His Mafia Bride

His Mafia Bride

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Dante leaned in closer, our lips now just inches away from meeting. "I am damn serious. Call it whatever you want but you are mine. No other man will have his mark on you. Just me. You are mine to tear apart, break, shatter and touch. And if you dare go against my orders again, I'll kill you and the pig of a man you choose to gallavant with" Dante whispered, his breath caressing my lips. * * * * * * * Alina Fedorov, the vibrant and daring daughter to the Don of the Russian mafia is forcefully put into marriage against her wishes by her father. And her groom is no other than the feared Dante Morelli, the ruthless capo dei capi of the most powerful and dangerous italian-american mafia. He has his base running all through Europe and America with myriads of capos and underbossess at his beck and call. Running his underworld without a heart, he is quick to do away with any one who goes against his orders. Everything Dante wants, he gets including Alina Fedorov.

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    A night in the club
    The evening is warm, the summer breeze blowing through the hairs of three young females that push their way into a nearby club. The club is boisterous, animated and lively. Dim burundi lights and white foggy smoke set the ambiance of the lively club as the people dance to the rhythm of the music."I don't think we should be here" were the words that left the peach lips of the youngest girl, Alina. Her eyes raked the appearance of everyone it could spot in the club.Her two older sisters, Vanessa and Leila stared at her dumbfounded. "What?" She shrugged her shoulders at them going over to the bar counter."Why are you such a baby? I get you are the youngest but can't you atleast be daring!" Leila yells coming over to meet her at the bar."Why must you always be scared?" Vanessa concurs."Dad just said..."Alina tries defending herself but is quickly shunned off by her older sisters."Daddy's pet. Stop acting like you are the most obedient you know. It will not get you anywhere"
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    Just a jog
    ALINA The air is cold and chilly as I stand in front of my father while he rages at me and my two sisters. I don't know how he found out we went to the club. This was what I was trying to avoid in the first place. Nikolia Fedorov, my father, is as brutal as he was forty years ago when he took the mantle of power. With a baleful glare enough to get men to pee on themselves and a voice that's as sharp as a two-edged knife, my father was not one to be messed with."Dad but what's the big deal in us going to the club? We've always done it" Leila rolled her eyes.He chuckles darkly. "I specifically made myself clear when I said I didn't want to see you three in the club. We aren't in Russia, this is America. This is Dante's territory and until we are done with what we came for and fly back to Moscow, I don't want my daughters crossing paths and making trouble with Dante"A tired sigh pushes past my lips which catches my father's attention. He shoots a glare at me and I go rigid.Wh
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    Don't be rude to me
    ALINA I slowed down in my steps and craned my neck slightly to check if my father's men were following me. Luckily for me, the coast was clear. Besides it would be foolish of them to leave their guard post and run after me like I was some sort of criminal. I sighed a breathe of relief, my legs picking up little pace as I started jogging.Why did my dad want us locked in today? I know it was normal for him to always limit my activities, I was used to all that but not my older sisters. I was the caged bird and they were the free ones.I wouldn't have been bothered if the rule only applied to me. It wasn't the first time that father prohibited my movements but for Leila and Vanessa, it was a completely new thing for them. I was a naturally indoor kind of person but I also needed my space to just go out and chill.The guards back at Moscow were no strangers to my schemes and tricky moves whenever Dad kept me locked in. But why was dad so strict in his treatment of me? He neve
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    A marriage alliance
    DANTE That girl literally raised her hands on me. First was bumping into me and next she slapped me for saving her from thugs that could have harrased her.She is so daring. She didn't even mind the fact that I was with a gun.My capos were stunned at the fact that I let her walk scot free without teaching her a lesson. I wouldn't blame them for thinking that way. I am Dante Morelli. My years of training right from childhood has shaped me into what I am now--a fearless and dangerous mafia boss who shouldn't be mess with. And yet today, this puny girl raised her hands at me and I was left too speechless to even react.I was intrigued by her. She was daunting, vibrant and she clearly didn't give two fucks about my personality.I had never met a woman like that.A woman who could stand in the midst of hardened men and speak without any atom of fear at them. Minutes had flown by yet I couldn't stop thinking about that lady.Right here in the house of my adversary, Nikolia Fed
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    Finalising the deal
    ALINA Father's word still resonated in my ears every passing second.This was the height of it all.I had no issue in him taking away my freedom of movement but this concerned my future. His insane idea was going to be lethal to my life. How could he just decide to get me married to Dante without consulting me?Not anybody else but he was forcifully putting me up with his rival!Didn't he care for me!?This felt like I was on a death row. I know how cruel Dante is. I have heard countless stories about him and I don't need any sooth sayer to tell me that my future and my life was in danger if I went ahead to get married to Dante. I screamed through out the entire night, thrashed around my room and cried for hours in a bid to relieve the pain but it only seemed to get worse. Not only did I get a throbbing migraine, my worries only grew worse.Why is father doing this to me?My tears know no boundary and my eyes are weak from sobbing incessantly and uncontrollably.Why am I al
