Fated for the Alpha

Fated for the Alpha

By:  T L Nichols  Updated just now
Language: English
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Chloe was just 16 when her parents woke her in the middle of the night with their screams. When she went to see what was wrong there was a tall figure in the dark, standing on its hind legs yet looked like a beast with piercing amber eyes staring down at her parent before slashing though them. Chloe screamed and when they caught eyes something screamed to her to "RUN". So she ran, out the back door and into the woods behind her house. The voice in her head screaming to her to keep running and so she did, as fast as she could without looking back. Suddenly she could hear something running towards her, getting closer and closer till she was finally caught. Screaming and thrashing as best as she could til hearing a voice telling her to calm down. She looked up at him, he looked concerned and she was terrified. Panicking, looking around her and seeing nothing but darkness except this man holding her, she passed out in his arms. He looked down to her, brushing her hair from her face, lifting her and carrying her to the pack doctor. He could sense her wolf but was unsure of where she had come from.

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79 Chapters
Just the start
"Wake up Chloe!" 'Crap! You over slept again and now moms screaming for you, can't believe you hit the snooze button again' internally yelling at my self once again. I get up stretching my back and hop out of bed and run to the shower to grab a quick one to wake myself up. Finished showering and dressed, I put on my converse and look at myself in the mirror, jean shorts with a slipknot shirt my jean jacket and my red converse, yeah that works for today I guess. I walk down the hall and turn the corner to my mom tapping her watch at me and I rolled my eye's, "I know I'm late, I'm sorry mom. Can you give me a ride still tho?" I asked looking at her with my puppy dog eye's, she rolled hers back at me, smirked "Hurry up and get in the car, you know when you are late you make me late too". Finally we get the school as I jump out, blow a kiss back to her then race off to class. My day goes by like a typical day. I don't really like school, my classes are boring as they are way to easy for
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Everything changed
***SCREAMING***I jump up to the sound of my mother screaming like I've never heard before. 'Don't go out there! Run!' my head tells me but I open my bedroom door and freeze, unable to process what I am seeing, every light in the house is off, I could see the outline of my mom hovering over my father, the moonlight shining through the window onto her as she sobs. I can hear her breathing heavily between the sobs and sounds of desperation, her face turned up in fear and that's when I saw him? It? what was I seeing!? It stood like a man but larger than any man I had ever seen, claws like a beast and pointed ears like a dog, standing up like a man yet not a man, his eyes glowing amber when I see him slash down at my mom and hear a blood curdling scream and realize it was mine, it snapped it head towards me, making complete eye contact 'Run Chloe!!!! RUN NOW' and so I did, down the hall and out the back door, into the woods scared to death, not understanding what I just witnessed. 'Keep r
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Lucas's POVOut on my typical nightly run. The moon was full and beautiful tonight, I shed my skin and started barreling through the woods on all fours, the wind skimming through my fur, this is when I felt the most alive. I just turned 18 at midnight and the only thing I wanted to do was run, it was later than I usually go but I wanted to wait for my birthday. As I was enjoying my time running to my favorite clearing I heard what sounded like sobs, not a wolf but a person, a girl, I sniffed the air and could smell lilacs and peppermint wafting through the breeze towards me, I stopped in an instant, frozen in my tracks, I followed the scent, overcome by it when I saw her, running, terrified but looking like she was about to collapse, I ran shifting as I got to her and grabbed her. She screamed and swung her arms trying to hit me, she was weak, tired and from the looks of her she had been running for quite some time. Her clothes where ripped apart barely covering her. I spoke softly to
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A new day
Chloe's POVWhen I woke again, I was calmer than before, as I looked around the room I saw him, laying his head on the side of the bed sitting in a chair sleeping. His hair was in his face and he looked so handsome. 'He is perfect, those cheekbones and that perfectly square jawline, his lips were soft looking and so kissable, he was built like a truck, rippling muscles all over him and his deep brown hair long on top and shaved on the sides, so smooth and silky looking I just want to run my fingers through it' 'wow shut up! it's like I'm in love with him or something, it's just infatuation because he saved me, nothing more' 'you are crazy! he is perfect and we want him' 'wait we? since when did I start referring to myself as more than one person?' 'We are more than one person, well I guess just one person and then me' 'you aren't a person? Omg I hit my head and now I am completely crazy right? I always knew hearing my thoughts was crazy but now I've reached a new level of crazy right,
