Sold to the married billionaire

Sold to the married billionaire

By:  Maryann Pam  Completed
Language: English
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Janette, fabulously beautiful young woman found herself trapped in an unwanted marriage with Jackson the most Richest man in the state. Janette wasn't completely excited to marry him but she had no choice because the life of her younger sister solely rest on her shoulders and also her poor parents. this causes a rolling dice, the possible outcome is a secret yet to unfold.

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Vou Augustine
the book is interesting, Danielle is my best character
2022-10-19 03:52:59
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I love Danielle too, she's so protective of Janette compared to Jackson
2022-10-19 01:08:49
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good read, the main character Janette is quiet a fun lady and her friend Margaret is fun to, can't stop smiling
2022-10-19 01:06:13
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Queen Harvey
Okay read,
2023-03-19 12:30:38
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Maria Silva
Can't get through the first 2 chapters. Constantly saying ya instead of you is super frustrating. If someone told me my parents sold me I would go straight to them but she just went home chilled, waited for her boyfriend and talking to her sister about a boy.... What?
2023-03-12 04:07:51
44 Chapters
chapter 1
Chapter 1 “Sol, please stop. We’re running late for class.” Janette shrugged her shoulders and Solomon’s hand dropped on the long table. He moved his head away from her neck, looking at her solemnly. “C’mon Janette, we still have five minutes to ourselves,” he said, pouting his lips. Janette's eyes wander around the library and then back to him. “No Sol, we’re in public, people are watching,” she picked her textbook and pen from the table, tucking it into her back bag. “See, nobody is watching us. Let me just kiss you before we go.” Janette sighed, dropping the bag on the table. “Ya are impossible; okay can you come over to the house after school?”“No, no, your—” Janette chuckled; “my mum and dad won’t be home until midnight,” she told him; Solomon’s eyes suddenly brighten. “Okay, I’m coming over then. I can’t wait to be in the arms of my baby.” He tipped Janette’s chin with his finger, making her giggle. “Ms. Johnson, can you please keep your voice down? You are disturbing
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chapter 2
Chapter 2Margaret left minutes after Sol arrived. Sol cradled Janette in his ample arms, throwing her on the couch, kissing and nibbling on her naked neck down to her shoulder. Janette giggled at every touch; she tried to stop him using her hands, but she was clearly enjoying his delicate lips on her body as she continue to moan.“Sol stop please. My sister can hear us.” She moaned, pulling Sol away from her body;He moved back a little and glanced at her. “Didn’t ya say nobody will be at home?”“Well, I said my parents, not my sister.” She muttered and tilted her head to the side, looking at the TV. “Lemme just kiss you, no funny play I promise.” Janette sighed but said nothing. She laid down on the couch and Sol took the opportunity to lie between her legs with his head on her chest. “What did ya order?”“Pizza pie and your favorite ice cream.” Janette’s eyes beamed with excitement. She gently pushed Sol away and reached for the bag on the table. “Goodness, ya bought me chocolat
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chapter 3
Chapter 3‘Twas around 2:30am that Janette and her parents got home. Everyone seemed exhausted already, and Janette retired to bed. She wanted asking her dad the question that has been gnawing her mind but she could barely keep her eyes open. The moment she got to her room, she pulled out her phone and looked at the screen; three twelve missed calls from Sol and eighteen missed calls from Margaret. With the hope of calling them later, Janette drew her heavy weight on the bed. Her eyes burn and her eyelids seemed heavy; Janette willingly closed her eyes shut and oblige to her eyes demand. Sandra fidgeted the entire night. She was worried, worried sick for her daughter at the hospital and Johnson insisted that she tell Janette about Jackson in the morning and how important they need the money for her sister’s treatment. There were so many things running in her minds and sleep was the last thing on her mind. At exactly 5:00am Sandra climbed out of bed and went to the kitchen to prepare
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chapter 4
Chapter 4Sol stared at the floor as he followed Janette into the long, white, narrow room. It’s smell of illness, iodine and disinfectant. There was only one bed in the room and Janette glimpsed a white sheet and a blue hospital gown. Sol had the uncomfortable feeling that her mum sitting beside the bed was watching him. Janette and Sol halted at the foot of the bed.“Why are you with him?”Janette sighed and glanced at Michelle sleeping on the bed and then back to her mother; “please mum not now.”“G-good evening Mrs. Johnson,” he greeted, his head dropped to the ground, afraid to look at Sandra. She glared at him and turned to face Michelle on the bed. “How’s she today, mum?”“Good, good, the doctor said we need to pay for her surgery as fast as possible. Michelle is getting weaker by the day.” Michelle slowly steered from her sleep, wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, clearing the blurring images before her. “M-Michelle you are awake.” Janette sat down at the edge of the
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chapter 5
