Moonlight Serenade [English]

Moonlight Serenade [English]

By:  aranew  Ongoing
Language: English
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She would always wake up on the floor, drenched in sweat, panting, and naked. For the past month, this has been the case. She must look into it. What she didn't expect to find out is that the literal man of her dreams is the one who gives her red marks all over her skin. The problem is that this man is enigmatic, and she would rather have a real man in her life than fantasize about a faceless man in her dreams. ~~~ Jewel is expected to be a modest Hasyenda Mangubat heiress, but she is addicted to erotic novels. She would buy those books in secret and hide them in her room to hide her vices from her parents. She reluctantly agreed to marry the Mayor's son, Gideon Manasseh, in the hope that Gideon would tolerate her vices. But, to her surprise, her new husband appears to be stricter than her parents. Not only do her vices need to be hidden from him, but so do her sexual nightmares. Because those wet dreams appear to crawl out of her fantasies and into reality... and it is scary than she thought.

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    Chapter 1
    The Aisle of Medellin is Cebu's longest straight road. A seven-and-a-half-kilometer highway connecting Dayhagon and Curva in the heart of sugarcane fields owned by the Mangubat since the founding of Medellin until the present day.The green and glorious field is the crown of Don Sebastian Mangubat and Donya Belinda Sanchez-Mangubat. And their daughter, Jewel Laine, prefers the small nipa hut on the opposite side of the field.The peaceful atmosphere is something she appreciates about that location. From within the hut, she could see the green sugarcane field and the white road of the Aisle in the distance. But what she enjoys the most is that no one dares to interrupt her reading time.It's an ideal location for her avid reader. Cool air, birds chirping, a peaceful setting —- "Miss Laine! Miss! Here are the books I've purchased!"She blinked and raised her head. She'd just finished praising the stillness of the place when a loud maid shouted outside the hut. It felt like someone slapp
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    Chapter 2
    "Hello?"She coughed and took a deep, long breath. "Haze?" she asked, looking out onto the balcony. "Have you returned home?""Yes, and why did you call?"She sighed and decided to get out of bed. She went out to the balcony to have some fresh air. It was three in the morning and darkness was still around. The Mayor of Medellin's lighthouse shone in the distance. Another deep breath. All she could hear were crickets hiding in the dark."I had a dream," she whispered on the phone."Well, that's to be expected.""No, I mean, I had a strange dream."The other line burst out laughing. "That's... well, what's your fantasy little girl?"She frowned. She thought of Hazel's drunken face, grinning from ear to ear, in front of her. "Come on, Hazel. Stop spouting nonsense, okay? I need someone to talk to, then you're like that?" Because of the accusatory tone in her voice, Hazel fell silent. She took another deep breath before telling the story. "It's strange.""What's strange, Laine?""I've d
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    Chapter 3A
    Gideon lifted her and climbed to the lower part of the cliff where Gina was staying as the sun rose in the east. Jewel looked around but couldn't find Francisko. She took a deep breath and paused for a few moments before opening her mouth to inquire. "What happened to Francisko?""He got lost in the river. I'll send someone to look for him when the sun comes up. Can you stand?"She blinked and turned her gaze to the dark river, but there was no movement there. When she thought about what happened to Francisko, sadness crept into her chest."Jewel," Gideon said once more."Y-yes, I believe so."Gideon eased her down. As the chill traveled down her spine, she felt the dry and cold ground on her feet.She realized she had no shoes at that point. The man had taken her boots off earlier, and she didn't have the strength to stop him at the time.Her heart was still pounding loudly in her chest, and she could still feel a slight tremble. The terror she felt had had such an impact on her that
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    Chapter 3B
    Gideon's voice was lovely. It was cold and deep. He may have been a vocalist in a band when he was younger, or he may have competed in various singing competitions. Regardless, she liked his voice.Jewel bit her lower lip to keep her mouth from speculating. But as the song progressed, she was tempted to ask questions until she couldn't anymore.She cut him off mid-song. "Wait, Gideon?""Mmm?""What exactly are you singing?"Gideon raised his head and sang the song's bridge to her. Her face was twisted. "What is the title?" she inquired impatiently.Gideon shook his head and smiled. "Leave me astounded.""And by whom?""Planetshakers.""Who is that?"Gideon shook his head. She scowled. When Gideon saw her contorted face, he laughed and patted her leg. "Move your foot across," he said.Despite her confusion, she immediately obeyed. Gideon dashed to the other side.Gideon suddenly grabbed Jewel's waist and yanked her off the horse. She was startled by the sudden movement. Gideon laughed
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    Chapter 4A
