Cosa Nostra Lupus: Rogues to Luna

Cosa Nostra Lupus: Rogues to Luna

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Coraline (Cora) Paglione is the daughter of the worst criminal in Werewolf history. She is innocent and has no idea what her father does for a living. She lives a fairy tale life up until her sixteenth birthday. Then things changed, causing her to lose her innocence forever. How will she deal with what she saw that night? Better yet, how will she deal with the whole new life that has been handed to her?

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28 chapters
The sun shone brightly, casting a soft glow on Cora's cheek as the redhead breathed softly and evenly. If one were to look around the room, one would see wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with hundreds of books that she had read. On her door and on the ceiling were posters of cats, dogs, flowers, and even some bands. Her comforter/duvet was wrapped around her and she lay on two fluffy pillows and was surrounded by a dozen more. All of the throw pillows and the comforter were yellow and had sunflower patterns on them. Even the nightstand had fresh sunflowers that had been brought in first thing this morning, just as it had been every other morning before. Her lush carpet was a gold color that seemed to offset the mahogany wood paneling of the door that led to the hallway and to her ensuite bathroom. Little did she know, a rude awakening was now working its way up the stairs and down the hall toward her room, in the form of her big brother. He loved to pick on Cora whenever he got the
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Chapter 1
The sounds of the pups playing in the backyard woke her up and she glanced around her room. Over the past five years, it had gradually changed. Morphed from the young innocent girl that she had been at sixteen. The Teen heartthrob posters had been taken down, and her once bright yellow room had become dark. Black curtains and furnishings. Things were different now. After what she had witnessed, how could they not be? In one night, her happy innocent world had become one of danger, intrigue, and horror. She groaned and crawled out of bed, heading for the shower. After brushing her teeth and letting the water heat up, she removed her clothing and climbed in. She knew it was going to be another grueling day. Her father always made sure of that. She made sure the shower was quick and soon she turned the water off. Dripping from head to foot she reached for the fluffy towel that hung on the wall next to the shower. Her long red hair hung down her back. Quickly she gathered it up in the
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Chapter 2
Cora felt a tug on her sleeve and she looked down. The surprised look on her face wiped away once more as she gazed down at the culprit that dared touch her."Little A?"Her words earned her a scowl as she looked down into her nephew's adorable brown eyes. He was going to be celebrating his fourth birthday soon and she knew that he was excited about it.Kneeling down she took him into her arms The look of fear and worry seemed to emanate from him and she felt her heart go out to him. Despite who she was now, she still loved her family and pack members. Even if she was different. She couldn't be cold toward her little nephew no matter how hard she wanted to."Where's Bampa, Bamma, daddy, and mama?"She smoothed his soft blonde hair and stood up with him. Trying to find the right answer so she wouldn't scare him."You know what? They are protecting us. Making sure that we are all okay. Everything will be alright, you'll see. They want us to be safe."AJ had found his mate the night that
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Chapter 3
Cora felt the grip around her neck tighten as Tony himself felt the tension in her. He glanced at his mother and then lay his head on Cora's shoulder.  He was not a mama's boy, nor was he really a daddy's boy. His parents were usually busy and left him alone with his protector. A protector that was now out on the battlefield fighting along with his pack. Cora held his legs as she met the eyes of the head of the guard. Or that was who she assumed he was. "Beta Jax? Is this her?"The guard turned his blonde hair toward the man who made his way to the front of the group. The man walked over to her and she took a step back, growling lowly at his bold movements. Her wolf did not like this man coming so close. Read more
Chapter 4
The walk to the office was confusing as they left her quarters and descended a set of spiral stairs. Once at the bottom, she looked around trying to get a handle on the layout. The castle was huge, to say the least. Once she was out of her room, she realized that that was exactly what it was.A castle.At the bottom of the staircase was Beta Matthew."Princess Luna."He bowed to her and then straightened as he greeted her politely and with respect, then he led the way. Maya was on her left and Beta Matthew was on her right. She realized that she was being guarded and inwardly groaned.Her wolf groaned in protest. They were warriors. They didn't need protection. They needed freedom.After going down numerous halls and turning quite a few corners, they entered another long hallway. This one was wider and more majestic as they proceeded down the hall to the large double doors at the end.Once they reached them, the sound of a male with authority called out to them."You may enter."The g
