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"No, my queen, but missions are for servants, and you are not a servant. You are the queen of the underworld. Your mission is to serve your people and always be with your husband." Medusa stated. Medusa's words sparked a fire in her, and she couldn't take it any longer, so she sat up in bed. "Why can’t you just be on my side for once in your life?" Lucinda asked, sounding hurt. "Lucinda, you don’t understand, I want the..." Lucinda cut in, putting her hand in the air. "I don’t want to hear it! Get out!!" Lucinda said, pointing at the door. "I said get out now!!" she snapped. Medusa pursed her lips and clutched her book before jumping down from the bed. Lucinda was a beautiful human girl who became Lucifer’s bride overnight she was always limited to only hell, but she wanted to go to earth, she wanted to live amongst people, Lucifer granted her wish, but she had to take an oath never to fall in love with a human or the consequences is death. Will she break the oath? Will she fall in love with a human? Read to find out.

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WARNING: THIS BOOK IS A DARK FANTASY ROMANCE: IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED BY DARK THEMES SUCH AS ASSAULT, VIOLENCE, TORTURE, DARKER SEXUAL AND EMOTIONAL CONTENT. THIS BOOK MAY NOT BE FOR YOU BUT IF YOU LOVE FANTASY AND ADVENTURE PLEASE GIVE THIS BOOK A CHANCE YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED. It all started in the time when angels, demons, and humans lived together. In an abandoned house, a woman was trying to give birth. The sky started to get dark, and the moon was blood red. They were cast into the house. The woman giving birth attempted to give birth on her own, continuously scraping her stomach with her hand, breathing wildly, and the baby came out of her private part and landed on the bed; she sat up and tried to carry her baby, who was crying in her arms; the blankets were soaked in blood, and she started hearing crunching footsteps heading her way. The door flew open, and she saw Lucifer. He was fifty feet tall with ten horns and seven heads, with ten diadems on his horns and blasphemou
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She saw a middle-aged lady making baby milk, and there were a lot of bottles in a bowl on the kitchen counter."W… who are you?" The woman asked in a shaky voice, stepping back as she laid her eyes on Medusa.Medusa smirked and cast a spell on the woman and took a lot of baby milk bottles in a bean bag and flew out of the motherless baby's home, descending into hell like lightning.She carried Lucinda on her lap and started feeding her one of the baby bottles in her arm.Lucinda started sucking on the bottle with her tiny mouth continuously, closing her eyes and slowly drifting to sleep. Medusa heaved a sigh. She placed her on the bed and covered her with the duvet before sleeping next to her on the soft bed.20 years later, "Lucinda! Lucinda! Lucinda! Where are you?" Lucifer called with a deep and hallowing voice."I am coming," She answered from where she was, stood up and started flying back to the castle. She loved mysteries and also loved exploring her surroundings.She had grow
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"But there is something about the earth that keeps calling my soul every day. It's like, that'swhere I belong, and there is someone there that is waiting for me. I can feel it." She said.clutching her chest, looking at Medusa with a lot of sincerity."Really? I think you are just overthinking it. Don't say this in front of your husband. He will get angry." Medusa said. Lucinda frowned and stared into thin air."Why do you say that he has always been a good listener? One thing that makes me think I don't belong here is that my skin is not blood-red like yours, and you guys have horns, and I don't. I think I look like the humans burning over there." she muttered, pointing at the fire area of hell.Medusa gasped with her eyes open, as if she had seen a ghost, and moved closer to Lucinda, covering her mouth with her hand. "Your highness, you are here," Medusa said, staring at Lucifer, whose eyes were on fire. Lucinda's eyes widened, and she quickly removed Medusa's hand from her mouth.
