Mated to an Alpha, Starstruck by a Killer

Mated to an Alpha, Starstruck by a Killer

By:  Ali Azhar  Updated just now
Language: English
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Selena is the Alpha of the Golden Gate Alliance. Strong, calculating, fierce, those are the words her pack uses to describe her but at home she's nothing more than a punching bag for her adoptive brother and adoptive mother. That is, until she captures and detains her rival Alpha in her home, at least that's who she thought he was. Now she lives under the same roof as him, a coldhearted killer who reeks of bloodlust. Will Selena's life devolve into a maddening hell, or will the time she spends with him evolve their connection into something intimate, saving her from her torturous family?

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27 chapters
“HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME!!” Roared Selena’s older brother as he threw her against the wall, creating cracks that grazed the ceiling. He quickly shifted and bit onto her shoulder as she struggled to stand up, violently thrashing his head around. Selena let out a blood-curdling scream as his teeth slowly found their way to her shoulder socket. With a loud click he dislocated it, shifting back before grabbing her forehead and slamming it into his knee. The throbbing ballooned in Selena’s head and her vision blurred as she struggled to look up, swallowing hard as tears welled in her eyes. “I… It wasn’t me though…” She croaked. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her mother, a large grin on her face as she whispered something into her brother's ear. His aggressives breaths grew more rapid as he quickly approached her, lifting her off the ground by her hair, sending mass, pin-like, sharp pain through her body. He lifted her until she was eye level before grabbing her other arm and vio
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The Faceless Agent Samson Takes The Stage
It was a foggy, silent and late night in the town in the woods. A thick fog had settled just above the ground, hiding all below it. The wooden buildings that filled the town were destroyed, painted in red or damaged in some way. A large, milk-like moon hovered in the middle of the sky, covering the town in a silky white hue. With a loud crash, a larger than normal man flew out the second story window of the largest wooden building in town. He landed with a deep thud, pushing the fog around him away, to reveal countless bloodied bodies laid out on the ground like carpet. Their blood was the highlight as it covered the spots they couldn’t. From the window another shadowy figure landed on the ground, gentler than the other man. He had medium-sized wavy black hair pushed to his right with burning red eyes, making him look to be in his mid twenties. He was wearing a torn and singed white t-shirt, covered in blood and grime with equally destroyed jeans and shoes. Through his torn shirt yo
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The Night of The Ball, The Night of The Beginning
One Month Later… A purple hue was painted across the sky as Selena and her friend sat together on the hood of a shining, white, convertible sports car. It was parked on the side of a hill, overlooking the bright and sprawling city of San Francisco. As the sun slowly dipped behind the buildings the young woman stretched her arms upwards, arching her back as the pleasure increased before loosening up. She was wearing a white shirt with its sleeves rolled up, meticulously tucked into tight jeans with brown shoes. Her flowy brown hair flew in the wind letting her bright green eyes shine. “Have you ever wondered…” She started, gazing at the city, “What your mate will be like?” Selena sat with her legs crossed, leaning backwards onto her right hand. She wore a black dress that accentuated her slender waist and chest and stretched down past her knees with a white blazer that fell to her waist. Her flowy, long, white hair danced in the wind every few seconds before falling back down onto
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Go Out With Me
Angry howling filled the air as the wolves protested. They turned their bloodlust towards Selena, who still sat crouched near the cage. “WHY?!?!” They roared, foaming at the mouth. “Can you say for sure this is Lycan?” Selena protested, glaring back at them. The group kept their stare strong as they kept growling, inching closer and closer with each passing second. “A werewolf this strong is too much of a risk to let loose.” A nearby Alpha grumbled. He had buzzed gray hair and deep scars running from either corners of his jaw up through his eyes and to his forehead, connecting in the middle. His empty, white eyes seared through Selena’s soul. He was twice the size of the next nearby werewolf and was wearing a white shirt with its sleeves rolled up and black pants that were about to burst. “Sir Arthur, if we don’t confirm his identity we’d be killing an innocent werewolf!” Selena protested. Arthur growled as he took a step forwards, placing his large hand on the cage, denting a
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An Intercepted Call
It was early in the morning when Samson woke up. He could still hear the crickets chirping when his eyes slowly slid open. The room being dark as ever made it difficult to see at first but as his eyes adjusted he realized something was different. The prison cell door was open. What do you think Skull? Samson asked. MMmm, steak… The drowsy voice bounced around in his head. Right… Samson sighed as he pushed himself off the bed. Like they were made of paper, Samson effortlessly tore the chains off his body, being unable to get rid of the silver bracelets he shrugged and made his way outside. He moved to the cracked wall, investigating it thoroughly. Despite the scent of blood being so faint, he could still make out the bloodlust that lingered around it. When he crouched low he saw small salt crystals, barely visible to the normal eye. “They tortured someone here… or brutally killed them.” Samson murmured to himself as he made his way upstairs. As he opened the door, he entered a
