The Search for Freedom

The Search for Freedom

By:  Warren Remo II  Ongoing
Language: English
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Lil Ward was given a task by an old man named Cain. His mission was to eradicate a hundred wicked people in the world. He realized that killing people was an unjust thing itself, but though he didn't want to kill, he could not control his power that was forcing him to commit the heinous crime. Lil became busy helping people, but he was also killing those bad people. One day, he met a girl named Kaila Breaks, with whom he didn't expect to fall in love. Lil hid everything about his power from Kaila, because he knew that she would leave him if she knew that he was a murderer. In contrast to Lil's expectations, Kaila also had a power from the wicked woman named Alicia. Kaila was also using her power to kill those bad people, because of the task that was given to her by Alicia. One day, the path of Lil and Kaila would meet. The hundredth people that they needed to kill was themselves in order to get rid from the curses of Cain and Alicia. The tale will tell you how Lil and Kaila were destined to fight against each other. Will they change their fate? Who will sacrifice oneself to make the other survive? Will they just let destiny decide everything? Which one is more important to them, love or freedom?

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70 Chapters
1 The Trouble I Caused
LilThe sun was going down on the horizon. I could hear my own footsteps while walking down the street. I came from our school. The very old and wrinkled structures were aligned on both sides of the streets. Some people were sitting calmly on the chairs outside their huge houses while those children were playing. After a few minutes of walking, I arrived at the front of our house. Our house was just simple, and we were just as simple too.My mother was a vendor, while my father was a peasant. They both had not completed their schooling. My mother had only finished her elementary days, and my father was in high school. Because their families were indigent, they were forced to stop schooling and work instead. But though we were poor, my parents were rich in love. They always provided my necessities, such as shelter, food, clothing, learning, and love.I sometimes dream of becoming rich. I was envious of my classmates whose parents were giving them everything they wanted. I was envious o
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2 The Old Man
A day full of troubles had elapsed, and maybe that day was the worst day of my life because I got a wound from those bad boys, and my parents also fought because of me, although I didn't do anything wrong.How could I stop other people's discrimination? Those who would rejoice when they saw others suffering from the pain they had caused. What was it in me that they were doing that? Perhaps it was because I was poor and they were wealthy; it might have been because I was nice and kind; or perhaps it was because I didn't fight back.I was sometimes discouraged from going to school because of those bullies, but I also thought that I could not be successful if I did not continue my studies. How could I help those people who were oppressed by wealthy and wicked ones if I could not be successful? I would rather hurt than feel nothing at all.My mother might be already in the kitchen. She woke up early every day to prepare our breakfast while my father was still lying in bed. I sprang out of
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3 The Flash Report
KailaFrom the window of my bedroom, I could see that dusk had quickly arrived. While the darkness began to show, the moon and stars started to shine. It was already night, but I could recognize everything inside my room, for it was awash in the silver moonlight which would only disappear if I closed the windows.I could see the solid dark shadows that indicates the carriage house and the stables. The moon, like a thin wafer of pale lemon, hung impaled upon the slender shaft of a solitary pine standing on the grassy hill, but now covered with snow. Everything below seemed luminous, glowing dreamlike in the cold moonlight.The hither and thither movements of the cold air chilled me, so I closed the windows and lowered the pink drapes. I turned on the lights, took my pink backpack and notes to the desk, and answered my assignments.Though I had a wealthy family, I would never reckon with the servants and tutors. I wasn't an ambitious girl; I just wanted to live a simple life like anyone
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4 The Pinkish Cloud
I never found a way to fill all the silence. In the weeks that followed the greatest tragedy of my life, I jumped from my bed every morning, donned my pink sneakers, a black leather coat with a hood and went out of my dark room. Every morning, I would do a step-by-step move on the winding stairs and look at the paintings hanging on the wall.Whatever I would do, I could not forget my parents. Everything seemed gone from me: my happiness, my courage, and my weaknesses had scattered. The kind of life I had was meaningless; it did not had any destination; it was just flying with the cold breeze.Sitting on the concrete stairs in the front of the mansion, wist deep in thought because if I'd think of my parents, I didn't feel so alone. Looking at the groves and copses of trees came whip-crack sounds as the slight breeze moved their icy branches.The sunsets had changed. They were not as beautiful as they looked before. I had memories of my parents being everywhere around the mansion. I did
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5 The Injured Finger
