Marry Me, Marry You

Marry Me, Marry You

By:  Hazel  Ongoing
Language: English
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“Gabrielle, there's something we need to tell you," my dad started. I could feel my heart beating so fast, and I don't know why. But I feel like this was going to be a bad news. "I made a promise with my good friend, while we were in college — We promised each other that our children would get married."

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4 chapters
Chapter 1
The teacher's voice in the front of the class was fading away as my wish for sleep overtook my brain. Suddenly, the bell brought be back from my sleepiness and into my classroom.Stressed about completing a history assignment that is due today, I went to sleep late last night and could fall asleep any minute. I am hoping I get a good grade on it, because I worked too hard on it to get anything below an "A." I do everything I can do to maintain all "A's and I was planning to keep it that way until I graduate.Everyone in the room started to rush out the classroom door, leaving me behind while I shove all my books into my bag. I zip up my bag, and head out the class, walking to my locker to grab my things and head home.I hear my phone start ringing from in my pocket. Mentally scolding myself for not putting it on silent, I take it out and read the caller ID.Rosilla.Rosilla has been my parent's secretary since I was little, if she was calling than it must be something related to my pa
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Chapter 2
Mom had left to the dining room, she had to be by dad's side to greet the guests. It was now only Bianca, Gio, and I in the room."Oh, baby, it's okay," Bianca tries to comfort me."No, it's not," I say, my voice hoarse from crying. Gio took out a blue handkerchief from his black suit before giving it to me. Gratefully, I use the handkerchief to clean the mess on my face."Dad is always so controlling over everything, I'm so sorry," Gio tells me sincerely, while Laura consoles me by rubbing my back."You have to take a deep breath and relax. Just imagine everything is going to be fine," she smiles at me."Come on, they're waiting for us," Gio said, then leads us into the dining room. Bianca puts her arm around me. I try my best not to cry. I hope it is going to be just fine, like what Bianca had told me.We got into the dining room, the lights of the dining room are brighter than usual, and food filled the long dining table. I look around, and my eyes suddenly land on a familiar figur
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Chapter 3
The bleachers were getting filled by people here to support our school's football team. Jacob brings two big bowl of popcorn and two cups of soda for us.The cheerleaders are stretching on the side of the football field, and they looked gorgeous. Everyone in my school dreams of becoming a cheerleader but not me, I'm different from the other's and I feel like I don't fit in. I was also scared to fall from high up.The football players start to walk into the field, which makes everyone go crazy. The boys, in a line, walk onto the field one by one. Enrico runs out from the cheerleader's gate. Zeus', the only player that has yet to walk onto the field, passes through the gate and a roar of screams attacks my ear. However, his eyes were focused on the field and his face was just as dull as any other day. He didn't spare a single glance to his supporters. He holds his football helmet in his hand and his expression was calm.The players stand in a circle while the coach talks to them about t
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Chapter 4
A week has passed everything went just normal, Zeus and I still act like a normal friend and nobody knows about the arrangement.One of our friends from school invited us to party tonight at a bar, and I heard everyone is going to come to the party to have fun.Franki is the one who's going to drive us to the bar tonight, she said she's going to pick me up at 9. It sounds wild when we go to a party every Friday, but trust it doesn't always like that.I'm ready and now I'm waiting for Franki to pick me up. I've promised myself that I'm not going to get drunk tonight, I have plans for tomorrow. I don't want to ruin my Saturday morning by waking up late with blurry vision.After a while, my phone suddenly rings and I can see Franki's face popped on my phone screen. I picked it up and she said that she is already outside. I turn the tv off then walk into the lobby,"Get in bitch!" Franki shout at me and it makes me laugh.I got into the car, I found that my girls look so gorgeous tonight.
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