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Chloe's POVWhile my head was telling me to stay my body just relaxed into Lucas's body. He smelled sweet yet earthy and it was intoxicating. I tried to stop crying and eventually felt myself drifting back off to sleep while wrapped in his arms.I awoke, in what seemed like hours later as it was now dark in the room and the light was off. Still feeling him around me I looked up to him as he was sleeping in the bed with me holding onto me so tight it kept me feeling at peace. I tried to sit up but he pulled me even closer to his chest and then he whispered to me "Don't go, I want to keep you with me" I looked up at him and he opened his eyes, those piercing blue eyes and I felt my whole body tremble at his words. "I don't have anywhere to go, they were all I had left in my life" the tears building again "I will stay with you, if you are positive about me staying, I don't want to be an inconvenience or make anyone feel out of place" he looked down to me and gently touch my face rubbing
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New surroundings
Chloe's POV As we walked out of the hospital I realized we were in a town I had never seen before. With wide eyes I looked all around in a state of shock to having no idea where I was anymore. I thought I was in town, my town, I thought I would see my school and the coffee shop I liked to go to some days after classes but I wasn't there, I was somewhere brand new. I looked over at Lucas who was watching me intently with a smile on his face, unsure what to say I smiles shyly back at him and then continued looking all around us.'Wow this place is beautiful Callie, but I have no idea where we are? How can we be here? There is no town close to ours and yet here we are. I mean I couldn't have run so far that we ended up in a completely different area. and Lucas said he went to the house, I don't understand...' 'Chloe, I am just as confused, I know we didn't run to a whole other town, we couldn't have run that far, we didn't run for more that 20 minutes but look around us! This place is a
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Through her eyes
Lucas's POV When we walked out of the hospital I looked down to her and saw the expression on her face when she looked around at her new surroundings, I can't tell if she was nervous or not. The realization that she wasn't where she probably thought she was hit her but she looked almost at peace with it. I didn't want to say anything, just wanted her to be able to take it all in and only answer her if she questioned anything. When we got to the car and she got in, I took in a deep breath, put her bag in the trunk before climbing in next to her. I couldn't help but look at her, constantly watching her expressions, she truly says everything with her eyes, they speak volumes, she looked at me and I could tell she realized I was watching her with a ridiculous grin upon my face and she smiled ever so shyly before looking down and then back to the window. It took everything in me to not want to touch her face so she would look at me again, those deep eye staring into mine, instead I just k
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My room
Chloe's POV As Lucas leads me up the stairs of the house I looked either way down long halls that have many doors, wondering why there seems to be so many rooms when I assumed just his parents, sister and himself lived here yet it looked like they housed a ton of people, like the people in the loving room, I wonder if they stay here also. 'This place is way bigger inside that I thought it would be, kind of intimidating, we could get lost' I laugh at myself 'yeah definitely don't want to get lost in here, our luck we would never find the kitchen again' 'oh yeah, I can't wait to go in there and look around, wonder if they will let you cook, I miss your food Chloe' I smiled at that and saw Lucas look to me and smile at me. As we made our way up a second flight of stairs I noticed that there was only 3 doors on this floor. He went to the second door and reached for the knob, turning it slowly before pausing and looking to me "I hope this room is okay for you, you will have your own bathr
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Chloe's POV Standing in my towel, feeling very exposed as I stare at the smiling face in front of me. "You're Chloe, right!?" "Ummm.. Yes... Are you Austen?" I could barely make eye contact "Yes! I am so happy to finally meet you!!! I hope you don't mind, sorry for just bursting in here I thought I'd be back out before you came out of the bathroom. I forgot to put some stuff in here that I got you. When my brother went and got stuff for you from your house he was a bit embarrassed about going through your panties" she chuckles "so I went and got you some when I got some clothes for you so I wanted to bring them in here so you had some stuff, hope you don't mind." I was a bit stunned, I didn't even think about that, and it's cute he was shy and didn't grab those. "Wow, thank you so much I can't believe you did all that for me. I don't know what to say." I was so thankful, looking at her I was in awe of her beauty, she looked a lot like Lucas, perfect waist length hair that was a beaut
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Spending time together
Chloe's POV Walking into the kitchen was like a dream, it was huge and had dark gray marble counter tops with white cabinets and a giant island in the middle where there was a flattop stove. The dining table was in here also, which could seat like 14 people at a time. The chandelier had to be my favorite, it was so intricate with different little crystals hanging from where the candle like lights were, if the sun hit it just right the whole room would light up in a variety of colors.Lucas sat me at the counter on a stool while he started taking out food "What's your favorite foods to eat?" He glanced over to me "I love everything, I'm not really picky but my favorites are steak and pizza" I lightly laughed as he stared at me and then a smile grew on his face and turned back to the fridge. He took out some of the biggest steaks I had ever seen and I felt my stomach grumble. "I am going to make us steak, do you like potatoes too?" "I love potatoes, anyway you can make them" I was exci
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