My Gangster Babysitter

My Gangster Babysitter

By:  Castiel  Ongoing
Language: English
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Love For The Wicked Book Four. Hot. Gorgeous. Feisty. Those were my first thoughts when I saw Benny Martinelli. Mine. The word flashed in my brain like a neon sign. That body, those piercing green eyes - even clouded with tears - drove me wild. Her mere presence sent my mind on a tailspin of indecent musing. If we were under normal circumstances, I would’ve owned her right then and there. But we were not. She was the Big boss’s long-lost daughter and Bossman’s kid sister. She was off limits, a demilitarized zone. Problem is, Bossman assigned me to protect her from her psycho ex-fiance. And the even bigger problem is, the more time I spend with her, the drive to make her mine grows deeper, overshadowing the mission given to me. I knew not to give in to my desire to touch her; I was smarter than that. Or I thought I was.

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    26 chapters
    1|The Accusation
    My Gangster Babysitter is the fourth book of the Love For The Wicked Series. This is a spinoff of Mrs. Martinelli, The Perfect Mafia Wife, and contains a few spoilers. Either way, this can be read as a stand-alone.Please don't forget to follow me on my lnstagram account Castiellj...~Benny~It felt like hours when in reality; it had only been five minutes. The clock was ticking. Shaving off the five minutes I’d been ogling this metal door, I only got twenty-five left before the guards swept the basement for their rounds.A decision must be made.There was a thick tension in the mansion since they captured Rylee Martinelli, wife of the Italian mafia underboss. I understood why everyone was on edge.For months, we had been preparing for this day. Tony Dominguez, a well-decorated FBI agent, came into my Paris apartment in October last year and told me a sickening tale of my past. Growing up, I had been asking my mother who my biological father was, and Tony answered that question for
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    ~Benny~What is the true definition of a mother? There are over one million definitions online if you look it up. But everything sums up to a woman who gave birth to a child. A female parent who acted on the responsibility of physical and emotional care for a child.Growing up, I had an excellent example of a loving mother, and I couldn’t ask for another… until today.“Benny!” she called, trailing behind me as I walked through the familiar hallway of Tony’s Granada mansion.To prove Rylee wrong, I went into the security room and checked the footage the last time Tony was here. And there, I saw the evidence of her accusations. My temper, boiling and fueled by anger for her allegations, swooped below the freezing point in nanoseconds. I kept staring at the monitor even when chaos occurred outside the security room.We were under attack. Although the room was sound and bulletproof, the blood bath outside played like a rolling movie on the monitors. I refused to believe Rylee’s words, bu
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    ~Kai~I glared at Hunter. He was trying his best not to roar out laughing but failing fucking miserably.I kept my distance from that annoying brat. Five feet away from her car, I took shelter under the tree’s canopy, nursing my bruised face and ego.She’s lucky she’s a girl, not just any girl but Bossman’s little sister, or else I would’ve recouped what she did to me ten folds. She sits quietly behind the wheels of her Rover, wiping her cheeks harshly every ten seconds. I don’t know why she’s crying. She looked hurt, but I checked out her body and found no injury.Yes, I fucking checked her out because she’s gorgeous. Her make-up-smeared cheeks only made her appear like a damsel in distress. Eyes so green, cute little nose and pouty lips. She kept running her fingers through her dark waves, musing them to perfection.A permanent current seemed to keep sizzling under my skin where we had been in contact earlier. My hands, my chest, and my legs. I had been with many women, but my body
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    4|The Losing End
    ~Kai~Twenty minutes. That’s how long I’d been confined in this car with Berenice, and I already regret following through with Klaus’ directive.Everything about her is driving my senses crazy. She hasn’t said a thing since we left the mansion. She kept on wiping her cheeks, staring out the window, and sniffing from time to time. She truly looks vulnerable, pained, and broken. But that is not what bothers me. I’ve been with women of all shapes and sizes and attitudes. It’s not my first time dealing with a crying chick.What bothered me was her mere presence, her scent, which filled the car with a sweet and comforting cinnamon scent. It had the opposite effect on me. Like a puppy, I wanted to sniff more of that scent. I want to smell it from the source. I want to grab her and bury my face in the crook of her neck. Better yet, rub her all over me.From my peripheral vision, I got to admire her closely without the danger of adding another purple blotch to my face. She wore a skin-tight s
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    5|Bad Princess
    ~Benny~Twilight blanketed the city of Granada when I reached the capital. My feet hurt. Sweat dribbled down my spine, but I still had to find a place to stay for the night.Taking the road and hitching a ride was off the table. That’s where Kai would look for me first, so I endured the five-mile walk from the convenience store to town.It’s an advantage that I know my way around the city. Before the night deepened, I fixed a change of clothing for tomorrow, a place to stay, awaiting dinner while the lavender-scented bubble bath alleviated my aching muscles.White foam oozing surrounded me like clouds above water. I rested my head on the bath pillow and stared at the cream-colored ceiling, warm overhead lights casting an intimate atmosphere in the bathroom.I sighed, concentrating on my next step instead of the pinching sensation in my chest. Dwelling with my pain is on the back end of my priorities. I might not have to deal with it if I end up dead. I have to get off of everyone’s ra