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A Family in Pieces
She dropped Samson. “You dare go against your Alpha?” She threatened. Lio retorted back. “I would never do such a thing, but as an Alpha of a membering pack of the Golden Gate Alliance I have to put the interests of my pack before anything else.” Lio explained. Quickly he hung up the phone. Frustration filled Selena as she once again grabbed Samson by his scruff. “HOW DID YOU GET FREE?!!?” She roared at him, her fangs slowly growing. Samson stared back at her with a smile. “Wouldn’t you love to know?” He replied. With a rage-filled heave, she tossed him outside the office. “Never set foot in this room again, otherwise Lycan or not, I will kill you!” Her bloodlust filled the entire room. Once again, something snapped in Samson as a coldness settled in his heart. He looked down, glaring at her from the top of eyes. “Many have failed to do that,” Samson pushed himself off the ground and turned to face the hallway, giving Selena one last glare, “Do you really think you’ll be the one
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Another Assault
Selena dear, Penny’s voice echoed in Selena’s head, Raise your head. Energy, will, strength, it had all left Selena’s body as she rested her head on her arms, still in a ball on her office chair. She took a slow, deep breath, hiccuping through it as she agonized over the events that occurred over the last two days. “What happened Penny?” She whispered to herself, “Just yesterday morning the pack was fine…” Penny didn’t respond, pondering herself what had caused the rapid, unfortunate series of events to occur. Slowly, the silence thickened, sitting heavier in the room, allowing the distant sounds of the city to grow louder. A rhythmic pounding started, getting louder with pace. Bloodlust! Penny’s voice hissed. Selena looked up, anger washing over her. “It’s that bastard's fault!” She quickly rose from her seat. The pounding grew louder and louder until it stopped right outside the door. “What are you waiting for you mutt!” Selena shouted at the door. With a blood freezing cr
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Alpha Vs Alpha, Selena Fights Samson
The room was large and surprisingly spacious for being on the third floor, having a ceiling so tall it could fit a giant. The ring in the center was slightly larger than most boxing rings and had a tall net on each of its four sides. The floor of it was made out of hard sand with the center of the ring having a small engraving of the Golden Gate Bridge in it. The far wall had been replaced with floor to ceiling mirrors and the far left side of the gym had all the weights and machines while the right side had a punching bag and some benches to sit on. Overwhelmed by the size of the gym, Samson meandered his way forwards, eventually making it to the ring where Selena opened a netted door to let him in. Once inside, he was hit with the rancid smell of sweat and blood. Quickly, he covered his nose, noticing that it was hard to move on the hardened sand. As she closed the door, Selena studied Samson, How was someone so… average able to push back brother… Selena thought to herself. Ther
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Thoughts and Doubts
“Fine.” Selena agreed bitterly, admitting that Samson had a fair point. Slowly, she looked up and straightened her back, feeling the dull aching from the crash spread from her spine to the sides of her ribcage. Once she had finished stretching she looked forwards, getting a faceful of fingers and palm instead of the expected sight of the destroyed ring. Samson lowered his hand further. “Here.” he said as he extended more. Unsure of what to do, Selena continued to stare at his hand. She studied the green veins bulging from it and the blistered fingers on it. After waiting for a few moments Samson pushed her, “Well, are you going to take it or just keep staring at it?” Samson said annoyingly. Timidly, Selena touched his hand. Once she had made contact with his fingertips, Samson latched onto it and heaved her up. “AAH!” Selena shouted, the pull had sent a sharp pain through her spine, “Can’t you be more gentle!” Samson shrugged before making his way back towards the ring. As he
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A Quick Errand, To City Hall
“Why him?!” Selena argued, “Why am I bringing the enemy with me to City hall?” Her father took a moment to think before closing the screen on his tablet. “With your older brother out today, there’s no one at home who can protect your mother and Anthony.” He reasoned. Anger swelled in Selena. “You’re acting like I’m as strong as him!” She yelled back. Her father closed his eyes. “You’re not, but should he cause a scene at City hall, will you be alone?” Her father explained. Selena clenched her teeth. As much as she hated the thought of taking him with her, he was right. At home he could run amok, especially if he truly let loose, that kind of strength could destroy not only their home but also the homes of humans living in the neighborhood whereas if he tried anything around city hall, there was no way he would live. “Fine!” She said as she made her way towards the basement. “Thank you!” her father shouted as she stormed down the old stairs, “I’ll leave the letter on the counter!
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