Cursed Luna

Cursed Luna

By:  Zale_Valrez   Updated just now
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I always dream to have a family of my own, and take care of my kids and my mate. I didn’t expect to be the Luna that every she-wolf wishes, great privilege comes with great responsibility. To protect my pack and be a good wife to the Alpha. Until I became the sole reason for my pack’s misery. Cursed to be the misery of my pack and the only way to end it was my death. I should protect them, but how about me? Who will the Alpha choose, his mate or his pack members?

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19 Chapters
Birthday Celebration
Chapter 1: The Birthday Celebration “Velle, come quick! Your dress for your birthday has arrived.” I heard my mom shout downstairs. “Coming, Mom!” Yes, my dress has arrived. Despite my drowse, I ran down to see it. My mouth turned O when I saw mom was holding the elegant purple dress. “Oh my god!” I ran to her and touch the dress, the soft fabric against my palm was amazing. “This is so beautiful, mom.” It was simple and made of silk. “Yeah, I’m sure you Kylo would like it.” I blushed when mom said that and she even winked at me. “Mommm, stop,” while I was trying to suppress my smile. “I’ll be going out, I will be quick I promise,” I said and ran back to my room, speaking of Kylo. He wanted to see me before my birthday night. I took a bath and quickly changed my clothes. I wore a white dress and brought a basket with me. I didn’t mind telling my mom again and ran out of the house. “Velle,” Hailee greeted me so I smiled at her. “Hail.” “Are you ready to be a Luna?” She
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My Mate
Chapter 2: My Mate “Lavelle! Hurry up, everyone is waiting for you.” I heard my mom say behind my door. “Yes, mom!” I responded the party has started. Everyone was already there, eating and celebrating. I looked at my wall clock. It was already ten in the evening. At twelve, I would be turning sixteen, and I would meet my wolf. I didn’t know I would be this nervous. I was fine until now. My heart was jumping stronger than before. I stood against my mirror looking at my dress. Would they like this? I did a quick change of dress, I would not be using that purple dress, Laia usually wears purple so I’d be wearing forest green. I looked like thinker bell mom said. I refused to tie my blond hair and keep it down for tonight. I touched my gold choker which was glistening. I looked at my almond shape eyes and smiled. I took a deep breath, it’d be alright. I head out of my room and went down.“You are so beautiful.” My mom held my cheek and kissed me on my forehead.“Thank you, mom.”
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The Curse
Chapter 3: The Curse He held my waist and we turned to where the voice came from. Laia was above us on her flying broom. “What are you doing here again, Laia?” He asked her. “Why are you kissing her!” I knew she was younger and immature, I should understand her. I calmed myself and didn’t speak. “Why not? she’s my mate.” “I am your mate!” She insisted, that she was too young to understand what we mate for werewolves, she couldn’t understand how sacred mate bonds were. “Go home, Laia. I shouldn’t have saved you!” He lost his patience so I squeeze his palm a little. “NO! I am your mate. You’re my knight in shining armor, she doesn’t deserve you she’s ugly.” I was about to speak when Kylo angrily snarled. “How dare you?” He was angrier than I was so I let him handle the situation. The little one's infatuation has been a little crazy. “It’s true!” He was about to jump and catch her when I pulled him. He shouldn't harm the little girl. He knew I didn’t want him to do it so
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Elder’s Words
Chapter 4: Elder’s WordsShe vanished after saying that. We were left in the full range of anger. I turned to my mother when I noticed she was quiet the whole time. “Why are you crying?” I find her crying silently. She shook her head and wiped her tears. “Nothing, we should keep going, Elder Edgar will help us I know.” She said and held dad’s hand. I looked at my father, I knew there was something she wasn’t telling me. My father was with a stone expression. He was thinking something bothering him.“Tell me.” I felt Kylo holding my hand, it sounded disrespectful a little. “We should keep going.” My father confirmed my theory and we would not even take a step forward without them telling us what it was. They knew me. “Lavelle, we don’t have time. We’ll talk about this at Elder’s house.” Kylo whispered in my ears, he understand that they weren’t ready to tell me yet. I couldn’t say no so I refused to speak. Dad shifted and ran again. Mom ran after him and didn’t dare to run
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Chapter 5: TroubleMy breath hitched, I didn't know what to say. She was mad, no furiuos towards me. How did it became my fautl. My mate instantly stood in front of me and order her to step back. She bowed her head yet looking at me angrily. She ran back to her daughter and cried louder. They carried her daugther and we were left here with our parents. "Are you okay?" He wrapped his hands around my waist and kissed my head. I didn't want to cry in front of them to prove that I am not a weak Luna. I forced myself not to cry and keep my composure still. "Bring her in." Alpha Kaleb ordered my mate. "Let's go in." He whispered and gently pulled me. "No, we should help her. She just lost her child." I insisted and no one agreed with me and they went inside the house. "Let's go," my mate softly said gently led the way into the house.They were sat on the long table, my parents were there, the gamma, Luna and the Alpha. I never expected that my coronation day would turn out l
