The Alpha's Daughter's Revenge

The Alpha's Daughter's Revenge

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With her first mating ball coming up, Summer is unusually nervous. She is scared of not meeting her mate, but at the same time she is scared of meeting her mate. But when she heard that word 'MATE' she was relieved that he was nothing like she thought. But when he doesn't want her to tell her father about their mating, she becomes suspicious. Something isn't right there, and she knows that there's something that she doesn't know from the past. When her mate discovers that her father is abusing her, he is more determined to get her the hell out of that house. But that won't be without its own challenges. Will she choose to go with her mate and her love or stay with her father out of loyalty?

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I hate my hair. I hate my eye color. I hate everything about me. Why was I putting myself through this? Even if I did find my mate tonight, he would probably take one look at me and reject me. That's all I need, isn't it? To be publicly humiliated like that. My Alpha father would be so proud of me then, wouldn't he? I know that he just wants to hurry up and marry me off so that I would be out of the way and my older brother could take over as Alpha, finally. I don't know why he's waiting until I'm out of the house to pass the reins down. He just was. My father did a lot of things that didn't make a whole lot of sense to other people, except him. I didn't know why I was really putting myself through this. What if I was mated to someone that was a complete loser or someone that was a total prick? What was I going to do then? "Summer." My mother sang out knocking on my bedroom door. "Yeah." I sang out and she opened the door and walked inside. She stopped as soon as she saw me standi
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There was that one word that I was dreading and looking forward to at the same time. I was stuck in place for a moment, not sure what to do. But I finally placed my plate down on the table and I turned slowly to see a 6 foot 5 bulky man standing behind me with his brown hair in a pony tail and a goatee. I had to look up from my smallish 5 foot 9 frame. He was really attractive and I stood there staring at him like a deer caught in headlights. I didn't have a single thought going through my head right now. I think I was in shock or something. But Ryker grabbed my arm to pull me out of it. Just like he always knew how to and the man standing in front of me growled lowly when he saw Ryker touch me. And that snapped me out of it completely. I knew how protective mates are over their other halves. "No. This is my brother, Ryker." I said quickly. And the man in front of me relaxed. "So, that must make you Summer." He says. "You've heard of me?" I was surprised. "Ryker has spoken about
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Alpha Ethan and I spent the whole rest of the night outside talking before Ryker came to find me to tell me that the car was waiting for us and then he left to let me and Alpha Ethan work something out. Alpha Ethan took my phone and he put his number in it and he handed it back to me. "There's a lot to explain but I know that you're father isn't going to be happy about you and me. I don't care what your father says. I really don't. But he is going to make this hard for us and if you need me at all, then just call. But just call me anyway so we can still talk. There are a few things that need to happen before you can come to my pack." Ethan explained to me. "Alright. I'll call you." I say. And he leaned down and kissed me on the cheek. I'm pretty sure I blushed a bit when he did that and he chuckled. But I had to go and meet up with Ryker at the car and he held the door open for me. "Summer. Do you know how bad this is?" Ryker asked. "What do you mean?" "Well, of all people, y
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I was starting to realize that Nicole Everstone's death has something to do with my father not liking Alpha Ethan very much. But that still doesn't make too much sense. I mean, she died with her mate who was Alpha Ethan's father. It wasn't Alpha Ethan. But my father has been known to hold a grudge. So he would definitely hold a grudge against Alpha Ethan. But what I didn’t understand was how the hell was she related to my family or my father. What connection was there? I pretended not to know anything about what I just found out and I got dressed into a black and purple sports top, black leggings, socks and sand shoes. After that I grabbed my gym bag and I left the house to walk to the training field. The head warrior Noah was in front of the teenagers that were just starting to train. They're only about 14 years old and I put my bag down off to the side and stood up next to the head warrior. "Alright. Now, you all know the rules in the Emerald Pack. You start training as soon a
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After dinner my father and Alpha James went out to the patio area to enjoy a couple of drinks while I went up to my room to have a shower and I got dressed into a white singlet with black shorts. I then brushed my shoulder length brown hair back into a ponytail and I sat at my desk looking at my homework that we were giving for the weekend. I thought I should at least get a start on it. Even though it was a Saturday night and I should have been out having fun. It wasn't always fun being the Alpha's daughter and having to entertain creeps like Alpha James. And be the responsible one that everyone looks up to. I had been sitting at my desk for a while when I heard my door slam behind me. I jumped in my seat and turned around really quickly. My father was standing there and I could smell the alcohol all the way across the room. That was never a good sign and I got up off my chair immediately. My father started stalking towards me so I started backing up and then I was backed right u
