My two possessive mates!

My two possessive mates!

By:  harshika malhotra  Ongoing
Language: English
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"please leave me alone" Aria begged in front of his mate. "how dare you run away with my baby" Alpha Nathan lashed out at her and take a step forward toward her. "Because you are the cruel alpha and I won't let my child be just like you," Aria said to be in a confident tone. Alpha Nathan started to laugh at her loudly. "do you really think that anyone is here to save you" Alpha Nathan laughed caged her between him and the wall? Aria looked around and found that the dark blood pack surrounds her from every corner, there is no escape and she is doomed. just when she thought that everything is over then she came across her second mate alpha Dylan of the moon pack. Join the journey of three tangled souls where one alpha is out for revenge and one is out for love. but what does Aria's heart desire?

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6 Chapters
Meeting big bad wolves!
I jumped from the window and was about to run from the house, but my leg got caught in the metal clamp.What the heck was this? What were metal clamps doing in my house's backyard?"Selena, you're trying to run out of this house again," my mom screamed at me.I slumped my shoulders in disappointment. I could never run away from this house. Mom dragged me inside.I smelled the different aromas and looked at the blue tea sitting on my table."Why can't you leave me alone?" I lashed out at my mom for not letting me live my life.My mom took a deep breath to calm herself down and then looked at me."You know that your 18th birthday is approaching, and I can't let you roam like this," she said in a concerned tone, and I chuckled."Yes, how can I forget that as a beta, it was your responsibility to kill me if my wolf spirit didn't awaken, am I right, Mom?" I said in a sarcastic tone, and Mom averted her eyes.My mom and dad were the betas of the Moonshine Pack. They were the caretakers of th
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Alpha Warren calls a meeting!
I heard something behind my back and turned around to see, but there was nothing. When I turned back again, both the wolves were gone. I took a deep breath, having a very bad feeling that something dangerous was starting to unfold. I reached my college and met my best friend, Collin. "Where were you? I was searching for you everywhere," he asked me in a concerned tone. I didn't think it would be a good idea to share about meeting two devilishly handsome men with him. "Just busy finding a book in my locker," I said to him, and he nodded his head in understanding. Suddenly, I started feeling an itch all over my body, and I noticed a red mark on my elbow. "I guess you had a rough night," Collin said to me with a hint of blush on his face. "Every night is rough, dude, when you are the beta's daughter," I said to him while walking. I don't know how, but I tripped and fell hard on the floor. "At first, I thought you couldn't shift, but now I know you can't even walk. What a worthless
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Why are you having Aiden heirloom?
Pack members gathered in the meeting hall, and my parents were in the front seat. I panicked inside, wondering what was going to happen now.There was a cage in the middle of the stage with a bruised omega inside. This was nothing new; Warren always did it to show his power, demonstrating that anyone who goes against him would face the same fate.I decided to go and sit with Collin."The wolves on patrol found out that the rival pack had entered our pack house," Alpha Warren said in a strict tone, and my breath caught."Everyone, be on high alert because this could turn into a war too," he stated further.He was definitely talking about the sweet Dylan and hot Aiden."If I find out that anyone saw them but hid it from me, that wolf will face a merciless death," Warren threatened.I wished he never found out that I had met the wolves from the rival pack. I looked around the hall, and my eyes met Bianca's, who was looking at me with hatred.She walked towards me, and I averted my eyes fr
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Left alone in rival territory!
Soon, we reached our home, and as soon as I got inside, Dad lashed out at me. He wasn't going to leave me now. "Why didn't you inform us that you met Aiden and Dylan?" Dad said in a pissed-off tone. "Now Warren is going to keep a watch on us, and one wrong move will make us all dead," Dad looked at me in anger. "Nothing would have happened if Mom didn't force me to have that blue tea. Do you have any idea that I got unconscious in the middle of the road because of that?" I said angrily because they had been doing constant experiments on me. "I was only trying to help," Mom said defensively, as if she hadn't been torturing me for years. "Please, for God's sake, stop helping me because my wolf spirit is not going to come back," I said to them and ran to my room in anger. Why is it so difficult for my parents to understand that nothing can be changed in me? I took a bath to clear off my anger, and today had indeed been a harsh day for me. As I got on my bed, a hoodie was placed ove
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Your biggest nightmare?
"Please don’t hurt me," I said, closing my eyes. "I am not going to hurt you," he said suddenly, and I opened my eyes. Was he playing with me, or did he really have a soft spot for me? How could I trust him? What if he was playing with me? I thought of all the negative things, and in my stupidity, I threw the stone in his way. The rock bounced off his body as if it were nothing. He looked at me in anger, and I knew I was done for. Before he killed me, I ran in the opposite direction and got in between the two wolves who were already fighting. Something hard hit my face, and there was a complete blackout. THE NEXT DAY I woke up with a heavy head and found myself in my room. I saw my parents discussing something but they went quiet when they saw me regaining consciousness. "Thank God, Selena, that you are fine now," Mom said and was about to hug me, but I averted my head. "I don’t think you guys are happy to see me alive," I taunted them, and they looked at each other. "This is
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Did you miss me, baby girl?
I got scared and looked at the bushes when Dylan came out. My breath stuck in my throat, and I had no idea what he was going to do to me."What are you doing here? This is Moonshine Pack territory," I said fearfully, glancing around to see if anyone could see us.I took Dylan's hands and went under the bushes with him to protect him. "Calm down, woman. Want to have some fun?" Dylan said suggestively."Fuck you! Tell me, what are you doing here?" I asked him, curiosity mixing with my fear."We are here to protect you. We know that your parents are in Alpha Warren's dungeon, and we are the only ones who can help you," he said. His words struck an emotional chord within me as my parents were in a miserable state, and I desperately wanted to protect them."I don't understand why you want to help us. I mean, I am nothing to you. So why?" I asked him, doubtful of his intentions.Dylan started laughing upon hearing me and said, "Since I met you, I've felt a connection towards you. I want to
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