Broken Bond

Broken Bond

By:  C.J. Primer  Completed
Language: English
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"And let me guess, you're a bad boy type, huh?" Callum grins menacingly, running his tongue over his straight white teeth. "The worst, babe." ********** VANESSA : I'm a good girl. I don't get into trouble, I don't break curfew, and I don't even date. I broke my own rules for him; the man that so many people fear. I thought I saw a side of him that nobody else did, that he wasn't the monster people made him out to be. I knew my prayers were answered when I discovered he was my fated mate, and hoped that the two of us would live happily ever after together. I never expected him to leave the next day and break me in unimaginable ways. I never imagined he'd become the villain in my story. ********** BROKEN BOND is a full length paranormal romance novel with darker themes that may be triggering to some readers. While it is connected to the six-pack series universe, it is a standalone novel. The story will end with a HEA, but it may not come about in the way you expect.

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43 Chapters
CALLUMA lot of little boys idolize superheroes. I’ve always identified more with the villains.It’s not like I had designs on growing up to become some sort of evil mastermind, but some part of me has always recognized that desperate darkness that lurks beneath the surface of the villain in the story. The tortured soul behind the manic façade.Nobody roots for the villain, and nobody has ever rooted for me, either. My stepdad ensured that by painting me as the black sheep of the family from the moment I took my first breath. I was always the problem child, the nuisance he was forced to live with but never wanted. The product of an anonymous hookup that my mother regretted before I was even born, because she met the love of her life when she was six months pregnant with another man’s child. A man I’d never meet, because apparently, he didn’t want me either.Ain’t life a bitch?The villain in the story never comes out on top, but you’ve gotta admire their tenacity. The world’s against
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VANESSAI’ve never been a big drinker, but if all alcohol was masked by the taste of cherry Kool-Aid, I’d probably be a lush. I’m a big fan of cherry anything. Cherry lip gloss, cherry gum… even just straight-up maraschino cherries from the garnish tray at the bar where I work. I’m not sure what else is in this jungle juice, but it’s officially my new favorite drink.Vienna has vacated her spot beside me in favor of joining Levi on the other side of the couch, and a blonde guy slips in to steal her place, tapping my cup with his own. “Want a refill?”I turn to meet his hazel eyes, giving a little shake of my head. “Nah, I should probably pace myself,” I say, all too aware of how easily the first half of this drink has gone down. “I’m driving.”“Fair enough,” he replies easily, reclining back on the couch and stretching his arms, not so subtly propping one onto the top of the cushion behind me. It’d be a smooth move if he wasn’t so painfully obvious about it. “I’m Miles, by the way.”“
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CALLUM When the party finally starts winding down, Nessa and her friend take off, and I’m oddly disappointed when she goes. Not that I expected her to linger in hopes of an invitation to stay. A lot of girls pull that move at the end of the night, but that doesn’t seem to be Nessa’s M.O., if she even has one. I still can’t figure that girl out. Everyone has damage, but she must be really good at hiding hers, because I’m stumped. She just seems so… pure. And I have no idea why the fuck she chose to spend her evening with me, of all people, because I’m decidedly not. So, I can only conclude that she’s either a danger junkie or honestly can’t see the monster beneath my skin that’s so apparent to everyone else. Either way, she held my interest all night, and a girl hasn’t done that since… ever. When she leaves, it’s like she takes all the energy in the room with her. I’m about to call it a night, but then Miles sparks up a joint and I’m compelled to linger a little longer. It’ll help me
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VANESSAHere’s the thing- I don’t give out my phone number to guys. Ever. So imagine my surprise when I was stocking the coolers at work this morning and my phone vibrated against the bar top with an incoming text message from Callum Conway.His number wasn’t saved in my phone, but I immediately knew the message was from him, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out how he got ahold of my digits. The sneaky devil must’ve sent himself a text from my phone when he was checking out my music last night. If it were anybody else, I’d probably be annoyed with the underhanded way he went about getting my number, but instead I found myself smiling down at my phone, heart pounding as I considered how to respond.Exchanging messages is harmless, right? At least that’s what I kept telling myself as we texted back and forth all morning while I smiled down at my phone like a fool. I might’ve gotten away with it, too, if I wasn’t working the same shift as my best friend. Vienna knows I don’t giv
