Bad Boy Billionaires

Bad Boy Billionaires

By:  Margarette Grey  Completed
Language: English
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Sexy as hell or not, these pompous, arrogant, delicious, bad-boy billionaire CEOs of New York City will make you fall in love.Disclaimer: This title contains three NSWF contemporary romances. A forbidden romance with a mind-blowing twist, a luscious but sweet second chance romance, and a torn-between-two-lovers romance.

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183 Chapters
Book I - 1
LUKECambridge was nothing more than the place my father threw me to spend the next three months of life. It was where I’d lost everything that shone brightly before my eyes, and compassion was shredded from me. But to deal with everything once more, I should at least enjoy myself in every possible way. I’d booked a suite at the Ritz Carlton, where I was leaning on the bed, entangling my fingers in a woman’s hair, devouring my shaft.She was teasingly sliding her tongue around my tip. “Mm… you’re perfect.”I groaned. I pushed her head down as she pressed her lips to cover my entire length. Over the past three hours, I’d bent her over the table and fucked her relentlessly.It was satisfying, but in the next few days, I’d have to find someone else.She took me in her mouth again. The pleasure was building up in me; my legs stiffened, and my body was telling me to let go. I slightly pushed her head to move her away, but she didn’t move. She went down deeper and sucked me harder. I scowle
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Book I - 2
SCARLETA few weeks agoI was always lonely. I’ve never been happy. How about you? Are you lonely? By the way, what happened with your date? – ErickaNo. I’m not. Forget about my date because she’s a fucking liar and the thing I hate the most are fucking liars – JaxMaybe you need to try and understand that they have their reasons – ErickaHe did not respond after I sent him those words. Jax clearly said he wasn’t into crybabies and had no remorse over his actions, and I believed him. He fucked different women every week—like an endless loop.I lied to Jax about many things, but I couldn’t seem to let him go. He was fun to talk to. The late-night phone calls were getting hot, and he knew exactly what I needed. He knew exactly how to make me too damned wet. The sound of his voice was delicious enough to make me aroused. I imagined Jax as a very, very attractive man. How much more would he affect me if I saw him?It’d been several months since I joined the social media app. Mom came by
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Book I - 3
SCARLET I still couldn’t get over the thought of Luke being here in Cambridge. I’d been debating with myself whether to show up and introduce myself formally, but how could I? I couldn’t ask Mom for his number. I didn’t know where he lived. However, I was more concerned about what I would feel if I saw him. I would certainly have mixed emotions. I’d heard Thomas assigned him to a new business project in Cambridge, and he would stay for three months. It would be enough time before I graduate in two months. I badly needed the help of someone with IT expertise for my thesis. Luke had been an IT genius during his Harvard days. I frowned at my wristwatch. The Uber came at last, after fifteen minutes of waiting. I dragged my suitcase along with me and stepped into the car. To my irritation, my phone rang the moment I settled in the car. “Good evening, Miss Scarlet Carter?” The driver greeted me. “Your destination is JFK airport?” “Yes, thank you.” I drew out the phone from my pocket. Ja
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Book I - 4
LUKEThere were many reasons why I shouldn’t listen to Dad’s inconvenient request, and I was pretty much having a great time before he called. I could understand his attachment to Gene. My stepmother was one of a kind and the sweetest thing that had ever happened to our lives. I couldn’t list everything she’d done for us. She was a mother to me. Period.However, Gene was enough. I didn’t like the idea of having a little sister. If it were a brother, I’d give it consideration. In addition, giving out even the slightest part of my property that I worked my ass off for to a stranger was quite ridiculous. But since Dad asked nicely, I had no choice but to do it. Lastly, picking up this new little sister wasn’t that hard, but engaging in extra family matters was never my thing.At the airport, I didn’t see her right away. She was hard to remember. I’d only seen her once before. All I could recall was the skinny girl with mesmerizing brown eyes.On the other hand, it was astonishing how tim
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Book I - 5
SCARLET Since I had nowhere to go, I went to the reception and tried to book myself a room, but there was already a reservation under my name. Luke might have had it prepared for me—or maybe Thomas. Luke was no gentleman. Certainly, he was nothing like his father. If only I knew he was a jerk like this, I wouldn’t have fantasized about him for the last six years.I dragged my suitcase with me and stepped into the elevator as soon as I got my key card. Good thing my room was a suite. I freaking needed a good bath.First, I dug into my suitcase and laid out the only dress I could ever bring. A Burberry crimson backless dress with a hem two inches above the knee and a pair of Christian Louboutin silver stilettos. Fortunately, I also got my charms and my ruby necklace. I touched the gem with my finger and briefly admired its beauty.I wasn’t greedy, and I’d never imagined myself wearing these extravagant things before Mom’s marriage. It’s not that I desired any of it, but when Mom marrie
