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What more could the 26 year old CEO Iris Summers need more in her life- other than a boyfriend? The Summers Inn Corporation is quickly rising through the ranks in the business world, she’s swimming in piles of money, and making a big name for herself. What she didn’t need, however, was becoming a mermaid. Iris’s life is turned upside down as dangerous family secrets are revealed, she learns to deal with her condition while working on a new resort, and a mysterious lover or two enter the picture.

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4 Chapters
Don’t you just hate it when you’re woken up from a deep sleep but have no idea why? This is exactly how Xzavier felt as he laid on his back with his eyes closed. He was irritated, knowing that this would be one of his last peaceful nights of sleep after bringing home his precious newborn daughter, but something had him on edge, what exactly? He didn't know. Xzavier’s instincts told him to keep his eyes closed, so that is what he did. He strained his ears listening for what had woken him up, but all he heard were the light inhales and exhales of his girlfriend lying next to him. Wait… the sound wasn’t coming from beside him on his bed, it was coming from his upper left. Xzavier was confused, why would his body be on such high alert when it was just his girlfriend, the love of his life, moving around the bed? He would soon find out.Xzaviers eyes shot wide open as two small, yet incredibly strong, hands suddenly found themselves wrapped around his neck. His girlfriend was straddled on t
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Chapter 1- When Everything Changed (Part 1)
“Yes, mmhm. Yup dad, I know. I love you too, now I gotta go” I say into my phone as I gather the last of my things off my desk before leaving for JFK International. “Make sure to call me when you get to the airport, then call again once you board the plane-“ “And call you again once I’ve landed” I say with a heavy sigh. “ Yes dad, I know the drill” my eyes roll as this exact conversation has played out a million times before. “You know we could just text.” “It’s not the same, not as genuine as hearing your voice.” He says in a gruff upset tone, like the little worry wort he is. “Yeah, yeah dad. Listen, I’ve actually got to go now or I’m going to miss my flight!” I nod my head towards the tall, blue eyed, blonde woman with curly hair waiting for me patiently right outside my office. She nods back and starts walking towards the elevators and I follow, my suitcase in tow. “You can’t miss your flight when you’ll be the only one on it. They won’t leave without you.” My father grumbl
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Chapter 2- When Everything Changed (Part 2)
I rapidly blinked my eyes after Mrs. Yoshida’s words registered in my brain. Did I hear that right? “Respectfully Mrs. Yoshida,” Martha started after suddenly jumping out of her seat,” That’s an impossible deadline.” “For you maybe, but not for me.” Veronica said cockily. “If Miss Summers doesn’t think she can meet this deadline, then I can sign a contract with Mrs. Burns right now.” Momoko said in a ‘go ahead, test me’ tone. “N-no!” I blurted out. I quickly regain my composure and put my hand on Martha’s,” I can most definitely get it to you by tomorrow night. I think my CFO here lacks some faith in her boss. I’ve done a lot more in less time.” Mrs. Yoshida nodded her head and gestured towards the conference room door,” Alright. I’m looking forward to seeing what you two come up with. Have a great night everyone.” We all started to file out of the room. I froze after a small yet sharp stinging sensation came from behind. Martha crashed into me after Mr. Yoshida passed by me
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Chapter 3- Transformation
I snapped out of it mid fall, like a fog had suddenly been cleared from my mind. A blood-curdling scream tore through my throat as I scrunched myself up into the fetal position. What the hell am I doing? Why on Earth would I jump, and in front of Emory? I’m going to die! The feeling of impending doom grew the closer I got to the water- which was pretty fast considering I was going at terminal velocity off of a hundred foot cliff in a dress and heels. I braced for impact as my body plunged into the freezing cold waters. My face and skin stung as the water met each other, like when you cannonball into a swimming pool. The stinging only lasted for a second before subsiding. Okay, I survived the initial fall. If I can get to the surface fast enough, maybe I won’t die from hypothermia. The moonlight illuminated what was under the water well (like when you wake up and check your phone at three am bright well), which was weird and also good because I could see how far I was from the surf
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