Taken By The Cruel Alpha

Taken By The Cruel Alpha

By:  Emily Radisson  Completed
Language: English
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"This is our first night together. You are now my Luna. So, you better take off your clothes or I'll make you." The voice of Alpha Aragon echoed in her ears. She attempted suicide and fled on her wedding day, but nothing worked out. No matter how hard she tried to flee her alpha, he always tracked her down to his castle, his room, and his bed. “I… I….” She stuttered, her gaze drawn away from his. Her heart was with her fiance, who she desired to mate with, until she met that cruel alpha. Her life has been turned upside down since then. "Strip now or I'll..." he growled, threateningly. "Or what?" she wondered aloud, raising her brow. "Are you going to rape me?" "No, I will tie your fours to the bed and fuck you roughly until the sunrise," he said, shaking his head and grumbling.

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65 Chapters
Prologue + Chapter 1
Prologue"So, Derek, do you want to sit at this table? Are you prepared to lose tonight's poker game?" Derek was mocked by the men sitting around the poker table. Derek, like the majority of the players at the table, was a gambling addict, but he was no longer wealthy. He doesn't have enough money to pay off his gambling debts.Derek sat on one of the chairs, raised his head, and said, "I used to be the best poker player in the moonlight pack, and I think I can win tonight.""Oh, were you? So, how much money can you afford to bid with?" A frightening sound came from behind Derek.Derek, like the rest of the pack, was familiar with this sound. He was the moonlight pack's alpha and the one from whom Derek borrowed a large sum of money.Derek gulped nervously and turned to face the alpha, saying, "I have about $5,000.""Not enough," said the alpha, shaking his head. "Your sister..."Derek blinked, perplexed, "alpha! What does this imply? What exactly do you mean by my sister?""If you win
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Eva I was unable to stop screaming, and I kept attempting to break down the door to my room by kicking it in. I even tried to make a running jump through the window, but I was unable to do so successfully. The way Derek spoke to me showed how seriously he took what we were talking about.It never occurred to me that he might think about selling my body in order to fulfill his financial responsibilities,debts, Bills and the thought has never crossed my mind. I am his sister, for god's sake!Worse still, he took away my cellphone; how am I supposed to get Russell to come any earlier than seven o'clock?!Cutting up every piece of clothing that I owned appeared to be the only choice that I had at my disposal. After searching every corner of my room for the scissors, I opened the door to my closet and got to work on chopping up the dresses. On the other hand, I did not have any other choices available to me, so I had no other option but to wait. Even the dress that I was wearing at the tim
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EvaAs soon as I had finished getting dressed, which took me only a few minutes, I was prepared to go with my brother. Even though I was hoping against hope that Russell would be okay and that he would come save me from the alpha's grasp, my heart was pounding wildly with fear. The two of us had no intention of breaking away from the pack, but I knew there was no way out. Never did we plan to move anywhere else in the pack before we were mated, but under the current conditions, it seems unlikely that we will be able to.When my brother walked into my room and asked me coldly, "Are you ready?," I was probably unable to think straight and was on the verge of passing out.So as to calm my nerves, I took a deep breath and then managed to stutter out a weak "yes."My thoughts returned to the clock as I hoped that Russell would soon be here.In case you were wondering, neither Russell nor I have ever had any kind of sexual encounter, and neither of us told my brother about it. So this alpha
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Eva"You can stay here and let me escape the herd by myself, or you can come with me," Russell offered. " You have the luxury of choosing between the two."In addition, I immediately agreed with the proposal, with no hesitance on my part. " There is zero doubt in my mind that I will be leaving with you. This is our only chance, so let's make the most of it before it's too late."Although I had said so, Russell retracted his statement after coming to the conclusion that he loved me even more than everything else. Since then, Russell has been giving serious thought to ending our bond.Without another word, he released his grip on my face and shook his head, "no, I can't take you with me into the unknown territory." I was very dissatisfied.I gave him an extremely solemn expression. "Russell, I have no idea what you mean by that. In fact, we're both committed to making this relationship work. The current situation is too chaotic for you to simply abandon me. This is our only chance, so l
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RussellFor Eva, who meant more to me than life itself, I was prepared to give up everything. But after I killed the alpha, I began to feel like I was dead for real. Since she was my true mate, I will never feel bad about saving her from the alpha's clutches, but I never in a million years thought I'd turn into a rogue or a killer! In all my years, the thought of committing murder or serious bodily harm to another person has never even crossed my mind.I was not created for battle; rather, my destiny is to serve others with kindness and vigilance.I will never forget the alpha's last gasps of air, nor will I ever forget the sight of blood pooling around him.Getting my head around it was a challenge.Not to mention, I was forced to keep a low profile for fear of being discovered, just like a real-life criminal. The rest of the pack would never believe me. I need to spill the beans on everything that went down if I want them to take me seriously, but
