Scales of the wolf

Scales of the wolf

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Alpha Mikael thinks he is cursed and will never find his mate. He lives to keep up the promise to the one he couldn’t protect, to make sure he is a good alpha. When his childhood friend, alpha Graham, ask him to let an agent stay in his pack, he agrees. The agent is to look into to the disappearance of a police officer. Little does Mikael know that this will bring him everything he has been looking for, and somethings he hasn't. Rayvin has spent the last nine years making sure she would never have to go back to the Whiteriver pack. That alpha Mikael would stay in her past. But when her alpha demand that she handles the investigation that will bring her straight back to the things she is running from. She needs to face her past and decide what to do about her future. Free-standing sequel to From omega to luna

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    22 chapters
    Mikael had spent the morning training. His father insisted that he trained for three hours each morning under their gamma. Mikael didn’t mind it, it meant less time being stuck in the office with his father. His alpha training was his least favourite part of the day. Four hours with his father in his father’s office felt like physical torture. As he had showered and changed he headed to the pack house. He wondered if he could talk Rayvin into going with him off pack ground. They could sneak out and go to the diner and have milkshakes. Rayvin could easily beat the best warrior in sneaking around in the forest. As if she was summoned by his thoughts, Rayvin came walking. She must have come from the school, but why was she at the pack house in the middle of the day? Mikael wondered. “Hey, Ray, where are you heading? You’re not skipping class are you?” he called out to her. He was the only one in the pack that called her Ray. Everyone else called her Vinny as her mother had done.“Hey,
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    1, Helping a friend
    Mikael smiled as he saw the name on the screen when his mobile phone rang. “Hello my friend, how are things?” he answered.“Hi, Mike. It’s good, how are things at your end?” Graham asked.“Quiet and a little boring now that the rogues have been dealt with. How are the Beans?” Mikael smiled.“Growing at an alarming rate. I don’t know what Ellie is feeding them, but they are growing while I watch them,” Graham chuckled.Mikael was happy for his friend. He sounded truly happy and content. No one deserved it more than Graham.“And Bella?” Mikael asked.“You know Ellie, there is nothing she doesn’t excel at. I truly have no idea how I survived before I had her,” Graham confessed, and Mikael could hear the love in his friend’s voice.“I have been admiring how well she has managed to cope with not sleeping at night. If it was for Theo, we would get a full night’s sleep every night. But Stella isn’t that peaceful, and since she wakes her brother, Ellie and I tag team.,” Graham told him.“I h
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    2, Going back
    Rayvin was sitting in her car and was staring at the phone in her hand. The conversation she had had with alpha Brutus just moments ago still shocked her. She had expected him to understand why she had asked to hand over the case to someone else. She had done most of the heavy lifting, and the man was a human. He wasn’t exactly hard to track. But her alpha had said no.“Auga, we don’t give up halfway to our goal. How would it look if I let you off the hook on this one? We always follow through on our missions. And this is for luna Bella, nothing but the best will do,” he had told her. “Fuck,” she angrily shouted and banged her fist against the steering wheel.She had a valid reason not to do this mission and alpha Brutus knew it. All the talk about sticking to the mission was bullshit. This was one of his ‘face your demons and grow as a warrior’ life lessons. That was the only reason she could think of for him to be sending her back to the one place she didn’t want to go.The Whiter
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    3, The scent of his mate
    Mikael was sitting in his office looking through a report from Diana. One of their pack members hadn’t been seen in a week. Thomas was not the most reliable of wolves, but he had never been gone this long before. Mikael had asked Diana to look into it, better safe than sorry.‘The agent has arrived. I have sent her up to your office, Mike,’ Ben mind linked him.‘You sent her up? Why didn’t you escort her?’ Mikael asked, surprised.‘I think she can handle it, and besides, I think you will thank me,’ Ben told him.‘What does that mean?’ Mikael asked. His beta didn’t make any sense.‘You’ll see. I’m going to go with Diana and look at Thomas’ place,’ Ben then said.‘I thought I was doing that,’ Mikael pointed out.‘You have the meeting with the agent, and I would like some time with my mate,’ Ben told him.‘It’s an investigation, not a date,’ Mikael scoffed. ‘Sure thing, Mike,’ his beta chuckled.Mikael was just generally confused by the whole conversation. He was about to mind link his
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    4, The new house
    Rayvin was walking in a daze, she registered that Mikael was mind linking someone, probably Ben, and took the moment to get her thought straight. When she had walked up to Mikael’s office, she had been more than nervous. She had been scared of what was waiting for her. Once she had reached the top floor, she had been distracted by a faint scent of freshly brewed coffee and honey. It had distracted her enough to get her to the alpha’s office and knock on the door. As she heard Mikael ask her to come in, she almost turned around. But she opened the door, and the scent had hit her full-on. Both her animals had let her know she had found her mate, the two of them were in total agreement. Rayvin had just stared at Mikael sitting behind his desk. He was her mate. As he had run up to her, she had thought he was about to kiss her, but they had just looked at each other. He had gotten older, but not in a bad way. The awkward teenager had been replaced by a man. He was muscular and moved wit
