Savage Love

Savage Love

By:  Ikstrordinari  Ongoing
Language: English
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Yamamoto Aito is psychologically affected by his ex's death and promises to avenge her. With the aid of his best friend, Haruto, he began to destroy the lives of those whom he believes, killed her. Aito's ultimate goal is to join her after completing his revenge for he deems himself as one of the reasons she died. Along came a new student, Igarashi Ryu, who destroys Aito's plans and tarnishes what's left of his sanity by making him fall hopelessly in love with him. Aiti is now torn between his guilt and wanting the happiness Ryu gives him? Will Aito be able to complete his revenge and attain his goal or will he choose to let go and love Ryu? But... Is Ryu really who he claims to be?

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1
I majestically walked into class knowing that I was 10 minutes late but I didn't care. In fact, I had a lazy grin on my face. Everyone, including the teacher, had their eyes on me. The girls began to murmur and squeal, gazing at me with dreamy eyes. Some guys looked at me with anger while some with envy. My friends, who were sitting at the back had smiles on their faces. I made my way toward them."You're late Aito-kun," Miss Park said to me in her thick Korean accent.I just smiled at her. The kind of smile I knew made girls weak. I've been told that it's very seductive. It worked because young, single Miss Park suddenly flushed pink. "Sensei, I forgot to set up my alarm last night. It won't happen again" I said, slowly gazing at her from head to toe, purposely letting my eyes linger on her chest."By the way Sensei, you look really beautiful today" I complimented, topping it with a wink.Miss Park was immediately appeased. She blushed even harder. "T-Thank you Aito-kun. Have a seat
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Chapter 2
"I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave my class Yua. You also have detention. Two hours after school""That's not fair!" Yua protested, feeling wronged."Leave" Miss Park ordered. Not a hint of playfulness on her pretty face. Yua had no choice but to comply. We all knew that once Miss Park makes up her mind, she never changes it. She grabbed her bag and stomped out, giving me a vicious glare.I returned it with a smirk. That would teach her to mess with me. I glanced at the new guy who had gone back to listening to Miss Park.I had seen his face and holy shit. No wonder the girls kept sneaking glances. The guy was very handsome. Perfectly arched brows, eyes dark as midnight, a straight nose, and thin pink lips. He turned and caught me staring. I smiled, wanting to establish a cordial relationship but the guy glared at me and then faced the board.Huh. What's this guy's problem?********During lunch, I wasn’t at the cafeteria. Instead, I was in an empty classroom together with Miss
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Chapter 3
The video ended.Huh. Toshiro sure had his way of getting information. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was hiding in the girl’s bathroom when this happened.Tears spilled down Hina’s cheeks as she realized that all eyes were fixated on her. She could hear them calling her names like ‘whore’ and ‘slut’. Then saying things like ‘serves her right’ and ‘such a shame’. She was trembling, frozen on the spot.“You’re all assholes!” Jan di screamed, rushing to help her friend who looked like she would collapse at any time. “What right do you have to do such a thing Toshiro? You’re such a jerk!”“Ah ah, careful Jan di” I warned. I didn’t like defending Toshiro but I had to so I would seem normal to them. I always have their backs. “Take Hina and leave if you don’t want your own secrets exposed”.Jan di shivered in fear, knowing it was something I can definitely do. Not wanting to face my wrath, she hurried away with Hina. I felt Hina should feel grateful. The humiliation she was going to face is
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Chapter 4
I sighted an empty booth in a corner near the window and made my way there. A waiter came over the instant my butt made contact with the seat. What shocked me was the fact that I recognized the waiter.The guy raised a perfect brow, his face blank. "Yes. Me. Is there a problem?"I gazed at the new guy with interest. His voice was deep, like the rumbling that comes before an avalanche. His dark hair was full and wavy, cold dark eyes staring down at me, thin lips pulled in a tight line. He was wearing a pair of black jeans, a red shirt that accentuated his firm muscles with an apron tied to his waist, and a red face cap that had the restaurant logo on it. He looked... good."Nope. No problem at all. Lighten up man" I said, feeling a bit uncomfortable. No one had ever spoken to me with such a tone before.The guy scoffed. "Lighten up? You're that jerk who bullied that girl yesterday along with your friends. I don't like people like you"I frowned at the word jerk but then smiled as I rec
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Chapter 5
I dragged him all the way to the video games section and after some minutes of whining and grumbling, he gave up and joined me in searching for something we could play during the weekends. "Tch. I wish Haruto was here" he said as he picked up some car racing game and then put it back. “He would have agreed to go help the girls pick out lingeries”I snorted. “You’re both perverts”“Like you aren’t. You’ve slept with more girls than I have. You’re so lazy and you barely have any muscle. I wonder what they like so much about you”I couldn’t help but laugh. Toshiro was clearly jealous. “I have this” I pointed at my face. “And as Yua said, I’m a total gentleman”“I think she likes you”What? Where did that even come from? “No way man. We’re just really g-“ I stopped when I sighted him.Ryu.He was standing outside the shop, his phone held to his ear. He was grinning like an excited teen who was gonna get laid for the first time. I bet he was talking to his girlfriend. Toshiro followed m