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CALLUMThe Cedar Ridge ski resort is a winter tourist trap that sits just outside the edge of the six-pack’s territory, owned and operated by the six shifter packs that reside within. Since we generally keep to ourselves, the ski resort was built as an income stream to keep our towns afloat, as well as the Cedar Ridge brewery just down the road. The ski resort is shuttered in the summer months, but the brewery is open all year round so we have consistent revenue. It’s a smart setup, but it also tempts us into wandering off-territory more than we probably should.My boys and I spend a lot of time at the ski resort in the winter, though we generally stay away from the human tourists as best we can since one of the fundamental rules of shifter culture is to keep our existence a secret. We’ve all been snowboarding for years, and we take full advantage of the fact that we’ve got a full-service ski resort right in our backyards. The runs here are second to none, and while the guests staying
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VANESSAI feel him before I see him, watching me from a dark alcove near the front entrance of the bar. Always watching.When Callum steps out, he looks like a demon emerging from the shadows. His are teeth bared in a malevolent grin, his sharp jawline illuminated by the neon bar sign hanging in the window beside him. His name leaves my lips in question as my eyes drink in the sight of him; tall, broad-shouldered, and dressed in dark denim, a faded grey t-shirt, and a beat-up black leather jacket. His hair is deliciously disheveled, a stray lock flopping down over his forehead and skimming his browline.He’s the picture of a beautiful nightmare; a bad boy fantasy come to life. My pulse races in nervous excitement as I swivel away from the front door of the Stillwater Tap to take a step in his direction instead.“Hi.” My voice comes out in a breathy whisper; so damn husky that I hardly even recognize it. “Hi,” he answers back in that deep, raspy timbre.I shiver.My heels snick again
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VANESSA“I’ll be out of your hair in a few days,” Vienna explains to my mom as she takes a dish of green beans from her hands.“Oh, stop,” Mom scolds, swatting Vee on the butt with a kitchen towel. “You know you’re welcome to stay as long as you like. We love having you here!”I pick up a basket of rolls, shooting my friend a wide grin. “Yeah, just think of it as an extended sleepover!”She smiles wryly, following me to the kitchen table to deposit the food. The whole house smells amazing- my mom always cooks hearty dinners, but she pulls out all the stops when we have company. Although Vienna can hardly be considered ‘company’- she’s practically family. This isn’t the first time Vee has crashed at my house, but it’s the first time she’s arrived with a duffel bag in tow and expressed her intention of staying for longer than a single night. I’m glad she did. When she called me early this morning, I could tell by the tone of her voice that something was wrong, and when she showed up a
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CALLUM The sound of a fist rapping loudly against my apartment door rouses me from a dead sleep. I’m a little disoriented as I lift my head from the pillow, swiping drool from the corner of my mouth with a forearm while using my other elbow to push myself up against the scratchy cotton sheets. What time is it? The knocking continues. Whoever’s there isn’t giving up, so I pry myself from bed with a groan, the rusty old springs of my mattress answering with a groan of their own. Finding my feet and blinking against the harsh sunlight streaming in through the blinds in my bedroom, I swipe a pair of sweatpants off the floor and stumble into them as the pounding on my front door continues. “I’m coming!” I growl out, not even attempting to mask my annoyance. A quick glance at the clock on my nightstand tells me it’s 10:30 a.m., which is about typical for my fucked-up sleep pattern. Still, with how deeply I was sleeping, I could’ve gotten another hour in if this prick wasn’t pounding on m
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VANESSALike always, I feel him before I see him. The energy in the air shifts somehow, almost crackling, and I know he’s nearby. I glance toward the tall rocks that line the outer edge of the natural hot springs, listening to the sound of crunching snow as he strides closer, still out of sight. I blow out a slow breath that fogs the air in front of me, mingling with the steam rising from the pool of warm water.Callum finally comes into view as he rounds the rocks, brows lifting as he takes in the sight of the crystal-clear water and my state of partial undress. “Well… this is a surprise,” he drawls, stalking closer.I sent him the location by dropping a pin so he could use the maps feature on his phone to find his way here. This place is technically off-territory, located on the grounds of the Cedar Ridge ski resort. It’s easy to get turned around in these woods, so the resort offers guided trips out here for guests who want to take a dip in the natural hot springs- but since I work
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CALLUMI leave the hot springs with the worst blue balls of my fucking life. I go straight home, hop in the shower, and jack my dick to get the poison out, but then I start thinking about the sounds Nessa made when she was falling apart on my fingers and I’m instantly hard again.So I jerk off twice.Even then, it’s not enough- not when I can still picture the flush of her cheeks right after she came, how swollen and puffy her lips were as she fought to catch her breath.I’ve never been a giver. When I’ve hooked up with girls in the past, it was always about my own pleasure, not theirs. I didn’t kiss them if I could help it, and I sure as hell didn’t rub them out without getting anything in return. I grew bored with hookups quickly, and then it got to a point where I stopped even bothering because it was easier to just jerk off to relieve the tension rather than hassling with the neediness of another human being.But this is different because of the bet, right? Nessa isn’t easy prey;
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