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He was taking short, shallow breaths as he trailed kisses down her neck. A tingle of shivers ran up her spine, and she couldn't get close enough to him. She needed to feel him. She reached down and pulled his shirt up, wanting to feel his skin. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. She wanted to put her hands all over him. She ran her hand over his shoulders, slowly down his chest, down to his stomach, and bit her lower lip as she watched his muscles contract from her touch. She let her hands roam all the way down to his waistband. She slipped two fingers into his jeans and felt the tip of his erection.She swallowed. Lucifer hesitated to pull her shirt over her head. It was his turn to watch in awe. He ran his hands over her breasts, pulling at her nipples, turning them into taut little peaks. She arched her back and moaned. Lucifer leaned down to suck on her breast and play with the other while he licked and sucked. He started moaning out louder as she groun
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"Your honor, we really need your assistance to get rid of the human," the demon continued, waiting for Lucifer’s response.Lucinda started walking heavily towards them with her hair sweeping the floor. They couldn’t help but look at her. She swayed her hips and climbed the high ground with her gaze fixed on Lucifer. She sat on the edge of the armrest of his throne. He jerked his head to look at her."What are you doing here?" He asked, and she smiled."It's my duty as your wife to help you whenever you need me." She beamed and he narrowed his eyes at her."Can you tell your highness to help us out?" the demon asked bluntly, referring to Lucinda."You don’t need to ask for her opinion; this has nothing to do with her." Lucifer said in a rumbling tone. Lucinda frowned, pouting her lips."How can you say that? I am your queen, aren’t I?" She inquired and poked him playfully on the chest before turning to look at the demon."Help you with what I would like to help." Lucinda beamed, smilin
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"I will have to cut my hair if I don't want to be weird in human society." She muttered, touching her hair. She looked around the desk for her scissors, but she couldn’t find them. She opened her bottom drawer, peering through it. She felt a strong wind from behind her. Lucifer flew into the room with his black and strong wings waving in the air. She caught sight of the scissors and grabbed them. He quickly took them away from her before she could use them."Don't even think of cutting your hair; it's your unique feature, and that makes you special. You can control it and it will become short on its own." Lucifer said with a reassuring smile and tossed the scissor to the bed, grabbing her shoulders. He placed a kiss on her nape."Really how?" she asked, confused."Close your eyes." he commanded, and she closed her eyes."Connect with your hair and ask it to be short," he said, putting his hand on her shoulder.She sighed and closed her eyes, and Lucifer watched as her hair lifted and
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Lucinda couldn’t walk well because she was still trying to process everything; the moving people, the vehicles, the fresh breeze blowing through her skin, the beautiful morning sky, which was completely different from that of hell. She was looking at the sky without looking where she was going. She bumped into a man. His head hit the armor she was wearing. He clutched his forehead and stared at her in anger."Hey, miss, watch where you are going." He said to Lucinda, who was scrutinizing the whole earth."Hey! I am talking to you!" He roared at her, but she couldn’t hear him. She was lost in her own world."Ugh!" He groaned, rubbing his forehead, and stomped away. She looked at the singing birds in the sky and then at the people as they were all walking to their different destinations. She was hearing different sounds at the same time; the sounds of the passing vehicles, the sounds the people were making with their feet, and the voices of socializing people. Medusa heard music coming
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"Hey! Stop there!" The guys shouted, running after them, bringing out their weapons as they ran. After running for some time, Lucinda and Medusa got tired. They spotted a tree in front of a duplex and rested under it, breathing rapidly, trying to catch their breath."Did we lose them?" Lucinda asked panting. Medusa looked over the tree and sighted them."No, they are behind us." She replied. Lucinda scrunched her face."I am tired of running. Let's just get rid of them." Lucinda said. Medusa looked around the surroundings; they were in a peaceful and quiet area."It seems we are the only ones here. Let's do it." Medusa said. She stood up on her feet and spread her wings. Lucinda struggled to stand on her feet and started levitating a chair that was in front of the house to hit the guys. The guys came to a halt. Fear gripped them as they saw Medusa’s wings. Their legs started wobbling in fear."They are witches!" one of them shouted."Let’s run for our lives!" The other one added, Luci
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"The earth is so complicated, and you didn't tell me anything about money; now I have to sell my armor to rent a house." Lucinda said with a frown, as if she were seeing him. "Don't worry; when you come, I will make you a new armor. Money is part of humans' daily lives; they do a lot of nasty things for it; they can even kill for it." Lucifer remarked."How are you talking to me without being here, and can Medusa hear us?" She inquired, turning to look at Medusa, who was glancing at the armor in the bag."No, she can't. It's between us, husband and wife. I just wanted to see how you are; it seems you are doing fine," Lucifer stated."All the men…" She paused, hesitating to speak. "I have come across people on earth who can't take their eyes off me," she muttered."That's because you are extremely beautiful, and your skin is more flawless than a human's," he assured. Medusa patted her on the shoulder."Are you sleeping?" she asked."No, I’m not. I was just talking to my husband." Lu
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"We are going to rent an apartment." Medusa replied. The taxi stopped in front of them.They both entered a taxi, and suddenly, when they arrived in front of a very tall building with a restaurant beside it, they got out of the taxi and ambled to the front of the building, glancing at it."This place has a vacancy." Medusa said, holding onto the shopping bags as Lucinda also struggled to hold the ones she was carrying."How did you know?" Lucinda asked."I have my ways," she replied with a smirk. Lucinda tossed her a suspicious look before turning her gaze back to the house and staring at it with her mouth slightly open.They both entered the building, bumping into some people who were walking out of the building. Their gazes landed on a man who was standing behind a counter; he was the receptionist of the building. He was on a call as they approached him; he was putting on makeup, and Lucinda gazed at the pink nail polish on his fingers. He sighted them."I will call you back." He wh
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