Chapter 5The next two days Janette spends most of her time in school and her mother’s restaurant taking care of customers and visiting Michelle at the hospital after closing from the restaurant, she was happy that Jackson hasn’t come around to torment her, at least not yet and Sol has been a great and supporting boyfriend. The only problem was her parents. They couldn’t stop pressurising her to sign the papers. They’re running out of time for her sister’s surgery. For the past two days Janette would seat on her bed with tears streaming down her eyes as she scanned through the papers. Aren’t marriage certificate s’posed to be signed before a lawyer and witnesses or something? She thought. On Wednesday afternoon Janette sat at the back of the class as usual with Margaret, and suddenly a man in his late twenties trudged into the class, interrupting the lecturer. The moment Janette saw him, she recognized him, Michael, one of Jackson's body guards. She hurriedly slight under the desk wi
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chapter 6
Chapter 6“This house belongs to one person?” Janette asked Michael in wonder. Her eyes wander around the glamorous building, she’d never seen such a beautiful building before in her entire life. It looks like the building you only see in movies, everything around scream rich and expensive. “Yes ma’am everything belong to the boss.” She subtly observed the building, Janette ran to the entrance only slowing down to look at the Rock wall with complex design which seem as though it grew up right from the hallowed ground. Michael and one of the house guards watched in amazement as she moved back again staring at the windows covered with glasses, there were as shy eyes large enough to welcome any ray of sun. “Ma’am the boss is waiting for you inside.”“O-okay can you take me to him?” Michael nodded and led her into the mansion which seemed like heaven on Earth. She wondered, if we have people with these kind of riches and living in houses like these; why then do we still have poor people?
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chapter 7
Chapter 7 "Why was my wife in a clubhouse Michael?" Michael dropped his head to face the ground, he dared not looked at his boss. Anger was written all over Jackson's face as he looked directly at Michael across the table. "Do you know what ya have done? You are lucky to bring her back to me this morning in one piece, I would have feed your dead body to the dogs." "I'm sorry sir," "You should be, I'm so disappointed in you. Get out of my face before you end up a dead man," Michael slightly bow his head and slowly walked out of the door shutting the door behind him.He turned to Janette who was seated on the long couch opposite his office table and looked at her with one of his deadly glare; "And you, I thought you said you are hanging out with Anna and your friend in your father's apartment." Janette shivered at the sound of his manly voice with tears running down her already swollen eyes, Janette hasn't fully recovered from the incident that happened some hours
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chapter 8
Chapter 8“You mean he gave you his credit card to buy anything you want?” Janette nodded her head, smiling like a child who’d just received a Christmas gift from Santa Claus. “God, you are blessed Jan. I honestly need a man like Jackson in my miserable life.” Margaret raised her head to the ceiling like she was praying and then scrutinized the credit card again with her fingers running over Jackson’s name, that was boldly written in gold. “What about Anna?” Janette asked, “Anna is hot, cute and strong too but I want a billionaire husband like Jackson.” Just then the front door opened, and in came a hot brunette, “Ma’am Solomon is here” Anna muttered and glared at Margaret beside Janette. “Where is he?” Janette seemed rather transfixed, she looked past Anna’s shoulder hoping to see Solomon. “He’s outside ma’am,” I don’t want to see that your puppet close to you! Jackson’s words came to her mind, but she quickly dismissed it and asked Anna to let him. Anna mutely nodded and turne
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chapter 9
Chapter 9“Oh my God, sis, your new house is beautiful. This look like a castle.” Janette smiled and ushered her sister into the enormous sitting room.“I know right.” “Woo, look at the staircase and the wall. It’s magical.” Michelle stared at the staircase in amazement. “Feel at home. I’ll be right back.” Janette shuffled her way to Jackson’s office room and gently knocked on the door. She welcomed herself inside when she heard his muffled voice from the inside. “Hey, you are back. How’s Switzerland?” Jackson slowly raised his head from his system to look at her as she wobbled her way to his table. “Well, fancy seeing you Jan, Switzerland was fine.” He paused and then ordered her to seat. “Where the hell have you been?” Janette shifted in her seat, playing with the strap of her bag lying on her thigh. “I was with my parent.” She whispered, biting and chewing the inside of her mouth nervously. “And why haven’t you been answering my calls?” “I’m s-sorry for not answering your c-
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chapter 10
Chapter 10Following the next day, Thursday morning, Danielle woke up in her sexy, revealing lingerie only to realize that Jackson was gone. Sighing, she glanced at her wristwatch on the nightstand; 8:00am perhaps her husband might’ve gone to his office room to answer business calls as usual. Danielle reached for the drawer close to the bed and brought out two small containers, her pouting face was tear streaked as she opened the containers bringing out two White tablet from each containers and quickly took it to her mouth, and then took a small swallow of water. Danielle did not care to change into something more decent before living the room. She walked along the hallway and slowed down in front of Jackson’s office room. Immediately the door fleet open, Jackson raised his head to see Danielle. “F**k it, isn’t my baby the sexiest?” Danielle chuckled and walked across the room and paused beside Jackson, who has his eyes all over her body. He could easily see her weary skin through t
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