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Chapter 5
Ana's POV Fifteen years earlier. Ana sat in the rocking chair rocking her daughter to sleep. It was a quiet night now that the rest of the pack were in their own homes or rooms in the castle. Her thoughts went to the beautiful redheaded pup in her arms and the memories of her birth made her smile. She gazed down at the small bundle in her arms. Alyssa was a quiet little girl. She was sweet and loving to everyone she met. At least this was what Ana had observed in her pup. Alyssa loved the typical things other pups her age did. She could see the strength in her eyes even though she was so young. For some reason, Ana knew that her daughter had been born to be a leader and would do great and powerful things. Some good and some bad. But still powerful. She'd had visions of her daughter in the future as a strong powerful Luna, mother, and queen. The weekend had been long and Alyssa had just turned six. They had an elaborate weekend planned for their daughter. Friday night was for we
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Chapter 6
The room remained a silent hush as she gazed at her father. The only man she ever remembered as her Alpha and her dad. After a moment everyone let out a breath and the couple was bound and escorted out of the room. They would not be allowed to see Coraline again. "NO!!" Cora tried to follow, but she was retrained as the only parents she had ever known was taken from the room. She looked helplessly over to the man that claimed to be her father and Alpha, her eyes narrowing as she spoke. "You can do what you want to me, but I will never be your daughter and you will never have my love, loyalty, or respect. I am a Paglione through and through and I will not betray my family." The coldness in her eyes reflected the anger she felt inside. Her world had just been turned upside down and she had no idea what was happening. Why she had been brought here and why so many packs had been trying to take her Pack down? Once they had her seated once more, Jeffey gazed at his daughter. Ana was
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Chapter 7
The sun bore down through the window, waking Cora from a long restless night. Immediately she pulled the covers over her head and she groaned in frustration. For a brief moment, she thought she was back at home as she felt Andrew pounce on the bed, calling her name. He bounced a few more times and then lifted the covers to peer underneath at her closed eyes and thinly pressed lips."Come on Cor! I am hungry and I want to go down to breakfast. Please, hurry!"Cora was amazed at how he seemed to settle into his new surroundings and she moaned at him, ready to remind him who he was and where they came from. She didn't want him to forget he was a Paglione and that they didn't belong here.That was another problem she was working on. She wanted to figure out a plan so that she could take him and go back to their pack. She wondered if any of them were still alive. Crossing the line into the new pack, she had not thought to reach out through the mind link once she was in the castle.She gla
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Chapter 8
Two weeks had passed since Cora and Andrew had arrived at the Royal Pack. Cora's plans to leave had evolved even more. They were not ready yet, but soon, she hoped. Jeffrey had hired the pack psychiatrist to work with Cora whenever she could. It was just simple things at first. Things to try and get her to remember anything. Anything at all.Catie was an Elder of the pack and she had known Cora when she was Alyssa. She had often reminisced about the sweet little girl that she remembered. She knew that Alyssa was in this tall beautiful woman that she saw now. She just didn't know how to reach her yet.Today it was a doll."Alyssa....erm....Cora, hold this and tell me what you are thinking.Cora sat on the couch in the sitting room in her suite. Andrew was in school once more and out of the suite for the day.Uncrossing her legs she leaned forward to take the item from the woman and then leaned back to stare at the doll. She was almost hoping that something would spark and that she wou
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Chapter 9
Eight years earlier. The Alpha King stood by the door of his office waiting for the young girl to enter. It had been a month since her parents had died and she wanted revenge on the rogues that did it. At thirteen she was one of the best fighters that he had. Not because she was stronger than his other warriors, but because she knew every move and how to execute it. She knew how to stay out of the reach of others that wanted to kill her. Still, in his eyes, even though she was still just a kid, he knew that she would be able to handle the adult mission that he was about to send her on. It was a long shot, but if it helped him find his daughter, the princess, then it would be worth it. The pint sized child walked into his office and sat down when he motioned to the chair in front of his desk. He knew that she would want to take the mission he had planned out. When he sat down across from her, he gazed at her a moment. Jesse gazed back out him with curiousity. The look in her eye
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