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Not in the Good Mood
Chapter 6: Not in Good MoodI was standing at the doorway of my room waiting for him to show up. I have never seen him for a long time. I was expecting him to visit me even for a while. It has been a few days of living in this room alone. Kylo stored my food in my room and it was running low. I heard him approaching which lift my mood. He's here, I flinched when the sound of the door slammed resounded throughout the whole house. I stepped back and closed my door and hopped in my bed. I pulled my blanket to cover myself while listening to his footsteps.I could smell his sweaty body and sense his anger and frustration through the link. "Kylo," I softly called him out and he didn’t answer instead I heard him kick something and I was sure something fell on the ground and broke. I almost jumped when the loud crash resounded. He was not in the mood, I should do something to help calm him. I bravely stood up and slowly walked to the door and touched it. I leaned on it and listened to
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Legend of the Ancient Hybrid Reaper
Chapter 7: Legend of the Ancient Hybrid ReaperMy lips turned into a grim line when heard that voice, it was the same small irritating voice that cursed me. I turned around and saw her smiling ear to ear. "Hello! Do you miss me?" She played with her hair and blinked two times. "Laia, this is not good anymore, undo the curse now. How can you walk unbothered around when you know that someone died because of you and someone was lying in bed helpless because of what you did." She instead laughed crazily. "My fault?" She pointed to herself while giving me an unbelievable look. "Isn't yours? You are the reason for their misery. You caused all the trouble, Kylo suffered because of you, all stress of what you did while you stay here lying in bed like a Queen when you are to blame!""You curse me! You ruined everything, we should be living in peace if you are not insecure-" I fell on my knees when I suddenly couldn't breathe. She was already holding my neck and I couldn’t breathe. "S
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Rise My Queen
Chapter 8: Rise, My Queen,"DO WHAT! VELLE!" He shouted when I failed to answer quickly. "Pour blood on the grave of the Ancient Hybrid Reaper." "She believes in dark magics and dark ritual?" Laia asked and shook her head. "No! Kylo, believe me. You know me well, I can not do such a thing, we grew up together for goddess sake." I kneeled and clasped both my palm looking at him. "Do not believe her, please.""Did you kill Mira?" My breath hitched when he asked that. I saw Laia nod next to him. "She did." I looked back at him and saw that he was eyeing me straight like he was trying to look through my soul. "Answer me, Velle.""I didn't mean to." Like rain, tears fell from my eyes out of fear. "DID YOU KILL HER? DID YOU KILL A PACK MEMBER, VELLE? ANSWER ME!"I nodded..."Kill her." My breath stopped hearing him say that, I looked up at him and saw the cold and stone face of my mate mercilessly ordered to eliminate myself. "No! I am your mate, Kylo!" I felt weak to
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Unexplainable Fury
Chapter 9: Unexplainable FuryVelle PovAnger was all I could feel. I opened my eyes with a heavy heart. I saw a face with harsh features and snow-white pale skin. His eyes were bright red, he smiled revealing his sharp tongue. Making my fright crawl under my skin. "Rise my Queen." His divine voice entered my ears. "Velle my Queen. He offered his hand to me. He called my Velle his Queen. Who is this man? I looked at his palm and back to his face. He emitted danger to me, and I couldn’t shake my fear of him."I am your King Zild." King and Queen were what he addressed us. Should I trust him? I accepted his hand and he helped me up. He asked me if do I remember anything while I was busy checking the whole place. He told me to look at my clothes.They tried to kill me? I couldn't believe that I was bathed with my blood. Who tried to kill me? How dare they! My anger triggered my tears to escape from my eyes, my poor king. They have wronged us enough, I should make them pay for e
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Meeting The Alpha
Chapter 10: Meeting the AlphaToo cold and too dark, where I found myself. The room was empty and lonely, why does it feel heavy in this house? Darkness around seemed wrong for me yet fit well in the atmosphere. I couldn’t seem to rest in this kind of it felt irrevocable. “You’re awake,” I turned my head to the left and saw him sitting beside the window, I couldn’t see his face caused of the light coming from it. I could only see his silhouette, and he was crossing his arm. “Sorry, I didn’t know you here.” He probably noticed I was awake, yet I didn’t move. He only stood up and I was following his every move. “They’re here.” Who? “You might want to welcome our guests.” He said and walked to the door. “Who are they?”“You knew them more than I.” He answered and left me thinking. “I don’t remember anything.” What happened to me the day before yesterday? I almost pulled my hair when it felts like breaking. I couldn’t remember anything. I didn’t realize that until now, I was t
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