An Alpha's Bite

An Alpha's Bite

By:  Joe Sakura  Updated just now
Language: English
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Nasrin has struggled all her life because of her heart disease. She was neglected by her family and the people around her treated her like a fragile doll. But all it took was one bite from a vengeful beast, her life had completely changed. From a fragile doll to becoming a being that she only read in books.

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31 Chapters
1. Alone
NasrinI bawled in pain as my bones twisted in awkward angles. Hairs started growing in all parts of my body. I feel my face elongating, teeth lengthening– its edges sharpening. My nails turning to sharp claws digging the surface of the earth. I could feel something growing behind me, moving at the back of my thighs. It felt like a tail. My muscles stretched far beyond what I can imagine. It hurts. Everything hurts. Through my tears, I can see the man standing… watching me transform into that of a nightmare that rooted from his bite. I don't know what's happening and I fear the unknown. But one thing’s for sure… I'm becoming a monster that everyone will surely fear. One bite from him– that's all it takes. —Clover watched me pack my clothes into my suitcase with a dejected look on her face. She didn’t want me to go but despite everything, I miss them. I waited for this day ever since I stepped foot on this campus.“Do you really want to go now?” She asked for the umpteenth time
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2. His Bite
Next thing I know, I was crawling on the first floor begging for this man to help me. My nails that had turned into claws scratched the surface of the earth as I screamed for help. I looked at the man before me who was watching me writhing in agony with no care in the world. The bright moon highlighted his features. His eyes were glowing gold in the darkness. They were filled with abhorrence that I have no idea why. As time passed, I knew what I was becoming. A monster, a beast that was only read in books. I have read them countless times because I’ve heard them countless times. My curiosity consumed me and so I cannot help but read about it. It hadn’t crossed my mind that there could be a possibility that they’re real. This man before me bit me in the shoulder. He didn’t let go until blackness consumed me. Now, screaming and writhing on the forest floor because I was turning into one. They’re real. He’s one of those beasts. And this beast before loathes me.—My eyes fluttered op
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3. One of Them
Rose encouraged me to take a shower first before bringing me downstairs for breakfast. I didn’t realize I was completely dirty and I really did need to get cleaned up. She even brought me a new set of clothes surprisingly similar to my style– jeans and a light colored blouse. She took my hand as we stepped out of the room. She handled me gently and delicately. It was then that I finally started to appreciate her. It was still very early in the morning and though I wasn't the slightest bit curious, she informed me that everyone was either still sleeping or training in the field, especially the warriors. I honestly didn’t want to know. Every damn book I’ve read about them seemed even more real. And I hated it. My eyes traveled around studying the house. Then I noticed it wasn’t exactly a house. It was a mansion. It was huge and filled with countless rooms. The halls felt endless and like a labyrinth until we reached the kitchen. The place was big and busy when we arrived. There were
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4. The Alpha
“Caleb!”A tall dark haired guy with muscular build, strolled towards us. He had a boyish face and emerald eyes. His height was similar to others. Everyone was tall here and so were the women. I felt like a midget compared to them. “Little girl, meet Caleb. He’s the most skilled warrior here. He will spar with you.” Katarina said with a smirk. My eyes immediately widened. “Please…” I begged.She ignored my plea and shoved me towards him. I almost fell at the force she exerted but I managed to gain my balance. I looked up and our eyes met. Caleb looked at me with no emotion.“Begin!” Katarina shouts before Caleb lunges at me. I could hear their sniggers, taunts and laughters every time I fell or Caleb made a hit. I was bullied countless times when I was a child because I was weak. I didn’t have a normal childhood life because my actions were limited. People might’ve been harsh on me through words but they never hit me. They never resorted to violence.The pain was excruciating every
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5. Vengeance
“Open your mouth.”I shook my head, sobbing. He freed his semi erect manhood. My eyes widened seeing its girth and length. My sobs were getting louder, tears fell on my face like a waterfall. “Open it.” He growled, grabbing my hair from the back of my head, tilting it up in the process. “Crying will get you nowhere.” He tightens his grip on my hair. “I’ll kill you if you don’t stop.”My lips shut immediately. It wobbled when I tried to resist the urge to cry. “Don’t make me repeat myself.”I squeezed my eyes shut before opening my mouth. He then positioned his cock to my lips. “Lick.” A burst of tears fell to my cheeks. “Lick like a fucking animal that you are.”When I didn’t follow his demand, he tightened his grip on my hair and shook my head in warning. And I did. “Suck.”I did as well. Until his cock was as hard as rock. Its veins were now prominent and the sheer size made me tremble. It was twice the size than before. My tears didn’t stop falling. It was humiliating. I have n