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Book I - 6
SCARLETI was almost ready to head out of the suite, but my throat dried up, so I walked through the suite’s minibar. To my satisfaction, the liquor cabinet had a full range of beverages and my favorite bottle of Château Lafitte. I grabbed the bottle and poured myself a glass.I shut my eyes and took my first sip of the wine’s heaven-and-earthy taste. I ran my tongue over my lower lip as the bittersweet liquid ran down my throat. I was pretty much having ‘me’ time when the door suddenly gilded open, and the sexiest man I knew marched into the room.Luke came back, and my precious glass of wine splattered on the rug, and the glass shattered into pieces. It’s like he brought a storm with him.“Don’t you ever knock?” I bent down and picked up broken pieces of glass.“This is my suite. Get up here.”What? I even walked around naked earlier, used his bathroom, and he’s saying this was his personal space? No wonder everything was provided. I wouldn’t have come here if I knew. I ignored him
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Book I - 7
SCARLET Here was am, alone again. Well, what was new?I was in the same position six years ago when I watched their wedding ceremony. I was sitting alone, not knowing anyone, because the guests were mostly acquainted with the Alejandros. Oh, right! Something had changed; I could drink now.This was my third glass of wine, and my throat still wanted more—perhaps a stronger drink. My roommate, Katherine, usually offered vodka during sleepless nights and discouraging times. If only my stepbrother wasn’t such an ass and treated me as a part of the family, I wouldn’t have been such a loner.Nonetheless, I didn’t think I wanted to mingle around him at his time. He’s been talking and dancing non-stop with a blonde Barbie doll in a body-hugging red dress. My eyes hurt just looking at them. He was holding her back. I’d always convinced myself that he was off-limits, yet I couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel to be held by him.I heaved a sigh. I was getting more and more hopeless as the
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Book I - 8
SCARLETLuke slid an arm around my waist and pulled me close to him as soon as his friend left. And unlike Aries, who gave me space, Luke sandwiched me between his arms, possessively pressing me against his rock-hard body. His overall physique dwarfed my small frame, making me feel vulnerable, and it was bad news. I hated this effect on me; he made me feel like squirming. I clung to his shoulders but kept my eyes away and tried not to drink him in. He smelled so divine.I could feel Luke’s gaze on me as he began swaying our hips. His long fingers at my back compelled me to move in accord with his body. His thumb pressed firmly on my palm. I tried to bear it, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t breathe. He was driving me crazy.“Wait,” I whispered.I stopped and pushed his chest with my free hand, but he didn’t let me escape. He brought me back into his arms with aggression. A quiet groan of frustration vibrated in his chest. What the heck was wrong with him?“Stop struggling,” he hissed harshl
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Book I - 9
SCARLETWhat was I doing? It’s not like I was a virgin.I waited for another hour before I went down for breakfast because I was too embarrassed to see Luke’s face. I’d heard he always left at eight and returned home at seven, so he was barely at home. I guess I wouldn’t have to worry when he came back.Mom and Thomas were on the porch having coffee when I came down. They were like newlyweds that couldn’t let go of each other. Thomas couldn’t stop nuzzling at her hair. I had to admit that Thomas was handsome, and he’d kept in shape despite his age. I didn’t want to interrupt them but I told them I was present anyway.“Morning, Mom. Morning, Thomas.” I kissed both their cheeks and settled on the empty seat across from them.“Oh, darling. Good morning!” Mom greeted me with the sweetest smile. “Did you sleep well?”“Barely.” I shrugged and chuckled. “But I probably still have jet lag,” I reasoned, which wasn’t the real case.“Have you had breakfast?” Thomas asked.“Um, no, not yet.”“The
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Book I - 10
LUKEIt was late when I returned home. I was exhausted, so I went straight to my bedroom and took a shower. I had set up a schedule at the ranch for a few rounds of horseback riding, but then I received a call from my lawyer that I needed to visit her office. I also returned to the hotel to pick up some legal files.After freshening up, I grabbed a can of beer from the fridge while holding a pile of folders I needed to work out with this evening. I then found Cely carrying a tray with empty plates and glasses from the bedroom floors. I’d known Cely almost my entire life. She had been my nanny, and the shades of her silver hair indicated that she had been with us forever.“Cely, are they home yet?” I was referring to Dad and Gene because they called me earlier, saying they went out together. They usually come back late when they have a date. I guessed they were just before.“Oh, good evening, but no, Luke. They’re not home yet,” the head housemaid answered.“Then whose plate is this?”
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