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"I love you, Aires" "Who wrote this letter?" Aires asked, bending to pick the piece of paper that has fallen at his feet, his eyes pinned hers and she swallowed, "you love me?" His voice sounded strange to her ears but she couldn't fathom the emotions behind it. Timidly she nodded finally voicing out her feelings. His gaze raked over her and she stood absolutely still, "flat chest, flat bum, teeth filled with braces and clumsy as hell, I can never love someone like you so get lost" and so she ran, with tears streaming down her cheeks like rivers of water......

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    SIXTEEN YEARS AGO Ariana, the Luna of the blood moon pack had just put to bed when the shocking news came that their pack was under attack, there was chaos everywhere, the attackers knew just when to strike, their pack has been formidable for years and there was peace after they had removed the pack's last leader and her husband, Alpha Dylan has taken over the leadership, with a witch as his Luna, no one dares them, so, she must commend their attacker, they knew just when to strike and they hit unexpectedly, her husband Dylan rushed into the room where she had just pushed out their baby, his face etched o worry but softened when he beheld their baby boy, "my boy, his name will be called Aidan" his tone was soft as he trailed his hand on his son's face, "Alpha, they've broken through the barriers and are inside already, our men are dying" "Go!" Ariana whispered softly taking the child from him, "we'll be fine, your pack needs their Alpha"Dylan choked as he placed a kiss on her foreh
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    PRESENT DAY: SIXTEEN YEARS LATERAuthor's POV"Aires, wake up sleepy head, you're gonna be late for school" Jasmine called out, walking into his room without even a knock, Aires groaned as he turned over in his bed, "next time I'll remember to lock my door, you don't walk into a boy's room that way" Jasmine rolled her eyes at him, to think that her little brother is now seeking for privacy never cease to amaze her, who would have thought that the baby she found in that safety boat that day would turn out to be not just her brother but her best friend, she adore him to the moon, her mother had developed problem with her womb after giving birth to Jasmine and so could not ever conceive again, she had been lonely and had always envy those with siblings to play with but was careful not to bring up the matter inorder not to make her mom feel bad, them that fateful day, she had found a baby brother, she used to have dreams that his parents would come for him but as days turned into months a
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    Author's POVDaisy groaned aloud as her alarm binged, she always doesn't wake up at the first sound of her alarm, her hand snaked out from under her blanket as she stopped the alarm, she smiled, what a blessed quietness, peace, at last, she coiled up in bed and covered the duvet over her head as she delved once more into dream Land."Daisy you're going to be late for class" her mother's voice penetrated into her fog-filled brain, "just another alarm" she muttered but this was an alarm she couldn't stop.It was winter period and she hated coming out of the warmth of her bed, so she ignored her mother's voice and continued with her sleep."Daisy, Daisy" she heard her mother call her repeatedly, she heard footsteps as her mom jerked the blanket away from her, "if you're going to be late for school young lady, don't make me late for my work" "Don't make me late for school also" her younger sister Alice chirpedDaisy stretched and rubbed her eyes, her gaze fell on Alice who was already d
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    Celine's POVMy name is Celine Pauline, a child actress, and my dad's name is Jeremy, he and my mom had recently finalized their divorce and he had won custody of me, so, we had moved from our former vicinity to this new place, at first, I didn't like it here neither do I like the change of school, I love my old School and my friends over there and was angry with my dad for the change, why couldn't he just work things out with my mom so that they'll continue to live together, although, he had explained why he had to divorce her but I just can't understand adults, I shook my head in exasperation, although dad had promised me that I would like my new school, this is my third day in Greenville high school and I still do not know if I like it, there's nothing exciting about my new school, well, except for some dude who had caught my attention the other day. Aires ***I stood up from my seat when the bell rang for break, I was kinda moody and it's all because of Aires, since the last time
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    A new life
    Author's POV"Here we are, this is our new house ladies" Lorna announced, they had just arrived at their new house and she stared at her children hoping they would like their new abode, Alice's eyes rounded in excitement, "wow, this is so much bigger than our old house and beautiful" her eyes were wide-eyed and her voice awestruck as she squealed in excitement, jumping with her pigtail bobbling, "I love it, mom, I'm gonna take a look around" no sooner had the words left her lips that she dashed out of the house, laughing. Lorna turned to Daisy, hoping to get a reaction from her but she only got a shrug, "where's my room?""You can pick any room you like sweetheart" with that, Daisy went inside, she choose a room that is at the extreme end, and went back downstairs to get her belongings, "dear, what do you think about the house?" Her mother asked, following her upstairs, "you've made your choice mom, my opinion doesn't count" she shut the door to her room, shutting her mom out.Lorna st