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Chapter 6
Todou flashed the short man a menacing glare to which he paled and took a few steps back. But it seemed Todou actually understood what the short man was saying for he said; “Go see Kota-san for your wounds” to Toshiro. “And come back immediately he’s done with you. You’re spending the night in a cell. Maybe that will teach you to stop picking fights”Toshiro hung his head low and walked towards Kota’s office. Todou turned to me and I slightly jumped, shifting even farther. My back came in contact with someone and I turned to see Ryu. I glared at him. This was all his fault. “Gotou Ryu” Todou called. “According to Aito-kun’s statement, you spilled hot coffee on him?”Ryu nodded. “It was an accident”“No, it wasn’t!” I protested. "He did it on purpose!"“Shut up! Baka!” Todou yelled.“Bu-Todou glared at me so I zipped my lips. Yamamoto or not, I truly believed he would hit me. No matter how angry my parents would get. “Now I don’t care whether it’s true or not,” Todou said. “You two
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Chapter 7
I sneakily sent a text to Toshiro. He read it then subtly winked at me to tell me he was in. Great! I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face. Toshiro suddenly gasped and pointed at the entrance. “Isn’t that a member of BTS?!”Everyone turned their heads to look and I quickly poured a large amount of salt and pepper into Ryu’s food. “Of course not baka!” Todou shouted, nearly smacking Toshiro but he quickly dodged it. I snickered to myself. Ryu was in for a treat!Ryu reached out for tissue and accidentally knocked down my chopsticks. I glared at him but bent down and picked them nonetheless. Toshiro started shaking his head at me which was weird so I paid him no mind. I picked up a piece of meat with my chopsticks and stuffed it into my mouth. I froze. Holy shit!I quickly grabbed a tissue and spat out the meat. What the hell! “Aito-kun, are you okay?” Ryu asked me, looking concerned. I flashed him death glares. Wicked wicked Ryu! He switched our foods! How did he even know?!
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Chapter 8
“Sorry man. I kinda slipped” he said, scratching the back of his head.I scoffed then splashed my own cup of coke in his face then mimicked his deep voice in a mocking tone. “Sorry man. I kinda slipped” then stormed off, leaving a shocked Ryu and a confused girl.I was almost back to the place where my friends were playing when I felt a big hand on my shoulder which turned me around and slammed me against the nearest wall.Shit.I groaned from the pain, gritting my teeth as I swung a fist towards his jaw but the person blocked it with his palm and held it down.“What the hell is your problem!” Ryu snapped. “I apologized to you!”. His blue shirt was wet and his hair was dripping coke down his face. He looked livid. Dark eyes were colder than the arctic sea and honestly, I felt my heart skip a beat and goosebumps scale my arms. That made me mad. I was mad that he was able to get a strong reaction out of me. “And what the fuck is yours! I don’t give a flying fuck about your dog shit apo
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Chapter 9
Chibana Sara is an extremely pretty girl with long blonde hair and an hourglass physique. She had bright brown eyes and small plump lips. She and I had flings when we were sophomores but stopped when I asked Aera out. I wanted to be a true boyfriend to her.Sara got mad and tried many times to ruin our relationship but we remained strong. In the end, she gave up but when Aera’s video spread like wildfire, Sara was one of the people who made life hell for her.She’s definitely one of the ones. I just need to get my hands on some evidence.“What twist?” I asked, mildly interested.Yua, Haruto, Toshiro, and the rest were already making their way upstairs so they followed behind. Haruto turned to look at me and I raised a brow to ask if he found anything but he shook his head.Sara proceeded to explain. “You’ll pick a paper each from two baskets and read out what you’re supposed to do. Only, you won’t do it in front of us. You’ll do it with one person, locked for two minutes in the bathro
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Chapter 10
My stupid friends burst out laughing. “In your case, you’re about to eat pussy!” Toshiro shouted, cackling madly.No way. No fucking way. It seemed like I was in a trance and by the time I came back to my senses, I was already locked in the bathroom with Yua.Holy shit.She stood there, arms folded under her boobs, purple hair pulled up in a tight ponytail. Wearing very very tight jeans and a crop top but no matter how I thought of it, I couldn’t see myself doing anything sexual with Yua. No no no. The images my brain conjured made me want to gag. I see her as my little sister. Not once have I ever ever seen her as someone I could have sex with.“So... what are we gonna do for two minutes?” she asked, staring at me. She began to twirl a lock of hair over her shoulder, smiling in a way that was supposed to look... seductive? But honestly, it just freaked me out.I composed myself, putting on a straight face. “We sure aren’t doing anything sexual”“You’re not attracted to me?” She asked
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