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    Wedding Bells
    ALINA The beautiful burgundi lit church hall was affluently decorated to match the class of elites in attendance. Soft classical music was emanating from the hall as hundreds of people sat in expectance of the union that was bound to happen. The lightening and decor was superb. Father must have paid a great deal for this. Hand in hand, Father walked me down to the alter.My steps were slow and yet graceful.My eyes roved around the hall, sparing glances at all those who were in attendance before finally locking with those formidable orbs.Dante. He looked very handsome in his tuxedo which hugged his impeccable muscles and showcased how perfectly carved they were. His black hair was slicked and let to cascade. A devilish smile crawled upon his face on seeing me. His eyes took in my entire appearance. He didn't touch me but his eyes touched my entire body and it seemed to even unclad me. My mermaid fitted style wedding gown had done justice in bringing out my slim curves. My hair h
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    I don't accept this marriage!
    ALINA I shambled myself into the back seat of the limousine, a sigh escaping my lungs.The sun was gradually setting, the sky in a plethora of orange and pink colours. Everything had finally been done. My wedding had gone through without ease and the reception was a success.Father had made sure there was banquet of delectable cuisines bountifully made available for the guest.The reception hall had been spellbindingly ornamented and beautified. One would think this union was a happy one.I watched everyone with a plastic smile on my face. I hated it all. I never imagined to ever get married in these circumstances especially not to Dante Morelli but I just had to.Now, we were on our way back to what was my new home. I stared at the window, my thoughts bedevilling. I would either die in the course of this marriage or live a miserable life. Dante took of his tuxedo and removed the buttons of his shirt. From the corners of my eye, I noticed he had his eyes on me."Don't you talk?" He
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    From a wife to a maid
    ALINAMy eyes slowly peeled open to the soft rays of the sun which found its way into my room through the partly opened curtains. I dragged myself out of consciousness and yawned. It took a while for my vision to adjust to this foreign environment as everything seemed blurry. For a split second, I had expected to see myself cuddled up in my room and my mind wondered on whose room I laid in until it slowly dawned on me that I was in Dante's Mansion and this was the bedroom allotted to me by the maid who had helped me settle in last night.Now with enough lightening, I was able to fully access the room.No doubt, my bed was huge and ostentatious. Though I was very drowsy last night, I had managed to observe the room but faintly. Now in the day, I had full access to marvel at the room I was in.My scarlet red bed was a four poster bed with white and gold patterned sheets, having a caramel canopy thereby providing a rectangular roof over the bed.Two long windows were situated at
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    Now I'm dead!
    ALINA Before they all left, one of the maids had taken the liberty to show me all around Dante's gothic yet heavenly mansion.The brilliantly lit hallways stood awe inspiring in illuminating our paths. I couldn't keep count of how many doors I was being led into. From Dante's study room, to the room which had all the cleaning supplies installed in them to the laundry room, the magnificent spacious library with beautifully designed shelves that looked like they were carved from the finest of woods. They were arranged alphabetically in rows and different books were stacked in them. The library had this aura of ideas, imagination and knowledge oozing all over as a result of the different antique of books stacked in the shelves. Dante even had a mini game room stacked with game equipments which got me surprised. I never knew he had a fun side. Now, I was in the kitchen in preparation for the arrival of his guests.I wondered who Dante was inviting over?Could it be women? I woul
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    A painful kiss
    ALINA "Are you so blind that you mistook my legs for the table Alina!" Dante raged, bolting up from his seat at once."I'm sorry I'll get a napkin right away" I pleaded and attempted to turn away when an iron grip dragged me back. "Are you mad Alina?" Dante asked rhetorically in a surprisingly low tone this time.I had already apologised so what was the fuss then? "You did this on purpose didn't you?" He added with a raised brow."No, I would not. I didn't do it on purpose. Allow me to go get a napkin" I defended myself."Do you think I'm a fool to not recognise what you are doing huh Alina!?" Dante raged at me.I glanced at the other men and they all had slightly confused expressions rocking their faces."Dante why would Alina purposely pour syrup on you? It was just an accident" Enzo stood up for me."This is between me and my maid. I want no ones interference on this. She knows what she did. This lying bitch knows what she did" Dante's bitter tone retorted back at Enzo whilst
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