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Russell I reached out and took her hand, and we stumbled our way through the dark woods. In order to avoid being discovered by the rest of the pack, we made sure to keep a constant vigilance on the horizon. My faint hope that the cute little cottage was uninhabited was soon dashed when I realized that the only way to find out for sure was to pay a visit.After a short journey, we arrived at the cottage's front door, but the lights had gone out. "Everyone, please keep quiet and stay where you are. I need to check inside to see if anyone lives here, so if you'll excuse me, I have to go inside.Her head nodding and willingness to do as I commanded were clear signs of her submission. The door was too small for me to have any trouble opening it, and it didn't look like anyone had lived there in a long time. So I did the only thing I could think of: I breathed a sigh of relief and called her name to have her come inside.She then walked in. There was only a solitary old sofa and absolutely
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EvaIn spite of the fact that it took some time, Russell and I were eventually able to consummate our relationship and merge into a single entity. I don't think there was ever a point in my life when I didn't daydream about being in his presence. I was aware of the fact that I had never in my wildest dreams envisioned spending our first night together and losing my virginity in such a way, but in spite of this, I discovered that I enjoyed it very much, and the process moved fairly quickly. I also found that it was relatively easy to do.After he freed me from the alpha's grasp, it fell on me to free him as well as myself from the situation we were in. I simply am unable to fathom a point in my life when I will no longer be able to call him a part of it.When we were both walking and venturing further into the woods, I couldn't help but cast a few sidelong glances in Russell's direction every so often. I completely forgot to ask him about his plans for the future, which is an error tha
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RussellI couldn't believe it, because I wasn't a moron, and that wasn't the best time to be frittering away money. Someone took our money, and even if I wanted it back, I wouldn't live with the pack again in the house we used to share. Unfortunately, I couldn't comply. I know that if I set foot inside that pack again, I will be killed instantly.Eva's life wasn't always so tough, and I felt bad for her because of that. She wasn't exactly living the high life, but neither was it that bad. The house she lived in was nothing special.When I saw how scared she was, all I could do was hug her tightly and try to reassure her by saying, "It's going to be okay." "If you can help it, honey, try to hold back the tears. I'm going to figure out a solution to this issue. Don't fret; I'll make it my mission to locate suitable employment and lodgings for us. Put your mind at ease."When I saw that she was dizzy, I kept kissing her cheeks. I felt like my spirit had been sucked out of me, and I didn'
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RussellI was terrified by the tone of their yells as they directed them at me, demanding that I stop dead in my tracks. In an instant, my whole life played out before me, and I saw myself dead or, even worse, spending the rest of my days locked up in a cell until I rotted away. The warriors were already too close, and their fighting skills and speed far surpassed those of anyone else, so even if I tried to run away, I would never make it anywhere. All the while, my heart was thumping furiously in my chest, and I knew I couldn't run away.In my case, I simply took my place and played my part. When I finally managed to catch my breath and look at them, they had already moved on to pay attention to someone else who had been following us.I felt like crying; it had never occurred to me that I could be so lucky. There was a great heave on my part. It wasn't directed at me, but at someone else in the room. The suspect was cuffed and taken away afterward. At this time, I
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Russell"Lucas!" It took him by surprise to see me there, especially chatting with the alpha, so I hugged him and he hugged back.Totally taken aback, Lucas asked, "Are you serious?" "Why are you just standing around in this area, Russell? What are you doing? Just why didn't you give me a call?"A sigh escaped me, and I mumbled, "Since my wallet and ID were in the car that broke down on the way here, I cannot prove my identity. In all honesty, it's a tragic event that drags on for quite some time. My primary goal while in this pack, however, is to find work."The alpha regarded me and then turned to Lucas, asking, "so, you know him already?" Despite Lucas's hesitance, the alpha persisted in asking him a question.It was a yes from Lucas, so "Absolutely, Alpha. Quite some time has passed since we last saw each other.""Good, then take Russell to fix the limo," the alpha said, and the conversation continued.The immovability of Lucas's stance gave me
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