My Ancient Mate

My Ancient Mate

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Blurb; The night of the Red Moon is the night that makes every werewolf in the supernatural realm tremble in fear. That night brought two lives together, two hearts intertwined. That night, guided two werewolves of different ranks to each other. That night changed everything. Nora Blackwood is the most ruthless and most feared Alpha Female in America. Her name sent chills down the spine of her enemies. After failing to find her fated mate on several occasions, she was betrothed to Mason Stanford. The second son of an Alpha of a neighboring pack, who she aloof so much. But fate was on her side. Next morning, after the red moon, the most handsome and Omega came knocking on his door. At first glance, her wolf claimed and imprinted on the Omega. Leonard Korun runs away from home after being beaten badly by his stepfather on the night of the Red Moon. All he ever wanted was to feel safe and have a normal life, but what happens when he crosses paths with the most dominant Alpha female alive? What happens when he is the strange man in the female Alpha's dream for the past two years? What happens when he is claimed by the ruthless Alpha Female against his will and consent? Will Leonard give in to her easily? Will he reciprocate her love? Read on to find out how the Alpha Female lures the Omega with her dominance. How she fought against her parents and fiancé for her one true love.

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67 Chapters
Chapter 1: Introduction
Introduction Primordial Werewolves: Are the most powerful werewolves in existence and no normal werewolf can match their power. They possess some abilities that a normal werewolf doesn't have. The primordial Alphas are stronger enough on their own even without a pack. They are dangerously savage beasts that can decapitate others with little effort. They are cruel and stronger than the original werewolves. Without their mates, they go on a rampage. Primordial Vampires: Are the first vampire species. They are the vampire counterparts of the primordial werewolves and, as such, are the most powerful vampires in existence. History Primordial Werewolf: Ryker Starrk Primordial Vampire: Derrick Marshall. Red Moon: The time of the year that brings werewolves to their knees. Werewolves go into hiding on the night of the red moon. On this night, werewolves are at their weakest because of the brutal act done by Ryker Starrk three centuries ago. That night brought Nora and Leonard together.
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Chapter 2: The day of my Alpha ceremony.
*** Nora's POV*** 3 years ago. My name is Nora Blackwood and I am 18 years of age. I am the only daughter of Alpha Benedict Blackwood and the future Alpha of the Blackwood Pack. Today is supposed to be the best day of my life. Today is my Alpha ceremony. That day, that happens once in a lifetime, but I am not happy. I have no one to share such a happy event with. I have a family but I felt like I was all alone. My pack treats me like crap. Alphas from other neighboring packs think I am weak and do not deserve this position since I am a young woman. They believe I don’t deserve the Alpha title. They don't truly know what I am capable of. I just wish I could give them what they want. But what can I do? I am the only child and it's a rule in the werewolf community that all Alphas have to hand over their titles to their next in line when they turn eighteen. Since I am the only child of Alpha Blackwood, that responsibility falls on me. So here I am, walking to the backyard where m
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Chapter 3: Am I not Enough?
***Nora's POV*** 2 years ago. “You will never be enough!!” my father screamed. “To the pack and the rest of the world, you will always be a weakling. No matter how hard you try to train, your status will forever remain the same. The weak daughter of Alpha Benedict Blackwood,” he yelled and smirked. I clenched my jaw on hearing his hurtful words. “Where exactly are you going with this father?” I tried to maintain a calm and strong demeanor even though my heart was breaking. He is always trying to break me or lower me to nothing. “You know where I am going with this Nora!! Accept and go on a date with Mason. He has been trying to get you to go on a date with him for years,” he said. “But what has that got to do with me running the pack, father? Besides, I am waiting for my mate. I can’t be with any other man” I replied, gritting my teeth. “You think you are high and might now, right? Only a man can be an Alpha. The pack needs someone strong like Mason. Have you ever heard of a
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Chapter 4: The Stranger in my dream.
*** Third Persons POV*** A year later Present Time "Help, help, somebody help" a terrified male voice cried for help. He struggled with the restraint. His heart was beating vigorously in fear and in horror. He shivered when the evil old man walked evidently towards him. " Nobody is coming to your rescue, boy," an old manly voice snarled. The terrified man was smacked sharply on his face, causing a walloping sound to resonate in the dark room. He hit the floor after receiving the hard smack. Tears trickled down his face and the corner of his lips started bleeding due to the force of his smack. " Please let me go, mother, save me. Somebody save me" he cried out. He was in so much pain. His body was in a blaze after being restrained with silver chains. "Shut up, you bastard". The older man's growled " I will make your life miserable. You will wish you were never born" the man snarled evilly and punched the terrified man in the gut. He punched his face and chest, causing pain t
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Chapter 5: The Red Moon
