The Alpha King's Princess

The Alpha King's Princess

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He’s the alpha king, my crush, my guardian. And he’s 20 years older than me. ** “How old are you?” “T-Twenty,” I bit my lower lip, stuttering on the lie. “I’m an adult.” I trembled but turned my head, allowing him to drag his nose along my neck and breathe in my scent. I didn’t know what I smelled like to him. Did I smell like I was lying? I held still. He shifted just a bit, seemingly retreating, and I flung my arms around his neck, holding him down. “Please, Alpha King,” I said. My voice trembled even as I tried to sound sultry. “I’m… sure I can please you.” “Do you know what happens when you lie to the Alpha King, little girl?” He knew. I should have known that he would know I wasn’t twenty. “You seem so deliberate, but I’m not interested in your offer. How about we play a game?” “A-A game?” He narrowed his eyes and gave me a slow, cruel smile. “If you win, I’ll grant you sanctuary.” My eyes widened with a spark of hope. “But if you lose….”

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156 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Met the alpha king
I was warm when I opened my eyes. Though my body still ached, I wasn’t dead. It wasn’t the rain-wet pavement I expected, but a bedroom. I gasped at the sight around me. The room was beautiful. The furniture was all made of sleek straight lines, but the quality of it all made it seem more modern than Spartan. I drew my hand across the sheets over me with wonder. They weren’t silk, but they were the softest thing I had ever felt. I’d made it. Instead of running me over, the limo bearing the symbol of the Full Moon Pack had stopped and brought me here. I was at the alpha king’s estate. I had to be. “You’re awake!” A woman’s voice said, pulling me from my thoughts. She was dressed in a simple white button-up shirt, skirt, and a white apron. “I hope you’re hungry.” My stomach growled as I caught the scent of meat from the tray. "Where am I?" I prayed to the moon goddess that I wasn’t wrong. “In the home of Alpha King Candido,” she said, shaking out a napkin to put over my lap. She s
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#Chapter 2 Get the little girl home
I shuddered. He knew. I should have known that he would know I wasn’t twenty. I wanted to plead or explain, but the words turned into a squeak of terror as my tears flowed down my cheeks. I couldn’t breathe. He was going to kill me. He was definitely going to kill me, and no one would care. The Wolf Fang Pack was a small one like those that tended to get involved with vampires to try and secure more power. Did he think I was a threat? Would he try to interrogate me? Werewolf society had fallen into chaos since the vampires had united under their king and began to infiltrate and sabotage the smaller packs. Before I could say anything to assure him, he spoke. “Look at me,” he commanded. My eyes popped open, obeying him and hoping that I didn’t look like a threat. “ How about we play a game?” “A-A game?” He narrowed his eyes and gave me a slow, cruel smile. “If you win, I’ll grant you sanctuary.” My eyes widened with a spark of hope. “But if you lose….” The ride was silent. The
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#Chapter 3 The chubby girl's loved
Tonight was the Noble Academy’s welcome-back dinner for the new year. Most of the women in attendance weren’t here for an education or to better themselves. They were dressed like they were walking the red carpet and wore so much makeup that they looked fake. Still, the gleam of their jewelry and their figures caught the attention of most of the men who were starting school with us. Some of it was tasteful, but a lot of it just seemed like they were flaunting their wealth needlessly. Claire and I sat in the corner of the room, away from most of the other tables, uninterested in speaking to most of the others in the room. Claire and I were so underdressed for the event that we looked like we didn’t belong, and that was fine for us. We weren’t here to make friends. We had each other, and that was enough. Claire was the daughter of the Full Moon Pack’s Secretary of State. She was important enough that it would never matter what she wore. She was also as beautiful as her mother, with a
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#Chapter 4 Don’t be afraid, little wolf
Candido watched me carefully. “We’re going home so you can change for the event.” A protest rose to my lips, but I swallowed it and sat up straight. I was a member of the Full Moon Pack. I hadn’t been Hedy of the Wolf Fang Pack in four years. There was no sense in being afraid of a small pack that posed no threat to me or the Full Moon Pack. So, I sat back and nodded. “I hope you didn’t pick out an orange dress.” "Of course not.” The dress was a shimmering nude and white dress that flattered me as if it was made to fit me. Knowing Candido, it probably had been. I promised not to be afraid. I kept a brave face from the time I got dressed until I returned to the car to ride to the banquet hall on the other side of the capital city. Still, my stomach turned with nerves. When we arrived, I stepped out of the car with Candido and looked up at the banquet. Before, there was no way that my father would have been able to afford such a thing. Either the pack was doing well, or the
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#Chapter 5 They couldn't hurt me anymore
