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The prophecy has been told. A Tribrid will be born to slaught*er every people who oppose with its rule. She will be the queen of all, and every person who will go against her will not only lost his life, but will also burn his soul. Every races was threatened, thus, they made one cruel rule: No Tribrid shall be born. However, few years later, an omega from Shadow pack made a disturbance with its destructive power that trembled everyone. But no one had found where the Tribrid girl after the incident. They were restless. They need to find the tribid and kill it before everything became too late. One the other hand, Sidrich was oblivious of the destructive power within her. Being abused and slaved her whole life, it was hard for her to trust someone again. But meeting the second prince of Sharmai empire, Prince Alastair, Sidrich found herself trusting the prince instantly. His flirtatious remarks, his corny jokes, and his undying devotion to protect Sidrich at all cost beyond everything and everyone made the latter feel safe and comfortable towards the prince. Amidst of all chaos and chasing, the two fought for their love that has never been permissible. However, happiness comes with a price. With enemies trying to find and kill the tribrid, could the two of them would be able to fight until the end of all the havoc?

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11 Chapters
Chapter 1
I wish I was never born at all. Living in the Shadow pack where omegas were treated inferior to everyone, my life was difficult. It was hell. I've never been treated nicely and people always have something to say about me. They did not care about the omegas' well-being. We were enslaved, abused, and taken advantage of.We can't fight. Mainly, because we're the weakest in our pack. Or perhaps, we are just outnumbered. We can't go to school. We are unprivileged. We could do nothing but to obey the people superior to us. If we wouldn't, they would only make our lives more miserable than they already were. Life is unfair to us, omegas. We were also members of this pack yet we were treated rather like some sort of a stinky rat. Our good for nothing Alpha was even tolerating his people's misbehaviour. He turned a blind eye to our suffering. He didn't listen to our pleas and instead, he even considered taking advantage of us, too.Well, it wasn't like this a few years ago. It was far from b
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Chapter 2
I awoke with a gasp, sitting up quickly. I clutched my chest where pain struck me. I was catching my breath as if I'd run a thousand miles.My head pulsed as I tried to remember my strange dream. I was in a room with an old woman when she suddenly assaulted me, then after that I pushed her to the wall, and then... she died. I killed her. Then all of a sudden, a man came and fed me with his blood. I started doubting if it was only a dream. I could remember the taste of his blood in my mouth.“You're awake,” I heard a melodious voice of a woman. Startled, my head snapped to the side and saw a beautiful woman holding a basin in her hand whilst smiling warmly at me. My eyes widened. Who is she? And where am I?I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. My throat was dry, reminding me that I've become dehydrated for the hundredth time. My malnourished body trembled when the woman walked towards my direction, placing the basin on the table.“How are you feeling, child?” she asked,
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Chapter 3
It's been two days since the incident happened in Lady Karheel's house. After Lady Karheel bathed me real quick, we packed her things up and left. The prince sent some of his people to bring horses we can use to travel.I don't know why he's doing all of these. Why was he protecting me when we barely even know each other? He also does not seem to be close with Lady Karheel. I'd understand if he would protect her but including me? Impossible. But nonetheless, I was thankful.We are now travelling into the city of Kiram. We will be travelling for a week or two to be able to reach the city even though we have horses.“Let's have some rest for a while,” Lady Karheel said and jumped down. She walked towards my direction and helped me to get down on my feet—since I am too scared of heights.We tied the horses on the tree before she murmured some incoherent spells.“W-What's that?” I asked.“It's a spell of invisibility. I don't want to risk us being caught once again. It still confused me h
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Chapter 4
“Of course,” I replied to his question. His smile widened as he planted a kiss at the back of my hand before he stood up and guided my hand to hook on his arm.“Great. Then, shall we?”I nodded my head and smiled sheepishly. The guard opened the door for us and bowed their heads. I was so overwhelmed at everything. I could not believe there's a world like this. Everything seemed surreal. One minute I was in an abusive pack, and in a blink of an eye, I was suddenly beside the prince himself, walking side by side—comfortable with each other's presence.“Lady Sidrich, how were the maids assisting you? Did the maids make you, somehow, uncomfortable? Did they take care of you well?”I looked up at him and smiled sweetly. I tucked the few strands of my hair behind my ear. “They are so nice at me and they cleaned my body, just like what Lady Karheel did before we went for travel.”His eyes sparkled. “You like the shower?”I shyly nodded my head. “Uhm... I am not used to water that much becau
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Chapter 5
