitting right in front of my eyes. I cannot believe my eyes for that. Am I just dreaming right now?My mouth forms ‘O’ as my hands and legs become senseless all of a sudden when I see her. Since, the moment she left me alone over there, everything has changed for me.Previously, life meant nothing to me. It was useless and I had no expectations from life at all. But now it’s different.I believe I can say, now my visions have completely been changed.I can see my whole world through her eyes and I can tell, my whole spirit is captured by her just like some magician does.Sometimes, I think she is holding my whole consciousness, like some magic and is not letting me get away from her. It’s ridiculous but that’s the actual truth.Her deep eyes are looking downwards and her face is solemn like she is thinking deep about somethin
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Chapter 7: The game of lies
***CADEN***“What do you mean by postponed?” I ask.“I heard his wife had a serious health hazards. So, the wedding was postponed to next day. I didn’t go in their wedding. Cohen was the one who attended the wedding,” she says.“You didn’t attend the wedding?” I get shocked.“Why would I? One of my brothers, was on detention and I knew that was for Mom. I surely lost her at the lower age than both of you. But I surely know what’s going on. I don’t want to see my siblings being crumbled,” she says.I know she is younger than both of us. But this time, she made me proud of her and also, I feel like I am stabbed from behind and broken into thousands of pieces right now.“Do you want to go somewhere else?” I ask her.“Can we go and visit mom’s favourite place right now? I just miss her a lot nowadays,” she says with her eyes full of tears.“Come here, baby girl,” I say as I pull her in warm hug. I feel sorry for her. She had to lose her mother in such a young age. I feel sorry for us. We
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Chapter 8: Encountering again
***CADEN***It’s been a week after the Christmas Party. I had thought I would be able to see her after that day but I haven’t seen her since that day, nor I have seen my dad in those days. I have tried asking Cohen, about him but he just answers me with the same reason like he used to do every time.‘Business Reasons.’But, I don't buy that lie even a single percent. He must be enjoying his holiday with his so-called wife, while giving me so much stress over here.“Are you heading to college?” Caisey asks me as she passes by my door.“Of course! It’s the only place where I can breathe properly,” I say.“Well! Drop me by my school then,” she stands in the front door with her hands folded against her chest.“Where’s your chauffer? Ask him to do that,” I say.“I wanna go with you today. He has fractured his hands and is going to take a leave for a weeks or so,” she answers. She should have just asked with dad or with Cohen to replace her chauffer with someone else for few days.But Caise
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Chapter 9: I met him again!
***ESTHER***I let out a heavy sigh as I stand in front of the entrance of the university. I look down at the recommendation letter on my hands provided by my previous university. I never wanted to face the changes in my life. I once, supposed that I had the perfect life and there is no need of changes in my life.But, I was wrong. Some changes are so much unexpected and inevitable in our lives. Same thing is going on with my life.I walk towards the chancellor’s office as guided by the signals. There is no problem in admission as Mr. Payne has already arranged everything for the transfer but the first thing that I realized after coming here is… I don’t like it here.I feel weird as if the atmosphere here, is going to hate me as much I hate to be over here. The air around here seems to unwelcome me.I visit his office and get my paper work done and get out from there. As I haven’t eaten anything since the morning, I think I should grab some food from cafeteria. I had the campus map wi
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