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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT It was supposed to be a fun night. Ava and her best friend, Evelyn venture into The Fantasy Club to unwind after writing their final college exams. Things take a drastic turn when Ava gets out of control and begins to strip. She gets noticed by Ace, the leader of The Black Scorpion Mafia Gang, and from that moment, Ava's life as she knows it, changes.

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Ava and Eve clinked their glasses and squealed in excitement before downing their drinks in one go.Their loud noises attracted the attention of the people around them at the club. All kinds could be found there, thugs, criminals, whores, and so on.Both twenty-one, they had made a pact with each other that after their final exams, they will both take the risk of partying at The Fantasy Club which was rumored to be dangerous.Ava's phone soon began to ring. She took it out of her pocket and when she saw the caller, said, "shoot, it's Damon. If he knows I'm at The Fantasy Club, he will go bananas."She handed her glass which she had just refilled to Evelyn, "look after this for me, I'll just go out and take this call. You know how jealous Damon can be."Eve accepted the glass of beer and nodded while Ava hurried out of the club to take her boyfriend's call. When she got to the exit door, however, she paused. She realized that Damon would want to find out where she was and if she lied
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Ace had never been one to show interest in women. He barely gave them the time of day as he grew up believing that women were betrayers and gold diggers. He was someone who didn't believe in giving people second chances and the idea of killing women did not appeal to him so he avoided them like a plague, of course, there were exceptions for those who tried to harm him but he generally saw women as unnecessarily evil.However, as he stood, watching Ava from the top of the stairs, he was reminded of his college days when he fucked any woman that caught his attention until the one he trusted, betrayed him.That was more than ten years ago and he had since buried any desire or cravings he ever had for women. Somehow, the young girl dancing in front of him had ignited those desires. He suddenly wanted to have her under him, screaming out his name.He could tell that she wasn't a stripper or a whore, they were always easily noticeable due to their heavy makeup but this girl was different.
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Ace pulled Ava up after a few minutes and said, "if you don't stop, for now, we won't be able to get home, so just hold it to enable me to drive."Ava went back to stroking his length while Ace drove off at full speed. His men followed behind him and Ace noticed that despite being kept busy, Ava was still squirming.He wanted to know more about her, why she was at the club, and who spiked her drink. Considering his position that was just a piece of cake, however, there were more pressing things for him to do and they all ended with Ava being under him.He occasionally slowed down to catch his breath. He was breathing fast as Ava was stroking his length, it felt so good.He finally drove into his estate and heaved a sigh of relief. They had both made it in one piece. The moment he parked his car, he zipped up his pants, quickly helped her wear her top once again, and opened the door.He turned to the other side of the car, pulled her out, and carried her over his shoulders as he ran in
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Ace walked closer to the bed and asked, "why did you hide under the quilt? I loved you more when you were naked. You women are such complicated creatures. I practically saved you last night and this is what I get?"Ava sat up with the quilt covering her body, "how the hell did you save me, pervert? You took advantage of an innocent girl in her inebriated state and you call that saving me?"Ace chuckled, "you, innocent? Not with the way you fucked me last night."Ava's face turned red as she recalled how she had thrown herself at Ace but he must have known that she wasn't in her right mind, so what was he proud about?Ace observed her expression as it changed from anger to embarrassment and back to anger. He shook his head, "listen, Ava, you weren't just drunk last night, someone drugged your drink and that's how you became out of control.You were stripping and begging all the men around to fuck you. What exactly do you think would have happened if I hadn't taken you away? So many me
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Ava stared at Ace for a while before realizing the meaning of what he had just said.After speaking, Ace turned to leave, however, Ava looked around for whatever weapon she could find but the only thing that caught her attention was the small aquarium beside the bed with an orange-colored fish inside it.Without thinking twice, she got off the bed and lifted the aquarium. Ace heard her coming and turned to see what she was up to but before he could react, she struck the aquarium on one side of his head, causing the glass to break, the water to pour out and the little fish to struggle for life on the floor.Ace held his head as he staggered and his vision became blurry, meanwhile, Ava quickly wrapped the quilt around her body. It was quite heavy but she was convinced that once she got out to the road and asked for help, someone would come to her aid.She pushed the staggering Ace towards the bed and made a run for the door. However, when she tried to open it, she realized that it was l
