The Tyrant Master and I

The Tyrant Master and I

By:  Ivy Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Esmeralda Peters had never thought her life would be that of a fairytale or maybe a nightmare. Living in the Eastern part of LA, she stayed away from the Local Mafias and their doings. But then, it was of no use. One way or the other..she had become the Mafia's obsession and she hated it. Her father being the gambler he was known for had gone ahead to gamble the devil's money. He was a brutal being, but she was everything an angel could possess. He was a killer, she was just a normal girl who wanted nothing but a mundane life like others, but NOW, there was no escaping her Monster.

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8 Chapters
Chapter 1The small door opened widely, as she peered her eyes inside.She'd met many people who wanted her dead but none took her to a place like this.It smelt of death, and she hated the stench!"Where is this place Ralda?? Are we going to die now and go to heaven?" Her little sister started whimpering.She sure didn't like it here. Neither did the little girl. "We're going to be fine Chelsea. Stop crying." She tried to console her younger sister but she didn't listen.The little one's whimpers turned to yells. Ralda couldn't do a thing.. she didn't even know why they were there.But then... She knew who might be the reason. "Who brought us here Ralda?" She cried the more, burying her head into her sister's big skirt.Esmeralda's eyes blurred with tears too. "I'm so sorry Chelsea.. but I don't know." She whimpered.Just a while ago... they were at home.About to eat the leftover she had brought from work.That was the only thing she could remember, as she racked her head.
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Chapter 2"Time to go Princesses." Was this real at all? Five Million Dollars... Just Two days!!" Please we're so sorry. We'll pay but give us extra time." She began yelling... As if her sense had come in at that time."Stop yelling princess... he's long gone. Prepare the money in Two days." The Macho man said as he scratched his head.Her eyes went to the man talking. Was he crazy? Or does he have loose nuts??How the hell was she going to get that sum of money in Two days?They were penniless, they had nothing at all. Nothing.How could he?? Did she think? Her hand was suddenly grabbed.. making her yelp in pain.She let the tears fall... As she was been dragged away like she weighed nothing.This was all because of her father?? That man had dealt with them.How could he die after gambling away so much money?? How could he??And their mother?? That Witch had abandoned them ever since they were kids."What kind of cruel world was this??" She wondered as the tears left he
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Chapter 3" I don't care how you do it, Josh makes sure the drugs leave the warehouse tonight." A man's deep thick voice was heard in a dark room with only a glint of light coming into the house through the one-sided window that was opened."Boss.. that's not possible. It's late and the bureaus are taking a walk around the other shore." A shaky voice was heard from the other line."Are you defying my orders, Josh?" He asked his forehead knitting to a frown."Huh? Never Sir. I can never do that.""But what if... We don't get the goods back and it's taken by the bureau?" The shaky voice was heard again."Then make sure they don't take it... Do it now." The deep voice came again.The call was cut off.He heaved a deep breath and walked towards the light. He covered the room preventing any further light from entering.His phone rang and he picked it up."Hey, Brian." The other person yelled."Stop yelling when Calling me Wilson. What is it?" He asked."Did you get it back? The Money?" T
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Chapter 4She wasn't even aware that they were back home.Her eyes had been turning in circles... And her headache had increased."Chelsea." Her cracky voice called out, as she stood up from the small bench in their small room.She walked into the bedroom and found her little sister curled up in bed... Fast asleep.They didn't even eat the food that she had brought from work. How did they even get back?How come she didn't remember anything at all? Was she drugged? She wondered."Ralda. Ralda." She heard the little one whimper in bed. "Ohh... Sorry darling, I'm right here.""It's just a nightmare," Ralda said, comforting her sister... As she lay down with her on the bed.She kissed her forehead and hugged her tight...and soon fell asleep.****** Aaaaaaq... The morning alarm rang loudly in the small room.Jerking Ralda up quickly. She woke up instantly and sat on the bed."Huh?" Little Chelsea woke up too and frowned."Go back to sleep Hunny, I'll go prepare breakfast so you
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A Maxwell?
Chapter 5 "Hello, Grandma?" His face scrunched up. Why was she calling? He wondered."You know what it is today, Right?" His Grandma said, in her low voice."I don't care what day it is Grandma, it doesn't change the fact that he died due to his stupidity." His voice came out harshly."Stop it, Brian, stop yelling, your father loved you." The older woman was close to crying."Stop crying for someone that's not worth it, Grandma. Cause I won't be coming for that thing or whatsoever." He said and hung up.Shit! He had planned on not getting angry today.He slumped down on a chair. "What?" He yelled, picking up his phone that was ringing loudly in his ears.He didn't even look at the screen. "Take it easy there, Wolf. It's me, Matt." Matt said."What is it, Matt?" Brian asked, taking a glass of Bacardi rum In his hands."You've forgotten or you don't wanna come," Matt said, more like a question."About what?" He asked. "Stop it, bro, about Sylvester's Party," Matt replied."Hm."
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Her trouble
Chapter 6"A Maxwell??" Somehow the name sounded familiar. "They were a lot of Maxwell. Right?"Ralda thought as she arranged the table. "God!" She had never attended VIPs before.Why now? She thought.She looked up and saw Sophie giving her a thumbs up. "You rock girl." Sophie squealed.She chuckled.. shaking her head. If only she didn't know about that Five Million Dollars.Are head would be calm and she would be thinking straight. With that huge amount to pay off... She was sure she would get sleepless nights." It's your turn Pretty. Get in before he roars your name." She heard Esme say.Tch!! Life was always ready to throw rocks at her.Couldn't it at least throw fewer rocks.. and more pillows??***At a certain Royal Crown Hotel.A large, Grand ballroom had been cautiously set up for what seemed to be a very classy event.Golden Chandeliers dangled from the glittering ceiling.An environment for the rich.. and high-class people.A BMW drove into the parking lot..and
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Chapter 7Esmeralda stood by the VIP room, she had never felt this anxious in her whole life.Her eyes trialed to the door and oh God! She almost jumped up when a customer walked in and smiled at her."Hey, Carlos." She waved at him and his smile broadened."Hi, Ralda."The name Maxwell sounded familiar but then she was going to make it work.A week ago, Lucy had reserved the table for one of their VIP and he had given her a huge sum of money for her job well done.If she could only meet that person again, she'd be free from her debt-full self."Good day Mr. Maxwell, your table has been reserved." She smiled at the man that was walking toward the VIP section."I am Troy Negatti and Mr. Maxwell is on his way." The guy smiled at her and she nodded foolishly.Damn! this was not going to work.The doorbell rang and when her eyes met the person that had walked in, She jerked.. moving back."Mr. Maxwell." It was a statement, not even a question and when his eyes traveled up...he smiled."Hm
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Let's Begin
Chapter 8When she woke up, she was in a dark room with only a little light coming through the half-opened window.She looked around and sighed.She was doomed!Her head seemed to click and she looked around.What about her sister? What about Chelsea?Her legs seemed to be chained and when she tried to move, it hurt her the more.This was not normal, her life was never going to be normal.She knew how things like this ended.She would be claimed by that man to be his mistress? Slave and then after some times, he'd dispose her or kill her after all, May had said that he had beaten up the guy named Kevin.The door opened and she frowned when an older woman walked in with a tray of food."Hi dear." She smiled but Ralda didn't smile back.Trust no one, she was expected to trust no one but herself.Right there, who ever would help her or whatsoever...she was not expected to trust.She rubbed her forehead and hissed."What are you doing?" Ralda asked."Isn't it obvious? I'm arranging your f
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