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    5, Ray's reasons
    Mikael looked at Rayvin as she looked down on the beer bottle she was twisting in her hands. He knew she was nervous about what she was about to tell him. Whatever it was, it had her thinking that she could not be his mate. He had understood that much. Mikael didn’t want to belittle her problems, whatever they were. But he knew they would fix them together. He had no plans of letting go of her again. “Ray, I don’t care what you are about to say. Well, that didn’t sound right,” he sighed and rubbed his neck.“I do care because it seems important to you. What I’m trying to say is that it won’t change how I feel about you. You are my mate, and before you were my mate, you were my best friend. Nothing will change that,” he told her and placed his hand on her knee.She looked up at him with a serious face. She nodded, but he had a feeling that she didn’t believe him.“So, why can’t you be my mate?” he asked her. She looked surprised, and he had to chuckle.“I can read you like a book Ray
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    6, Chili
    Rayvin was sitting in Mikael’s lap with his arms around her and listening to his heartbeat. It was soothing and relaxing. She still couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that Mikael had asked her to stay. After everything she had told him, he still wanted her to stay. She wondered if he would feel the same way after he had time to think. But at least she had given herself a couple of days to enjoy this. “Are you getting hungry?” Mikael asked her. “A little, but I think I have decided to take up permanent resident here,” she smiled.“I wouldn’t complain,” he chuckled and kissed her on top of her head. Rayvin’s phone started ringing. It was the melody to “Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf”. Mikael chuckled even more.“Sorry, I need to get this,” she told him and fished the phone out of her pocket. “Sure, you can use my office if you need privacy,” he said, still not letting go of her. “This will do,” she shrugged and shifted in his lap so she could lean back against his chest. “A
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    7, The pack
    Rayvin was more nervous than she wanted to admit as they walked back to the pack house. Mikael had a firm grip on her hand and she tried to focus on the feeling of the sparks dancing over her skin where he touched her. This was a big step for her. She hadn’t even told her own pack what she was. Alpha Brutus knew, of course, as did his son and their gamma that had trained her. But that was it. Now she had told Mikael that he should tell everyone. It was scary, but she felt it was necessary. If she was going to do this, if she wanted to give this a real chance. She knew she couldn’t keep any secrets. Mikael seemed to notice her mood. He stopped before they got to the door and looked at her. “Are you okay with this?” he asked her. “I’m nervous, but okay,” she smiled at him. “You would tell me if you weren’t, right?” “Of course I would. When have I ever told you what you wanted to hear?” she said, tilting her head as she looked at him.“Good point,” he nodded, and started walking a
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    8, Time for bed
    “Relax, Max, I didn’t expect you to be a monk. You’re an alpha, a good-looking one for that. I don’t care,” she chuckled and took a swipe of beer. He looked up at her. He still looked hesitant, as if it was a trap. Rayvin felt sorry for him and put her beer down and turned so that she faced him. “Listen to me, Max. I don’t care who you have seen or how many. As long as they are in the past, that’s where they will stay. Okay?” she said. He relaxed and smiled.“Okay,” he nodded, and took another sip of beer. “Besides, it’s not like I’m a virgin,” she said, making Mikael splutter out his beer and start coughing.“Are you okay?” she asked, worried.She let go of his hand and got up to gently pat him on the back.“You can’t say things like that,” he wheezed.“What? That I’m not a virgin? Do you have a problem with that?” she asked. Looking at him as he drew in a breath a little too quickly, which triggered another round of coughing. “No,” he finally got out. “But when you talk about it
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    9, A kiss
    “You have good reasons why you hold back Ray. I don’t have a problem with it. I’m happy,” Mikael smiled. Rayvin looked into his eyes and couldn’t help but to smile back. She was happy too, she never thought she would have this, and now she had Mikael. The thought was dizzying. “I really want to kiss you, Ray,” Mikael confessed.Rayvin acted before she had time to think it through too carefully. She put a hand on his shoulder and closed the distance between them. The moment their lips met sparks erupted throughout her body.Mikael seemed taken by surprise, but soon recovered and took a hold of her nape and deepened the kiss. His soft lips were demanding against hers, egging her on. His hand around her drew her in closer to him. As she let out a sigh in contentment, he let his tongue find its way into her mouth. Rayvin lost all concept of time as they kissed. Both her arms were wrapped around Mikael’s neck. His hand around her nape holding her tightly and with his other arm, he made
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