Lil"Help! Help!" I shouted.I sprang out of my bed and realized that everything was just a bad dream. My room's door screamed decrepitude, and I saw my mother walking towards me in her old pajamas.The wooden bed was cracking when she sat down on it."Why were you shouting? Is there something wrong?" She queried."Nothing, I just had a bad dream and it seemed real," I replied."Dream? It's the first time that you've had a dream."Perhaps I shouted because I had never experienced having any dreams before. I always slept well every night, and I sometimes took a nap in the afternoon. Was there something wrong with why I had a bad dream?I remembered the old man who gave me a bluish cloud. He was the only weird thing that happened. He told me it was a power, but it seemed to have no effect. He might be fooling me too, and that didn't have any connection with my dream.He could be insane and was only trying to turn me into a monkey. Did I look so weak that many people were underestimating
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6 The Things I Admired
In my brain I screamed, "Yohoo—I can live forever!"I slightly shifted my hands on my chest back and forth several times. It was incredible! I could not believe that I had that kind of power. I didn't need to be afraid anymore. Even if someone tried to cut me into pieces, I would only laugh at them.Many impossible things have happened to me since I met that old, weird man. He was undoubtedly powerful, for he made my dream come true. I became a superhuman! But something crossed my mind: about the condition he wanted to tell me.I didn't know if I had that condition in order to become a superhero. I admitted it was my mistake. I didn't listen to what he wanted to say. However, I didn't worry too much, because there was nothing that could be hidden forever. I was pretty sure I would discover that thing soon.Though I already had the power, it never entered my mind to stop schooling. I wanted to see my classmates who were studying their notes, writing something on their papers, answering
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7 The Puzzle
KailaI was holding my chin on the windowpane, looking at the sky filled with low-flying snow clouds, though there was a break through which the sun shone. Some trick of prismlike crystal, some sun-and-moisture phenomenon, gave the falling snowflakes color, and as they materialized in the sunlight, twinkling downward, they seemed to vanish.I might have had a very long dream about the old woman who offered me a pinkish cloud. I didn't know what to believe. Perhaps everything was only a dream, because when I woke up, I was lying on my bed. Perhaps everything was only a dream and I fell asleep when I was having a conversation with my personal maid.I was feeling bored of sitting on the chair by the window. Just a while ago, when I woke up, I decided to open them so that the darkness would disappear. I realized that everything around me was not doing anything wrong to me, and it would be better if my bedroom wasn't dark, because darkness seemed to swallow me.Picture-perfect memories wer
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8 The Zombie Boy
Many days passed by, but I hadn't gotten any information about those merciless gangsters who killed my parents. I had already sent some men to find them. The police, too, didn't have any update regarding this. I should create posters telling people that they could receive a big reward if they could tell me anything about my parents' death.It was already night. I was alone in my room.I lie alone on my bed, listening to music and thinking of my parents until it hurts. But what else could I do? Tormented and torn apart.If my parents were not dead, I wouldn't be lying on that bed anymore. Perhaps I was playing outside the mansion, traveling to other places, sightseeing, and learning about how immense the world was. But everything that happened was the opposite of what I wanted.The light inside my room suddenly disappeared. I could see nothing but darkness. I could feel the cool air from the window's crack. The hairs on my arms and legs stood up as the diaphanous curtains danced with th
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9 The Two Ladies
LilIt was a sunny day. I occasionally visit our farm or the market to help my parents with their work. I wasn't a hard-working boy; I was only doing the things I could and wanted to do. Why should I do something I couldn't? Especially if there was no good reason for doing it?The life of a sixteen-year-old boy like me was so monotonous. From Monday to Friday, I walked back and forth between home and school. Sometimes, I frown and shrug while sitting on the bench, looking at the blue sky, wondering when I could ride my silver plane and go anywhere around the planet.Change was inevitable. Everything might change. My dreams, my appearance and identity, my learning, preferences, my beliefs, and many other things had changed. If in the past, I let someone bully me, then I would never let them do that again. I didn't believe in magic, but without doubt, it existed. Teacher Jayne was right: "You would only believe in something if you had experienced it."I took the road to the farm where m
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10 The Annoying Curse
Death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, death, deathI was lying down on my wooden bed with my hands on my nape. I hadn't slept well thinking about the crime I'd committed. I remembered the way my hands punched the two women.Those happenings were so fast, and as always, the regret was in the last part. It was all my mistake that I was so weak and there was nothing I could do to stop my hands from doing that crime. Perhaps that thing was part of the power the weird old man meant. If I wasn't mistaken, that power wasn't called power anymore, but a curse.What did I do wrong that the old man gave me that kind of power? It was just stupendous at first, but I could not squeamishly see that I
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