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When I saw Alpha Ethan standing there, I don't know what came over me. I don't know if it was the events of the night, or dad trying to sell me off to another much older Alpha or what. But I raced over and hugged him straight away. I know that he wasn't expecting it, but when he got over the initial shock, he wrapped his arms around me as well. After last night, it definitely wasn't expected of me. But once I saw him, I instantly felt safer and I just ran up and hugged him. I couldn't help it. He did make me feel safe and secure, like nothing could hurt me right now. And I know that if anyone tried to hurt me right now, they wouldn't be able to. Alpha Ethan would definitely stop them. "That wasn't the welcome I was expecting, but I will definitely take it." Alpha Ethan said, chuckling. "Sorry. I don't know why I did that." I say pulling back from him and I made sure to keep my head down a bit so that my hair was covering my face. I didn't want Ethan to see what dad did to me. I kn
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As soon as we started running I knew that Ethan was curious about what the hell was going on. But I went on further until we came to a willow tree with canopies hanging down everywhere. I stopped running and I pulled the canopies away and we climbed into the hollow of the tree that was surprisingly large, large enough for both of us to fit into and we backed right up to the back of the tree. "Don't worry. The canopy will hide our scent. It's really strong." I explained. "What are we hiding from?" "My father. He knows that I'm gone and he's sent his warriors out looking for me. He saw that I wasn't in my room." "How are you going to get back without him giving you another few bruises?" Alpha Ethan asked, really concerned. "Alpha Ethan. Please? Just trust me here." I begged him. "You know, under the circumstances, I think you drop the Alpha part. Just call me Ethan." He smirked at me. And I smiled back shyly at him. I could feel my cheeks heat a little. Embarrassed that I was s
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ALPHA ETHAN POV Another damn mating ball. I don't know why I bother with these things anymore. If it wasn't for my pain in the ass Beta, then I wouldn't be here at all. I know he's my best friend and all and I know that he's the one that wants to find his mate, but this is ridiculous and beyond a joke. We come to these things every year and I am sick of them. We are 23 now and we’ve been coming to these things since we were 18. They are the same old people and I am not interested in talking to any of them. Especially not these two bimbo's that just sat down at our table. My beta Miles and my best friend Alpha Wyatt from a different pack to mine are always trying to chat up any young woman that doesn't find their mate because they are usually the most vulnerable ones. But this was unbelievable. The ball has only just started and these bimbo's are already sitting at our table thinking that they are going to get lucky with us tonight. They are paying a lot of attention to me, but I am
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I didn't get any sleep that night but I was happy when Summer messaged me to let me know that she got home alright and that she was having trouble sleeping too. I knew that she was thinking about me. Even if she didn't want to admit it. When I did finally get up that morning we had an early training session with the warriors and then I headed back to the packhouse to have a shower and I got dressed. Then I went down to my office and I grabbed the phone to call the werewolf council. "Hello." A man with a very gruff and mean sounding voice answered. "Hi Jack. It's Alpha Ethan Embry." I announced myself to the head of the council. "What is it Embry? I'm busy." "Well, I heard that you were investigating Everett Everstone. I was just wondering if you would be able to tell me what that was all about." There was a long pause after I asked that question and I'm sure I heard him sit down on a chair. "Have a couple of girls gone missing from your pack?" Jack asked. "No. It's more pers
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SUMMER POV When I was finally back at school on Monday I was a little relieved to be there and out of the house. My father didn't have anything on this morning so he would be hanging around there and cause havoc to the staff. I definitely didn't want to be in the firing line. When I got to my locker I grabbed out the books that I was going to need to my first few classes when I was approached by my best friend Trinity. "Hey girl. How was your weekend?" She asked leaning against the lockers next to mine. "Same old crap, different day." I say. "Sounds interesting. I was waiting for you to message me about the mating ball." "Oh crap. I'm sorry. I completely forgot. I had a bit on my mind over the weekend." "Yeah. I can see that." She says raising my bandaged wrist. "It's worse than it looks." "You always say that. You're 18 now. When are you going to get out of that house?" "Like he's ever going to let that happen." "Well, you know that I've heard rumours of some families
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