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    6|Sweet Smile
    ~Kai~Defiance was written all over her face. Those piercing green eyes burned with rage determined to burn me to the ground, and it’s fucking turning me on. I had to keep my hands busy with the food on the tray. My palms were itching to make her submit to me, to have a taste of the gorgeous brat standing before me in nothing but a bathrobe.Droplets of water dribbled down her exposed skin. My jaw clenches at the thought of her answering the door only wearing that. Her hair was a dark mess in a bun above her head. A few locks, wet from her bath, stick onto her neck. The robe ends in the middle of her thighs. I knew she had a gorgeous body, but her skin… damn, it’s tanned to perfection, and I want my lips to map every inch of her.If only she wasn’t my job. If only she wasn’t the boss’s daughter. I could look past her bratty attitude and make her mine. And fuck, I badly want to make her mine; it’s driving me crazy that she’s off limits.Staring at her right now, really staring at her e
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    7|Watchful Eyes
    ~Benny~ The lights were off. Slivers of moonlight’s silver streak fusing with the lamppost’s orange glow from the street passed through the gaps of the balcony drapes. Apart from utter silence, my uninvited company’s even breathing on the couch had been the only sound drifting inside the room. Eyes glued to the ceiling, I eyed the silhouette of a tree branch in front of the hotel swaying, moving in sluggish motion. The digital clock on the bedside table ticks every second. It was hushed as though a silent count down before I dropped a decision. I’ve been silently pondering on what I should do next. There are a lot of things I should consider. Kai and those three guns were a testament to my vulnerability and the power of the people I am trying to outwit. But my need to be left alone weighed heavier than my want to be safe. Today, the gravity of my choices hit me like a raging wave, a wake-up call. For months, I have depended on people around me. Tony, I let my love for him lead me
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    8|That Word
    ~Kai~ Other than me, there is someone else following Berenice. It’s different from those three in Granada; this one is professional. I don’t know when and where he picked up a trail of her scent, but I could feel the danger up close. I’m unsure if he realizes I am following Berenice, but whoever this was, he’s good. No one was following Berenice from the hotel to the cafe, University, and bus. The bus picked up tourists and travelers on the way here. Maybe he was one of the passengers. But I didn’t feel any threat until here. She glanced at her side and over her shoulder. The way her shoulders went rigid was a tell that she could feel eyes watching her as well. If something happens to her, it would be all on me. I shouldn’t have let her walk out of that room; now, I had put her in a dangerous situation. I only wanted to know what she was planning to do. Where she’d go and how she’d proceed after learning that Tony’s people were after her. Do a repeat of what I did in the hotel
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    9|A Delicate Flower
    ~ KAI ~ A pool of steaky crimson liquid on the ground was my indication that a bullet miraculously pierced the gunman. I pulled the trigger blindly, aiming to distract him, but one lucky bullet must’ve struck an artery. I followed the blood trail cautiously. Howls of police and ambulance sirens had already prevailed over the once busy atmosphere of the harbor, blanketing the air with anxiety and fear. Reaching the fifth corner away from Berenice, I still found no trace of the gunman. I need to find him, question him and eliminate him. I have to do it quickly. Keeping Berenice safe is still my top priority. Soon, the police will sweep these parts of the port. And once they discover the woman’s dead body, alarm and panic will soar. For decades, cartel wars cast fear on the people of Spain. Cases like this will likely draw excessive attention from the local and international media. And getting the Martinelli’s tangled in this mess is the last thing the Italian mafia needs. We already
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    10|First-Class Brat
    ~BENNY~Dread rose from the pit of my belly when I opened my eyes.The bed where I laid on my back sways. No, the entire room rocked in a steady, familiar, and daunting rhythm.I blinked hard, pushing away the pull to go back to sleep, ignoring the stabbing pain all over my body, particularly in my midsection and throat.Four corner lights diffuse a soft, warm glow on the room. The salty tang of the air made me nauseous. Realization dawned on me. I am in a cabin… in a boat. I couldn’t hear any other sound apart from the soft hum of the engine and the continuous crashing of waves. We are far from land; how far is the question and knowing the answer scared the shit out of me.Chills coiled down my spine. Thinking of anything other than how vast the waters were sailing is an impossible feat.I shook my head, clutching the white covers that pooled on my waist as I sat up. I closed my eyes and pinched myself, hoping to wake up from this nightmare, but no. The room was still the same when I
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