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6. Lucan
LucanDocuments that were placed on the table flew to the floor. Paperweight, pens and others shattered against the floor. In my fit of anger, I swiped everything that was placed neatly on top of my desk. The memory of war and deaths made my blood boil. The death of my parents and my ten-year-old brother– it only ignited my lust for revenge.That girl’s family was the reason why my pack had lost greatly. I had been observing them for months, planning ways to exact my revenge. Planning another war after the other will do us no good. We already lost so much just because they caught us off guard. They obviously have planned this for a long time, considering they made sure my beta and I were nowhere in sight.I found out that Henry Elsher, the hunters’ leader, and his entire family are hunters. His wife and his three daughters. I later found out that he has actually four daughters and the youngest did not join them. The girl had no idea that her family are actually hunters but seemed to
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7. Rose
Nasrin“Dear, it’s time for you to get up.” I feel my shoulder being rocked. The movement made me stir and finally wake up from my deep slumber.The events of yesterday exhausted me and put me into a very deep sleep. Although it had taken a long time for me to finally close my eyes. Endless thoughts made me awake for hours– thoughts about my situation that seemed to be found in fantasy books, my family who obviously I know nothing about. Perhaps I do not know them entirely. After all, I was never treated as part of them. Something I’ve been denying for a very long time.Most of all, I thought about the Alpha. What he did to me was beyond humiliating. I knew that he loathed me but now I know to what extent. “Rose?” I looked at her, still groggy. I glanced at the windows. The sun barely rose. I already know why she’s here. “Come. Take a shower and I will treat your wounds.” She said while carefully and slowly assisting me to get up. Her voice was so soft and warm. She reminds me of a
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8. A Friend
“I hope you know your way in the kitchen. Do you know how to cook?” Rose asked as she guided me towards their kitchen. The first time I saw their kitchen, I couldn't help but feel impressed. It was every cook's dream.“I do.” I wanted to add that I love cooking but I was too shy to tell. She suddenly stops before the kitchen comes into view. She then turns to me. “I will get all your necessities tonight including clothes and toiletries. You need to wake up when the sun is rising and come down to the kitchen to help us. You can ask me anything regarding your tasks. Lastly… I want you to always listen to me.” Her words were firm but lacking edge. I wonder why she’s easy on me. I nodded. “Okay.”“Good girl.” She pats the top of my head like that of a child.We were on our way to enter the kitchen when a hand suddenly grabbed my arm securely. “Not so fast, baby girl.” The familiar voice brought a shiver down my spine. I felt afraid instantly.“Katarina.” She reproached. She directs he
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9. Beta of Dark Moon
LucanI watched Caleb, one of my best warriors, taught the human how to fight. Days had gone by, the girl had made a routine in my pack. With how everyone is treating her and how weak of a mortal she is, I expected her to break, instead she adapted. I grunt, walking away. Just as I settled myself in my office, Katarina and Julian arrived for our meeting. “Alpha.” They both said in unison, bowing.They started talking about their weekly reports as usual. Katarina was the first one to report considering there were updates and information inside the pack. Julian, on the other hand, gave me updates about his mission outside. Ever since the huge attack from the hunters, I sent him out to gather information. We have a reason to believe that our own kind was conspiring with the hunters. To top it all off, they made sure Julian and I were not in the premises while they attacked. My beta and I were at our prime, meaning we’re the strongest. My father was the Alpha back then but he even ackn
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10. Little Human Girl
It was a surprise that Julian was accommodating to me considering he has a nonchalant attitude. He answered all my questions about werewolves as we toured around their territory. Their land was vast and the majority of it was occupied by the forest. Their wolves love to run with nature. I've learned a lot from listening to him. It's not only about werewolves but also about hunters and about the history of their land and their pack which is called Dark Moon. It seems not everything that I’ve read in books was true about them. Their world that I discovered intrigued me which is why I’ve never been more in awe; and despite being scared, I still want to learn more about them. That, and the fact that there’s a part of me that was accepting of this which was utterly fascinating and strange. "Your family… why are you not with them?" The question made me halt, a frown etched in my forehead. Julian stopped beside me and watched me with a raised brow. “My family and I aren’t really that
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