How did he know me? Have we met before? I can't remember what we did, but I'm sure it's my first time meeting him. After all, I just got out of a pack from the 18 years of my existence.I just smiled and greeted the prince back. They sat down on the seats across mine. They had a conversation which I tentatively listened to without joining their chats. They would ask me from time to time and I would answer them the things I just know. They seem to understand that I'm not quite a speaker, so they understood. I was grateful to them.After their little catching up, Erima was called by his father. So it left me with prince Levi alone at the table.“You hungry, princess?” he asked kindly. I'm not used to being called princess but I didn't tell him.I shook my head and smiled kindly back. “I am just fine, Prince Levi. Thank you.”“You sure? I'd like to take desserts, so if you want something to eat, I can get it for you instead.”“No need for that, brother. Lady Sidrich and I will grab our o
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Chapter 6
I held his hand as I said, “Okay...”His smile widened. In a flash, we left the imperial gate and went towards the woods.“I'm afraid I can't run freely if I shift in the palace,” he said and chuckled.“It's okay.” I gave him a reassuring smile.“Okay, uhm, would you turn around for a second?” he awkwardly scratched his cheeks. I am still able to see him since my eye sense as a wolf has heightened due to the dark.“Why?”“I would need to remove my clothes.”“Yeah, sure,” I smiled softly, seeing his facial expression. I didn't know that he's quite conservative and shy.He flashed an awkward smile. I turned around and waited for him to get his clothes off and shift. When I felt a low howl, I took it as a cue to look at him.And what I saw next made my jaw drop to the floor.An impressive beautiful golden wolf stood on all fours in front of me. He was a huge wolf. He shook his wolf head before he looked at me. Our eyes met.Under the moonlight and thousands of stars above, his eyes are t
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Chapter 7
We were now going back to the palace an hour after we strolled around the forest. I am kind of a little sad knowing that he doesn't see me as his friend, but it is fine and I quite understood him. I just... kinda feel sad.I've never had any friends before and I really wonder how it feels to have one. If prince Alastair would give me the opportunity to be friends with him, I would gladly accept it without any fuss.Prince Alastair and I decided to take our time walking back. I set aside my sadness and animatedly talked with him. He listens to every story I tell him and so I am with him. So far, having his company feels nice. He's comfortable to be with.“Can you really fly?” I asked.He chuckled. “No. I don't have that ability, but my flexibility is quite impressive. I could jump from higher places without injuring myself or making any sounds when I landed. It is a skill I got for being a vampire.”I nodded my head. “So... Do you drink blood, too?”“Hmm, sometimes. I rarely crave bloo
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Chapter 8
My eyes widened in utter surprise.I stepped back, bewildered, and watched as the wolf fell on the ground lifelessly.My lips trembled. Looking down at my hands, I saw it was soaked with blood.Blood from the rogue I killed barehands...My knees wobbled and I stumbled backwards.“My lady!” Alastair exclaimed and knelt down in front of me. He pulled my body to him and brought my face on his chest. “Hush... forget it.”“A-Alastair...” I said.Just... What happened to me?“We're now safe. Let's go back to the palace.” He stood up and carried me.I closed my eyes when it began to get blurry. Smokes has stopped emitting from my skin. Within my chest I could feel the turmoil and power trying to erupt. My insides are burning.Power...I can feel it within me...Before everything would draw upon me, my eyes closed its own. It didn't take long for me to lose my consciousness. My body has become too weak. My whole body was in pain, burning, begging. As if my soul wants to leave my body already.
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Chapter 9
I'm quite confused. It's been days since that night has happened. It always visits me in my dreams, and I have no means to even stop it. Two people. I've killed two people single handedly. In these two incidents, I find it strange to find similar things happen from different kinds of death.The first one I took life with, the woman flew across the room, which was the cause of her death. The second one was me taking the rogue's heart.All happens with dark smokes emitting from me.What was that?I stayed in the chamber for nearly a week now. I was unable to recover quickly. I feel so weak and the confusion didn't help.Prince Alastair often visits me in my room. However, there are times he needs to fulfil his princely duties and he can't visit me. It was okay and I understood him. But... for the next few days I started feeling too lonely. The maids don't want to talk to me and I feel so embarrassed to initiate the conversation, scared that they might reject me.I sat on the huge window
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Chapter 10
Prince Alastair, again, escorted me to the dining hall. I was nervous but Alastair always reassures me it's gonna be okay. I nodded my head and took a deep breath.When we got in the dining room, the empress was the first one who greeted me. I curtsey to the imperial couple and apologised for my actions from our last meeting. The empress said she understood and it was completely fine, much to my relief. I could not believe someone this powerful could be so kind and sweet. I used to see people superior to my pack acting rudely towards people inferior to them. So being smiled at by the empress and the emperor, I was surprised and touched.The dinner ended peacefully.Prince Alastair and I decided to take a few rounds around the palace. He toured me and explained everything to me. I was overwhelmed at how wealthy they are and how power they hold.“Hmm, what are you thinking, my lady?” he asked.“Hmm?”“You seem lost in your thoughts. Care sharing?”I shook my head. “No... uhm, I just won
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