***Third Persons POV*** Nora raised her head from the sink and walked to the towel hanger at the side of the sink. She picked a blue cotton towel and dried her face with the towel by dabbing. Her eyes locked on the red moon outside the small glass window in the bunker. Her eyes glinted in anger as she mumbled "The Red Moon!!" Nora's mind quickly went back to the brutal story relating to the red full moon. Three centuries ago, a primordial Alpha werewolf, Ryker Starrk, went berserk and sexually assaulted and killed a young female vampire not knowing her lineage. Ryker Starrk was an aggressive and cruel werewolf the supernatural world has never known. When Derrick Marshall , a primordial vampire and a master of the vampire assassin coven, heard of the untimely death of his younger sister. He blamed the whole werewolf race. He wanted their blood. His blood was boiling for revenge. He wanted to eradicate the werewolf race. Derrick was furious and became ferocious. In anger, he joi
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Chapter 6: The Vampire Hunt.
***LEONARD'S POV*** My name is Leonard Korun, I am a nineteen-year-old werewolf from the Crescent pack, a small pack in Florida. Both my mother and father were the betas of the pack until my father went missing three years ago. Rumors around the pack are that my father ran away because he was ashamed to have an omega as a son. Three years ago, when my parents found out I was an omega after I shifted for the first time on my sixth birthday, they were shocked because never in history had two betas born an omega. The lowest on the ranking system of werewolves. My father was ready to go high and low to find out what went wrong with my transformation and why I shifted, and gained my wolf two years earlier than the expected time. So they took me to several witches to find out what went wrong with my wolf, but to no avail. Months later, my father disappeared and the best trackers in the pack couldn't find any trail of him. It seems he vanished from the face of the earth. Days after my f
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Chapter 7: First Encounter
***Alpha Nora POV*** The annoying sound of the alarm woke me up from my beauty sleep. I groaned and opened my eyes a little, and picked up the alarm from my bedside, smashing it against the wall. I turned in bed and closed my eyes, going back to sleep. " What are you still doing in bed, Nora? Do you know the time ?" Elyssa's voice rung in my ears the same time I heard the door open. I groaned into my pillow, refusing to open my eyes or reply to her questions. I was fighting to stay in the dreamland. The room became quiet and I sighed in relief, thinking Elyssa had left me alone. But that wasn't the case. I felt the bed cover slowly slip off my body and someone jumped on my back. I groan in annoyance " Wake up sleepy head" Elyssa yelled into my ears, giggling. " What the fuck do you want?" I mumbled. If she wasn't my best friend, her dead body would be lying lifeless on the floor within a second. " Do you know what time it is?" She asked. " I don't give a damn about the ti
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Chapter 8: McDreamy
***Nora's POV*** “My dream man is real “ I whispered to myself. How did he get here? Why was he hurt? How did he cross my pack? How did he find me? Is this a mere coincidence or was this planned by the moon goddess? “This is not a coincidence, we were meant to meet. Like I said, he is ours” Nelly, my wolf murmured, breaking into my thoughts. “ Stop talking nonsense”, I scolded in confusion. My brain was wracked and my headache was aggravated by the unfathomable situation I am facing right now. I shifted into my human form and walked to Lilly. My gamma was asking the question to my mind. “ Where did you find him?” “He was lying there when we got here” Lilly replied. I nodded, still looking at the handsome man as if he would disappear when I took my eyes off him. I felt a pull, I felt something pulling my soul towards him. “Josh took him to the dungeon. We will deal with him when he is awake”, Lilly ordered. Out of nowhere a loud growl escaped my throat. “He is mine.
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Chapter 9: Father of the year.
***Nora's POV*** My father has an angry look on his face as he strode into my room. From his facial expression, I knew he was bringing trouble my way or he was about to cause a quarrel between us. They say fathers and daughters are supposed to be best friends, but my father and I are like fire and ice. Yeah, we were like every father and daughter out there until a few years ago, his attitude towards me started changing. Our relationship got a lot worse three years ago when he suggested I mate and marry Mason Stanford, the second son of his best friend, Elias Stanford. The former alpha of the blue moon pack. And since I wasn’t in agreement with his plans for my life, our father-daughter relationship went down the drain. Now we are more or less like fire and ice. “ What am I hearing that you have brought a rogue to my home and pack?” he screamed. Ooh boy, here we go again. “Can we go out and talk like two civilized adults?” I said in an unusual calm tone. Since I didn’t
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Chapter 10: Power Seeking Bastard
*** Nora's POV*** I opened the door to my office violently, producing a booming sound. I walked into the office with a dark expression on my face. “Do you have a death wish?” I asked in a cold tone. And crossed my arm across my chest. The cow smirked, staring at me. The smirk on his face was not even attractive, he looked like an old fool. “I finally have your attention, ” he said, sounding cocky as a victory smile slowly appeared on his pale lips. His dull, unattractive black eyes flicker at my body slowly, undressing me with his eyes. Lust blanketed his eyes and that stupid smirk did not leave his lips. I felt so dirty under his stare and I wanted to run quickly to the bathroom, and scrub my body. I glared at him in disgust before speaking. “What the fuck is your worthless ass doing in my seat” I queried, glaring dangerously at the bastard in my office chair. That good for nothing! Had the audacity to sit in my chair. I growled. My
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