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When Ava heard Ace say that he is the infamous Black Scorpion, she became more afraid. His name was a terror to many and she was no exception. Her ex-boyfriend once told her that he was an enemy of the police yet they could not touch him. Most of them were afraid of him and most of the top men in the country were on his payroll.He was rumored to be ruthless and could kill for something as little as making eye contact with him. Realizing that he was the Mafia boss she had wished never to meet in her life from the moment she heard about him, made Ava's hands to start shaking.What had she gotten herself into? If she knew of his identity earlier, she wouldn't have even dared to argue with him or attack him. She was extremely terrified of the punishment he wanted to mete out to her and she could not stop thinking that despite all that he said, Scorpion would definitely kill her when he was done playing with her.Ace saw the way Ava was shivering and crying and he smiled. He actually foun
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Ace stared at Ava in surprise as he wondered why she was smiling at him. He knew without a doubt that women were complicated but Ava seemed to be worse than average. He had observed the different expressions on her face while she was in deep thought until she finally wiped her eyes and smiled at him. What could she be up to?He couldn't deny though that she looked really beautiful when she smiled. Seeing her that way made him feel good and he could not stop wondering about what prompted her to smile.Perhaps he was thinking too much about it. Maybe she enjoyed the way he fucked her and now decided to accept her reality. It would be good for her if that was the case because it would make her life much more enjoyable as his girl.He slowly pulled her face away from his body and led her towards the bathroom as he felt like giving her a bath.He helped her get into the tub and took his sweet time bathing her. From Ace's observation, Ava seemed to enjoy being bathed by him. When he was do
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Ava kept thinking about her escape until she drifted off to sleep. She woke up later in the day and sat on the bed, as she once more tried to figure out what to do.She heard Ace on the phone talking to someone. His voice was quite loud and she knew that eventually, he would come into the room. She recalled the plans he had made earlier and quickly stood in front of the mirror.She checked her face to make sure she was looking okay and after that, undid three of the top buttons from Ace's shirt which she wore.She still felt sore under her but she was determined to go through with her plans. She adjusted her big breasts, making it easy for Ace to easily notice it as it was completely visible on her body.She heard Ace's voice getting closer and ran into the bathroom. She stayed there until she heard Ace open the door. She came out of the bathroom right at that moment. When she saw Ace, she walked seductively towards him as he stood by the door, arms folded in surprise, and stared at
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When the passion was spent, Ace kissed Ava lovingly and got off her body. He lay beside her for a while, staring at her as he thought about how they met. It was incredible that forty-eight hours ago he had no clue that he would end up having a soft spot for any woman, much less a young girl like Ava.Of course, he never planned to stay single forever. As a Black Scorpion Mafia Boss, he had a responsibility to produce the next leader of the Mafia Gang. That part of his life had long been decided for him and he was fine with it but the beautiful golden-haired girl lying beside him was definitely bound to change everything, she just didn't know it yet. It wasn't the right time anyway, so, he got up from the bed and left the room without saying a word to her. He came back a few minutes later with a glass of water and a pill in his hand. Ava easily recognized it as she was no stranger to the morning-after pill. She got up, accepted the pill from him gratefully, and put it in her mouth as
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Ava realized that she wasn't going to make it and quickly returned the bunch of keys, pulled down Ace's brief, and took it off, before jumping back on the bed.Ace opened the door right and that moment while Ava struggled to control her breathing. She could not believe that she had been so close to getting her freedom. She realized though that she wouldn't have made it because she was yet to discover which of the keys opened the exit door of the house.Judging by how all the other rooms were locked, she knew that the exit door wouldn't be an exception. If the shower hadn't stopped running, she would have definitely made a run for it. At least now she knew that there was a possibility of her getting out of there. All she needed to do was be patient, watch and find the right time.Ace stared at Eva who was lying on the bed and smiled. Being someone who was always alert, he barely forgot things. He knew very well where he had kept his brief but he noticed that its position had been chang
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