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    Shocking News
    Celine's POV I followed my mom to a bar and we were stopped by the entrance, "sorry, minors are not allowed in here" my mum laughed, "chill, I'm her mother and she's with me" the bar tender suddenly looked contrite as he allowed us inside, my mum ordered for two bottles of vodka "but mum, am I supposed to be taking alcohol? I'm still a minor and dad will be mad at me" my mother simply clucked her tongue as she placed another order for a lemonade, "first, your dad shouldn't know about our meeting and secondly, I'll miss yours with lemonade, I'm giving you alcohol to prepare you for your future, it will help you strong" she poured vodka in a glass and handed it to me, I was sceptical as I stared at it, "loosen up baby girl, it's what big girls do, tase it first, if you don't like it, then I promise to miss it with lemonade for you" she was staring at me so keenly and I decided to take a sip inorder not to disappoint her, I gagged at the taste and almost threw up, I could feel my face be
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    My first day at Greenville
    Daisy's POVGreenville's high school is far bigger than my former school yet, I felt like I do not belong here, Penelope would have run out from the class to welcome me and chat me up on new updates, now, all I am seeing were new faces, I don't think I will make any friend here, I'll just be a single until I graduate, I have just two more years before my graduation, my gaze roamed around as I search for my class, "are you a new student?" Someone asked from beside me and I turned to see a girl with a face covered with freckles and large brown eyes, she was gazing at me through her transparent spectacles, "I might as well ask her for directions" I thought as I nodded, she gazed me a bright smile, "I knew it" she said like she had just won a kind of trophy for knowing that I was new, I almost rolled my eyes at her unwarranted excitement, "hmmm, do you know senior class one?" I asked and her eyes rounded some more, "oh yeah, that's my class, so we're in the same class, you just follow me a
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    Hot Chocolate fudge
    Daisy's POVI was swung around and came face to face with Celine, "I don't want any trouble" I murmured and she snickered, "oh yeah, what then were you looking for when you interfered in a matter concerning me?""Celine please, it's not her fault, it's my fault, she was only trying to defend me, can you please forgive her?" Buntu said from behind me, he moved past me and went towards Celine, "I'm sorry, it was my mistake " "What's going on here?" a voice said just as I opened my mouth to say something to Buntu, I stood transfixed as the owner of the voice came to stand beside Celine, my breath whooshed out, his stormy grey eyes with a rim of gold bored into mine and I forgot what I was about to say, I forgot even to breathe, "hot chocolate fudge, this guy is a hottie but why am I noticing his hotness? I'm supposed to only think of Kyle, he's my true crush but one look at him made all the memories of Kyle fly off the window, I was suddenly feeling so sweaty, "Aires, you're here" Celine
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    Failed Confession
    Daisy's POVDesiree rushed towards me the moment I entered the school compound, the whole of senior high school students are outside, "what's going on?" I whispered as I allowed her pull me along side, "shhh, preparations for annual inter house sport is about to begin and we're being placed in our various houses, I tried to wiggle out of her clutches, I'm not good at sports and I don't want to belong to any group, I'll just end up a failure to them, the sport master spotted me just as I was about to slink away, "hey you" he pointed towards me and I stood still, damn, now I can't even get away from this, he threw a red sport vest at me, "that's your sport wear, join the red house team" he said pointing toward the direction where the red house team were standing, my gaze followed his hands and I almost ran off, they were all staring at me as if disgusted that someone like me should be placed on their team, "move it will ya, join them over there" I slowly moved towards my team as instruc
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    AIRES' POVI turned at the unexpected interruption, I don't know whether to be glad about it or to be angry, I heard Celine hissed, clearly not liking the interruption, "what the hell do you want" she asked angrily and I just stood watching Daisy, her eyes widened at Celine's tone and she fidgeted, I scoffed at her obvious discomfort, serves her right, "i-i w-want t-to speak w-with A-Aires" she managed to stutter out, her head was bowed all the while she was speaking, "I want to speak with Aires" Celine mimicked her words, making a caricature of her, "can't you see he's busy with me? Now, get outta here" her chest rose and fell and she met my gaze briefly before turning to leave, "hold on" I finally decided to speak up and she turned, meeting my gaze briefly once again before staring back at her feet, "aren't you here to see me? What do you have to say?" "Ummm, I...I..." "speak up and stop stuttering" I watch her swallow her saliva and my brow furrowed, she came to talk to me, interr
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