Candido’s voice pulled me out of my flashback. I sucked in a sharp breath and looked up at him. He gazed at my face, his eyebrows furrowed. "Don't be afraid." My tears fell from my eyes at his words. He wrapped his arms around me, pulling me to his chest. I leaned back and took a deep breath, trying to slow my racing heart. The sight and sounds of the banquet hall filled my senses, and I averted my gaze from my father. Everything was fine. Candido was here. I would never have to go back. I would never be abused again. “Nothing,” I said, shaking off the scare and clenching my hand to hide my trembling. “I’m fine.” “I’m not done—” Steven’s voice broke off. He stepped back and went a bit pale. I could only imagine Candido was glaring at him as he tightened his grip around my waist. Silence filled the air again as they glared at each other. Lilian’s words came back to me, and I remembered the conversations Candido and I had over the years. Steven had reached out to t
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#Chapter 6 She's bleeding
“Poor girl.” “Honestly, she shouldn’t have been allowed to come if she was going to act like that.” No one would believe me now. I turned, looking for Candido. Yet, Bella had grabbed my dress with her bleeding hand. “Trying to run away again, Hedy? Like every time you’ve done bad things to me?” Bella asked, her voice just loud enough to be heard by everyone and stir up more whispers. “Haven’t you learned anything?” I looked at her bloody hand and then at the sneer in her eyes. I knew her well enough to know that the moment she saw me in this dress, she wanted to take it from me or destroy it. It wasn’t the first time she’d taken or destroyed something of mine because she wanted and couldn’t happen. All the memories of my mother I should have had after her death, keepsakes and mementos, had been lost to Bella’s jealousy and selfishness. I dropped my gaze to her neck, where my mother’s necklace hung, gleaming on her collar. Bella tugged at my dress and grabbed another fis
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#Chapter 7 Save me!
I turned, relieved to see Candido coming through the crowd. They parted and bowed their heads. No one said a thing, probably quaking at the thought they might have been heard bad-mouthing me and agreeing with Eric. “You must be, speaking to anyone in my pack that way. Perhaps you’d like your pack to pay the price for your idiocy?” His eyes narrowed. “Penance is owed, isn’t it?” Eric paled and stepped back, glancing at me and then dropping his gaze. Candido glared at him, daring him to say anything as the raw power of his presence loomed over Eric. Bella shifted the top of her dress down, just enough to reveal more of her cleavage. She looked ridiculous, but Candido didn’t even glance at her. His gaze swept past Bella and Lilian down to the blood-stained corner of my dress. His eyes narrowed as he looked at me. “Hedy,” he said. “Are you alright?” I swallowed and gave him a trembling smile as I nodded. It wasn’t a lie. Now that he was here, I was just fine. I stepped closer to
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#Chapter 8 A gift from the king
I closed my eyes, bracing for pain or more yelling. I heard a loud crack and a shriek of pain as I tried to get my heart to calm down. Candido’s scent filled my nose as I buried my face in the fabric of the back of his suit and breathed. Candido was here. I was safe. I would always be safe if he was here. When I opened my eyes, a security officer of Team Gamma was standing between Candido and Bella. She was crumpled on the ground, holding her wrist and wailing in agony. Tears rolled down her face as she gasped and shuddered on the ground. The officer turned his head just slightly, never turning his gaze from Bella. “Will that be sufficient, Your Majesty?” Bella shuddered and lifted her head. She glared at me through the curtain of her hair that was still a bit wet from the wine she’d spilled on herself. My mother’s necklace glinted in the low light as it swung, and she heaved. “I’m going to make your life a living hell, Hedy!” She shrieked. “For now,” Candido sai
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#Chapter 9 It looked like he wanted to kiss me
He winced. “His Majesty has asked not to be disturbed. He’s reviewing documents.” I nodded. “Well, make sure he eats something. He gets cranky when he’s hungry.” Allen chuckled. “Of course, Miss Hedy.” When the house was quiet, and I was certain that no one would hear me, I locked the door to my bedroom and closed the thick curtains around my bed. I pulled the hidden panel in the headboard out and put on my headset. “Pandora to Moon Shadow, online,” I said. The screen of the computer shifted as the computer recognized my voice and initialized the unlocking protocols to the private messaging board of Moon Shadow. In the wake of the chaos that had started to infect werewolf society after the rise of the vampire king, Moon Shadow was formed to help combat it. The organization was made up of only werewolves with awakened bloodlines. No one knew anyone’s real name, faces, or voices, but we all shared a common vision: bringing about the unity and peace of the werewolf world, f
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#Chapter 10 You think his eyes are charming?
It was a weird question, but it wasn’t the first time that Candido had started a strange conversation with me. I thought about it and answered, “People say he’s the most handsome guy at school, and he receives a lot of love letters in pink envelopes every day.” Then I laughed. “Ohh Claire thinks his eyes are very charming.” Candido clenched his fists at his sides as I frowned at the glass I had been offering to him for the past few moments. Why wasn’t he taking it back? Candido took a deep breath. “You think his eyes are charming?” “Not me. Claire.” “I don’t care.” He said stiffly. “I’m asking what you think.” Candido looked so serious. More serious than I had ever seen him. It wasn’t like him to fixate on something so trivial. I usually told him all about my day, but there hadn’t been much to say today, and my mind wasn’t on my day at the Academy, let alone Francium. Maybe there was something going on with the New Moon Pack. Was he in negotiations with them about someth
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