    They were standing outside the Mansion, unable to enter because her father was waiting. Her father's face was ashen when he saw her, wet like a chick without a hen, but Gideon caught Don Sebastian's rage for her."Don Sebastian, I'm the one apologizing for Jewel."Jewel braced herself for her father's rage. She was taken aback when Don Sebastian smiled at Gideon. She was astounded.'How unfair! He just smiled at Gideon. I couldn't recall the last time he smiled at me! ' Jewel sighed and huffed angrily."What did my unica hija do again, and she's like a petty chick who got lost here in the mansion?" asked Don Sebastian. He turned to face her.He narrowed both eyes on her as he turned to face her. It caused her eyes to blur.Jewel lowered her gaze and crossed her arms across her chest. She let Gideon reason for her. He had already defended her at the outset, so she simply waited for the two men to reach an agreement and let her go. She was still shivering in the cold, and she bit her li
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    Chapter 4B
    She left and returned to her room. Her hands took the books one at a time. She then placed each of them on the empty bookshelves until she reached the last one. She then placed the box in the corner alongside the books that had been inspected for damage.Her lips formed a wide smile. Her hand reached for the book she was reading. She went to bed and continued reading there.His smile is devilish, almost demonic."It's time," he exclaimed.He stood up and —-Jewel yawned and set the book aside, feeling sleepy all of a sudden. She tried to rub her eyes to keep her consciousness from slipping away, but that didn't stop the weight of her eyelids.Even before she closed her eyes, she noticed someone at the foot of her bed.She awoke later, out of breath. She sat up quickly and panted heavily. Her fist tightened as she remembered that strange dream. She then heard a ring. The constant ringing of her phone jolted her awake.She reached for it and answered the phone without looking to see who
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    Chapter 5A
    Mayor Calixto Olmedo Hernandez is feared by all. During his fifteen years in office, he was known as Medellin's iron hand. Several ordinances were enacted in Medellin during the Mayor's tenure. The ordinance prohibits assaulting women and sentences those caught illegally logging in any part of the municipality to prison.Those who violate the ordinance face imprisonment or fines, as well as sanitation for the entire community.So when she saw his solemn expression, her knees almost shook. When its sharp eyes landed on her, the color faded from her entire face.She was afraid of the Mayor because she had witnessed Gideon's father's rage at local news. She had refused to meet with the Mayor since then. Fortunately, the Mayor was not present when his spouse came to the mansion for the first time a month ago to ask her hand in marriage. She was given time to consider the offer, but the circumstances were unkind to her that summer, when she met Gideon on the Aisle and the Mayor stood in fr
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    Chapter 5B
    Jewel sat bored in her seat, as the three of them laughed. Gideon remained silent as he sipped his cup and occasionally glanced at her."Let it go, Sebastian. At the next wedding, I will delegate all decisions to your family," the Mayor said. "Have your questions been answered? I can't stay long because there's still work to be done in the municipality, but I'd like to speak with you two privately."Donya Belinda faced her. "Jewel, you'll take care of Gideon. We'll just talk to your prospective father - in - law," she explained.The three stood up and exited the dining hall at the same time. Jewel sighed and leaned back in her chair, relieved. She shut her eyes. She appeared to have lost her cool after hearing what the Mayor and her parents had said. Her head ached as she considered the marriage contract she would sign the next day.But what could she possibly do? She lacked the courage to stand up to a Mayor and chastise her parents. She was certain that if those three discovered her
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    Chapter 6A
    “What? You don't want to marry the Mayor's son? ”Jewel fixed her gaze on the monitor of her laptop. She was inside her room, on a video call with three of her friends. She sighed, her lips pursed. “Yes. He informed me that he is twenty-nine years old. It's fine if you're 4 or 5 years older, but 10 years? That's a decade difference, Tiara! ”"You will only harm your reputation. That's correct. Don't get married to that old man! " Hazel chirped as she held a novel with a lewd cover in her hands. "If you marry that egotistic Mayor's son, girl, you'll be the town's next laughingstock!" ”Jewel's lips curved into a smile, but she pouted when she remembered something. She returned her attention to the screen of her phone, where the video call was still in progress. “Egoistic? I didn't describe him in that way. He's actually quite good... and quite attractive."Hazel set down the novel and stared blankly at the screen. "Why are you defending that old man, Laine? I assumed you didn't like h
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    Chapter 6B
    "He rescued me.""So, knight in shining armor? What's the matter with him? ”She frowned as she returned her attention to the phone's screen. She noticed Hazel and Tiara looking at her with anticipation. Gabbi's frown was also visible to her.She coughed and attempted to change the subject. "Gab, what's up with that expression? " she asked.The young lady sneered. "That stupid toilet bowl is messing with me again! Kuya is to blame! He left his boxer brief in the bathroom, and it fell into the toilet bowl as I was pouring water on it! How do you unclog a stupid toilet bowl?! ”Hazel burst out laughing. "Suck it, lady."Jewel grinned as Gabbi's expression darkened. "You're the only one who can suck a stupid toilet bowl, and maybe you can suck the septic tank as well," Gabbi said."That's enough," Jewel said quietly, returning to the keyboard. Hazel and Gabbi were not very good at playing jokes because they often took jokes personally, which resulted in a nasty fight. Gabbi was grumpy,
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